Oscar Diva Smackdown: Brangelina vs. Mayerston

It may have seemed like it was all hearts and cupcakes between Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston last night. When Aniston came to the podium with Jack Black to announce the Best Animated films, the camera (as I predicted) went straight up Brangelina’s nose. And was it just me, or was it a little awkward when Jack Black started talking about Kung Fu Panda? Aniston looked like she was sucking a lemon at that moment. I know exactly what she was thinking: “I wish they put me with Daniel Craig.”

As you can imagine, all of the gossip sites are having a field day with the Brange and the Aniston being in the same general area. Aniston brought her on-again boyfriend John Mayer to the ceremony and the after-parties. Just reading the difference in coverage between OK! and People, you can really tell who Aniston’s publicity blabbed to first – OK! introduces Angelina as “the woman who stole Brad Pitt from [Aniston].” Give me a f-cking break, OK! . Then they follow it with a series of quotes that were probably designed to make Jennifer seem like a strong woman, but only end up making her look like she’s still obsessed with all things Brad and Angelina. Here’s OK!’s version:

One of the most anticipated events of Oscar weekend had been the expected face-to-face meeting of Jennifer Aniston and the woman who stole Brad Pitt from her, Angelina Jolie not at the Academy Awards themselves, but at the celeb-filled pre-Oscar “Night Before” bash on Saturday.

And while Jen made good on her decision to appear at the party, neither Brad nor Angelina even poked their head in for a second. So, instead of having their first public meeting at a party where they would be spared media scrutiny and the cameras, it was destined that it was going to happen Sunday night in front of a live, global TV audience.

Early in the Oscar proceedings, Jen stepped out onto stage with presenting partner Jack Black to announce the winners in the two animation categories. And even though the audience was filled with top-notch actors trained to keep their cool, all eyes immediately darted over to the seats near the front of the theater where Brad and Angie sat, applauding and smiling.

As a friend of Jen told OK! recently, “she has always known that this moment would happen and she’s never been more ready,” and you could tell by the Marley & Me star’s calm and comfortable demeanor onstage.

“I was shocked at how well she held it together,” one insider tells OK!. “Even if she is as over the whole situation as she claims to be, you’d think she’d have shown more frayed nerves considering the situation.”

Those nerves of steel continued through the night’s broadcast as Jen and her boyfriend John Mayer sat only a few seats away from Brangelina, applauding and smiling as each star’s nominated category was announced.

“It’s Jen who comes out of this the big winner,” says the insider. “She looked good onstage; she looked good in the audience. And while she wasn’t nominated for anything, Jen’s movies certainly kicked much more box-office butt than either Brad or Angie’s.”

From OK! Magazine

It’s a little bit too much, right? Like it was written by a Aniston’s publicist or a 14-year-old Team Aniston girl? People magazine left out most of the bias in their coverage, but we still had to hear about how Aniston was only sitting “12 seats away”… yeah, 12 seats back, while the double-nominees Brad and Angelina sat front and center, and were the recipients of more than a dozen gratuitous cut-aways. Here’s People:

While Slumdog Millionaire piled up the Oscars Sunday night, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston defied expectations and piled on the smiles – as their dual appearance at Hollywood’s night of nights was as smooth as the silk gowns that filled the Kodak Theatre.

Jolie, of course, attended with her partner and fellow nominee, Brad Pitt, while his ex-wife, Aniston, was accompanied by her boyfriend, John Mayer.

Pitt and Jolie told People that their six kids were home “throwing spaghetti against the wall,” while the two of them were enjoying a date night.

For their part, Mayer chatted with fellow audience member Queen Latifah, while Aniston schmoozed with Diane Lane, who was accompanying her husband, Milk Supporting Actor nominee Josh Brolin.

When it came to the seating arrangements in the Kodak, Mayer and Aniston were not far from Pitt and Jolie – just about 12 seats away.

For weeks leading up to the Oscars, it was rumored that Aniston would be a presenter at the show, though no official confirmation was released by the Academy. In the end, the Marley & Me star, along with Jack Black, presented the Animation awards.

During Aniston’s time onstage, cameras panned to Jolie as she laughed while Aniston and Black joked together as they playfully announced the nominees and winners in several categories.

Later, both Aniston and Mayer clapped while Nicole Kidman introduced Jolie as one of the Best Actress nominees and while Pitt was announced as one of the Best Actor nominees.

From People magazine

Nicole Kidman introducing Angelina Jolie was actually more shocking to me than anything Aniston could come up with. I was under the impression that Kidman hated La Jolie, but Kidman really turned in another Oscar-worthy performance lavishing praise on Angelina. It was… nice. Classy.

As far as Aniston vs. Angelina: the dresses, I’m still Team Jolie on that one. Everybody was wearing that same off-white/creamy/beige color, and Aniston’s dress looked just like Anne Hathaway’s. Almost nobody was wearing black, and Angelina really stood out with her gorgeous dress. If you’re going to wear black, wear it like that.

So far, I haven’t heard anything about The Brange seeing Aniston at any parties, but if I hear about it, I’ll bring it to you. Angelina and Brad are said to have skipped the party where it was thought they would meet up with Aniston.

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  1. Bodhi says:

    A non-event, just as predicted. But I know people with analyze every second of it

  2. Ling says:

    It might have been a trick of the light, but did it appear to anyone else that Aniston was four words away from bursting into tears?

    (I say trick of the light because everytime the camera landed on anyone their eyes looked watery.)

  3. Jess says:

    I know it was cheesy of ABC to cut to Jolie during Aniston’s time on stage but I’m so glad they did! And while I thought Angelina looked beautiful, I found her dress – yet again – very boring. It’s not that it made her look boring, but I’d just like to see her in an interesting dress again, like that beautiful green one she wore when she was pregnant last year. And what’s the scoop on Kidman not liking Jolie? I’ve never heard that but would love to learn about that rumor!

  4. guest says:

    brad & ang so predictably smug.

  5. geronimo says:

    Ditto Bodhi, a yawn fest of Oscar proportions.

    Seriously now with OK!, what are they trying to do to Aniston? If this piece is supposed to be pro-Jen, Gawd help her, that’s all I can say. With friends like this, who needs enemies? What a ridiculous pile of bollocks.

  6. Jen WInd says:

    It is funny that a couple of weeks ago most were saying that Aniston better not wear her signiture color black because it was becoming boring. She doesn’t wear black and now she is wrong for wearing another color? Guess she can never win. I thought the beading on her dress was beautiful! Her body looked great in it. I could have done without the strange braid in her hair.

    I am not a big fan of Angelina, she can look very pretty some of the time, but I just can’t get how she can look really dirty a lot of the time too. SHe looked pretty in her dress, it was nice, but I think the Oscars needs a little glitz and glamour on the gowns. I also thought her earrings looked fake!

    People need to get over it, both woman are pretty in their own way. I really wish Brad would loose the facial hair though, he looks so much better clean shaven.

  7. photo jojo says:

    I honestly don’t think Jen is as broken up and obsessive as the tabs would like her to be. Gimme a break, she’s gorgeous, loaded with cash, and has a great career. :)

  8. PJ says:

    Jennifer broke into a huge smile the moment Best Actor was announced for Sean Penn. It just lasted a fraction of a second before she went back to her regular smile.

    I think she was secretly happy Brad lost.

    It must be awkward for all four of them (Brad, Ange, Jenn and John) to attend events where the exes are present, especially when you know millions of people are watching you.

