Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt got married at Chateau Miraval in France this weekend


Um, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married this weekend. They went for the weekend when everyone was concentrating on the Emmys and VMAs. THEY ARE MARRIED. THEY GOT MARRIED IN FRANCE.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were married Saturday in Chateau Miraval, France, says a spokesman for the couple.

Jolie and Pitt wed Saturday in a small chapel in a private ceremony attended by family and friends. In advance of the nondenominational civil ceremony, Pitt and Jolie also obtained a marriage license from a local California judge. The judge also conducted the ceremony in France.

The couple’s children took part in the wedding. Jolie walked the aisle with her eldest sons Maddox and Pax. Zahara and Vivienne threw petals. Shiloh and Knox served as ring bearers, the spokesman says.

[From Newday]

The Associated Press confirmed the news on Twitter as well. This is not a drill. THIS IS HAPPENING. How did they manage to keep it so undercover?


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Savanna says:


    Right as she does all those interviews. Hahahaha.

    Meanwhile I want to know EVERYTHING.

  2. mimif says:

    *Pops rosé* Congrats!

    *grabs industrial size bag of popcorn*

  3. Snazzy says:

    Now that’s how it’s done!! Congrats!

  4. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Now that’s how it’s done. Congratulations.

  5. danielle says:

    Lol! Congrats! They did it while everyone was busy watching clooney!

  6. Blannie says:

    Congratulations to them both! Lovely family.

  7. Maum says:

    Woo hoo! Félicitations and champagne for everyone.

    Now let’s watch this thread go crazy.

    ETA by the way I just wanted to add that this proves that if the most famous couple in the world can get married without anyone even suspecting it, any celeb can stay under the radar if they want.
    So much for those who said those two were attention seeking.

  8. HH says:

    And that’s how it’s done people.

    • Gina says:

      Yep, the third time down the aisle usually means eternal love. At least she didn’t do a Kim Kardashian third wedding in first wedding white…as least I don’t think so.

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I do think that that’s the reason that Brad and Angelina didn’t get married right away. I think it was Angelina who didn’t want it. I always felt that Brad would’ve married Angelina within a few years of them getting together, but Angelina held off.

        But the big difference between Angelina and Kim K. is that Angelina seems to have learned from her previous relationship/marriage mistakes. I think the only true wedding/marriage Kim has ever/will ever have is with that producer that she married when she was what?? 18? She just seems to have gone downhill. And she and Kanye don’t really have a true, real relationship to me. No matter how long they stay married. I don’t think they spend more than a few days here and there with each other.

      • Bea says:

        Bitter, party of one – your table is ready with the sour grapes you requested.

  9. eliza says:

    Lol. Let the insanity begin. *pops popcorn, sits back*

    I guess her dad wasn’t invited.

    I wonder if anyone besides family was in attendance.

    • Alicia says:

      I think he was in L.A. for the Emmys, wonder if he even knew they were getting married.

    • Lady Macbeth (Hiddles F.) says:

      Mine is an arse-hole like Voight and I didn’t invite him to my wedding. Glad if she didn’t either, he has spewed quite a bit of venom against his daughter during the years.

      • Brittney B says:

        Yep, and expect a bitter statement from him in 3… 2… 1…

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        I get the feeling that the only reason he is in her life, is because she has kids. It was the same with my mom and her dad. He was a horribly shitty father. He didn’t abuse her or anything like that, but she said that he basically acted like she (and all five of her siblings) wasn’t even there. Like he never asked her how she was doing, how school was, or anything like that. She said the only real memory she has of him doing anything with her, is when the whole family went fishing (this was when he and my grandma were still married) and she lost a pole, so he slapped her across the face.

        He did eventually become a really great grandfather–I don’t remember him, as he died when I was a baby, but according to my older sister, he was an amazing grandfather. My mom figured that he was trying to make up for the mistakes that he made with her, et al, but yeah.

        So that’s why I never shade anyone who are estranged from their parents (especially when it’s well documented in Angelina’s case)….

      • Happyhat says:

        @Virgilia – yeah, me neither when it comes to anyone who has ‘difficult’ parents. My dad was the same as your granddad; he tried to make up for shoddy fathering in the last 3 months he was alive. Too little too late, and at least I don’t have to worry about not inviting him to my wedding (if, my some magic, I ever get married) as he’s dead.

