Ariana Grande on the 1990s: ‘I remember so much. That was such a vivid time’


Ariana Grande is a beautiful doll. A doll with ten pounds of extensions, weaves and wigs. A doll that will only consent to being photographed on its left side. A doll with a decent voice. A doll that sings off-key a little bit live. Still, Ariana is a thing a now and she’s skyrocketed to fame relatively quickly (within a year, basically). Ariana is still promoting her new album and all of her singles (which are all charting). Time Magazine sat down with Ariana to talk about the album, emojis, club dancing and more. Some highlights:

Her dance moves in the club: “It’s hard to describe it. There’s a lot of strutting to the beat. There’s a lot of sitting down and leg-kicking and voguing and posing and hair flipping involved.”

The emoji that reflects her the most: “There’s a brunette, severed head with the driest expression of all time on her face, and I really like that one. I feel like I relate to it. After that, I put the thinking bubble emoji followed by the boy emoji so it’s girl-thinking-of-boy. I really like that combination. There’s a navy blue square with stars in it, and it’s supposed to look like the universe. I really like that one as well.”

Whether she orders the ‘grande’ size at Starbucks: “No, sometimes I get that venti, you know? Some days that’s what you need in your life. I love soy lattes. Obviously I don’t have dairy because I’m a vegan, but they taste out of this world to me.”

Remembering the ‘90s (she was born in ’93): “No, I remember so much. That was such a vivid time. I was obsessed with Missy Elliott, TLC and Eminem. Everything was so great. Nickelodeon had the best shows and the toys were dope and at P.E. time we had all the right things. I was a ‘90s kid, but I was alive, I remember things. Cartoons were great, music was great, the trends were mortifying.”

She absolutely curses: “I absolutely do. I’m Italian! I wish I could less. But I don’t know why people are so shocked by me. I guess it’s because of the character I played so long being such a goody two-shoes. But I also think that people have a misrepresentation of me as a person because I’m friendly and I like to meet people and I like to talk to people and make people laugh. Sometimes people can confuse my niceness for weakness in a way — or ditziness or stupidity. But it doesn’t go hand-in-hand in that way, you know what I mean?… When people are shocked when they see me curse, I wish they knew my sense of humor. I have the sense of humor of a 14-year-old boy. It’s very crude. When I was 7 years old, my mom took me to see Rocky Horror. That’s just how my family is. We’re just this Italian family that loves slightly raunchy humor. Everyone sees Frankie on Big Brother, they get the idea.”

[From Time Magazine]

Her description of her club dancing is… probably very accurate. And funny. One of things I noticed about her VMA performance – beyond the LEFT SIDE problem – was that she’s not actually a dancer. That’s why there are so many fast edits in all of her videos. Chica has no rhythm, no dance skills. Which is fine, not every pop star has to be a killer dancer, but she shouldn’t make videos where she has to pretend to dance. And she definitely shouldn’t do performances where she tries to dance.



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  1. aims says:

    I grew into my womanhood in the nineties, so It’s a real pisser to hear someone remiss about the good ol nineties. In my mind I still feel like it should be 1994.

  2. Kali says:

    I had the most amazing Barbie doll as a kid where if you moved her arm, her ponytail would grow. I don’t know why I’ve suddenly been reminded of that… 😉

  3. hutter says:

    There’s a whiff of Katy Perry about her. Lots of words yet not saying much (of interest). And no moves.

  4. Ellie66 says:

    Um I have no clue to who she is but she needs to wash her face and take the fake hair out and put some clothes on. :( she looks like a toddler playing dress up.

  5. ataylor says:

    Please. She was practically a fetus. She was 5 when the Spice Girls were popular in 1997!

  6. Izzy says:

    I’m impressed that she can remember things from in utero.

    On another note, she’s the only other person I’ve ever heard of that saw Rocky Horror Picture Show at the age of 7. Main difference being, of course, that I saw it when it originally came out in theaters.

  7. Allie says:

    Nope. If you were born in ’93, you cannot possibly remember all of that. You might appreciate it now, or even ten years ago, but nah. I’ll always remember Chloe Moretz talking about how awesome being a 90′s kid was and then it was brought up she was born in ’98.

  8. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    The toys were dope in the 90s. Yeah, I was just about to comment on how dope the toys were then. It was all so vivid. Zzzzzzzz….

  9. Sarah says:

    Just saw her album cover on iTunes and it is a RIGHT SIDE shot!

  10. SpookySpooks says:

    I was born in ’93 and I do remember some things from the 90s, but I was too young to really appreciate all that stuff.
    Do people really use all those weird emojis? I mean, I only use 3 smiley faces and that’s pretty much it.

    Why does every new starlet claim to have the sense of humour of a 14y old boy and why would that be a good thing? Things like toilet humour iare not offensive, but are rarely funny.