    I think it must have been harder for Jennifer because Brad and Angelina were nominated for the top acting awards and as such were a focus of the evening. Brad’s name and picture came up so many times — several presenters and winners mentioned him by name, plus he and Angelina were on many of the movie clips shown. Whatever their relationship is now, I personally wouldn’t relish being in such a situation.

  9. Persistent Cat says:

    You can’t bitch about how the tabs won’t get over this story when every second post is on this topic.

    I don’t think they care anymore but you certainly do.

  10. Maritza says:

    I felt Jennifer’s pain, having to see your ex with the woman that stole his heart has to hurt! Jennifer was not happy, John looks so much younger and dorky and Brad looked soooooo fine! Angelina and Brad looked gorgeous, it didn’t matter if Jennifer looked beautiful because her boyfriend just doesn’t measure up to her ex.

  11. PJ says:

    By the way Angelina was the only Best Actress nominee who didn’t say “Thank you” in response to the speech praising her performance. The other actresses mouthed “Thank you,” and “I love you” and looked very appreciative, but Angie just smiled and looked happy.

    I think that says a lot about her.

  12. Margo says:

    I really wish this was not discussed anymore–I cannot imagine having to go through a public divorce and having it all thrown up in your face continually.
    It has been years! For all we know the parties have all moved on. Angelina looked stunning as well as Aniston. Why try and create some sort of girl drama where clearly there is none? And it is none of our business–we do not know the whole story, only those involved do.
    Can we move on? It is insulting to women insinuating that 3 adults can’t get over things in life!

  13. Lizbeth says:

    I liked Jolie’s accessories…that’s about it. Found the dress blah – like something you could find at any high end store, nothing extra special, which is what the Oscars should be.

    Did anybody else notice her weird, long bony fingers? There were a few shots of her holding a small bag and her fingers looked freaky. Just something I noticed.

  14. Wow says:

    That’s right, photo.

    I’ll add that he tabs will create “tension” where there obviously is none. It sells.

    Jenn A. could marry again and they will still say she’s hung up on Brad. Brad and Jolie could break up and they would still say they are so in love. It sells.

    We’ve seen this before. This triangle will never move on in tab land because imagined discord sells papers.

  15. Miss Wanderlust says:

    They all work in the same business and they can’t keep avoiding each other ?Clearly both parties haved moved on but other people just can’t seem to let go of the drama !
    It doesn’t matter what they both do or wear everybody will always find something to comment on.
    Damned if they do, damned if they don’t !!!

    On another note :
    I haved watched the show in Holland(started here at 2:30 AM)and i liked it ?
    Beyonce and Queen Latifah did a great job but doesn’t the academy know other performers ???
    I feel like that they are on the stage every damn year, lol

  16. shasha says:

    I loved Jen coming up last night and she looked beautiful. I HATED what Angie wore and those earrings and all the green bling was a disaster to me.

    Sorry but the sites that claim Jen is obsessed is trying to sell a story. She has always seems like a laid back person. The person I feel is obsessed with her image is AJ – as has been well-recorded.

    By the way both AJ and Pitt looked really strained walking the red carpet. They didn’t look happy at all and she looked like she had something up her ass.

  17. Anni says:

    am i the only one think: “hey, they get along alright”? dunno, it just felt like that. aniston looking at brad and angie and smiled, the pair smiled back and laughed at the jokes. no tension there.

  18. Anni says:

    am i the only one WHO thinkS

    we need the edit :(

  19. Lily says:

    everyone looked happy and gorgeous and on with it…enjoyed their class act…these couples have moved on….end the drama.

  20. Kaiser says:

    See, I thought there wasn’t much drama during the ceremony, but the way Aniston’s people started leaking all of that crap to OK! – I really think for Aniston, the whole night was about her obsession with her “husband” and She Who Is Uncool. Sad.

  21. Codzilla says:

    Anni: I totally agree. There was no drama, no dirty looks. As Bodhi rightly pointed out: it was a non-event.

  22. karamelatte says:

    “Jennifer broke into a huge smile the moment Best Actor was announced for Sean Penn. It just lasted a fraction of a second before she went back to her regular smile.

    I think she was secretly happy Brad lost.”

    Or, alternatively, she could simply have been happy for her friend. Jennifer and Sean & Robin have been friendly for a long while – she got them in the divorce, so to speak.

    Or, alternatively, she could simply have been happy that Hollywood chose to reward a great perfomance over Brad’s dead-behind-the-eyes effort!

  23. geronimo says:

    You’re not alone, Anni. It’s gone beyond tedious, this.

    And karmaletta – “I think she was secretly happy Brad lost” – give it up, for pete’s sake.

  24. Arvedia says:

    It must be so horrible, when you´ve been married to Brad Pitt, to go to a public event with John Mayer. I don´t know how she´s able to stand the implied comparison.

  25. nan says:

    So, Brangie’s kids were throwing spaghetti against the wall. They caused trouble at a motel and Angie has admitted she has NO RULES, NO BEDTIME, and SHE WON’T LEARN TO COOK (or even heat a frozen dinner for them) – she pours cereal (which is why she hates Ryan Seacrest -for asking about it) Like Octomom – she wants a passel of kids but wants someone else to raise them. Being a parent is hard work, but you have to CARE about them – Angie only seems to care about herself. She uses the kids for attention & money, like Octomom.

  26. no feud except in tabs says:

    “Or, alternatively, she could simply have been happy for her friend. Jennifer and Sean & Robin have been friendly for a long while – she got them in the divorce, so to speak.”

    No not nearly true. Brad’s Plan B produced Robin’s latest pix which is conming out this year, and Brad,Robin, Sean, and Angie were very friendly and huggy at the SAGS.

    Also Brad and Sean co-star in their new movie this year, Tree of Life, and Brad, Angie, Sean, and Robin socialized while they filmed in and around Austin Tex this time last year.

    There is no problem here except in the minds of some people. 4+ years later and clearly all these people have moved on with their lives. Funny how some here can’t accept that reality.

  27. Codzilla says:

    The fans seem far more obsessed with propping up this lame triangle than Angie/Brad/Jen. Please make it stop.

  28. Rita says:

    Don’t know what some of you were looking at but every media source at the Oscars said Brad and Angelina were happy, very loving toward each other and touchy feeley, and looked throughly crazy about the other. It is 2009, over 4 years and 6 kids later, and still sadly it appears that the past is still reality in the minds of a few. Jen was her usual on stage, she is always nervous and always fumbling in live appearances like her charity TV one in December and always loooking like a deer in the headlights of a car, she is just not good when she is before a live audience, she has always been this way. Brad and Angelina behaved like adults as did Jen. There is no story here. None of the 3 appeared upset with the others. This nonstory is completely played out.

  29. oh nan says:

    The London hotel and others denied the kids misbehaving story saying it was just another UK tab made up lie as usual. Have you no knowledge of the propensity of UK tabs, like the US tabs In Touch, Life and Lies, US, NE, and Star, to make up lies to sell their trash? All the tabs admit they make up stuff to get readers. Where have you been not to know that true fact? Brad was kidding about the kids, don’t you have enough intelligence to see that? From what anyone can see those are healthy happy kids who are much loved by two hands on parents. None of these kids appear to have missed a meal, and the cereal comment was made in 2007, 2 years ago. Let your bitterness go where these two are concerned. Angelina is in no way similar to the octomom, she and Brad has the means to have as many kids as they want, and they BOTH want their kids. Please try to exhibit some rationality.