      • fluffy says:

        I think Angelina have mentioned before that she and her father don’t really talk about the past anymore, that they will not try to fix things but instead look forward. She said she realized that she didn’t want her children to grow up not knowing and not being able to spend time with their other grandfather which i think is really mature and nice of her to do.

        Anyway, congrats to them and i wish they’d last longer than typical hollywood marriage. This was very unexpected and surprisingly good news!

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        That’s basically what my grandfather tried to do. He was alive for a few years after I was born–my sister is eight years older than me–so he focused a ton of energy on her and the rest of the grandkids.

        But yeah–my mom always said that if the treatment of her father had any bearing on her future actions, then my older sister would’ve never known her ‘amazing’ grandfather.

  10. cr says:

    This is how I thought they’d do it, no muss, no fuss, just do it.
    I love it.

  11. Lilly says:

    These are the moments that make life worth living. ANISTOBRANGELINA IS DEAD. We can move on!!! LOL.

  12. Talie says:

    Paparazzi don’t care about them in France anymore, so it was good timing.

  13. paola says:

    I dedicate this to all the celebrities out there pretending that paparazzi constantly chase them (which we already knew it isn’t true).
    This is proof that if you want you can be off the radar and have a private life.
    i wish Brad and Angie a happy life together.

  14. Abbott says:

    They kept that sh*t on lock down. Wow. Makes Clooney selling his wedding look extra budget.

    Isn’t Aniston on a press tour right now? Ouch.

  15. M.A.F. says:

    I keep thinking this is an April Fools joke but in August. I say well done to these two for keeping it under wraps.

  16. someone says:

    They managed to keep it under cover until Thursday, when it happened Saturday. Well done Jolie-Pitts!

  17. tmbg says:

    Huzzah! I wish them many, many years of wedded bliss. The kids must be thrilled!

    ETA: I hope they release at least one photo of the ceremony, but maybe they didn’t get all dressed up for it. They seem like pretty casual folks.

  18. Lizzie K says:

    Awesome. Very best wishes to them and their family.

  19. Gia says:

    They kept it quiet because they wanted to…anyone can keep their life private but most of these famewhores want helicopters hovering over their wedding. Which is fine, but don’t pretend like you don’t love it!

    Congrats to them. I hope they last forever.

  20. Gina says:

    After nine years of shacking up and six kids, it seems rather anti-climatic…but I’m sure his parents and the fans are happy.

  21. Frida_K says:

    I’m so happy that tears popped up in my eyes!

    Granted, I do not know them personally. Granted, it really is none of my business.

    BUT I am a Brangeloonie of the first degree and her movies, especially, have brought great joy to my heart. And I think that their children are lovely.

    It really makes my heart sing to think of the joy and unity of their family on their special day.


  22. Lisa says:

    Remember when John F. Kennedy married Carolyn Bessette? No one knew a thing until after the fact. Celebrities can have a private life if they want it. We know what we know because they want us to know it.

    Congratulations to the lovely couple and the entire family. I am certain the event was terrific.

  23. lower-case deb says:

    this news is so left field… er vineyard!
    i hope it’s true and not actually a scene from By the Sea.

    Live Long and Prosper, Happy Couple (and kids)!

  24. Sunny says:

    A great example of how celebs can choose to keep things under wraps. Genius choice of date when everyone was speculating the Clooney wedding would be held last weekend(thus diverting all the attention)

    Big Congrats to the beautiful couple and their children!

  25. black orchid, says:

    yayyy!!!!pops finest Mirabel Rose !! cheersss

  26. ahoyhoy says:

    YAY!!! Congrats to the whole happy family!

  27. menlisa says:

    Congrats to the happy couple and their family!!!!

  28. Schnee says:

    I’m so happy that they could keep it *completely* undercover.

    That’s how it’s supposed to be in case of a wedding: NOBODY’s business!

    So happy they made it through and could cheat everyone out of any exclusive report. Go, you two!

  29. Ellie66 says:

    Congrates! That was smart quickly and quietly. I wonder if Aniston even cares anymore? She has moved on (even tho it’s that creepy Theroux guy)

  30. Soulsister says:

    So happy for them and their children. Love the fact that nobody had a clue that it was happening.

  31. Bea says:

    Congrats to them and their family. Mazel Tov.

    Once again, they conduct their private lives – PRIVATELY.

  32. Sam says:

    Countdown to “obligatory faux Jennifer Aniston reaction piece” in 3..2..1..

