Juliette Binoche refused to watch ‘Twilight’ before working with Kristen Stewart

Binoche Stew

Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart cover the September issue of Interview Mag (German edition). They’re promoting Clouds of Sils Maria, which I would actually love to see, but I doubt it will come to my city. It looks good, and reportedly Kristen does solid-to-good work in the film. And Binoche is always a treasure. I love Binoche so hard. And I love this photoshoot – they look like mother-and-daughter, but not. There’s a lot going on between their characters in the film, and I guess they were trying to mimic that in the shoot.

There aren’t many quotes from the piece, but there is this great statement from Binoche about how she got familiar with Kristen’s work:

“Of course I googled you…Why? I needed to know whom I am supposed to meet and play with. I did watch some interviews of yours and instantly decided that I like you. I also watched On The Road – and skipped Twilight. Although I have to admit that the first time I ever saw you was on my daughters walls. I remember walking into her room thinking: So what the hell is this about?”

[Via E! News]

Ha, if I was Kristen, I would have been so pleased that Juliette refused to watch Twilight. Using Twilight as a calling card for an actress must suck. Thankfully, Juliette checked out some of the less lip-bitey roles.

Juliette also did a great interview with the Wall Street Journal a few days ago – go here to read it. She’s very French, but she’s connected to her place as an actress and she’s very realistic about life in general. She talked about how she’s not on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but she understands how all of the younger people are into it. She also admits: “I’ll Google people when I need some information, and of course it’s very useful. I also love to read what the fans are saying about me sometimes.” So few celebrities admit that they go online to read the comments. Here’s a comment, Juliette: I LOVE YOU.



Photos courtesy of Interview Germany.

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  1. QQ says:

    …if only more people would Follow Juliet’s Lead!!! We wouldnt have this lipbitter inflicted upon us as some kind of actress with great depths 😩😩😩

  2. Angie says:

    Love Juliette Binoche. She’s been a girl crush of mine for YEARS.

  3. Di says:

    Huh. I just refused to watch Twilight. Period.

  4. Jenny12 says:

    Am I the only one who thinks these photos make Juliette look like a vampire and Kristen her apathetic victim? That’s Kristen for you: always the passive receptor.

  5. pretty says:

    She should read this hilarious K-stew’s interview which she did when she was on top, “Maybe because my life is so perfect… I feel boring. I feel like, Why is everything so easy for me? I can’t wait for something crazy to f**king happen to me. Just life. I want someone to f**k me over! Do you know what I mean? It’s one of the reasons I want to act. I love living in different worlds, because a lot of times mine is pretty nice and easy.”

    i hope her daughter doesn’t idolize her views

    • Zee says:

      Eh, what’s the point in dragging up
      an old quote from several years ago that doesn’t even seem related to this? Not into KStew, but she seems to have mellowed over the years or since she’s left her teens/early 20s (even if she is a female Franco ) so I doubt she feels that way anymore

      • Mrs. Darcy says:

        @Zee Um…It’s a gossip site, we are allowed to dredge, overanalyze, fawn, criticize, do what we please basically in regards to gossipery. Kind of the point. I think Juliette instinctively knew not to dredge up too much herself re: K.Stew. for fear of having major French eyeroll at little miss “My life’s sooo boring, hence I will have an affair with a married man”. It wasn’t that long ago, the divorce just went through recently, so guess what, people might still associate her with that thing she did. None of her acting work has yet to distract us from her personal life, maybe this will though. If anyone can lift the mumbling monotone it’s Juliette…maybe.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        She only mellowed after she got caught cheating with a married man with children. Her PR Team made her lay low. That’s not really changing or maturing; that’s self-preservation.

      • UGH says:

        @jenniferjustice She has a strange way of “laying low” movie after movie, Chanel. Sweetie, Edward is never going to call.

      • @bigger ugh says:

        She did lay low, she dropped out of three films she signed up for and claimed to be SOOO excited about, and did no interviews for almost a year. So you must be a Pattinson fan to ever find any form of fault with her whatsoever? No one could ever not love the flawless Queen Stewart because she never says anything wrong or offensive. Love the black and white brains and rose colored eyeglasses of her fans. Don’t you have a Rob interview to go troll? Awards daily is predicting him to win best supporting actor this year for the Rover, shouldn’t you be bombarding them with hate mail for that with the rest of the Kristen cult?