  30. Anastasia Beaverhausen says:



    And by people, I mean the tabs, too. Always trying to make this into some sort of high school girl fight. Beyond wearisome. Everyone involved has moved on.

  31. PJ says:

    The Brad/Jen/Ange love triangle might always be of public interest. There are many reasons.

    (1) Public dumping: Brad, world’s best-looking man, leaves America’s sweetheart for sexy bad girl, and they immediately set up a multiracial family with six cute kids from around the world, who they are constantly parading in front of the cameras. How often does that happen?

    (2) Ethics: This is an ongoing debate. Many people think it’s morally wrong to leave a perfectly good spouse for someone else, and frown on singletons who date married persons. Others think it’s OK. This is a moral debate that can go on forever.

    It almost doesn’t matter what happens with the individuals involved at this point, it has become a public debate.
    Interest will not wane until there is a juicier story around.

  32. L says:

    “As far as Aniston vs. Angelina: the dresses, I’m still Team Jolie on that one” … you are team jolie on every one.

    i didn’t think kidman’s “performance” was anything special at all. all the other past winning woman persenters made their tribute seem personal and heartfelt, kidman was the only one who gave the sense that she was reading the tele-prompter. she was gracious, but ddn’t convey much feeling. I thought Angelina deserved a better tribute compared to all the other ladies.

  33. riri says:

    seriously KAISER u need to give it up with ur obsession with KIDMAN, u’r really starting to sound PATHETIC and irritating with every post u come up with, whatever gave u the impression dat she hated JOLIE, she’s never spoke about her in anyway before, except mentioning once about a little boy with cancer she cares for who happens to be a Jolie fan, and she called Jolie up requesting if she could pay the boy a surprise visit, which Jolie did, they’ve only met once at the God Grew Tired of Us Premier which Brad co-produced and she narrated, and they got on really well, Kidman is never the type to stick her nose where it don’t belong neither has she bad-mouthed Jolie-Pitt in any way or form anything between them has always been work and she’s so professional about it all,for FCUK sake u have d right not to like her even tho you do not know her and honestly she doen’t know u exist either but the fact that u kiss the
    Jolie-Pitt’s ass doesn’t mean anyone else dat doesn’t “HATES THEM”

  34. Anita says:

    PJ, leave a perfectly good spouse? Perfect by the standards of outsiders who have no idea of what the relationship really is? Never mind there may be little or no love or shared goals between the two or meshing of their lives? Just suck it up and be miserable for the rest of your life because of what judgemental others think? Wow, how sad a life that would be for anyone to live that way. Better to seek what you need in your life than be controlled by strangers who have no idea what your real life is like.

  35. hmm says:

    L, you are so right. When you consider that Kidman was supposed to play in Mr. and Mrs. Smith instead of Angie and you look at how much attention and $$ they received for their kids pics and Nicole couldn’t get what she was asking for, well. She may be a little jealous because at the height of her marriage to Tom, they were still not as famous as Brangelina.

  36. Liz says:

    PJ you’re cracking me up. “A perfectly good spouse”?? lmao

    And you’re wrong about Angie not thanking Nicole Kidman. She mouths thank you twice during the 57 seconds.

  37. Persistent Cat says:

    Kaiser, are you a man or a woman? Because no woman’s friends would publicly admit that their friend is still pining for her ex. EVER!!!! Especially if the ex is with someone. Girlfriends will never let their friend look bad in front of the woman with her ex.

    Hell, my dad (old, East European, socially clueless) once bumped into the girl who dumped my brother and during their conversation, he went on to say that my brother and his new girlfriend were getting married, bought a house. None of it was true but he wasn’t letting her walk away without a dig on how much better off my brother is without her.

    Her friends or people did not leak that story. And this post would have been published regardless because every second post on this site is related to Angelina.

  38. kap says:

    Listen, if BP was happy with JA he would still be with JA and she would be the mother of his children. She chose to present at this years awards (had her PR people beg for the spot it’s been reported) knowing that they were both nominated. This triangle benefits no one but her (and the tabs) and if you can look objectively she is the one that keeps it going and has been for the last 4 years. She did not handle this with “class”, she was crying in between yoga moves, screaming at the ocean, telling anyone who’d listen that it’s alright to be alone (2 years later). If she was quiet at all it was during the 2 years where she wasn’t working and had no excuse for interviews. During that period we just had to see the bikini photos and/or fake romances every time BP/AJ were in the news. She is still obsessed with her EX husband and will do anything to steal the spotlight from AJ. Woman needs to grow up and get a life. She’s in a position to be a real role model for women and IMO she’s making us look pathetic.

  39. what is ever. says:

    Seems like a huge non-issue, although I agree about the random braid in JA’s hair, wtf? She literally makes her look like she just walked off a beach and threw that gown on over her swimsuit.

    I’m a big fan of emeralds, so I loved Angie’s jewelry (especially against the black), she clearly felt much stronger about her accessories than her dress, which, if you’ve got gems that big; sounds about right to me.

  40. what is ever. says:

    *It literally maker her look…

    man, I miss edit.

  41. dovesgate says:

    Thats ok kap, I dont need Aniston being a role model for me. I don’t want anyone in Hollyweird being a role model for me or mine and I really don’t think it is a good idea in any way to think these people should or could fulfill that role.

    For the most part, these are narssicistic freaks who should only be known for the roles they play on the silver screen.

  42. thanks kap says:

    The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Any woman who whines like JA has for years needs to get her head on straight and count her blessings. She did not want BP, she did not want BP’s kids, and that is obvious. BP found AJ who wanted both him and his kids. JA must pay her PR huge sums for their efforts to keep this
    “poor little me” fable in the news. I am sick of her and sick of her behavior. She is not appreciative of all that she has been given in this life. A woman’s life does not begin and end with a man, and any woman who thinks that way needs to open her eyes and face the real world.

  43. the original kate says:

    i have a feeling that the three of them (brad, angie and jen) have moved on. maybe we should, too!

  44. JLM says:

    I think John Mayer is hot!! He’s young sexy and when he sings he’s even better!! Plus he has a great sense of humor, as does Jen. I think they make a great couple! I don’t understand why people are saying he can’t compare to Brad! I’d take him over brad ANY DAY!
    go jen!

  45. Wonder Woman says:

    Its so funny how people are picking apart this whole thing.
    people say angie looked dirty and boring, hate much???
    I think she had a simple elegent flawless look to her. We all know shes doesnt fuss over her dresses. But if she would have wore a drop dead gorgious, extrememly expensive attire people would still say she tried way too hard which means she was trying to compete with Jen. where as jen just tried way too hard she looked like a tranny

  46. enough already says:


    All these people looked happy as he@l last nite.

    They all have great lives.

    MOVE ON.

  47. Mary says:

    Ok, I have to see the writers of this site fawn all over Brangelina, which is annoying, but we have to get the facts straight. Angelina DID NOT mouth thank you to Nicole Kidman. She was the only one of the nominees who did not do so. She smiled and did her best fakey-fakey bit. And I definitely got the sense that there wasn’t much love lost between Nicole and Angelina. It was almost as if Nicole felt, hey, you other presenters took all the good gals and I got stuck with her…As much as you guys are obsessed with her, Hollywood folks — particularly fellow actresses — do not like these two. They will never win an Oscar from here on out. They are just too polarizing. And this smug bit they have been doing lately is not endearing them to their fellow actors.