    I kid, I kid. They seem to have a really, genuinely happy life together. I wish them the best.

  33. aenflex says:

    I thought they were waiting until gay and lesbian couples could marry? Guess they really never elaborated on that. Good for them, anyhow. Sounds like a nice, peaceful wedding.

  34. Samigirl says:

    I’m inexplicably happy about this. Congrats to the happy couple. I know their children are very happy.

  35. Jayna says:

    George, this is how you do it if you really wanted your privacy, not all of your leaks and family saying things.

    I’m so happy for them and bet it was a sweet and unpretentious but beautiful wedding and day for them and their children with friends and family in attendance.

  36. anoymous says:


  37. Maxine7 says:

    This confirms my belief that all that junk from celebs about paparazzi and “we don’t have privacy” and “I’m hounded” is just that. . . junk. If two of the most famous celebs in the world can get MARRIED and we don’t know until Thursday and they only way we DO know is because they told us. . . . well every other celeb just needs to get over themselves and lock their stuff down.

    Nicely played. . . nicely played.

  38. daisyfly says:

    This is how you know that you’ve got good friends and family. Almost a week goes by and no one blabs?

    Also, smart move doing this when everyone else is so focused on the awards shows. That’s real slight of hand, magician stuff.

  39. Kali says:

    I second/third/fourth everyone above who’s saying that pretty much every other celebrity needs to be quiet about the paparazzi.

    Now, will we ever see photos/a photo of the dress?!?!? #seriousquestion (I’m thinking something sacky in cream…)

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      A leather sack! Oooh, or maybe a dress suit. That would be cool.

      It would be interesting to see. Because she’s never had a real wedding before, I don’t think. I think she just did the courthouse thing with JLM, and she went to Vegas with Billy Bob. Both times she wore like leather hot pants and a tshirt.

      I also think that’s why she and Brad were engaged for so long. She’d always met and married her husbands within a few months….always very quick. And the engagement period (at least imo) is supposed to be the most romantic part of your life…that’s when you’re high on love…even if you have six kids.

      I think just the idea of being engaged makes you a lot happier and giggly, even if you’ve been with someone for years and years…for me, it’s the feeling of not wanting stuff all year, but getting excited for what you will receive for Christmas or your birthday.

      • Kali says:

        @V.C I would love if she wore something like Bianca Jagger’s wedding suit! That sort of still appropriate yet enormously cool vibe is awesome to see at weddings 😄

        I’m actually quite glad/impressed they were able to keep it undercover. Although it seems like they’ve been married for about the last 10 yrs (or however long they’ve been together) so it’s more just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. The conspiracy theorist in me would’ve sworn that they got married years ago and were just waiting to drop a whole “oh, these little gold bands? Yeah, got them at our wedding 5 years ago” or something similar.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        I seem to recall Brad saying that he wanted to give her an engagement, since she’d never really had one before. Both of her previous marriages they just went and got married instead of having an engagement and planning a wedding.

    • Máiréad says:

      “Something sacky in cream”, LOL so funny and likely true.

      I think the kids’ clothes will be the more interesting

  40. tracking says:

    Oh finally. I’m sure it meant a lot to the kids to participate in the ceremony. Very nice.

  41. siri says:

    That’s how it should- and obviously CAN be! No doubt anymore that it’s possible to keep it private, and quiet. My heartfelt best wishes to them! Although I have to admit that the gossip part in me would just LOVE to see pics, and know the details…like, was her father there??

  42. Bubulle says:

    Good for them for keeping it secret, take notes Mr clooney.

  43. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Hahaha—omg. I don’t know WHY, but I’m just sitting here laughing. I think I’m laughing, because I was looking at pics of them, a few days ago, touching down in Nice–I’m guessing a few days after they got married.

    I hope they release a few pics…pretty please.

    And someone needs to start rumors about whether or not Jon Voight was there……

  44. GiGi says:

    Fantastic! It will only be better if they sell the photos & donate the funds. Mostly because I’m dying to see them and that seems to be their MO.

  45. the.princess.leia says:

    First, congratulations. I see this as proof they are extremely solid, Brad’s not crying every other day and whoever is the tabs Brangie “source” is either feeding them lies and Brangie is laughing at the tabs OR there is no source because Team Brangelina is so tight knit they don’t do leaks! (I think it’s the latter.)

