Owen Wilson’s friends & family worried Kate Hudson will mess with him

Kate and Owen on 3/30/07. Credit: Fame

Ready for another round of Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson’s drama? Back in 2007, they were hooking up hot and heavy, an affair that was rumored to have started back in 2006 as the then-married Hudson was having problems in her marriage. Then there was the break-up, and Hudson looked like she moved on right away, appearing in pap photos with other men. There was Owen’s suicide drama in August, 2007, and months later Hudson was back in Owen’s life as he filmed Marley & Me in the spring of 2008 in Miami. Then they were apart… for a while, and Hudson hooked up with Lance Armstrong. Then, in the past few weeks, there have been mutterings that Kate and Owen are trying again, or at the very least, hooking up.

The latest drama is that now Kate and Owen’s friends are trying to get them to break up, because Owen’s mental state is “fragile” and Kate’s influence on him is, in a word, rough. Star magazine claims that Kate’s got Owen wrapped around her little finger, which might be a little true – I buy that relationship dynamic for them. Star has more:

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson have been taking another shot at romance — to the unhappiness of some of those closest to him.

In the March 9 issue of Star — on sale now — we have the latest details about Kate and Owen’s rekindled relationship. While the off-again/on-again duo has been making up for lost time with romantic baths in his Malibu home and a trip to Paris, his loved ones — including his brothers Andrew and Luke — are worried about the impact his volatile relationship will have on his fragile mental health.

“They are seriously worried about Kates effect on his mental health,” a source tells Star, while an insider adds: “She has him wrapped around her little finger, and he seems powerless to do anything about it.”

From Star Magazine

CB and others think Hudson moves to fast in relationships, and I tend to agree. I can see how confusing it would be for a guy who is in a fragile psychological state to be thrown off by Kate’s touch-and-go affections. But I’m also giving Kate the benefit of the doubt – the two of them have been on and off so many times, and they probably have a real friendship after all of it. I bet she understands that she can’t push him or make extraordinary demands on him. Just my take.

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  1. kiki says:

    Is Drew Barrymore involved in this?
    per the other Jen Aniston/John Mayer article.
    Friend have no influence on who their friends are with by badmouthing the realtionship you are actually making them get closer together, a us against the world kind of bond. You will lose your friendship with them rather than have them leave their lover. Kate , Owen Jennifer Aniston are ALL adults they choose to be with the people they are with. And,,, just hand the razor blades now to Owen they will break up before Summer.

  2. Holly says:

    Seems to cruel to screw with someone who has issues… but to be fair, we never knew one way or another that any of Owen’s issues actually had anything to do with Kate.

  3. Tony says:

    Obviously talent does not require intelligence.

  4. Sue says:

    Huh…a Brangeloonie AND giving Kate the benefit of the doubt with Owen. (I don’t think *anyone* involved in these situations is a saint, but some people are given the benefit of the doubt to no end.) I’m sure Kate and Owen do have an underlying friendship, and that she doesn’t INTEND to screw with him, but if she really had his best interests at heart and not her own whims she would stay just friends with him. Would YOU risk on and off-ing with a guy who (for whatever other reasons) was suicidal after your first breakup? If she was truly looking out for him, at the very least she wouldn’t have publicly taken up with Lance Armstrong (his friend) right after their second breakup. That’s what tells me she’s not being careful not to mess with him – if it were me, and I were still in love with him, I would still be incredibly careful not to get romantically entangled again unless I was SURE this was it. I like Kate, and am sure she doesn’t set out to hurt him, but she doesn’t seem to try NOT to hurt him either.

  5. Ana says:

    Like we say in Australia. Kate is a bit of a ‘town bike’.

  6. snapnhiss says:

    Weird. It doesn’t seem that long ago that he was called the Butterscotch Stallion, known for his manwhoring ways, and now he’s being depicted as completely whipped. My, how times change.

  7. mojoman says:

    I heart her dress. that is all.

  8. TinaWithPom says:

    The header photo makes Kate look like a young Kirk Douglas with blond, shoulder-length Fabio hair in a white dolly dress. Just sayin.

    And, totally unrelated to what I wrote above, I really like Owen Wilson. I hope he is doing okay and taking it easy.

  9. Judy says:

    Isnt Owen just a little old to be trying to off himself everytime he gets dumped by some chick? It is not any womans fault that he is a fruitcake. He has always been mentally unbalanced and his drug use dfoesnt help. Kates fault?? dont think so..look closer at his DNA.

  10. Estate says:

    Can’t blame Kate for Owen’s mental fragility. But the rumours of Kate trying to control Owen might be true. Let us see what will happen to the two of them after few months.

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