  48. shasha says:

    And I definitely got the sense that there wasn’t much love lost between Nicole and Angelina. It was almost as if Nicole felt, hey, you other presenters took all the good gals and I got stuck with her…


    Yes, the writer of this blog definitely worships Jolie – and I totally agree with you; Nicole did not looked she was none too pleased to be giving her opening to Jolie.

    In fact I was cringing when the other presenters seemed so enthused with their nominees and with Jolie it was so blah…I actually kindof felt sorry for Jolie. Anyways it does seem she doesn’t have any meaningful women friends, whereas actresses like Kate Winslet, Jen Aniston, Meryl Streep, Drew, etc all seem to have strong girl networks.

    I believe Aniston was one of the people that could vote for the nominees…I wonder who she voted for, for best actor?

  49. sue says:

    You seem to be Team Jolie on all of them. Who cares? They were all gracious and did what they needed to do. No need to snark that Aniston was “12 seats back” – she was obviously in the 2nd row right behind Penn, and happy with her friend’s not-surefire win. It would have been a HUGE shock and upset if Brad had won, so I doubt she was “worried” about that.

  50. pela says:

    Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston both looked beautiful and both way outclass Brad Pitt. Did anyone notice that after Kate Winslet was announced as winner the whole audience stood up except for pouty, puff face, 3 year old bradly. He seemed to stand up begrudgingly only after AJ urged him to get his clueless a*s up. I don’t know … she seems to be able to orchestrate their public performance (and it appears lovey dovey) but I somehow can’t imagine that she hasn’t realized that she and Pitt aren’t really compatible. It seems like she would now find him irritating. Also, he is basically a lousy actor and should not have been nominated. He can read a script but can you imagine him being able to carry off something like Hugh Jackman’s responsibilities last night? (and I am not referring to the singing and dancing – I am referring to an ability to reach varying dimensions and depth as an actor and last night was one of many roles for Hugh – and the same goes for AJ. She could not have pulled off Anne Hathaways little number either). Anyway, I am probably off, but I feel like Brad Pitt and his personal choices, his illiterate ramblings, and his acting abilities, are all a huge elephant in the room in terms of hollywood – no one is going to state the obvious. Sure he’s a nice guy but nice guy, pretty boy, who doesn’t show some backbone by settling his family down for a little while, and who complains about having to promote his movies (that’s why you get paid sooooo much $$$ you whiny little boy) will utimately lose the respect of those who matter most to him.

  51. NotBlonde says:

    Wonder Woman:

    “Its so funny how people are picking apart this whole thing.
    people say angie looked dirty and boring, hate much???”

    “where as jen just tried way too hard she looked like a tranny”

    I have no thought there, I just wanted you to read back what you wrote.

  52. NotBlonde says:

    Get. over. it.

    That’s all that needs to be said, Kaiser.

  53. stellapurdy says:

    Kaiser, your bias shows whenever you write a story about Jolie and Aniston so why not spare us the fake commentary, “As far as Aniston vs. Angelina: the dresses, I’m still Team Jolie on that one.” Give me a freakin break. For anyone that visits this site it’s common knowledge of your adoration of AJ and hatred of “the pity party”.

    It’s one thing to have an opinion and something entirely else to try and make your stories sound like they are the least bit unbiased. FAIL.

  54. how funny says:

    Oh, give me a break. Kaiser makes a comment about their dresses, and he gets a bunch of hatred from the Fanistons? Give it up, girls. Your girl looked like a tacky, Vegas Prom Queen. Orange skin with too much make-up. She should be in the SNL skit, Tales from the Cougar Den. (I don’t think Angie looked much better, but that’s another story.) Every single Aniston fan takes every slight personally and will defend Rachel to the death, while trashing other celebs. You guys are hypocrites. Go cry to your mama.

  55. Persistent Cat says:

    To be honest, I don’t think Nicole Kidman is at all capable of showing human emotion anymore so maybe she was being genuine, who knows, the only thing her eyes are capable of doing are blinking.

    @ How Funny, you feel really strongly about this, don’t you? Why?

  56. Persistent Cat says:

    Wow, I really miss the Edit function. That was one hell of a run-on sentence. Apologies.

  57. bb says:

    I agree with PJ, the entire scenario is about how the public feels over these issues. On top of that, we make them rich, we make them who they are-stars. They could be actors without fanfare, but they cannot be famous without us. No person, particularly a woman wants to be publicly humiliated. And while Brad has ownership of his cheating, Angelina was complicit. She lacks integrity.

  58. Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

    PJ: what the heck? A marriage is between THOSE two people. It’s not for me to say why someone left or to pass judgment on it. A “perfectly good spouse?” Way to make JA sound like a shoe or something.

    Obviously the marriage wasn’t working. EVen JA has said that. That was FOUR YEARS AGO. People need to move on, because God knows the people involved probably have.

  59. lrm says:

    February 23rd, 2009 at 4:19 pm By the way Angelina was the only Best Actress nominee who didn’t say “Thank you” in response to the speech praising her performance. The other actresses mouthed “Thank you,” and “I love you” and looked very appreciative, but Angie just smiled and looked happy.

    I think that says a lot about her.

    Actually,PJ,go back and watch it again-she most certainly did mouth Thankyou,twice if I remember correctly. I personally didn’t find Kidman’s speech all that natural or convincing,so I think Jolie may have had to muster up the thanks-esp. near the end of it-it started out alright,and then kidman forgot the words. But,yea,I saw it and remember Jolie mouthing thankyou. and nodding her head in acknowledgement/thanks,too. The other speeches were far more sincere,in my opinion. So,yea,if there’s anything between kidman and jolie,someone tell!

  60. Wonder Woman says:


    lol but Jen did look like a tranny :)

  61. Madelyn ROse says:

    Great comments, pela…I am with you 100%!

  62. Madelyn Rose says:

    Jen didn’t look like a transvestite at all…she looked pretty, fresh and full of life! She was glowing. Good for her – I wouldn’t have had the balls to do that. You know that if Angelina and Brad were totally honest with themselves (which they would never be) they would admit to feeling a twinge of guilt at their actions and what they did to this woman standing before them.

    My main issue with Angelina is this – not that she “stole BRad – that’s silly- but that she IS NOT a woman’s woman. She has no girlfriends. There is no network of women around her, no girlfriends that she is close to that we ever see. IT was painfully obvious last night that there was a connection between Meryl and Kate W. when she gave her speech, and a true affection between many of the presenters and the best actresses they were introducing. Not so with Ms. Jolie. I don’t trust or like women who cannot be friends with other women. You have to ask yourself why? I think it’s more of a condescending attitude, a particular way of being…I think pela hit it on the head that Ms. Jolie must have gotten bored/irritated with Brad by now. They are just very different, no matter how hard he tries to conform himself to what she wants – she is a woman who can never be satisfied…who is always wanting more, different…this is evident in her wanderlust. She cannot sit still for a moment….wandering from continent to continent. Hers is a very restless soul….

  63. Wonder Woman says:

    @Madelyn Rose:

    Very restless soul? If I was rich like her Id travel around the world like her too with my kids.

    Some women dont trust other women or dont like most women. Some women have girl friends but talk behind each of their backs. I think some women who choose to distance themselves from the flock of women who have obvious self esteem issues where as they need to put others down, is fine. Not all women need to have a group of girlfriends around them, some chicks feel just as strong without a clan of girls

  64. Susan says:

    photo jojo said: I honestly don’t think Jen is as broken up and obsessive as the tabs would like her to be. Gimme a break, she’s gorgeous, loaded with cash, and has a great career. :)

    I completely agree..I think they are all over it and the media pushes it to sell magazines, etc.