    Second, y’all know somebody at People Magazine just got fired because the statement was released to the AP and not them!

  46. Ag says:

    congrats to them and their lovely family!

  47. MsMercury says:

    Aw Congrats. See some celebs can keep their private lives private and get married without a circus around them if they try a little. :)

  48. The Original Mia says:

    Congratulations, Jolie-Pitt family!

    This is how it’s done. No one knew. Not one whiff of rumor about them making it legal.

  49. Mandy says:

    THIS is how you get married. Well done. Congratulations to them!

  50. original kay says:


    congratulations to them, the wedding sounds lovely.

  51. Ritu says:


    “Zahara and Vivienne threw petals” So cute, I wish we could have pictures!

  52. Mar says:

    Real stars don’t have to televise their weddings.

  53. insomniac says:

    Holy cow. I’m going to forever be in awe of Brangelina’s ability to keep their stuff out of the media until they’re ready to release it. And congrats to them.

  54. blvdb says:

    I got soooooo excited over these news that I actually got afraid of myself….

  55. Chris says:

    I go away for five minutes and in that time a Brangelina article gets posted and has over a hundred comments. I don’t hate them but I don’t get the love either.

  56. Miss M says:

    Congrats to the couple and their family.

  57. Dawn says:

    I only have two things…and one is congrats to the whole Jolie-Pitt family! And second, notice how low key it was and on the down low.

  58. Melymori says:

    And that’s how you do it!

  59. MAP says:

    Congrats to those crazy kids. Baby number seven on the way?

  60. Guesto says:

    Congrats to them! Please please please let there be pics!! I know it’s wrong and it’s private and I love that they did it on the downlow and putting pics out may defeat the object of all that…. but I really really really want to – need to! – see what a Jolie-Pitt small private wedding with all the kids participating looks like. And what Angie and the girls wore!

    Please Gossip Gods, grant us this. :)

  61. serena says:

    Jolie walked the aisle with her eldest her father wasn’t there? I wanna know who attended the wedding! And what she wore (a white sack?)! Damn, I want details!!

  62. Xantha says:

    Yay Congrats to them! I wonder if I can go to Whole Foods this weekend to buy some of their wine. That’s some good wine.

  63. solanaceae (Nighty) says:

    So happy for the two of them and the kids.. Wish them the best in life…

  64. ashley says:

    I’m so happy for them!!!! My favorite hollywood couple,wishing them all the best. I love that they’re so private.

  65. pwal says:

    Wha da whaaa??

    It seems that Angelina was otherwise occupied when it came to doing that ALS challenge.

    Congrats to the JPs. Would love to see some pics, but cool with not. It stokes the imagination.

  66. Mrsjennyk says:

    Where is it written that they must share every minute detail of their lives? Can they not keep anything to themselves? Weddings, pregnancy, divorce?

    • Lea says:

      Are you serious? There are hardly any details.
      They do not share every detail of their lives, months go by with no sightings or reports. They are not on social media, they are rarely photographed.

      People would notice their wedding rings eventually, why not release the news?

      I think you are just bitter. Too bad

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Um, what? We don’t know anything, except where they got married, when, and that their kids took part in it (and that it was small and friends/family only). That’s not a whole lot of detail.

      And they only announced their pregnancies when it was obvious, adoptions just before/after they brought the kids home…..

      Why not announce that they got married?

    • Hiddlesgirl85 says:

      Lol — dont’ feed the troll.

    • moot says:

      Funny! For a celebrity couple, this IS keeping it to themselves. No multi-million dollar wedding with paparazzi at the gates, no photos of the bride “leaked” to the outlets. No article in Vogue detailing the flower arrangements and bonbonnieres. No helicopters getting arial shots (like Brad’s last wedding). This is about as stealth as it gets. Leaking some info now, after the fact, is about not pretending that no one cares. OBVIOUSLY, a lot of people care. This thread already has over 300 comments.

  67. Anon says:

    Hats off to the wedding planner. Congrats to Brad, Angie and the kids, best wishes for all.

  68. Jax says:

    It’s funny, when I first heard they were a couple I thought that was the biggest mismatch I’d ever heard of. Now nine years and six kids later? Who knew? But in that top pic where she is beaming and he is making kissy face? I’ve never seen her look so relaxed and genuinely happy.

    Good on them for the cool and classy moves. I wish them and their lovely children years of joy and rock solid commitment to each other as a family. May they please be the ones who make it and are truly happy in the process. For them of course, but mostly so those wonderful kids never get their hearts broken.

