Octomom lied to mom about all pregnancies, said last one was tumor

Yesterday we covered what turned out to be part one of Radar Online’s taped argument between Octomom Nadya Suleman and her mother, Angela. Angela has worked for the better part of a decade caring for Nadya’s six older children. Angela and her ex-husband, Ed Doud, realized their daughter was obsessed with having babies and asked her IVF doctor to please stop working with Nadya. They had to declare bankruptcy and move in with their daughter when the financial stress of caring for her ever-increasing number of children got to be too much. Angela is set to lose the family home to foreclosure on March 5.

Nadya never told her mother about a single one of her pregnancies until it was obvious
In the interview, Angela said that Nadya never told her that she was pregnant with any of her children, and called her “sneaky.” She explained that when she asked her daughter about her growing stomach this time, she said it was a “tumor.”

Nadya responded as we’ve grown to expect from her – she got pissy.

Nadya: “I don’t apologize for having all my children and I never would.”

Nadya plans to make enough money from her book
As for how she’s going to get the money for care for all these kids, Nadya said, “I’m a good writer, and I always planned on writing book about the challenges associated with raising a child with autism and the other kids.” Her mother asked “How are you going to find time to write?”

“Middle of the night,” Nadya answered. “If I can experience something so extraordinary that people can’t even wrap their minds around it… I feel as though that has given me the strength….

“I have to wrap myself in a bubble and my family and not allow other people’s perspectives to affect me… that would be the epitome of selfishness to consider having even one more.”

On whether she’ll stop having kids: she has no choice
Her mother said “She’s obsessive compulsive and she needs to keep doing this. Is 14 enough?”

Nadya hesitated and Angela rolled her eyes, “Well, I don’t have any frozen embryos and I think… I keep hearing the word responsibility… so I have no choice. I have to delve completely into the role of motherhood.”

On people telling her the octuplets should be given up for adoption
[Gets indignant] “I have to disagree with anyone who has the audacity to say that any of these children should be adopted. I have more love for these children than I think almost… well many parents would have just as much love. This is something that I find to be really a joke… this is so sensationalized it’s not real to people…

“People can’t comprehend just like my mom can’t comprehend why I’m not worried. I do have strong faith that I will find a way.”

This isn’t the end of this very staged argument and Radar promises more segments to come. I’ve just watched Suleman’s dad’s interview on Oprah and will be covering that shortly. It’s hard to resist this story of the delusional child hoarding sociopath, the modern equivalent of the old woman in the shoe. Oprah’s Dr. Oz had some well spoken harsh words for Suleman that seemed to echo a lot of people’s thoughts on the matter.

You can watch the video on RadarOnline.

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  1. HEB says:

    Love is great but it doesn’t buy diapers, or pay for therapy and college tuition.

  2. Lem says:

    oprah and Oz quite talked over the dad. I would have liked to hear more from him.

  3. Yae says:

    While she’s thinking about “tapping into her ‘inner’ resources”. Shes tapping OUT everyone elses resources. Money donations, HUGE hospital costs. She’s smart and mentally ill. Her mother is honest and realistic and hits the nail on the head.

  4. feedmeplz says:

    The bottom pic looks like she’s going to have another Baby! OH NOOO!!! :p

  5. Wif says:

    I wonder how much they got paid to air their dirty laundry on a website.

  6. Jojo says:

    Nadya: Narcissistic Manipulator – Mother: Enabler – Family: Dysfunctional – Situation: Sad

  7. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Honestly I’m thinking more and more she really is suffering from some sort of personality disorder/mental illness. The stuff she says, the way she says it, it reminds me too much of someone I know very well who has a severe personality disorder.

    She doesn’t even understand what she’s talking about. She doesn’t grasp the reality of what’s happening. And of course nothing is her fault.

    Ug. This woman is nutso. Seriously.

