Kate Winslet is sad that America is happier for her than Britain

Kate Winslet has finally won her Oscar! After six nominations (the most nominated actor at the age of 33), Winslet finally triumphed. I loved her speech, especially the part where she asked her dad to whistle in the auditorium. After she got off the stage, she talked to the waiting international press. It really seems like the British journalists were just waiting to rip into her, looking for any reason to criticize her, judging from the headlines in the British press this morning.

Winslet herself brought up how disappointed she was with the way the British press has handled her victories throughout the awards season. When asked if she was expecting the same negative reaction to her Oscar speech that she got from her emotional, Angelina-forgetting Golden Globes speeches, Winslet said, “I really don’t care. I really don’t care. And, quite honestly, it makes me very sad that my own country can’t be pleased for the successes of their own kind in the way that America really seems to be able to be. So I really don’t care.” The Daily Telegraph has more:

Oscar winner Kate Winslet has accused the British of failing to support her awards success and said she wished her home country could be more like America.

Minutes after picking up the best actress Oscar for The Reader, Winslet said she was saddened by the negative British reaction to her gushing Golden Globes speech last month. Asked if the same people would dislike her Oscars speech, she replied: “I really don’t care. I really don’t care. And, quite honestly, it makes me very sad that my own country can’t be pleased for the successes of their own kind in the way that America really seems to be able to be. So I really don’t care.”

On stage at the Golden Globes, Winslet hyperventilated and repeatedly told herself to “gather” before forgetting the name of fellow nominee Angelina Jolie.

Backstage, she joked that she had perfected her “loser face” in case another actress won. “You have no idea how well I practised that face. It was a good face. I practised quite considerably, actually. Oh, yeah, you get good at practising that face,” she laughed.

The 33-year-old described herself as still “a little girl from Reading” and said she had chosen her evening gown, an assymetric, gun-metal grey design by Yves Saint Laurent, because she thought her mother would approve. “I just really liked it. I thought it was really elegant. And I thought my mum would think it was really pretty, and that’s why I wanted to wear it.”

From The Daily Telegraph

Good for her! The British press was really harsh about those Golden Globes speeches, when she just sounded like any other excited, thrilled winner. It’s a common theme with certain British actors, saying that America appreciates them more than their own country. I’ve heard Hugh Grant and Anthony Hopkins say similar things.

Winslet also explained the whistle that her father, Roger, let out when she was on the stage. Winslet said, “That’s the Rodge the Dodge whistle. Everybody in my family knows it, and he did it. I actually felt quite calm. I really didn’t think that I was going to win and I was amazed at how confident I felt. My dad did his famous whistle and somehow that made me feel much calmer.”

Later on in the press conference, Winslet said she was going to go to the Vanity Fair party and get hammered. I haven’t seen anything yet about her being falling-down drunk, but I really hope she got good and loaded – she deserves it!

Kate Winslet is shown outside the Vanity Fair Oscar Party and in the Oscars Press Room. Credit: WENN

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  1. CandyKay says:

    My impression is that Brits can be very unkind about any type of success, while adoring loveable losers.

    Eddie the Eagle – the terrible ski jumper who became a national darling in the U.K. – comes to mind.

  2. allison says:

    How dare they?!! i didn’t see whatever they said to her, but you dont tear someone down when they just get off the stage from the OSCARS! thats a moment she’s probably dreamed about her whole life! wow…thats just pathetic of them. Kate Winslet did an amazing speech and was totally deservant of that oscar!!! if they have anything negative to say, they can come talk to me about it and i’ll give them a piece of my mind

  3. Maritza says:

    I liked her speech, specially the part where she thanked her husband for letting her be herself. Sam seems like a really cool guy.

  4. geronimo says:

    Well the Telegraph is the only paper I’ve seen that even vaguely disses her success. Al the other headlines I’ve seen are roundly congratulatory and celebratory. Somne of the British media can be very begrudging at time, no question, but I don’t see much of that in this particular case. Mountain, molehill.

  5. geronimo says:

    *All not Al *some not somne *at times not at time.

  6. Kimble says:

    I think KW is an awesome actress, probably the best of her generation but I too have criticized Kate here for her GG speech – as a Brit I felt embarrassed for her! It was dreadful and so NOT British! We like our top notch actors to be humourous (think Helen Mirren) but classy. That faux shock was just naff!

    There is no way your average Brit will think it was cute or appropriate – although you might come up with an odd one here that will say it was OK – LOL!!

    The British press are crap – no argument there – but I think you will find that whining about it will not win Kate any fans in the UK – particularly if the headlines imply that the British PUBLIC are to blame!!!!

    I am really pleased for her and thought that her speech performance last night was wholly inappropriate – made me PROUD to be a Brit!!!

