Joan Rivers remains on life support, has been getting her hair & makeup done

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Joan Rivers has been moved from the intensive care unit at Mount Sinai hospital to a private room. Her daughter, Melissa, issued a statement yesterday confirming that her mother has been moved to a private room and thanking everyone for their love and support. She also said that her mother remains on life support.

Melissa has been by her mother’s side throughout her medical crisis. She’s making sure that Joan is well taken care of. While in the hospital and not yet conscious as far as we know, Joan has been getting her hair and makeup done. Her room has also been decorated by a professional party planner, and her dogs have been allowed to visit her.

Joan Rivers is getting the regal treatment when she was upgraded to a larger suite, according to a friend.

Rivers hospital room “got decorated by celebrity wedding planner Preston Bailey with flowers, bows, plants,” close longtime pal Cindy Adams says, who adds that the legendary entertainer has with a white faux mink blanket with her and “Oklahoma!” on CD in the room.

The gossip columnist revealed the 81-year-old comedian is still getting her hair and makeup done and Mount Sinai, where Rivers is located, is allowing her dogs in to see her.

Adams was photographed leaving the medical center in New York City on Sept. 1.

Rivers was transferred to a private room from the intensive care unit after one week Thursday.

[From NY Daily News]

I wonder if Melissa has been doing her mom’s hair and makeup for her or if they hired a professional to come in. I also wonder if she called the party planner or if the decorator is long time friend of Rivers and asked to help. I wouldn’t be surprised if Joan has had many friends volunteer to help in her time of need. It’s sweet that everyone is taking care of her.

While it looks like the family may have to make some tough decisions soon, the news about Joan is not all negative. Entertainment Tonight reports that a family source says that tests show that Joan has brain function and the Melissa is remaining positive. Their source says that Melissa “refuses to acknowledge any other outcome than Joan coming out of this.” We’re thinking of her and Joan and hoping Joan pulls through.



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  1. Ice Queen says:

    “Melissa refuses to acknowledge any other outcome than Joan coming out of this.”

    Me too!

  2. TX says:

    I know a lot of people don’t like her brand of humor, but she is a pioneer for women in comedy and my heart just breaks for her family.

    Get better Joan!

  3. LadyMTL says:

    I really hope that Joan recovers. I know a lot of people don’t like her but she really was groundbreaking…I doubt if there would be a Tina Fey or Amy Poehler if Joan Rivers hadn’t broken the ground for them. Get well soon!

  4. klaas says:

    C’mon Joan! I can’t wait for you to tell us who is Liz Taylor wearing!

  5. mary simon says:

    I wish Joan the best. Hang in there Melissa! Keep doing what your doing – stay positive, and keep up Joan’s hair and makeup – she would want to look her best, even in a crisis! Keep bringing the friends and the dogs and keep the room as elegant and comfortable as you can. It’s amazing what people can sense even when they are unconscious. Can’t wait to hear of Joan’s recovery!

  6. Anoneemouse says:

    Every morning I race to check the news to see if there is an update. Get well soon Joan – we miss you!

  7. Tiffany says:

    When you think of what she survived in her life and now this. Just, wow.

  8. Charlotte says:

    Melissa seems like such a lovely person (her personality really shone through on that reality show they did together). I’d say Joan is having her hair and make-up done professionally – Melissa would be all about making sure she has the best of the best, as always. That’s very cool that the hospital have allowed her dogs to visit. I hope Joan does make a full recovery, but it sounds like it’s very touch and go … hard to think that just a bit more than a week ago, she was hosting Fashion Police, likening Charlie XCX to Fran Dreschner, stirring everyone into fits of laughter!

    Get well Joan! x

  9. Snazzy says:

    Of course she’s getting her hair and make up done! She’s Joan!
    I expect nothing less :)
    ( I say that with kindness- no snark intended)

    • BW says:

      My mother never goes out without her hair and makeup done. The 3 times she’s been hospitalized with a heart attack or open heart surgery, she’s ALWAYS had her hair and makeup done while in the hospital. It makes her feel better when she looks better, and it inspired the other people on the ward to perk up, too.

  10. Evelyn says:

    Joan is who I aspire to be at 81, I’m hoping and praying she pulls through!

  11. QQ says:

    ATTA GIRL! LOVE! Priorities Straight Til The End!!

    TBH That’s sorta how I’d be!

    (Also Props to Rihanna cause Tumblr had a LIST a LONG ass List of all the terrible mean ass “jokes” Joan has made about Rihanna on twitter and then to offset that like a post Rihanna made a post a few days back asking for prayers for Joan Rivers. That was Nice!)

  12. Brin says:

    I feel for Melissa, it’s very sad. Continued prayers for her and Joan.

  13. bella says:

    sending good thoughts for joan’s recovery.
    i imagine that she’s a fighter – hoping that sheer will pulls her through.