  8. kiki says:

    she is a LIAR
    but she knows how to use the system and people.
    State of CA dont give her custody of her liitter

  9. Kelly says:

    Nadya is clearly irresponsible, immature, ill- bred person.She created a freak show of her life.I feel sorry for her babies and mother.

  10. DivaStar says:

    Some questions I would be asking:

    1. Where ya’ll gonna live at? (yes just like that)
    2. How you gonna get these babies home from the hospital?
    3.Do you have car seats?
    4. I heard mom was leaving, who’s going to help you?
    5. What about milk, pampers, clothing, medicine how will you provide for these 14 children?
    6. Wheres dad? Does he know? What is he going to do?
    7. How many baby daddies do these kids have?
    8. Where ya’ll going to live again?


  11. trollydolly says:

    Those poor innocent children. It’s tragic. She’s clearly demented. Why is the doctor responsible for this not being prosecuted for malpractice?

  12. I think she should set up a kiosk at the mall: “Punch Me in the Face for $1″. She’ll make more than enough money to care for the babies then.

  13. cara says:

    I feel that this woman clearly is a little bit of a cracked nut, BUT…if the government had the right to take away every cracked nut’s kids, or even scarier, kids from people who the government felt had too many, without sufficient reason or cause, it would be alarming. Where would we draw the line?

    Second, I feel like we as a society just love to hurl stones. It’s sick and quite scary.

  14. Lem says:

    I think she should set up a kiosk at the mall: “Punch Me in the Face for $1″. She’ll make more than enough money to care for the babies then.


  15. CB Rawks says:

    SHE’S not going to find *a way*. She’ll wait for it to be handed to her by the rest of the state of California, her servants.

    I hate her guts, and would love to see her committed.

  16. CB Rawks says:

    cara, there IS sufficient reason and cause here!

  17. Eileen Yover says:

    She seems like a total conartist and compulsive liar to me. Scary.
    So I have a question: were these embryos all ready created? Or do they have egg and sperm then mix it up at the time of IVF? I’m not very educated on how the process works.

  18. Chiara says:

    “If I look like Jolie and act like Nicole, then can I have my own reality

    Staged event … yes, angry public is the fuel for her income.

    By next week we’ll see the house that Phil and Oprah bought for Natya.

  19. Courtney H says:

    those fish lips make her face look… sloppy. i haven’t watched any interviews with her, but i just imagine her always talking all marble-mouthy, like she just got back from getting some fillings at the dentist.

  20. Frenchie says:

    What a fate for her mom who only wanted one kid, and now she has 14 + she doesn’t have the energy anymore. Nadya is so twisted, she make her mother pay for her childhood’s loneliness !

    To Divastar : possible answer to your questions
    2-> in a truck
    3-> so I don’t need car seats…should I ?
    7-> I have collected sperm samples from different owner and mixed them together. Y’all never know who the dads are, Ha !

  21. cara says:

    @cb…I disagree. She’s immature, as shown in the Radar video, she’s delusional, to a degree, about how she will provide for them, because it’s obvious, she will make some sort of lifelong deal out of this. And I’m not condoning her behavoir by any means, (I don’t condone artificial insemination at all….adopt) however,the same arguement could be used for that freaky christian dad, the Dugger dad. He’s a NUT!!!! AND is pushing his insane lifestyle onto his kids, just watch TLC and see the show on his kid getting married. But should the state force him to get it snipped? Take the kids away? His parents have publicly said that they don’t agree with what he’s done, nor do hers.

    What we have here is this woman is the prime example of western medicine playing God and going too far, and slamming her sure as hell beats out looking at ourselves and examining our own lives.

    Sure she’s sick, but so is 70% of the population. (and I think I’m being leiniant) I’m sure if anyone of the commenters here had their lives publicly examined and disected, there would be plenty that many would feel to be unacceptable and unsuitable for their kids to be in. So all I am saying is we need to watch out with what we are saying here because if she does have her children taken from her, it is a very slippery slope that we will be implementing.