  65. Rachel says:

    To PELA:

    I don’t think Brad Pitt is THAT bad of an actor. They aren’t GREAT actors, but they have good moments.

    Anthony Hopkins is right. Brad has done a lot of different characters roles from playing a serial killer in Kalifornia, a Southern boy, a pothead in True Romance, a fisherman, a gypsy boxer in Snatch (really good job), Fight Club lead fighter, and so on.

    Last year, he did a good job as a ditzy trainer in Burn after Reading as well as The Curious Case. He’s done some good character roles and deserves more credit. People diss him b/c he (used to be) pretty or because they are big Jen fans who can’t forgive.

    I think he has more range than either Angelina or Jennifer. Angelina has played the same bad-ass, crazy chick
    (and now mother) for awhile now. Last year’s A Mighty Heart was a bit of a stretch, but that’s about it.

    Jennifer is just Rachel. She’s a neurotic, spoiled Valley girl, whether she is rich Rachel or Wal-Mart Rachel (The Good Girl), she is Rachel. Her only attempt to be different–Derailed–
    was a big flop because she can’t be
    anything but Rachel. Changing your hair color does not equal a whole new character. Sorry Rachel, oooops Jennifer.

  66. What??? says:

    Madelyn Rose:

    She is not a “woman’s woman?” She has no friends? How do you know her SO well?Why does she have to have a gaggle of friends to be a woman’s woman? I remember her hanging out with her brother, her exs, and her mother.
    To date, her exs have never said bad things about her. She was friends with Marilyn Pearl and she was a bridesmaid for her assistant’s wedding.

    I don’t see the same silly criticism being lobbed at Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Charlize Theron, Cate Blanchett and so on. We haven’t seen these women with a gaggle of friends posing for the paparazzi. Maybe, like many busy women and moms, these actresses have a few good friends and don’t need “a tribe” to cry to every time they get a boo-boo.

    I think it’s admirable that Jolie is independent and has interesting hobbies like donating her time to the UN, visiting refugee camps, traveling the world, flying airplanes, and getting to know other cultures. I don’t think it’s admirable to sit around sun bathing with your rich Hollywood friends while the paparazzi takes your pictures as you pose for them.

  67. morgs says:

    “See, I thought there wasn’t much drama during the ceremony, but the way Aniston’s people started to leak all the crap to OK! -I really think the whole night,for Aniston was about her obsession with her “husband” and She Who is Uncool.Sad”

    Seriously? You are the one who sounds like a 14 year old on Team Jolie. You really don’t do yourself any favors on your favorite Brangie Jo stories.

    I’ll give credit to Bradley for scoring with two amazingly beautiful women. Both ladies looked gorgeous in their own styles last night.

  68. Ophelia says:

    Get over it! Jesus, Kaiser, could you be any more condescending, presumptuous, and/or ridiculously biased? Random gossip on this site is fantastic; it’s the only gossip site I read, but your obsession, which it really seems to be, is really turning me off to the site. I do like some of your articles on other subjects, free of ire and contempt. I liked this site because the writers aren’t so biased in matters like this, where we really can’t know, and ultimately nobody broke the law or anything, so it’s not like the Chris Brown/Rhianna thing. I’d like to see a day go by where there isn’t an absurd diatribe about “brangelina” and how Aniston’s supposedly obsessed and sick, when in all honesty, she, of the three of them, did nothing wrong. So.. get over it?

  69. Ophelia says:

    Holy crap, I read over what I posted and I miss the edit feature. Sorry for the myriad of errors.. :-(

  70. celebs all suck says:

    Why do people care about this washed-up cougar? She played second fiddle to a dog, was in another terrible romantic comedy (yawn) and is now doing a comedy called The Baster? She’ll get that Oscar real soon, I tell you! Her dress was tacky. She showed up with fellow famewhore John Mayer to pose on the red carpet and yell “I love you” at him within earshot of the paparazi. So fake. Go Douchifer!

  71. jennifurrr says:

    i’ll throw my two cents in cause everyone else has. I really didn’t think there was much of a tense meeting. i mean goodness it’s been years, and angelina is the mother of brad’s kids, that’s better than any award that could’ve been handed out last night… and she’s already won a best supporting actress award.

    i don’t like/ dislike jennifer aniston but i do think her best work was on friends and since then her career or movie choices have been rather lame…

  72. Mairead says:

    Lads – you know what you get with a Kaiser-written Brangelina thread, why on earth click on the link just to have the excuse to complain about it?

    And seriously, criticising someone over their perceived friendships? Good grief! I’ve no feckin’ clue who Kate Winslet or Meryl Streep’s best friends are and I’d be pretty sure in saying that nobody else here does either. Personally, I don’t understand women who need to be surrounded by women, I could posit left-of-field theories on them, but it wouldn’t matter because our opinions on their friendship patterns have absolutely no relevance to their real lives.

    Anyway – the main reason I came back to this thread is this, I’m catching up with the Oscars on youtube and I just watched the Best Actress clip. I can confirm that Angie DID mouth thank you twice during Nicole’s bit. In the clip I’ll post next the first time is at about the 5.39 mark and the second is at the 6.04 mark.

  73. Mairead says:


    @ jennifurrr, I think you’re right, although I’d go so far as to say there was probably NO meeting at any stage; they just happened to be in the same room.

  74. RAN says:

    This site is never going to be an intelligent, insightful site with this kind of immature garbage slung on a daily basis. Well said Morgs/Ophelia and a few others.

  75. Adam says:

    Jennifer Aniston looked like a creepy hag clinging to Mayer.

  76. crazybrangaloonies says:

    Dear Lord Jen is fine, I can’t grasp why anyone would think she’s sad or desperate since they broke up. Brad is a cocky, arrogant, man-slut. Why would anyone want to be married to him? Can you imagine? Think about it in a real sense. I always thought he must be insufferable. That being said I think Angie’s face looked flawless as usual. I hate her red carpet gowns. Jen was a pretty little thing and endearing as usual. The men looked smarmy shit bags to me. I can’t stand either of them…. gross.

  77. OhPlease says:

    Just to let everyone in on the joke… Angelina isn’t respected for her UN work (if you can call it that). She travels around getting press, while there are people who are getting no pay, who leave their homes and families and who put themselves in harms way day after day FOR YEARS. Angelina who? She’s doing all those things to polish her own ego. It doesn’t make her goodhearted, or smart, or socially interested. It distracts her from the fact that she is really just a face. And when she goes to those places? She is a pain in the ass. It’s disgusting. Spending your time finding out if there are any locals in your area that have joined the peace corps, or red cross, or msf, and writing them fan letters makes more sense.

  78. Granger says:

    I thought Aniston’s choice of dress colour was a refreshing change! She looked lovely. But I thought she was seriously uncomfortable on-stage, with very clipped speech and a more-than-usually clenched jaw.

    Jolie always comes across as serene and maybe even smug, but I think she’s hiding some serious nerves.

  79. czarina says:

    Am I really alone in that I have no problem with ANY of these people? I admire Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for the good work they do and the sense of purpose they have about their lives.
    I find Aniston a bit less easy to define, but she is a private person (which I respect), and appears to enjoy her life, and while she may not be winning Oscars, she is working hard at her chosen career and making movies people like to watch.
    As for the Oscars, I think all the overtones, undertones, subtexts, insinuations, etc. are a product of overactive imaginations and tabloids looking to sell magazines.
    I perferred Angie’s dress (only because I personally like black gowns more than white) and the only real criticism I have for Aniston was her hair, which would have looked much nicer in an elegant upsweep, espcially with her dress (elegant dress and casual hair don’t go together well).
    In terms of looks and behaviour…these people are all actors. They are not going to “reveal” their innermost feelings in front of TV cameras!!