  14. janie says:

    I think so many of us can relate to Melissa, because we’ve experienced similar losses. I’m sure having her hair and makeip done helps Melissa feel a little more normal. My prayers for Joan, Melissa and Cooper.

    • Really says:

      While my mom was on life support last year I tried to comb her hair and one day I even shaved her legs. Makeup was impossible with the tube down her throat and I knew she wouldn’t care but it’s cute hearing this. If she does come out of it and I hope she does, she will lose her hair as a result of the medically induced coma. I’m pretty sure girl already has a few wigs in her closet.

      • CatJ says:

        I was on life support earlier this year, and in a medically induced coma… I didn’t lose any hair…. well maybe a few, while my visitor angels tried to give me a new
        style every day……but, if Joan survives, she won’t care about her hair… breathe, Joan, we need you back.

  15. Frida_K says:

    She has to get better–think of the joke material she will have mined from this experience. It’s going to be phenomenal!

    Count me amongst the many who are sending hopeful and warm hopes for full recovery–you can do it, Joan!

  16. aenflex says:

    A regular, non-celebrity patient wouldn’t be allowed to have their pets in for a visit, would they? I mean would they be allowed to have a hospital suite redecorated?
    Nothing personal against Joan. I just think they way we Americans adulate celebrities is just sad.

    • Kiddo says:

      Most people couldn’t even afford a private room in a hospital, never mind redecorating it. I’m not sure if it’s American adoration of celebs or if the hospital is receiving more cash directly, thereby permitting it.

      This all strikes me as incredibly sad, though. The longer she doesn’t come out of it, the worst I suspect the outcome will be. It isn’t good that she remains on life support. And from articles, sources have said that Joan doesn’t want to have to rely on anyone. I really feel for her daughter. I think her life revolved around her mother, and vice versa, in many ways, and she is an only child. I can’t imagine not having siblings to go through such a stressful event and serious decision making with.

    • MSat says:

      The hospital where my grandmother stayed until she passed away allowed us to bring in our dogs to visit her. I think it really depends on the place.

    • The Original G says:

      Preston is a dear friend of hers. He was doing something kind.

    • S says:

      I work in a hospital. We do have a policy allows pets to visit patients as long as they acquire approval from the unit manager prior to the visit and remain secured on a leash for the duration of the visit. However, if they become disruptive, they will be asked to leave.

      That policy is separate from the therapy animal policy. All registered therapy animals are allowed in the hospital (only certain areas of course) with the proper documentation- we’ve even had a miniature horse.

      As far as decorations go, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the equipment and the ability for the physicians and the nurses to do their job (and I’m sure the proper precautions have been taken), I’m sure it’s a welcome pick-me-up for the family and the hospital staff who are caring for Joan.

      • MLE says:

        All of the hospitals I have worked in only have private rooms, so being moved to a private room, IMO, has nothing to do with celebrity status. Pet visits, and therapy dogs are also a common occurrence in hospitals.

        I have written in my living will that if anyone leaves me on life support against my wishes, I will haunt them in the afterlife. I had to bring a little levity to my healthcare directives (I’m in my early 30′s…not an age where you want to think about death). I know Melissa has some hard choices ahead of her, but I pray that she makes the decisions that are in alignment with her mother’s wishes.

        Every one should have an advanced directive for health care, regardless of age, so that your loved ones aren’t left making difficult decisions alone. Check out “The Five Wishes.” It’s worded beautifully and is legally binding when completed. I’m a former ICU nurse, and current hospice nurse, and I’ve seen families torn apart over healthcare decisions when no direction was given by their loved one in advance.

  17. Enuff Said says:

    I grew up watching her on The Ed Sullivan Show!!! She has always been in my life for as long as I can remember…she has always been around!!

    Prayers to you Joan and your loving family and friends!! The show must go on with you as the headliner!! Please…we need the laughter!!

  18. Talie says:

    I was thinking things looked bad, as “resting comfortably” is usually code for hospice care. But I do hope she slowly comes out this. I really do. Because I know how it must suck for Melissa to not even have had a moment with her mom before all of this. Not saying goodbye properly is hard.

  19. BeckyR says:

    The longer one stays on life support, the dimmer the prospects for coming off of it. Wish her well, but her daughter needs to prepare herself.

  20. The Original G says:

    Preston Bailey is a longtime friend of Joan’s. When he was recently married in NYC, Joan got a JP license to do the honors. He designed Melissa’s wedding.

    Preston credits Joan with insight of how to make an event have incredible impact. She said, when guest come in I want it to be like, the curtain goes up and opera starts. He’s a phenomenal artist.