  7. Kimble says:

    Of course I meant her speech was wholly APPROPRIATE last night!

  8. Candy Girl says:

    The British press, and people, don’t on the whole life anyone who gushes. We think it makes them sound insincere. And too American.

  9. photo jojo says:

    Dunno, I’m not British at all but give me Kate Winslet and her elegant, stunning NATURAL beauty over Helen “Sometimes a rape isn’t really a rape” Mirren ANY DAY!!

  10. Yeah, Screw 'Em says:

    Wow and Kimble, you just make it sound so justified when you explain it like that. And boy do you sound like charmers. A more likeable group of people there could not possibly be.

    Or not.

  11. Polkasox says:

    @CandyGirl – what’s wrong with gushing? We silly Americans seem to think it’s okay to share our emotions in life defining moments like these – boy, what are we thinking??

  12. Madelyn says:

    That is very sad when her own country can’t be happy for one of their most magnificent exports! What a shame. I like Kate so much this story actually pisses me off a little bit. In my observations over the past 10 year or so, it seems like a lot of the British press are merciless. I could understand if Kate was an attention whore who sold out her kids at every opportunity, looked down on interviewers at the red carpet, gave the bitch face to other nominees/winners, or engaged in other obnoxious behavior…Kate is always perfectly likeable and talented AND she is most gracious for her success. The British press really need to check themselves and stop being so obnoxious.

  13. luckystar says:

    I don’t know why the British would not be happy for someone doing well in a US film industry. That’s their problem, their damage if you will. I thought Ms. Winslet shone like a true star — she almost looked like Grace Kelley, gorgeous. She is a woman with pure class and humility.

  14. Charley says:

    I didn’t think her shock was “faux” at the GG. How could anyone know but her whether she expected to win? God forbid she should be allowed to show her emotions! Perhaps folks shouldn’t be so repressed….but isn’t that what Brits are famous for?

  15. Candy Girl says:

    @Polkasox, different cultures isn’t it? Not repressed, just a bit more private. Excessive public emotion seems to the British eye to be insincere. That’s all. And I think that’s what a lot of the criticism was about – just like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Oscar speech. Not from the heart so much as for the cameras.

  16. Candy Girl says:

    And by the way, it’s not correct to say that the British public or the British press are not supporting Kate Winslet, or pleased that she won the Oscar. Did you know, for example, that her home town of Reading renamed one of their streets Winslet Close?
    Amazingly enough, we are not that petty or mean minded. We’re just not necessarily crazy about her speeches. Or possibly the fact that she seems to be becoming so Hollywood. I mean, how many Americans would be over the moon if one of their favourite actresses came to Britain and suddenly started acted really British and criticising America? I’m sure you’d love it!

  17. The Luli says:

    Well played Factory Girl, well played…LOL

  18. The Luli says:

    Uh, sorry I meant Candy Girl. Apparently my brain is turning into mush

  19. kriss says:

    Thanks for your perspective, Candy Girl. At first, I thought it was sour grapes, but I see your point.

  20. Candy Girl says:

    Well, my first post wasn’t very well phrased. Did sound pretty rude on 2nd reading! Will reread things before posting next time!

  21. Jacqueline says:

    This is all nonsense- kate’s a national treasure; we brits are so very proud of her, and we are all ‘blown-away’ here in the UK at our success at the GG this time. here’s what the Telegraph says about kate today:-
    Kate Winslet deserves unreserved congratulations
    Winslet’s Oscar success speaks volumes for her tenacity, sensitivity and devotion to her work. David Gritten looks at why the British actress will be reclaimed as a national treasure.

  22. Rachel says:

    I’m English born and bred, and we all love Kate over here and think she does absolutely brilliant things on screen. Nobody doubts how talented and absolutely amazing she is, one of the best of her time. I love watching her act. But i did feel embrassed slightly by her speeches, they were witty, humourous, nothing wrong with them, just a bit breathy and over the top. Fair do’s the lady just won an oscar.. but chill out a lil’ bit! haha, and yeh.. i don’t think I’m ‘repressed’ just because i don’t feel like sharing everything i ever feel with anybody who would care to listen.. I’m quite offended at how british people seemed to be portrayed..

  23. nag says:

    The Brits are misery gutses! They have a tall poppy syndrome as well. God, the woman needs to just feel great about her success!

  24. Candy Girl says:

    Hey Nag, you’re showing your broadminded side there!

  25. Candy Girl says:

    60+ million people are misery gutses because some of us are not crazy about some of Kate’s speeches. Fair comment Nag.

  26. victoria says:

    Fuck England…
    If they don’t want her..
    The U.S will happily Adopt her :)
    I Freakn’ love you Kate!