  22. CB Rawks says:

    She simply can’t look after that many, especially as they will need extra attention and care because many of them will be special needs children.
    The children are all that matters, all 14 OF THEM, and they need to be properly cared for.

  23. Aleksa says:

    The embryos are created the day they extract them in the operating theatre by the doctor. Then they wait to see if the cells beging dividing, and if they do, they are cosidered successful and are then frozen. every time you have an in-vitro implant, they defrost all of them, and there´s something like 50-70% chance of them dying. In my case, for example, they harvested 19 eggs. 10 were frozen, in the embryo stage (more accurately, mine are pre-embryos, a tiny cluster of 8 cells). I´ve had two implants of two, which haven´t worked. And in the process, 4 of the remaining pre-embryos have died. BUT…I don´t feel “attached” emotionally to my embryos. I mean, they´re not babies yet…
    On another note, if she is obsessive-compulsive, that explains a LOT!

  24. jojo says:

    Everyone should just leave her alone!! stop giving her publicity!Now she is not only living off of the government but she is living off of her new-found fame from her children! if everyone stopped paying so much attention to her it will give her no choice but the smarten up and make some better choices.

  25. cara says:

    TOUCHE’ jojo.

    You are a kind voice of reason.

  26. photo jojo says:

    Go look up the DSM IV criteria for narcissistic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder, I believe Ms. Suleman’s photo is there as well.

  27. CB Rawks says:

    You’re helping make MY point for me!


  28. the original kate says:

    she looks like a deranged gorilla, especially in the header photo.

  29. cara says:

    @CB rawks….I can’t tell if you mean that in a negative or positive way.

    But, even though I LOVE chatting and would love to know, I must go and jigglyjaunt my arse, before it starts to look like Octopussy’s.

  30. Kayleigh says:

    LEB – YEP! Why doesn’t some one tell her that you need a JOB and MONEY to raise children too, especially ones that are most likely going to have development issues. She needs to stop listening to the Beatles and get her head out of the clouds, come down to earth and get a damn JOB!

  31. mE says:

    The opposite of loving your child isn’t placing them for adoption. It is quite the contrary. The opposite of loving your child is being indifferent to their pain.

    Parents who place their children for adoption (and I don’t mean those who have them taken away because of neglect or abuse, etc.) do so because they love their children so much and want them to have a better life.

    This woman is way beyond f%$^ed in the head.

  32. Leo P says:

    “I keep hearing the word responsibility… so I have no choice. I have to delve completely into the role of motherhood.”

    And it only took her 14 children in under a DECADE to realise that!

  33. nanster says:

    #12. – your suggestion is the best one I’ve ever heard! Thanks for the laugh.

  34. Eileen Yover says:

    I love the still CB put on here of CrazyEights rolling her eyes at her mom. I think her parents need to move back so they can be FAR FAR away so she can see what it’s like on her own if she thinks of her mom like that.

  35. yasmin says:

    “I keep hearing the word responsibility… so I have no choice. I have to delve completely into the role of motherhood.”

    WTF?? So if she keeps hearing the word “suicide” does that mean she has no choice and will have to delve into killing herself?

    “Ill write a book at night!”
    um yeah, what? after you have spent all day looking after 14 kids? And you will sleep… when? Get real b*tch!

    She is so ugly…

  36. Rreedy says:

    Want to see this girls’ twin? Tune into the “Guiding Light” CBS soap opera…look for Mel. This character is a dead ringer for the crazy mother!!!!

  37. Christina says:

    man just leave her alone… we get it, you all know better… the best thing to do is to make sure child services works effectively… so they can step in whenever necessary… not just for her children, but for all children who are not being taken care of adequately… there are plenty out there so let’s put things in perspective shall we…

  38. Mairead says:

    if everyone stopped paying so much attention to her it will give her no choice but the smarten up and make some better choices.

    I’m afraid that’s just wishful thinking – it’s the sum total of her poor choices to date that’s getting her this notoriety. If she just had the one or two from this pregnancy, her parents would still have lost their house and she would still be as delusional about raising the funds to feed the children.

