Justin Theroux’s appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’: try-hard or cute?


The more I see of Justin Theroux, the less I “get” him. I used to think he was just wannabe hipster poseur who secretly hated the fact that he was with a woman like Jennifer Aniston. I mean, Jennifer has NO street cred. She is not “hip.” She likes to sunbathe in Mexico and renovate mansions in Beverly Hills and Bel Air. She’s not the kind of woman who dumpster-dives in Hell’s Kitchen or whatever. But as time goes on… I kind of think they’re perfect for each other. I think Justin got to his late 30s and decided to “sell out” and he’s on board with most of Aniston’s lifestyle. Anyway, I was reminded of my Theroux confusion while I watched some clips of his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

First video: Justin’s first crush was on Debbie Harry. And he got to meet her.

Second video: Justin and Jimmy do a rehearsed bit about Justin’s many “arrests” and “mugshots”. To me, this is the worst part of the interview. It’s too cutesy and rehearsed. And it totally doesn’t go into the fact that Justin really did have a drug problem back in the day (but he’s clean now and has been for years, although he rarely talks about any of that).

In this clip, Justin talks about how he worked for the circus in Japan. He made snow cones.

So who is Justin Theroux? Does Justin even know anymore? Is he the “unconventional” 42-year-old aging hipster with street cred? Or is he the reformed bad boy who was saved by the love of a good woman? Here’s the thing: I really don’t think Justin is a bad guy. Like, he’s not mean or nasty and he probably wouldn’t roll his eyes and say “OH MY GOD” if you said hello to him. But I feel like even Justin is confused about who he is these days.


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  1. JonB says:

    He is as rehearsed as Jolie’s tears in refugees camps

  2. NerdMomma says:

    I caught this last night. He sure is orange. Also I do not like his voice. Past that… shrug

  3. Greata says:

    I think this is a man who wants to be very very famous, and he is willing to do whatever it takes. Intelligent? Yes, Street cred? Some, …but he really really wants to be famous.

  4. Nev says:

    i like his voice strangely enough.

  5. Jenns says:

    I have never even heard of this guy until Jennifer Aniston. And now he is everywhere. And apparently knows everyone. Seriously, who are you, dude?

  6. Jaded says:

    Couldn’t bring myself to even watch the clip – his posing reallllly annoys me, as does that ridiculous gun necklace thingy he wears. In fact he looks like he stands in front of a mirror practicing poses all day…”thoughtful man” pose; “sexy guy” pose; “quirky man” pose; “fake grin” pose. They’re endless. I think he’s just a chameleon who will be whatever it takes to garner fame and fortune.

  7. pnichols says:

    I don’t get why everyone is hating on this guy because of who he is engaged to? I like him and the Leftovers is a great show. I just don’t get why he’s being dissected in the media. I know it comes with the territory but what did he do wrong? He seems nice.

  8. amanda says:

    he doesn’t stand out to me. i’ve seen him in a few things, but I honestly couldn’t tell you what, because he’s forgettable to me…

  9. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    Sitting in that chair he looks really, really … tiny.

  10. Wilma says:

    JA and JT both seem like nice people, just a bit superficial, but enjoying themselves without being dickish. Match made in heaven, non?

  11. Beth says:

    BOOOOR-ING. Boring! Bored!!!!

  12. Karen says:

    He was the pretty boy in a Charlie angel’s sequel.

    Not exactly street cred building material

  13. TheCountess says:

    Never found his appeal, from “Sex and the City” to “Mulholland Drive” to “Parks and Rec” – he’s just the embodiment of “meh, trying too hard to be hip and failing.”

    Also, proud friend of Terry Richardson: Major NO.

  14. Jane says:

    He wrote Tropic Thunder and was hot in Mulholland Dr. and that Muse Video, therefore I like him.

  15. Leo says:

    I happen to like JT, though I can understand why some people might not, but I wanted to point out that he didn’t have a serious drug problem back in the day. It was reported on by a coworker of his, Keith Middlebrook, who later recanted – probably after the tabloids’ check cleared.

  16. Jax says:

    To me, he looks like Freddie Prince Jr. And I can’t unsee it.

  17. Tippy says:

    He’s painful to watch and even more ill-at-ease and nervous than he was two years ago.

    It almost seems as though he suffers from stage fright or is overly concerned with how he is being perceived.

  18. journey says:

    I think he considered himself the bad dog from the streets, scrounging for scraps, hanging with the big dogs, and barking his bark, but then this lady swooped him off the streets, and suddenly he’s getting matching mani-pedis with her, getting his hair poufed and floofed with her, and now he’s this little Pomeranian who thinks he’s won the lottery. still likes going back to the hood and visiting with the bad dogs, but loves returning to the pad with the diamond collars and leashes. and the nice lady who coos, “oh my sweet little bad doggy! how’s my itsy bitsy bad boy doggy? shall we go get our nails buffed?”

  19. Ju says:

    He and Jennifer wants to be friends with everybody famous….. they know and are friends with a lot people….. they look like twins

  20. serena says:

    The photoshoot is awful, they photoshop his eyes too much (or is it too much make up?). Whatever it is, it doesn’t look good.

  21. Tippy says:

    For an actor/writer/director, Theroux seems neither witty or clever in interviews. I’ve seen non-celebrities handle themselves better on late night than this guy.

    If HBO decides to pull the plug on The Leftovers it will probably be a long time before he’s considered for any lead acting roles.

  22. Ag says:

    i can only think of the hipster douche wannabe who suffered from premature ejaculation he played on sex&the city when i see him.

  23. Emily C. says:

    Try-hard. Even his expression is try-hard all the time these days. Looking at him embarrasses me.

  24. Ms. S says:

    If the roles where reverse and he was the girl no it wouldn’t be such an issue. She may be more famous but he makes her happy or so I would hope.