Ed McMahon takes a turn for the worse

Vietnam Veteran Breakfast 081108

Iconic sidekick Ed McMahon, who has been hospitalized for complications from pneumonia, isn’t doing so well. McMahon, 85, is also battling bone cancer and other medical problems. His family has gathered to be at his side in an L.A. hospital, where sources report that he may not have much time left. So sad!

Ed McMahon is in bad shape in ICU with pneumonia, bone cancer, and other medical problems. There are reports Ed only has days left. Here’s a statement we just got from Ed’s publicist, Howard Bragman. Take it at face value or read between the lines.

“I’m not a medical doctor, I’m a spin doctor, so I’m not able to give a diagnosis here. But, what I can tell you is this: I’ve seen many people come up to Ed over the years and say, ‘You were a Marine.’ Ed would look them in the eye and say, ‘I AM a Marine.’ What that means for his current medical challenges is the same thing it’s meant for every challenge he’s ever faced in life. It means he’s a fighter — not a quitter. It means he’s confronting it head-on with strength, courage and dignity. I would ask that those who care about Ed say a prayer, remain hopeful and send their good wishes, because Colonel McMahon is still fighting the good fight. Ed, his family, and friends are looking forward to celebrating his 86th birthday Friday.”

[From TMZ]

Ed has been dealing with financial problems stemming from his inability to sell his home, and even appeared in some rather embarrassing TV ads. It’s sad to see what’s happened to him over the years. There was a time when he was on top of the world, between his gig as co-host of the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and producer of Star Search. Hopefully his family is taking care of him now. It doesn’t sound like there’s a lot of hope for his complete recovery – but if his publicist is any indication, Ed hasn’t given up yet.

Here’s McMahon with Nancy Sinatra at the “Keeping the Promise to Our Vietnam Veterans” breakfast in Los Angeles on July 11th. Images thanks to WENN.com.

Vietnam Veteran Breakfast 081108

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  1. audrey says:

    that’s connie stevens, not nancy sinatra

  2. Baholicious says:

    This is sad and I don’t doubt that the stress from his financial trouble has had a real impact on his health.

    It’s always heartbreaking to see someone suffer in what are supposed to be their Golden Years.

  3. Val says:

    I think that is Connie Stevens, not Nancy Sinatra.

  4. HotMess says:

    Do you think he will still be able to sue the hospital?

  5. RA says:

    Much of the media and some of the public made a joke of Mr. McMahon when he claimed his house was filled with mold. They laughed at his claims of long term health consequences including lung infections including hypersensitivity pneumonitis (pneumonia) and cancer risks.

    Now that he is critically ill with pneumonia and cancer, exactly as his doctor predicted, are we going to open a dialogue about the health impacts of excessive indoor mold exposure?

    Or, are we going to continue laughing it off and call mold health risks “hysteria” like big tobacco in the 70′s?

    The overwhelming majority of accredited scientists and researchers agree that chronic mold exposure causes short AND long term health problems, yet a couple of highly paid consultants hired by insurance to mitigate their losses present bogus “white papers” on the subject and this is all the media can see.

    Folks, we have a mold epidemic in our poorly constructed, poorly maintained modern infrastructure. It is leading to lost productivity, skyrocketing medical costs, and astonishing morbidity and mortality.

    Yes, we can only laugh at the ignorant jokes from nervous uneducated fools. I dare you to make fun of the cause of Ed’s condition, late night mycology “experts”…

  6. Autumm Leaves says:

    ITA RA. Also, I he’s in my thoughts and prayers. He’s a living legend and icon.

  7. RAN says:

    This breaks my heart. I was pretty annoyed when news of his illness only made the links page on CB. I mean – we can have discussions about stupid stuff, but this icon wasn’t important enough to warrant an entire thread.

    Having said that, I never knew he was an ex marine Colonel. It’s kind of hard to believe considering what a prankster he was on the Johnny Carson show – yes I’m dating myself (agewise) but I used to watch the Tonight Show when I was a kid and loved Johnny and Ed. To see what’s become of Ed in his declining years….such a shame.