    I thought Aleksa’s comment was very telling. In another thread I queried just how successful her IVF treatment was – you hear of success stories of course, but it’s certainly not guaranteed and I would have thought that to have had 6 successful IVF pregnancies in a row would be very unusual. And if half of the ones created don’t even survive the thawing process…..

    From my limited knowledge of it, the numbers just don’t add up. She’d have us believe that about 36 viable embryos were implanted (so over 70 were created originally???) – but even if two were placed in the earlier 5 pregnancies and 6 in the most recent – I find it odd that she still had such a high success rate. That would surely have earned her an article in The Lancet?

    ‘d say at least some of them was through artificial insemination.

  39. kiea says:

    first thing first it have more important things than nadya goin on if she was a single mother celebrity you wont be hearing thid bs leave her alone if she is capable or not capable it her buissness

  40. kiea says:

    or by the way have you’ll ever heard this lady and her kids begging anybody for help or food have her kids ever went to school hungry and they had to call social service instead of critizing her help her

  41. Aleksa says:

    Answer to Mairead:
    In case I explained myself poorly (english is not my first language and I live in a non-english-speaking country), out of 19 eggs they harvested, after stimulating their production with estrogens, only 10 were actually “good enough” (that´s up to the biologist´s cryteria) to be fertilised. When they implanted the fist two-pre-embryos, the cell clusters each contained 8 cells , after subdividing , in order to, in theory, make a baby per cluster, not per cell! Otherwise, I´d be rivalling my dog Gromit on fertility…The most I would have had if that pregnancy would have been fully succesful, which it wasn´t at all, would have been twins (rare). In very rare cases you can get both twins subdivided and then you might end up with four babies, but the chances are quite slim.
    When they defrosted the eggs for my first, unsuccessful in-vitro (they must defrost them all each time), 2 died, so I ended up with only 6 left and 2 implanted, which didn´t “take”.
    After they defrosted the eggs again last week for my second implant, I still must find out from the biologist if any eggs have survided at all, because 4 died and 2 were iffy. I am still resting from the implant, and don´t have the results, but I have the feeling they will be negative again.
    The point I was trying to make in my first post was: the embryos this woman had frozen were little clusters of cells, BUT she might have felt they were “babies” (some people believe that life begins at conception, which I suppose ,is true, but…personality, consciousness? Arguable) and so might have had the desire to freeze them out and give them a chance. This is not what I would feel. To me, they are little clusters of cells not unlike amoebas at this stage. And even if she felt that way and wanted all the pre-embryos to grow, they could have been donated to women who can´t produce eggs, as I would be doing anyway if I had a sucessful in-vitro and left over pre-embryos…there´s a program in most hospitals you can use in order to do that.
    I hope that cleared up why there´s not an article in The Lancet!:)
    Having said all this, please if you read this , wish me luck for Monday , which is when hubby & I find out if we will be parents!

  42. BONNIE says:


  43. Jill says:

    does anyone remember the twilight zone episode “eye of the beholder”? the “normal” people!! that’s what she looks like!! her lips! it’s been bugging me for a while, that she reminded me of something and i couldn’t remember what.

  44. Generosa says:

    My Grandfather was one of thirteen children born in the early nineteen hundreds in Pennsylvania. His father died when he was a teen and he had 7 younger sibblings some who were babies and toddlers. His Mom raised them all. I think that if Nadya had a husband it wouldnt be an issue. We are not all blessed with a husband in our lives but does that mean we are not cabable without one? Every single person who has contributed to comments on this website can without a doubt state clearly with a clean conscious that they have done something selfish in their lives and continue in a habitual manner to do so routinely without thought. If you live in a glass house you should be throwing stones. Nadya is blessed with a miraculous life that even she could have never predicted and any selfish acts we as outsiders could summize or concoct out of hate towards her actions, she in turn could do the same to us. We are all hypocrytes inheritenly recognizing this we should encourage selflessness.