  11. FingerBinger says:

    I just barely remember yesterday and for her the 90′s were “vivid”. Good for her.

  12. INeedANap says:

    Christ, she’s dumb. I feel mean saying it, but she sounds like there’s a hamster wheel in her head with no hamster. However, while her singing isn’t spectacular, she is still talented. She just shouldn’t be interviewed.

  13. Dancinnancy says:

    Who lets a child under 10 listen to Eminem?

  14. Mhmm says:

    I was born in 1990. I completely relate to what she’s saying. It’s a strange phenomenon, but our entire generation has this shared bond over our love of that time. I’m sure there are a few who don’t feel this way but I can’t say I know them. But I guess no one who isn’t a Part of our generation can completely understand….There truly was something so bright and beautiful about being a kid at that time. It was great.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      Well, technically I am your generation then but I was a teenager in the nineties. So I can tell you, it’s the same with the eighties because if your childhood is great, it’s great no matter what decade. That decade will always be special and yes, everyone understands what you’re all saying. Because it’s not a unique experience tied to the nineties. My mom was born in the late forties (in Germany no less) and reminisces about her childhood the same way.
      But everyone under 25 always thinks all their experiences were more special than anyone else’s. I did as well. It’ll pass.

      ETA: Alright, that could come off more patronizing than I thought. I just mean that we DO understand.

    • Erinn says:

      It’s the same as any generation. Everyone has ties to their own childhood decade. However, as a fellow 1990 kid, I can’t say it’s any more vivid than anyone else’s childhood.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yeah sorry to burst your bubble, Mhmmm, but every generation has a “tie” to the time period during which they grew up. It’s pretty natural, no?

        I’m an ’80s girl but being born in ’78, I still romanticize the ’70s like nobody’s business. I’m gonna sound an old fart here but innocence was officially lost in 1991 when the world wide web was created.

        I’m sure you guys loved growing up in the 90s but I wish everyone could know what it was like when we didn’t have the internet to tell us everything.
        That being said, I would be officially lost without the internet to tell me everything, so there’s that.

      • Mhmm says:

        I did not say or mean that. I meant the people saying she didnt truly “live” in the 90s don’t understand.

      • Mhmm says:

        I did not mean to say that it was. I should have replies it to one of those saying she didnt really “live” through the 90s because that’s who it was directed to.

  15. Ninks says:

    There’s something about this girl that makes me really, really want to slap her. I don’t know what it is. It’s just from pictures, because I’ve never really seen her in anything. I’ve never seen an interview or that TV show she did. I’ve maybe caught her videos a couple of times when I’m flicking through channels. But, just from looking at her stupid little face, I want to slap her. And I don’t understand why. Usually when I hate a celebrity, I feel like I have a good reason to. Hating somebody’s ponytail should not elicit such a violent response in me.

  16. paola says:

    So what. I am italian and i don’t swear all the time. Nor the people i know.
    She might be young and cute but she dresses like the ’90 are today.

  17. RobN says:

    I am now so officially old that I don’t bother even learning the name of the current little pop hottie. When you’ve seen ten or fifteen of them come and go, it doesn’t seem worth the effort.

  18. pf says:

    Pretty offensive to people who actually lived in the 90s. Bitch, please.

  19. Sumodo1 says:

    Ariana Grande is yet another Disney kid time-bomb.

  20. jenny12 says:

    I remember the 90s with great love- Hole, Crunt, Babes in Toyland, early Nirvana, Mudhoney, Bikini Kill, Tad, Soundgarden, Bratmobile….. those were the days…..

  21. G. says:

    I was born in ’93 and I remember nothing except the fashion was a horror show. Give me the early 2000′s any day. At least that had Spongebob.

    This girl annoys me. I never understand what she’s singing. Her voice is okay, but everything else is a no.

  22. Stacey says:

    I think she is so gorgeous and pretty talented compared to the other losers in the pop world. She is a little self centered but I guess that is just her generation.

    I was born in the 80′s and I can barely rep that I know crap about the 90′s. Yea I had docs and flannels and watched Pedro on the real world and the barbie spin on the BBQ in the sound garden video but….I still can’t front like I was a grunge 90′s kid.

  23. G says:

    I had a child at 19 in 1990 and we argue to this day about this very subject. I tell him 90′s are mine and he thinks that the 90′s are his time. Clueless.

  24. perplexed says:

    I can believe she remembers the 90s well (or at least the late 90s) even if she’s only 21.

    People seem to have more vivid memories of their childhood.

    I think the equivalent would be a 90s teenager saying they remember the 80s well. I’m not sure how much of television has to do with this though. A lot of memory seems to be tied to tv.

