Lindsay Lohan claims she’s stressed from all the meetings for movie roles

Lindsay Lohan has been working the “I’ve gotten really thin from too much stress not too much cocaine” angle for the better part of the last week. And apparently Lohan thinks people are buying it, because that’s still the line she’s feeding reporters. Last night she partied it up with Samantha Ronson at an Oscar party for Sean Penn. And when she was asked by a reporter about her weight loss, she gave the same old stress line. But the best part was the reason for her stress: too many meetings over movie roles.

Lindsay Lohan is still eating…she’s just stressed out. “I haven’t changed my eating habits,” she said at the Mercedes-Benz Oscar party at the Montage Beverly Hills, where she was excited for Sean Penn’s big win. So has she upped her gym routine?

“I go to yoga once a week, but I don’t go more than that because I’m too lazy,” Linds said, adding that her recent weight loss is probably due to stress.
So what’s she stressing about?

“A lot of meetings for movies and stuff,” she explained. While we haven’t heard of any new movie castings for LiLo, she has a few other non-cinematic projects in the works, including a self-tanning line for Sephora and a diamond jewelry line.

[From E! News]

Linds still seems to be persona non grata in Hollywood. I doubt she could get a meeting with anyone more important than the valet at most of the film studios. The look on her face is priceless when the reporter starts asking her about her weight. Lindsay looks down, and her eyebrows – which already appeared too thick, dark, and mean – furrow while she looks really pissed for a half a second. Then she gives her tried and true excuse.

I’m sure that making a spray tan line can really be stressful. It’s got to be hard to figure out what shade of carrot looks best on different skin tones. And then balancing that with her jewelry line (there’s a really dull explanation in the video about how a diamond is not a stone… or something), and her demanding film schedule… well I’d drop fifteen pounds too. I’m sure it has nothing to do with drugs – after all, Lindsay did refuse a glass of champagne. Which is good – with such stressful career demands, she wouldn’t want a hangover.

Here’s Lindsay in Los Angeles on Friday. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. meow says:

    my god how many times do you guys have to run articles bashing the poor girl? stress can and does cause weight loss, whether you’re a celebrity or not.

  2. OXA says:

    Who does she think she is kidding,no insurance company will insure her. Producers know this so there are no need for auditions.

  3. Maritza says:

    I could believe she is stressed out looking for roles, since the producers are obviously fed up with her attitude and tardiness they definitely aren’t calling her.

  4. Susan says:

    Denial – it ain’t just a river in Egypt.

  5. neelyo says:

    If a spray tan is your biggest project on the horizon, it’s time to regroup.

    It’s been said before but jesus she looks rough. And that nervous energy just isn’t natural, that girl is still doing the disco dust. That rehab stint a few years ago was all about publicity, she hasn’t learned a thing.

  6. Dani says:

    Maybe it’s not other people’s business what’s going on with her body. But then again, what else does the interviewer have to talk about?

  7. the original kate says:

    does anyone believe this?

  8. Obvious says:

    I believe it. It must be very stressful being turned down for every film role you attempt to audition for-especially when you know that 5 years ago (before the drugs and unprofessional behavior) people would have bene ebating down your door to give you these roles.

    It must be very stressful. Poor poor LiLo

  9. Drig addicts live stressful lives. Get to rehab!

  10. Blah Girls says:

    ohh what a stressful life : meetings!! for the big screen!

  11. lohantastic says:

    “I go to yoga once a week, but I don’t go more than that because I’m too lazy,”

    Man, those crazy kids, always changing the meanings of words. When I was a youngster, the word “lazy” meant you just liked laying around all day doing nothing. Now, apparently, it means “busy snorting really huge amounts of cocaine off Samantha Ronson’s ass.”

  12. tasteT says:

    NO one, I repeat, NO one is checking for Lindsay except ….


  13. spooge says:

    Man… check out the body language.

  14. SolitaryAngel says:

    Jesus, she looks terrible–years older than she should. And she was DEFINITELY doing the Junkie Shuffle! Sad.

  15. morgs says:

    She looks strung the f*ck out. Holy Lord. She should just start scratching the meth bugs under her skin.

  16. Brianna says:

    Poor girl looks like she’s high out of her mind and she doesn’t look like herself anymore. Hope she gets some help before its to late. :S

  17. SixxKitty says:

    Shes stressed because she has finally realized she has blown it, and i don’t mean up her nose, i mean all she had, will have and could of had…

  18. hmmmm... says:

    She is CRANKED. Amazing. Undeniable, totally obvious. Homegirl’s gonna bite the dust soon if someone doesn’t step in.

  19. YoMomma says:

    I agree, she is either high or coming down with all of the drug scratching she is doing to her skin and scalp. Of course it could be she is allergic to her spray tan product. And that hair… for someone it was reported spent around $300 – 500 a week on her hair, she looks a wreck. When the camera panned down I was shocked. She is sooo skinny. When she talks it does remind me of how truly young she really is.

  20. Jenna says:

    Are we sure she isn’t stressed because of the LACK of meetings for movies?

  21. Jill says:

    is it just me, or is this girl the LAST person you’d buy a spray tan from?

  22. the world vs. Lilo says:

    ya right!

    another sad attempt at trying to get people to think of her as relevant. Sorry Lilo you are so 2004 . . .

    - The people of the World

  23. Tia C says:

    @Jill – LOL! I’m surprised it took ’til #20 for someone to make that comment….

    I can’t tell if she’s high or not here, cuz she always seems jittery and nervous in every other interview I’ve seen of her. She is most definitely on her own little planet though, whew!

  24. RaraAvis says:

    If her weight loss is from trying to get movie roles, that’s proof that she’s a spitter and not a swallower.

  25. Ned says:

    What movie roles?
    What meetings?

    Is she saying there is someone in Hollywood stupid enough to give a girl who has no audience, nor beauty, nor- you name it, a chance to ruin your movie?

    I know some producers are not the wisest but by now, I think everyone know she has got nothing to offer.

    I hope she saved some of the money she made (and she did make a lot of money for someone that doesn’t belong to the film industry).
    It’s time to find a new career.

  26. mojoman says:

    @RaraAvis: d@mn, now I have to throw away my lunch! What Lilo needs is a cold shower to wash off that fake carrot tan and get rid of her drama family.

  27. Tia C says:

    Well, Jill was #20 last night, now she’s #22, what happened??? My comment got screwed up, LOL!

    I miss edit – HELLO!!!

  28. Ruffian9 says:

    Yes, and I’m stressed from the 3 lotteries I just won and my recent Miss World title.

  29. angelInstead says:

    what is she like, 40? how could she have wasted away everything that she had? this is very sad…
    and spray tan? I thought the leggings were too pathetic, but apparently it can always get worse.