  21. Aussie girl says:

    I wouldn’t give blind gossip much credibility but they have a blind that seems to be about Joan and Melissa turning off life support on Thursday. I really hope it’s just BS gossip

  22. susan says:

    yep. if the hospital moved her out of ICU to a “private room” it is because she was found to have sustained brain death and family will get a bit of time to come to terms with turning off the ventilator.

    • LaurieH says:

      I hate to agree with you, but you are correct. Being moved out of ICU and into a private room while still on life support means, most unfortunately, there is nothing left medically they can do for her. She is being made comfortable, to the extent she has any awareness, while her family and friends are given the time they need to say their goodbyes. How long she remains on life support will be up to Melissa, unless Joan has a living will or a DNR order. The idea that she will recover – while hopeful and understandable – is, most unfortunately, not a realistic outcome. Particularly for an 81 year old. I am sad. I get the biggest kick out of Joan.

  23. Lex says:

    I read a blind item that her life support would be turned off today.. but major fingers crosses that its one of the blinds that never comes true. Not sure how anyone would even know that outside the family

    • Nicolette says:

      I just went to Blind Gossip and read their update just posted. It’s pretty detailed, and seems as if they are indeed turning off life support today. There are many blind sites that are just full of hot air, but BG seems to be pretty accurate much of the time. The update is not really a blind but rather is written as a breaking news article. My heart just broke. I’m so sorry her life is ending, and that it ended this way. She was so full of life and would have gone on for many years to come. My thoughts and prayers go out to Melissa and Cooper, her family and friends. Thank you Joan for all the laughter, I will miss you.

  24. nicegirl says:

    Praying for a fast and full recovery, and for peace and strength for Melissa and family.

  25. Mischa Jane says:

    I kind of love this story! I love the thought of Joan waking up and seeing everything decorated how she would like it and then grabbing a mirror and seeing that she looks all glam. And then cracking some joke about it all. Get well, Joan!

  26. weirswalker says:

    That comment about getting her hair and make up done was really low..when you have an endoscopy, they bend and contort your body into all sorts of poses..I had it done and had to wear a pony tail, and they also tell you that you may be injured during the process ( I bit my tongue), that on top of resuscitation efforts and she probably needed to get cleaned up and made looking her best..Glad her daughter cares enough to make it happen…

  27. nicegirl says:

    So sad to hear of Joan’s passing. RIP.

  28. NorthernGirl_20 says:

    Joan has passed .. :(

  29. Adrienne says:

    RIP Joan Rivers. Just saw the announcement…

  30. Tig says:

    I was so sad to read this- I was keeping my fingers crossed for a different outcome. Feel like watching “A Piece of Work” again in her honor. RIP Joan- I hope Fashion Police pulls together a “Best of..” show to honor her memory at some point in the future.

  31. Poe says:

    As someone who has dealt with a personal experience like this, and given Joan’s age, it could literally go either way at this point. I hope she pulls through, because I’m one of the few women who truly enjoys her humor at most times.

    Best wishes!

  32. lucy2 says:

    Very sorry for her family and loved ones. She was up there in years, but never slowed down, so this must have all felt very sudden.

  33. InVain says:

    Such a sad, sad loss. Two comedic greats in a matter of weeks. Recently, a couple people I know were bashing the hell out of Joan (after her hospitalization was announced) because they’ve always found her to be obnoxious and offensive. This disappointed me because regardless of how one might feel about her brand of comedy, people need to remember and RESPECT that she was a true trailblazer for women in the industry and she did a lot of things the RIGHT way. Making fun of people is part of the gig and she poked fun of herself better than anyone else could. God luv ya Joan – you made this world a better place by giving people the gift of laughter. RIP.

  34. Frida_K says:

    Just read on yahoo that she died.

    What a shame.

    All heart-felt sympathy to her family and loved ones. Joan was an original and she won’t be forgotten. May she rest in peace.

  35. KateBush says:

    I was sad to hear this, Joan seemed so alive and full of life, at her age she was still sharp as a tack. Just shocked to hear that she’s gone :(

  36. Pager90 says:

    Praying for Joan. I love her as a go getter and a hardworking lady!
    My heartbreaks for Melissa.

  37. Jayna says:

    This is so sad. Poor Melissa. She had been saying last year how hard it was for her now that her son was hitting that age where he comes home and is like, hi, and would go straight into his room and get on the computer or something, not come home wanting to curl up and watch TV with her. She said that age as they are pulling away and not your little boy anymore is a tough time to adjust to, but that he’s a great kid. Now her mom is gone. She’s busy a lot with work, but I hope at this time she has someone she is dating to lean on. She was dating someone last year who lives in England. I don’t know if that’s the case. But she’s an only childm and I don’t know that she has any relatives left other than her son. I’m sure her friends will be there for her. Joan was still so vibrant and sharp. It’s hard to think of her going just like that, so suddenly.

  38. Jamie says:

    Damn right she did. Right to the end and that was Joan Rivers. rip.