    I think the reason their family means so much to so many people is because after so many years of broken families and rampant divorce they are showing us that blood IS NOT thicker than water, but that you can piece a family together from all over the world and have it be more solid than blood. That’s why I don’t ever want to hear of them breaking up. I want their lovely family to work. It gives us all hope that we can pull our shattered pieces back together and make a family of our own.

    • capepopsie says:

      Very well said Jax!
      I´m with you all the way!

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      Jax, those pictures are of them at a premiere for Maleficent….I think in London, maybe? Not sure. But I remember because everyone kept saying that she looked like she came straight out of ‘Dynasty’ with the shoulder pads.

    • Delilah says:

      First to “…where is it written…must share details…”, I actually don’t think it’s a troll (mind you, I haven’t read the entire thread so I’m just being a devil’s advocate on the comment). I think that was sarcasm and we misread. Perhaps a failed attempt at lambasting those feeling entitled to details of JPs private lives…telling the guilty tsk tsk, you should be ashamed and mind your beeswax…

      To Jax, “…mismatch of AJ and BP…”, funny you say that because I felt that way about BP and JA, and I know I was on board with the majority. It’s what happens when you see a girl next door type paired with a world’s sexiest heartthrob type… I guess appearance wise BP and AJ to me make more sense because they are a perfect match in sex appeal. I think the BP and JA pairing fed the fantasy of the plain Jane ending up with the leading man – which is what you see with the SATC Carrie Bradshaw/Mr Big; Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson; etc.

      Also, +1000 on Blood NOT Thicker Than Water. There is no person in this universe I hold exempt from basic principles of accepted behavior. I’m from the school of thought family has more duty to honor you rather than be held exempt from shitty behavior. My mother always raised us to keep it in the family and basically to let someone walk all over you because they are family. Funny thing is, that hasn’t worked well for her and as kids it was very disconcerting to see our mother let people always take advantage without her setting any limits. It does not serve anyone who loves you well to witness abuse at other people’s hands without you standing up for yourself. But perhaps since she’s very successful the lesson perhaps resonates in business but not your personal life??? Sorry for the length. I just think it is a misguided way to live your life and I admire Angelina for choosing herself in the toxic parental relationship dynamic and I am doing the same thing with my mother.

  69. UghInsomnia says:

    Congratulations on doing what millions of people do every day, I guess?

  70. pwal says:

    Man, the tabloid editors must be seriously pi$$ed that a California judge issued a marriage license in California. Where are their people who keep an eye on the vital records/marriage license offices? That was the only way they knew that Beyoncé and Jay-Z were getting hitched.

    Clearly, tabloids enjoy making $h!t up versus doing the leg work associated with ‘journalism’.

    • ataylor says:

      TMZ has a dedicated computer (and hired moles) at the LA County Hall of Records/L.A. County Court specifically for breaking news such as this. HOWEVER, in certain cases, people (OKAY, Celebs and certain Diplomats) can request certain licenses be kept out of the public record for a time due to safety concerns. Also, that license could have also been issued outside of L.A. County completely bypassing TMZ’s mole/access.

    • Judy says:

      In fairness to Amal and George the marriage laws in California are different than England and does not require publishing the banns. In California you can choose to have your marriage license public or not. When I went for mine more than twenty years ago we chose to keep ours confidential. The only caveat is that you must marry in that county. I suspect they may have had a civil ceremony in California first.
      Also this must have taken quite an effort to keep it secret. As we know they’ve been papped at toy stores and in public, and I very much doubt they make a habit of calling the paps, they are a prime target. I’m happy they managed to keep it private but in my opinion that doesn’t prove the opposite, that all other celeb couples are media hounds. The Jolie/Pitts have just really gotten really good at it.

    • starrywonder says:

      Also where is their primary residence? They don’t have to file in LA. I think most people assume they live primarily in LA but I could have sworn their primary place was in New Orleans???

  71. Dutch says:

    One minor quibble with the announcement there cannot be a “nondenominational civil ceremony.” Nondenominational still means there is a church of some kind in the root of the proceedings, and civil means it’s a government thing with no religion involved.

  72. Santolina says:

    And the bride wore…black?

  73. Luciana says:

    I demand to see the wedding pictures! Lol!

    Congrats, Angie & Brad!