  80. like you know! says:

    Oh please–your dislike of Angelina obviously shows. She has been doing charity work YEARS before she met Pitt. No one complained then. She travels to dangerous places around the world and tries to bring attention to those issues. MOST celebs don’t do that. At least, they didn’t before Jolie started to travel extensively. You may question her motives, but I can do that for ALL celebs who do charity, except Paul Newman, who started his own company. Overall, it’s good that she does something else with her time other than shopping, vacationing suntanning endlessly, or trolling for film roles, like other actors out there. Any action with positive consequences is better than none. I think it’s incredibly stupid to hate on someone who tries to do something positive. People can critize her for a million other things (which she probably deserves) but to criticize someone for charity work?
    You are off your rocker.

  81. czarina says:

    @OhPlease–would you have the same criticism of Princess Diana? I mean, isn’t that all she did? Run off and bring her pretty face and all the cameras that followed her to these countries where people needed help?
    Diana lived a pretty lavish life when she wasn’t doing chaity. She also wasn’t a saint in her private life (affairs, vanity, bad bahavior, leaking things to the press, etc.)
    Does that make the work she did less valuable? Should we not remember her for the effort she made to do things for other people?
    Yes, there is a disproportionate attention paid to celebrities than to those who do a great deal more.
    I rememeber the same weekend Diana was killed, Mother Teresa died in India. Her amazing life or sacrifice and selfless work was largely overshadowed by the media hysteria for Diana, and so much talk about the great, good works Diana did (which was, let’s be honest, somewhat pathetic in comparison to someone like Mother Teresa).
    But the world watched Diana.
    When she went and held a child whose leg had been blown off because of land mines, suddenly the whole world was paying attention to the problem of buried land mines in former war zones.
    The world watches Angelina Jolie. It is HER face that will bring cameras to places that they otherwise wouldn’t bother with.
    Nobody is suggesting that there aren’t many, many (MANY) other people who give more time, more effort, more whatever, to humanitarian causes.
    But don’t forget there are even more who do nothing.
    Her efforts might not be heroic, but they are made and they make a difference.

  82. tigerlille says:

    Actually Ned, er, OhPlease, Angie is highly respected for her work. The U.N. uses her celebrity to draw attention to humanitarian causes. Angelina does her homework, is always prepared and professional. She is not paid for her work,and sometimes puts herself at risk while traveling for the UN, but if you think that someone has to be unpaid and put their life in danger daily for their work to have value, you are really fucked up. And if you think that getting press, being recognized and pursued by the press wherever you go is desirable, again, you are really fucked up, and quite immature and shallow besides. I think that the root of your problem is jealousy.

  83. Jane says:

    “I’m team Jolie for this one.”

    Yeah, you’ve been team Aniston before. Give me a break.

  84. j. ferber says:

    I have no stake in this feud at all, but I like the comment that Aniston was secretly pleased Brad lost. Let’s face it, would any woman want to see her ex (especially one who jilted her so publicly) succeed to that degree? I don’t think she’d even have to be that bitter to feel that way.

  85. Goddess711 says:

    It’d be hard to not be into “all things Brad and Angie” when they make sure they’ve got their cheating mugs in the press every week. Let’s hear how YOU do when it’s YOUR husband, YOUR marriage, YOUR heart and YOUR life. Guaranteed it’s gonna happen to all you “give me a break 14 year old Team Anniston” suckers who think you’re safe. Hopefully it’ll be just as public and devasting on your scale. I wish infidelity and even better – PUBLIC infidelity on you’n yours with every ounce of life that I have in me.

  86. Bina says:

    People were pretty impressed when Angelina and Brad came to Pakistan to help out with the earthquake victims. The only criticism they had was how Brad slouched when sitting with the President! And Angelina’s been coming to visit Afghan refugee camps for years now. I think the visits make a difference in that they are morale boosters not just for the victims of disasters and wars but also for the professionals and teams on the ground who aid them on a full-time basis. Meeting a famous person who appreciates their work can be pretty heartening.

  87. Ter says:

    Cutting to “the couple” during Jen’s speech, twice, was a vile thing to do. Did Jen look uncomfortable? Yeah. But what arses the directors were to manipulate us that way. That was complete crap.

    I thought Jen looked beautiful, Angie was beautiful too but please put the black and whitey -loosey dresses away. BORING!

    Kaiser – could you let someone else take these stories for a while, or just every other story? This is asked in a truly kind fashion, but the slant is becoming fatiguing.

  88. Mairead says:

    If critics lke OhPlease refuses to visit the UNCHR website and note that they promote AJ very heavily. Or that it’s they themselves who release the press statements abbot her visits to refugee camps, then they are choosing to spread ill-informed views as facts and unfortunately there’s no point criticising them, just post independent articles which give the baanced view and try and keep the blood pressure down.

    Czarina, I think your point in relation to Princess Di and Mother Teresa is very interesting. I’d just like to correct one thing – Mother Teresa’s death was announced during the coverage of the funeral , a week after Princess Di’s death. It was on a running-text banner at he bottom of the screen and many people initially couldn’t quite believe what they read. Even then many members of the public said things like “The death of Diana must have been too much for her to take”

    But when it comes down to it, the Blessed Mother Teresa (she’s beatified so that’s her title) was fully aware of the power of the media and used it to its fullest to elicit donations and help set up daughter houses of her charity all over the globe. Sure how else would we know all about her work?

    And she was certainly not without her critics, some of which were grasping at straws, but others did raise moral dilemmas. This was especially in relation to the known lack of trained medical attention in many of the “houses for the dying” or the refusal to return donations which were later found to be embezzeled from ordinary investors or pension funds by people like Robert Maxwell.

    Unfortunately, the way the world has been for a good many years is that to get attention and donations in for your selected charities, you don’t need to be a “saint” (even if you’re on the fast-track to becoming one) but you do need to have celebrity…

    Link to follow

  89. Mairead says:


    wikipedia and others have more coverage of some aspects of this article.

  90. Teri says:

    The reason there’s so much fuss, is Jen is hands down more charming ans sophicated than Angi could ever possibly hope for. Ange can try to compete, but she can’t. She had to hold onto Brad by sticking him with six kids. Now he can’t get out if he wanted to, not to mention, Brad looks shorter and fatter… What does that say? Ask me, I say hell-of-an unhappy guy. Smiles because he doesn’t know what else to do. Jen, you have what they wish and strive to gain. Eat your heart out Brangiliars, Brangicheaters, Brangiwiloseim, whatever…you get the pic!

  91. geronimo says:

    Mother Teresa, though deserving of much admiration (far more so than Diana) was no saint. What she was was tough as old boots with a genuine (if at times misguided and arrogant) commitment to the poor. She lived the life. With all due respect to Diana/AJ and the work they do, no comparison that I can see between their lives.

    Kaiser – hope you’ve learned your lesson here, must be fair and unbiased at all times to ALL the triangle dwellers…. :-P

  92. Ophelia says:

    Why on earth would you wish something so terrible on people you don’t even know? As a humanist, that makes me really sad.