      • duh says:

        “Don’t you have a Rob interview to go troll? Awards daily is predicting him to win best supporting actor this year for the Rover, shouldn’t you be bombarding them with hate mail for that with the rest of the Kristen cult?” This pretty much tells everyone that you are a fan of Pattinson. You are too obvious. Duh.

      • @duh says:

        He was ok in the films i saw him in but is waaaay overhyped. Go to the E online boards, just jared, etc literally anyone who dares to say a negative word about her is a Pattinson fan. I was joking that yes ‘You can’t criticize Stewart for anything because apparently she’s perfection personified. She never does or says anything wrong or offensive, so every single person who dares to ever utter a negative word about her must be a Pattinson fan. That’s the only way someone could EVER not like her’ Because that’s how reality totally is. It was a joke sweetheart Duh. I’ll draw it out in pictures next time for you! And her fans did send awards daily and other websites hate over twitter and admitted to sending hate mail for putting Rob in their BSA categories and requested other Kristen fans to do the same. Since you’re clearly a Kristen fan, I was wondering why you were here instead of doing you’re job lols! Sorry you didn’t get it! But as Kristen probably would say, that’s your problem.

    • Duh says:

      lol. Of course now you say “he is overhyped”. I admit I am Kristen’s fan. Unlike you who lies about being Pattinson’s fan. Only Pattinson’s fans would know ” her fans did send awards daily and other websites hate over twitter and admitted to sending hate mail for putting Rob in their BSA categories and requested other Kristen fans to do the same. ” Are you ashamed of being his fan? By the way, his stans have sent death threats to her numerous times. I am sure you don’t count any of those.

  6. Nona says:

    For all those young actresses and models out there who think they have to pose with an open mouth to convey emotion, look at Juliette. This is how it’s done.

  7. Diana says:

    I love her!! I get her confused with Julia ormond all the time who I also adore

  8. K says:

    I have never seen a more dead-eyed person than K-Stew.

  9. Jean says:

    “Solid-to-good work”?? Kristen Stewart has received nothing short of RAVES for this. She was on numerous prediction lists for Best Actress at Cannes and topped the Indiewire poll for Best Supporting Performance at Cannes by a decent margin — ahead of Oscar favorites like Steve Carell and more. The movie has been playing all over Europe and the reviews are still heaping tons of praise on her.

    Really, it’s ok to recognize that she is capable of outstanding work and that she did so here.

    • An says:

      Outstanding work? She played herself. AGAIN.

      • Jean says:

        Because she wears Converse and hipster glasses? Way to really analyze a role. By everyone’s accounts, she did indeed do outstanding work and even her prior detractors noticed. I haven’t read a single review that says she was simply playing herself. She plays a multi-layered assistant to an actress. People gripe on her for playing sullen and moody, a la Bella Swan, but reviews note how her role here provides much of the warmth for the movie.

      • double says:

        First, I’ve been burned by her PR before (On The Road). Her outstanding reviews for this sound so similar to the outstanding reviews from that.
        Second, many of the reviews I’ve read that call her outstanding squeak in at the end how she is playing the same character again but this time it’s perfect for the movie. One genuinely gushing review even came out and said she was emotionless for 2/3 of the film but said doing anything different would’ve been a horrible mistake.

    • Anname says:

      The Oscar campaign begins….
      She did great work in this role – it’s her strength, characters similar to herself.
      Likely she will get lots of attention in the next few months for this role, I am curious to see whether she gains more or loses more fans once she starts doing the many interviews required in the quest for the Oscar. I tend to like her less and less with every one, because I sense more and more arrogance/smugness.

    • bns says:

      LOL. They also hyped up her performance in On the Road and then nothing happened. She’s a bad actress.

    • Nick says:

      @Jean don’t even bother. Kristen could win a million awards and people would still call her a bad actress. There’s no point in try to convince people who’ve made up their mind.

      Interesting how people say she just plays herself but have yet to see the movie.