  74. MrsBPitt says:

    Maybe this is why Anniston looks so depressed in the other post….Brad had just texted her the news! lol

  75. annaloo. says:


    In this age of Kardashian/Kanye/Goop narcissism ….God I love this couple.

    Suck it all the rest of you other celebs who can’t figure it out and whine and complain to the press. Suck it all of you who think walking the paparazzi is like war and have never visited orphans in a war zone or helped people rebuild after a natural disaster. These guys always set the standard.

  76. lucy2 says:

    Congrats to them, and kudos on keeping it quiet. Sounds like it was really nice.
    I still think the most impressive stealth was Sandra Bullock’s secret adoption during Oscar season, but I’m impressed no one spilled the beans on this.

  77. vv007 says:

    Finally. Now we never have to wonder or talk about it again. Congrats to them though :)

  78. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    QQ–I just messaged my friend on FB, because I AM your mama…..I did freak out when I saw the news on the Dailymail. And I have a friend on twitter, who was messaging me straight away, saying that she’d knew that I would be freaking out and ecstatic…haha.

    I love this–it’s like a damn mic drop. Drop the news and carry on.

  79. Addy says:

    Love! So happy for them and their family. Congratulations! I wish them all the best. Giddy that they were able to keep this major event completely private. The Brange are so awesome.

  80. Mrs. Darcy says:

    Good for them, and serious kudos for keeping it under wraps. I appreciate why they waited, but I don’t see how anyone can get super excited about it at this stage. Will they even release a photo?

  81. msw says:

    I take a pretty passive interest in both people as actors and even less in the whole Brangelina saga, but I gotta give them a hand. It is refreshing to see a huge power couple like this avoid the PR machine. They don’t need to plant articles in Kneepads to get people interested. They just do, and then the internet blows up. Its kind of awesome. Good for them!

  82. Ginger says:

    I don’t know why I’m excited but I am. Hooray for them and congrats!

  83. Sugar1 says:

    I just want to add my congratulations for the happy couple and do my part to up the #’s on this thread. I LOVE them & yes it is really cool & yet not sure why but also anticlimactic to read that they were married…maybe I just need more coffee.

  84. bettyrose says:

    Congratulation! They and their six children deserve all the happiness in the world. I loved that they shunned marriage and that they supported marriage equality, but sounds like the right moment came for this celebration, and I wish them a lifetime of happiness.

  85. littlestar says:

    Hilarious! I texted my mom as soon as I found out this morning too, and we were both so excited. My dad told us we were ridiculous haha.

  86. allheavens says:

    Congrats to the couple and well played, well played.

  87. lisa2 says:

    I don’t care what anyone says..

    I am so happy for them.. Congrats to my favorite couple.




  88. val says:

    Yippeee!!! Finally, something worth me commenting on. May they continue to grow strong in their love.

  89. Twinkle says:

    Congratulations! I love this couple. Now, Kaiser, can you get us some details on the dress?

  90. Silly you says:

    GOOD FOR THEM for keeping it classy and on the down-low. The next celeb to complain about a lack of privacy can take every single seat. If these two can pull off a secret wedding? Come on…

  91. A. Key says:

    I am genuinely happy for them, I hope they last forever.

  92. Lydia Says says:

    This is the best celebrity news ever. I think they are an awesome couple and I love to see happy people. Angelina and Brad seem like a strong couple. Glad they tied the knot and love how they let the children have a big say in how the ceremony would be. Very cool. I am so happy for them. Congratulations and may you have a continued happy life together. I hope their marriage last forever. Blessings to Brad and Angelina and their children.Their marriage actually has substance…how refreshing.

  93. Janet says:

    I can hear heads exploding all over Female First. Seriously though, this is wonderful news. Congratulations to the whole family

    *tosses rice*

    • Lucky Charm says:

      LOL!!! You mean those who insisted that he would never marry her because they were together so many years without making it legal? And because there was only one woman that he loved enough to marry, which was JA?

      I just hope that they are in a containment room when it happens, because that would be quite messy to clean up.

      *pops open champagne bottle and toasts the Jolie-Pitts for a job well done*

      • Janet says:

        Oh gawd, I just popped in there and shouldn’t have. Beside the expected ton of comments that the wedding was a sham and the marriage is illegal, there were a lot of vicious posts about Aniston as well. “Fat Manny is barren”, etc.