    And the way Teri said it,
    “Kaiser – could you let someone else take these stories for a while, or just every other story? This is asked in a truly kind fashion, but the slant is becoming fatiguing.”
    That’s how I wish I said it. Didn’t mean to sound too harsh if I did.

    And Mairead-great post, as always, and I agree with you. I think her personal life is very different than what she does for people in need. I don’t think it’s morally acceptable to go after a married man, but he was just as much to blame, if not more. I’m not on either “team” though, because I honestly don’t think there are sides anymore. Who knows, maybe there aren’t! ;-)

  93. karamelatte says:

    HONESTLY! I was quoting another poster (PJ), hence the quote marks. My comment is the bit after!

  94. mojoman says:

    Goodness, I cant believe you lot are still DISSECTING the whole triangle thing, even down to the camera angles! How much you want to bet, these 3 actually end up having a BBQ lunch with kids and laugh at the media for hyping up the story? and kaiser, please listen to Ter, she/he has a point. Your bias is getting irritating and definitely dont fit the criteria of an open minded writer.

  95. Riley says:

    Angelina doesn’t have girlfriends. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that! She is a loner. I dont know what that says about her but if you can’t have friends of your own sex, its usually not a good thing. Not all women are gossiping, and back-biting and it makes you normal not UN-Normal to have girlfriends! So silly that above poster!!

    I also notice that Nicole Kidman doesnt have many girlfriends except her sister. She famously is jealous of naomi Watts, who used to be her good friend! I’ve read on many sites about it. some people will do anything to sing praises of Angelina though.

  96. Sarah says:

    Wait, wait, wait — you’re saying Angelina was more original than Jennifer because she wore BLACK?? There is nothing original about a simple black dress. This blogger’s bias just became a little more apparent!

  97. Madelyn Rose says:

    To the anonymous poster “What??”

    I never said that I knew Angelina SO well, what I was giving was my OPINION that she seems to be a woman who doesn’t have many girlfriends. And I, for one, think that it is a healthy and normal thing to have friends in this life other than your family members. That is what sites like these were for…giving opinions. You don’t have to attack me! It was a simple observation.

    I find it interesting that many people post nasty things on here, and then others simply give an opinion and people attack like hungry wolves! It truly makes me think that stars hire PR people to troll internet sites and post positive things on their clients. I have a good friend in LA whose marketing firm does that very thing. Apparently, advertising and marketing is cheaper on the internet and so lots of companies and stars are doing it. Hmmmmm….

    In watching the telecast on Sunday, I found it odd that all of the other actresses who were up for best actress seemed to have a connection with the women introducing them. I was trying to make sense of that as I was a bit taken aback by Nicole’s half-hearted introduction of Angie. Granted, it might simply be that Nicole is so botoxed that she can’t make an expression as someone posted above (pretty funny, btw), but I have seen many other sites on the internet (that aren’t pro-Angie, like this one) mention that very same thing. i.e. Lainey and others.

  98. Zoe says:

    agggggggg! Had to wait to read the madness.

    I’m sorry, but GET OFF KAISER’S BACK already.

    This isn’t effing CNN, this is a gossip site. Why does she (yes people, SHE) need to be unbiased? I’m not getting that?

    Every other blog in the world has an opinion, why not here as well?

    Are you coming down on all the other writers at CB for having a point of view??

    As long as the facts are as close as possible to the truth, and nothing is neglected in order to support a point of view, why can’t the writers have an opinion?

    If Kaiser was “Team Aniston” would you still be whining?

  99. CB Rawks says:

    Sigh. *eye-roll*.
    I think they were all classy and sweet. Jen did a great job with Jack, they were both funny. Ange and Brad were sweet and smiling.
    I have plenty of experience detecting *smug-face* (my sister’s a raging bitch), and I didn’t see any.

    I feel perplexed and also some pity for those that keep desperately looking for catfights between these two women. Like so many have pointed out, it’s been YEARS. And why do you care more than they do?

  100. journey says:

    Amen to Zoe! To blazes with being unbiased, I don’t come here to read dull, boring, middle-of-the-road commentary, there’s plenty of that in the daily news.

    Please keep writing Kaiser, and often! Anyone not wanting to read good things about the Jolie-Pitts can just skip those bits.

  101. DD says:

    that was a smackdown? it was so over-hyped and i feel ripped off by all the fake drama and publicity it received. I think we were all owed a cat fight for all this anticipation they should’ve at least played it to the script of the media.

  102. daisy424 says:


    To the “oh so perfect” critics of Kaiser; if you don’t care for her writing don’t click on Kaiser’s threads. Capich?

  103. Sarah says:

    If bloggers can’t take criticism, they wouldn’t be blogging. It’s part of the game. Of course bloggers are biased, but be upfront about it.

    I simply felt that the notion that Angelina’s black dress was original or stood out could only be thought because of personal admiration for the actress. Simple as that. I don’t think a black dress is original, no matter who wears it. Unless it’s the Bob Mackie dress Cher wore like 20 years ago. I liked Angelina’s jewelry though.

    It’s nice that people want to defend the writer, but if you don’t like reading any criticism about the blogs here, maybe you should just read the article and skip the comments!

  104. NotBlonde says:

    Daisy: none of us are “oh so perfect”…what a silly thing to say. Calling out a blogger for being extremely biased does not equal thinking we are perfection.

    Zoe: Yes it would annoy the hell out of me if she was super-biased towards Jennifer Aniston as well.

    We all know this is a gossip site. But Celebitchy typically does a good job of being somewhat unbiased in their coverage of celebrity gossip and that’s why I like this site more than others.

    Read ALL the other posts written by everyone else and then read Kaiser’s posts on The UnHoly Trinity. It just gets tiresome when I’d like to read my celebrity gossip (thus clicking on the story) and I get blindsided by a Brangeloonie screaming “ZOMG Angie’s the best!!!!” every time.

    By the way, I think it is beyond icky and weird that people on these sites use her nickname or similar nicknames (Angie, Ange) like they personally know her…creepy…

  105. esmerelda says:

    Madelyn Rose and shasha get your facts straight. Angelina Jolie is friends with Holly Goline, Marianne Pearl, Gwen Stefani and Christine Ammanpour? (may be a rumor but they may have bonded over humanitarian issues). She is very close to her family primarily. And she is always travelling because she is an actress and a UN Ambassador. She has never been the girly needy kind of woman. She exudes an independence and it is a lie to say she doesn’t have friends. And so what if she isn’t best buddies with some of the actresses there. Let’s not forget that most of Hollywood is fake. The point is she has friends. it is so dumb and naive to say that because she deosn’t have gaggle of girlfriends she isn’t warm. Overgeneralizing=bullshit

  106. daisy424 says:

    @Sarah; Nice is not a word I would use to describe myself, but I’ll play along.
    Constructive criticism is one thing, jumping down a writer’s throat is another.
    You must be new here, so let me spell it out; Any of the ‘regulars’ know what you’re getting yourself into by clicking on Kaiser’s JA/AJ threads, her name is listed under the teaser and the celeb photo, if you didn’t notice it before.

    I on the other hand, expect to see criticism of the celebs and maybe a simple difference of opinion between CB readers in the comments section, not a mean spirited, mob mentality lynching of the writer.

    Now, go on back to the kiddie table…..

