Kate Moss Saved Lily Allen From Getting Beat Up

UK singer Lily Allen has revealed that Kate Moss saved her from being beaten up by a group of girls at the Glastonbury Festival a few years back.

If this is true — this is probably one of the nicest things I have heard anyone say about Kate Moss in ages. I wonder how long ago this incident happened and whether Pete Doherty was in the picture then. Kate’s behavior has only gone downhill since meeting Pete, so I doubt this incident of charity happened anytime recently.

From The Daily Mail:

In an interviewed on This Morning, Allen explained: “I only have nice things to say about her because she jumped to my defence a couple of years ago at Glastonbury Festival.

“These girls were beating me up and she was the only person who stood in and said ‘leave her alone you’re being bullies’.

“They stabbed me in the ear with a beer can and cut my ear open, I also had two black eyes – it was a bit of a nightmare!”

When asked what provocked the attack, she said: “It was just girls being girls. I think one of them thought that I was sleeping with her boyfriend, which I wasn’t.

Lily Allen says she only has praise for Kate Moss, right, who is in New York for the American launch of her range
She added: “I was only young and the girls that were bullying me were a lot older.

“Kate Moss told them to stop being mean so I’ve got nothing bad to say about her – she’s only been lovely to me.”

Allen is very well known in the UK press for having a mouth on her, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she said something to the girls who started the fight. Whatever she says about girls being girls to downplay the whole incident — girls that I know of don’t do a Van Gogh on each other’s ears with a beer can. Lily did not deserve to be harmed in such a way, though, for whatever reason.

Lily has just released a range of clothing for UK store New Look, a week after Kate has released her range for Topshop. Having seen both ranges myself, I can say Kate’s range is infinitely better than Lily’s (although I don’t think I should be giving Kate the credit as she didn’t actually design the clothes did she?). Also, a lot more fuss has been made of Kate’s collections (with thousands of people standing in line for hours just to grab something with Kate’s name on the label), whilst Lily’s collection has received less of a welcome than expected.

I’m sure Lily Allen wished she would have waited on singing Kate’s praises after the sales figures came in. She just gave her competitor free publicity!

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