        That place is just a sh*t magnet. Now I want to take out my whole hard drive and plunk it in the washing machine.

  94. Jessica says:

    Congrats to the beautiful and happy couple. I’m very excited and I’m glad they kept it undercover.

  95. Green_Eyes says:

    IBrad & Angie the #1 power couple can get married w/o the world finding out.. Even get the license in Cali .. Just proves all those celebs who claim they have no privacy (*cough cough Kim, LeAnn, Lindsay, etc cough cough) only have none because they chose not to have any privacy from the media and papa!

  96. Sal says:

    Excellent news! We all knew it would happen though.

  97. Kelly says:

    I love them as a couple!! Yay!

  98. Majo says:

    for a long and happy life together! good for them

  99. Ice Queen says:

    Hehe, they caught me off guard, lol! What a pleasant surprise!

  100. Bliss says:

    Fantastic !

    Congrats to them and to their lovely family !

  101. Hollz says:

    Love how they got married on the down low. I adore Angelina, and have since Tomb Raider….Brad has grown on me. The chemistry they had on Mr. and Mrs. Smith…Can’t wait for By The Sea (which I hope is a fake title…)

  102. Paige says:

    My favorite couple ties the knot!!!! Very happy for them and their kids. Why are the first comments so snarky? What happened to all the conspiracy theorist on this couple and the people that said they would never marry? I’m glad they did it privately.

    The heads are exploding at Female First, maybe I’ll pay them a visit today.

  103. DaSariH says:

    Congrats to the newly weds! I’ve read she wore a white lacy dress with a veil. Don’t know how true that is but i would want to see a photo!

    And i truly feel embarrassed for George. His efforts for a private wedding by issuing a no papz zone in Italy. Yet this super private Brangelina wedding happened! Lol.

  104. aquarius64 says:

    Attention fame-wh*res (All Kardashians & Jenners, Lindsay Lohan, Elsa Pataky, other reality stars and celebrity social media junkies):

    THIS is how it’s done. You can keep your personal life under wraps; and when the responses to your low key event goes into the 300′s, it shows your A-list status. No amount of pap walks, Twit pics, Instagrams, or verbal diarrhea you utter will ever put you on the same level as these two. It only confirms you’re C or D list.

    • Dara says:

      +1000! No celebrity (A,B,C or D-list) will ever be able to complain about lack of privacy again without everyone laughing at them and rolling their eyes.

      To be fair, this kind of discretion can only be had if you have the will and the resources. Private jets, a gated estate, a phalanx of security, hordes of personal assistants and a whole herd of lawyers to enforce the NDA’s you hand everyone involved. Then again, Kerry Washington and her husband managed to marry and Christian Bale and his wife birthed a child (whose name we still don’t know) all without anyone finding out until after the fact. It can be done.

  105. Blue says:

    Congratulations to the happy couple! I absolutely adore them together. I wish them and their kids nothing but happiness.

  106. QueenH says:

    Congrats to this family. Love this family!!

  107. Malak says:

    Wonderful news. Congrats. Wishing your family a very happy future.
    Please show us a few pictures of the wedding.

  108. Sam H xx says:

    Awww this is surprising news! I’m so pleased for them. I wish them all the love, health and happiness in the world in this new chapter in their lives. I do believe Angelina and Brad are the real deal and are in this for the long haul. They are proof it can be done in private and not become a huge spectacle for a big payday. I can’t wait to see the photo!!

  109. Angie says:

    Whoops at those crazy lunatics at ff and jj that claimed Brad would never marry Angelina lol 🙊

  110. Anguishedcorn says:

    It’s a bold move, Cotton.

  111. Camille (The Original) says:

    Congrats to them and their family! :)

    That’s so cool that they did it so under cover, the tabs will really bring the haterade on them now lol. Good on them for making it official, it will make the kids feel more secure I’m sure. And so much for him ‘only’ marrying his starter wife, and ‘never’ marrying AJ, that argument has now been blown out of the water lol.

  112. Gina says:

    I gotta say, I was a bit skeptical about these two. I saw them more as a brand, like the Beckhams, and didn’t drink the kool-aid or buy the ‘great love story’. I just saw them giving lip-service to marriage, and saying the kids wanted it, but not until gay marriage is legal everywhere, they already feel married, etc.

    But I like the way they did this, keeping it intimate. It makes them seem more authentic to me. Good for them and congratulations.