  107. Zoe says:

    Although I’ve seen some gratuitous and pretty nasty comments aimed at JA on this site, they seem at most mean-spirited and immature, not so much driven by hatred of her. But this quote (below), to me, is the whole “feud” in a “nutshell” (so to speak):


    “It’d be hard to not be into “all things Brad and Angie” when they make sure they’ve got their cheating mugs in the press every week. Let’s hear how YOU do when it’s YOUR husband, YOUR marriage, YOUR heart and YOUR life. Guaranteed it’s gonna happen to all you “give me a break 14 year old Team Anniston” suckers who think you’re safe. Hopefully it’ll be just as public and devasting on your scale. I wish infidelity and even better – PUBLIC infidelity on you’n yours with every ounce of life that I have in me.”


    It’s that the source of the hate seems to have almost nothing to do with the actual person of AJ, and everything to do with whatever private and painful experiences she reminds people of.

    The uproar directed at Kaiser for her relatively benign comments just seems so crazy and overblown…

  108. Zoe says:

    and BTW, I’m directing my last toward the more extreme “haters” of AJ, certainly not those who simply wish we’d get another writer to cover some of the AJ stories… I certainly understand that it’s also fun to hear the opposing point of view’s biased comments once in a while!

  109. RAN says:

    Daisy, not everyone goes to the front page to view the stories. Most of us go through the recent posts section. Therefore, no one knows who’s “intelligent” perspective is going to be given until we get there. Hence the disappointment of being exposed to another lavish adoration session, as opposed to an interesting article.

    The weirdness around this type of nonsense is… well… weird.

  110. RAN says:

    Oops! I meant ‘whose’ not ‘who’s’. miss the edit function

  111. Jenna says:

    Aniston did look a bit uncomfortable but I think the whole situation came out fine. I’m an Angelina fan, not so much Aniston at all, but I did enjoy watching Jennifer along the side of Jack Black.

  112. CB Rawks says:

    “You must be new here, so let me spell it out; Any of the ‘regulars’ know what you’re getting yourself into by clicking on Kaiser’s JA/AJ threads – Now, go on back to the kiddie table…”

    Putting down the newbie? Implying that some people have been here longer and are somehow more important? Very cliquey.
    That shit is beneath you, Daisy.

  113. daisy424 says:

    @CBRawks; I rarely see the other writers on this site attacked in the style above. All the writers have their individual style and slant and some can be snarky, but all in fun.

    Which is why I stated Team Kaiser. I felt that was all I needed to post until Sarah called me out on my remark and ‘opened a can’ with me.

    I don not see my second comment as cliquey, sorry that you see it that way. To be fair, I can see where my comment sounded harsh (kiddie table). I do miss the edit function and probably would have toned it down. Yes, my comment did weigh on my mind last night.

    Anyone who has been on this site for any time knows Kaiser’s view on this trio from he past threads and from her comments on prior AJ/JA threads.
    Why would a regular be surprised at her slant in these threads? Not recognizing the moniker “Sarah” as a regular, I assumed correctly that she was a ‘newbie’. In no way did I imply that she is less important, just not as informed about each of the writer’s style as the ‘regular’ commenters would be. I hope that I explained where I was coming from when I hit the submit comment key.

    @RAN; I stopped using the recent post section when we lost the recent comments section. If you remember,we used to be able to hover over the comments to see what thread the comments were posted on. When I open my browser to CB, I am directed to the CB Home Page.
    Unless you scroll to the bottom of the page, you don’t see the recent posts section. In order to go beyond the 10 most recent posts, you have to hit the home page to go past those and hit on the numbered pages. That thread is pages back now…..

  114. cee says:

    Brad was overheard asking and US reporter who tried to ask hima question about the triangle ” come on man, stop it. Let it go.” He is absolutely sick of the tabs and paps. He says outrageous things on purpose. “Kids are home throwing spaghetti against thewall”, “we dress up like this for each other at home and eat chinese”. He sounds fed up with the media.

  115. Laila says:

    Whatever! You are such a hypocrite! Talking about not being biased when you are obviously biased yourself!

  116. shania says:


  117. Jane says:

    Team Kaiser? Really? How old are some of you?

  118. RAN says:

    So Daisy, you’re basically saying that we can’t get an enjoyable article out of Kaiser because it’s always going to be skewed…? I think that’s a little unfair because she can write a few insightful articles, but she can’t seem to write one about these three. It goes to a level of maturity and flexibility – a rare commodity on a AJ/BP/JA thread written by Kaiser. Now read CB’s article… completely different and much more respected.

    As to the recent comments and how you manuever on the i-net. Good for you. I, however, navigate in a different fashion – you know the saying… different strokes for different folks.

    Someone else said it, but I’ll say it again. If Kaiser (or you) can’t handle the negative comments, then I’ll toss your words back to you… don’t read them.

  119. daisy424 says:

    RAN “…you’re basically saying that we can’t get an enjoyable article out of Kaiser because it’s always going to be skewed…?”
    Now you are skewing my words, my comment pertained to the ‘triangle’, not every post she writes.
    I have witnessed many times in the past where you and Kaiser have butted heads in prior AJ threads. Don’t take your dislike for her out on me.

    If you have trouble with Kaiser’s, as you say, level of maturity and flexibility as a writer, then you should contact the owner of CB and complain to her. If not, in your words; don’t read them. Or simply change your navigation habits, it would save you the angst opening a biased thread.

    There’s one more comment I would like to make to you; congratulations on the Super Bowl, I was thinking about you that day.

    @Jane; I can’t speak for the others but I will for myself. I’m old enough to show loyalty to a friend.

  120. alfa says:

    They are all movie stars , famous, rich and snobs in their own ways. they got all the money and they can act as they are pleased, dressed as they pleases..

  121. RAN says:

    Daisy, yep, you’re right… I was deliberately taking your comment in a different direction – primarily because I see my interpretation as something close to a fact on these threads. Now… that doesn’t mean I don’t find the poster amusing on occasion, but the lavish bullsh1t and drivel are sincerely getting old. I’m not one to whine to CB very often, and this isn’t one of those occasions I would even bother. My main point is that it doesn’t make any sense to criticize people who call the writer out for the crap that she writes. We’re all here to read interesting articles – and some of these just aren’t it. I think we all “get” Kaiser’s love for AJ, is it necessary to reiterate it in every.single.post on this site? I don’t think so.

    You made me laugh about the Super Bowl comment! Not laugh in a smart@ss way, but a genuine laugh for a kindred spirit :) Great game wasn’t it?! You should’ve been at my house… we were over the top that night! :)

    Have a great weekend, Daisy. I think we’ve beat this horse to death today

  122. RAN says:

    Oh and Daisy… just two more things: 1) I don’t dislike Kaiser – don’t know her and don’t care. Honestly, I would actually have to care about the whole thing to actively dislike someone I don’t know.
    2) Even if I did dislike her, I would certainly never take my dislike of her out on you. My tone sounds fed up, because it is – but not towards you, or even Kaiser… just the stupidity of the ‘slant’ of the articles.

  123. daisy424 says:

    RAN, *wink* We have 3 Pittsburgh families living on our street. They set off fireworks that night and were dancing in the street! Glad to see ‘your’ team win! But I will admit, I did wear my Bears shirt while watching the game, even though 3 of my kids were born in Phoenix.
    Sadly both my teams, Chicago & Cleveland were an embarrassment. Maybe next season….

  124. Sam says:

    I personally don’t like almost any of the dresses that Angelina wears they are always so limp and boring and just plain blah….yet the critics always say she looks beautiful which makes me beleive that it wouldn’t matter if she wore a black plastic bag that night but because her earrings stood out and she has 6 children with Brad she would have looked beautiful just the same. Gimme a break