    • Kate says:

      I’m 22 and I remember the 90′s really vividly. Or rather, I remember the TV shows, the trends, the news etc. School, family, holidays, all that’s kind of a blur with only the big moments or the embarrassing moments standing out.

      I think some people just really take in and absorb pop culture and trends.

  25. word says:

    She was born in 93. She speaks about Eminem. He put out his first single in 99 I believe. So at 6 years old, she was listening to Eminem?

    Also, a serious question…if you look at pics of Ariana just a few years ago, she looked so different. I know she lost weight, but seriously her nose, chin…I don’t know, does anyone else see it?

  26. kri says:

    So, what the f*ck is she? She looks like a cake topper from the Bratz Collection at Party City, but on the inside she is emo& full of dark thoughts and irony? Nope, I ain’t buying what you are selling , Lefty.

  27. moot says:

    Emmy Rossum’s baby sister. Am I the only one who sees that?

  28. Emmy says:

    She’s another “Yes others think I’m cute, but let you tell why I’m the complete opposite of how I act”… Also, why are her eyebrows grey?

  29. Venus says:

    Her dancing involves “sitting down” — LOL forever.

  30. CharmmyKitty says:

    I don’t know who this little girl is and I’m okay with that. Kaiser, may I request more stories about Dita Von Teese? And fewer about Leann Rimes? Please?

    • mark says:

      HA! exactly! I’m so sick and tired of looking at this fragrant fetus…I didn’t know who she was until the internet became utterly overwhelmed by her presence the internet is trying to make her an item!! anyhow, that style of “music” is generic, boring, corporate-esque idiocy created to appeal to the musically ignorant and those who put style ahead of substance. music is very nearly dead (at least instrumentally driven music). too many dumb kids nowadays who think making curses rhyme = musical perspicacity.

  31. Gypsy says:

    I have memories from the age of three onwards, mostly of the things that scared me/made me happy/the smell of my dad and mom/my mom perfume when they were going out for the evening/ my dad rocking me to sleep and my betimes stories. – Then by five I remember music I loved and disagreements in the household…Etc….

    Regarding Ariana, I think she is on a quest to prove her womanliness to her new more mature boyfriend, especially since his ex was considered a fetchingly sexy woman, It’s good to win someone’s attention, but now you have to keep it.
    Ariana is beautiful woman but she is trapped in a child’s body so she will have to curse/use wry humor/accentuate her sexiness in order to be viewed as a sexy mature, desirable WOMAN.

  32. Penguen says:

    I was born in early 1980 and do remember the 80′s well, though I probably had no idea what was going on. The 90′s were fun. I look back at my high school photos and cringe at what I wore, though. I can’t believe some of it is coming back.

    …who is Ariana Grande?

  33. Serenity now says:

    I loved the 90s. I remember it vividly because I was born in the early 80s. 👶 The reason why I loved it was because I didn’t have the responsibilities I have now. 🏠🚗💰I was a child and a teenager towards the end.
    I had a Nintendo (64, game boy and the original Nintendo!) 👾. I had a pair of roller blades. I owned a Walkman and a discman 🎶🎼. I had to carry my music around with me. I listened to 90s pop. Had posters of backstreet boys, my older sister had posters of NKOTB. I actually remember watching the Golden Girls while the series was still running. I love TMNT. As a little kid I ran home everyday after school to watch it. Who could forget Shredder!

  34. Denise says:

    I was 19 years old in 1990 and I barely remember any of it. Someone fill me in please. Besides Little Miss Rhythmless.

  35. Mhmm says:

    I think the reason she “bugs”
    People is because she wears a very self-contented look on her face. Maybe her natural expression, maybe a guard. But I think she’s really cute, talented and interesting.

  36. jaye says:

    I listened to an interview she did today and she inanely talked about being “dark” and loving scary movies like it made her especially unique. She also talked about being vegan like she was the first vegan who ever veganed. I have to say I rolled my eyes several times.

  37. Caz says:

    Being a 43-year old woman who has lived and enjoyed all decades since the 70s I am fed up with these self-obsessed, self-absorbed young narcissists who think they’re all terribly original and awesome and special. The world really doesn’t need to hear every single vapid useless thought bubble a team of PR people has painstakingly crafted to appeal to those who tweet & instagram incessantly. Grow some brains, some humility and pull your heads in. Stand in line with everyone else please.

    • Gypsy says:

      Welcome to the American society.
      Every mother and Dad tell their kid they are special and anything they do is special….So you get idiot kids.
      Every school gives out a trophies to kids for just being mommy and daddy’s special kid. – it keeps the parents from complaining.
      Every kid is raised to believe that he’s a conquering champion who must be heard and adored – blame mommy and daddy.
      Every young child is raised to think that whatever they do is special and unique to the world and must be praised – blame mommy and daddy.

      American parents live in a land of perpetual fantasy and raise their kids to inhabit that land.