  113. GIRLFACE says:

    Such good news! Amazing.

  114. Thinker says:

    This is how you do marriage!! Spend serious time with your person, as a true couple and partnership. Make that work for some years, share your hopes, dreams, ambitions, to ensure you bring out the best in each other, and then, then: make it legally binding. Most celebrities get married first, then get to know their partner, and then express their public disappointment through a lengthy divorce.

    Here, is a marriage I would have gladly attended had I been invited. A true celebration of a long lasting partnership, and one which has produced passion and art, family and love.

    What a phenomenally beautiful wedding it must have been. I would love to see a photo, but I think we probably never will, at least until someone writes a memoir and releases an instantly iconic image. Sigh… To think we’ll all have to wait.

    A great match. May they have many more happy years.

  115. Lucky Charm says:

    I am so happy for them, their family and their close inner circle, and of course all their fans. You don’t need a tv special of a wedding spectacle (Kardashians, Duggars, I’m looking at you) to show the world you got married. Under the radar doesn’t even come close to describing how they pulled this off, but for them I’m glad they did. Congratulations Brad and Angelina, wishing you a long and happy marriage.

  116. Catriona says:

    I am so late but a big congratulations to them! :) That’s adorable to read all her kids were majorly involved in the ceremony! :)

  117. TC says:

    Congrats to Brad and Angie! So thrilled they made it official. The kids must be on cloud nine.

  118. kibbles says:

    I saw this last night and for some reason I wasn’t taken aback or surprised. I just wanted to sleep over it and come back later to comment to let those of y’all whose heads exploded to comment first…

    I never thought that Brangelina would famewhore their wedding like Kimye or Clooney. They’ve been together for nearly a decade, they’ve been engaged for quite some time, and a wedding was imminent. I always believed that they’d have a secluded wedding outside of the USA with only their children and a few other people in attendance. It doesn’t surprise me that they’d do it in France where they seem to spend a lot of their free time with their children.

    I think they’ve always been subdued about every aspect of their lives. Even with Angelina’s double mastectomy she handled it with grace and professionalism. Whenever they’ve done a story with a celebrity magazine, it was never like, “Look at us, look at us! We’re so important.” They are superstars simply because of who they are and the work they’ve done over the years both in Hollywood and through their humanitarian work.

    So no, getting married in secret was not a surprise. It was just an affirmation of how they have chosen to live their lives in the public eye since they became a couple. I really don’t care if they choose to sell their wedding photos or never release them to the public. I wish that more celebrities (and even normal people) would follow suit and stop making their weddings a public spectacle for everyone to see.

  119. kim says:

    A big congrats is in order for a wonderful couple!!!! Kudos for them to make it so private…
    May god bless them many yrs of happiness and full of love…their love is such a joy to watch…

  120. Naddie says:

    It was about time, but I don’t get the excitement. People act as if they were friends of these two. Anyway, hope they keep on having a happy life together.

  121. Lena says:

    They both want Oscars this year – this will be great for their campaigns. And don’t you know that THEY know it!

  122. lisa2 says:

    I never doubted they would get marry. Was just waiting.

    Well now I can’t wait to see them together as a married couple.

    It really has been an amazing year for them.

    I’m just so glad for them and their children.

    Their love is real..

  123. Laura says:

    Well, it appears my fantasy wedding/life with Angelina is destined to forever be a fantasy – thanks Brad >:(


    I’m kidding. I LOVE AJ (only girl I’d ever switch teams for) but I’m so happy for her, Brad and their kids!!!

  124. Velvet Elvis says:

    Omg I grow more in love with this couple every day. So classy.

  125. Goodnight says:

    After the loss of Robin Williams it’s lovely to hear some positive celebrity news. I’ve always believed they’re the real deal. You can see how much they love each other, and clearly their family loves them too because nobody said a word.

    As a gay person I don’t mind that they got married after saying they wouldn’t until everyone could. They have 6 kids who all wanted the marriage to happen and that trumps politics.

    I really hope they go the distance, and I believe they can.

  126. Bliss says:

    So happy for them !

    Wish Brad, Angelina and their kids, a life full of blessings and happiness !

  127. KatyD says:

    But Aniston is pregnant and Brad’s the father!–said the tabloids next week. I bet we’re going to have a dose of tabloid fun coming up.

  128. Toe says:

    Congrats. I couple i was forever obsessed with got married. Im sssooo happy for them.