  10. Liz says:

    I also adore Juliette. More coverage on French actors & actresses, please! <3

  11. Maria says:

    as an actress i wouldnt google myself that sounds like hell. i also wouldnt google anyone im working with. with kristen you have that the most known thing she did was being unfaithful with a married man, with others you have ignorant comments etc. it seems like its impossible to work in hollywood if you have any decent morals. so if you want to work there the best is to know as little as possible about co workers.

  12. Zee says:

    Juliette is amazing. I’ll probably see the film, I remember it got great reviews out of Cannes & apparently Chloe and KStew did great work too. I wish there were more female centric films out there that weren’t rom coms. Anyway, I recently caught Blue again and she looks as stunning now as she did 20 years ago on that film.

  13. Courtney says:

    I thought Kristen did well in Adventureland-later to realize she basically played herself. (cheated on boyfriend with married man, smokes pot, emotes) That’s all she can do.

  14. bug says:

    I like Kristen Stewart. She certainly takes a great picture.

  15. M. says:

    Thank God IFC is backing Patricia Arquette…wonderful, underrated actress who is terrific in ” “Boyhood”. Any Oscar buzz that lipbiter could even remotely muster is her own PR/fan driven. Stewart can’t act…that’s it and that’s all.

  16. manta says:

    I read the interview of the WSJ linked in the post. Very interesting, but i don’t grasp the comment “She’s very French” from what I read. What does that suppose to mean?

    “… but she’s really realistic about life in general”.Yeah, so un-french of her.
    I suppose that’s the downside of having Cotillard embodying THE French woman. When you hear one who isn’t a dimwit with her head in the clouds,it’s astonishing apparently.

  17. Gwen says:

    I love Juliette too – a shame they used so much photoshop here, none of the ladies need it.

  18. Dotty says:

    Love Juliette!
    Kristen looks like a female Casper Smart, but still unable to close her mouth.

  19. JustChristy says:

    I don’t give one tiny little rat behind about Kristen Stewart, and I can’t say I’ve seen anything with Juliette Binoche, but what I am getting from this is memories of The Carrie Diaries. Interview magazine! That show was cute. Stupid CW.

  20. delia says:

    They both look gorgeous. Kristen seems to have matured finally and Pinochet is her usually awesome self.

    • tracy says:

      Genuinely curious, what are you seeing about Kristen that says she’s matured? reading a couple of her recent interviews she sounds just as judgmental and Pretentious ‘I’m above everyone else as an artist/no one’s as real as me!!’ like she always has been.

  21. Dany says:

    that cover ist beautiful. They really look like mother and daughter.

  22. Ally8 says:

    Despite all the tabloid silliness and lip biting, I’ll always have a fondness for Kristen based on Panic Room. She was so terrific in that; like a little female Edward Furlong (pre-his tabloid messes). Juliette should check that movie out, too.

  23. MM. says:

    The reviews for this movie are excellent. And regardless of what people say or will say, Kristen has some great movies out there. And her performances in the one getting the best reviews for Clouds of Sils Maria. Whether she wins an award or not, that does not detract from a good performance.

  24. sdlove says:

    Hilariously, Chloe appears to be playing K Stew in this movie-lol. The trailer cracked me up in that regard. How ‘meta’…..Juliette is exquisite! She seems to get better with age and is aging beautifully, too….like fine wine, as they say (:

  25. Tiffany says:

    How does K Stew have top billing of JB. Just..no.

  26. Tig says:

    I am so glad to read that someone is pushing Patricia A for an Oscar! I was totally blown away by Boyhood, and she was one of the reasons why!

    Re KS and JB- these pics are photoshopped to the nth degree! It is odd how lifeless she looks next to JB.

  27. serena says:

    Juliette looks stunning in the photos! I love that hairstyle on her, Kristen’s too. Anyway I like when actors don’t demolish their previous works, even if it’s a stupid teenager trilogy , since it’s thanks to that that fame came. In that way I appreciate Robert Pattinson way of handling things.
    So really I don’t understand all this Twilight commotion, who cares if they started with it? I think they shouldn’t be embarassed about it (side eye to Kristen)!