Carla Bruni & French President Sarkozy might adopt

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Carla Bruni, supermodel/singer/man-eater/France’s glamorous First Lady, has made the mainstream French establishment gasp. For like the millionth time. Carla gave an interview to the magazine Madame Figaro, and she said that if she doesn’t get pregnant soon, adoption is on the table. Carla says she’s “not obsessed by blood ties”.

President Sarkozy and Carla just celebrated their first wedding anniversary. They were married after a whirlwind three-month courtship. Sarko (his press nickname) had been married twice before and already has three children. Carla has one 7-year-old son, whose father was one of her many glamorous and controversial conquests, a man who is still in her life.

In the interview, Carla alludes to the fact that she and Sarko has been trying to get pregnant. The 41-year-old also says she’s “not going to fight against nature”, which I guess is a way of saying that she and Sarko don’t want to go through any fertility procedures to get pregnant. The Daily Mail has more:

France’s first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy says she would like to have a baby and if that does not work out she would be happy to adopt one.

The comments, made in an interview with the magazine Madame Figaro, come just over a year after the supermodel-turned-pop star married President Nicolas Sarkozy. Asked whether she wanted a baby, 41-year-old Bruni-Sarkozy said: ‘I would like that, but I don’t know if it will be possible at my age… If it’s not possible biologically, I will adopt one. I’m not obsessed by blood ties. I think you can form strong bonds without that.’

Bruni-Sarkozy has a 7-year-old son from a previous relationship while her husband, who is 54, has three children from his two previous marriages. There has been intense speculation in the celebrity press about whether the Sarkozy couple planned to try for a child.

‘I would love to have a child but I’m not going to fight against nature. I already have one and my husband has three, so you can’t really say we are desperate for children,’ she said.

The pair met in November 2007, just weeks after Sarkozy divorced from his second wife Cecilia, and tied the knot less than three months later. Their whirlwind romance captured the public imagination in France and abroad, generating dozens of glossy magazine covers, but many criticised Sarkozy for putting his private life first at a time when the country was facing economic difficulties.

Turning to a vein of commentary that has run through French media coverage of their relationship, Bruni-Sarkozy said it was not true she had more highbrow cultural tastes than her husband.

‘There is this stereotype about the right in general and my husband in particular: that they lack culture,’ she said. ‘One day I read an article saying that my husband never read a book. The man who wrote the article must live with us since he knows that my husband never reads! The truth is that my husband spends all his free time reading.’

The bookworm Sarkozy was currently reading works by the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, the 19th century novelist Alexandre Dumas and the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, the first lady said.

[From The Daily Mail]

Jean-Paul Sartre’s writing is over-rated. Carla should suggest Sartre’s lover, The Second Sex author Simone de Beauvoir for a good read.

Back on topic, this little piece of information is sure to throw the French – and probably the entire European – media into a tizzy. At first, the attention on Carla and Sarko’s relationship was almost entirely negative. But a few months into their marriage, something changed. The French people, and everyone who met Carla, started seeing her as her husband’s best asset. Carla travels with her husband, she’s always decked out in beautiful clothes, and she’s actually not that political, so she‘s not vying with her husband‘s agenda. She’s sort of like a really glamorous, sexy version of Laura Bush. Or something.

Here’s Carla Bruni-Sarkozy attending the Fashion Dinner for AIDS benefit at the Pavillon d’Armenonville in Paris on January 29th. Images thanks to

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  1. Bellatrix says:

    Well, sorry to contradict you Kaiser but no, not everybody in France loves Carla.

    On the contrary…

    She is very much liked abroad but she is not sweeping many people away in her homeland. Her appeal hasn’t reached any of the left wing people in France (which is about 35% of the population). Her latest CD release was a complete disaster and ultimately, it has been revealed that the number of copies that were supposedly sold was blown out of proportion in order to boost the sales and her image.
    As a matter of fact, I don’t have any family or friends who appreciate Sarkozy more (or at all) since she became his wife.

  2. sissoucat says:

    Bellatrix is quite right. French tabloids love Carla Bruni, because she’s younger and much better looking than all the previous Presidents wives. But most French people hate her guts.

    Mainly because she’s a “people” (means tabloid celebrity). The kind that never was that successful, either as a singer or as a model. She was mainly Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi’s better looking sister.

    Then of course there is her last romance. She was with an aging philosopher when she swapped the father with the very married son. He fathered her child. The son’s ex-wife wrote a book about it, where she describes Carla as “a leech of a woman with a terminator smile”.

    Of course, a very ambitious and recently divorced President, whose model 2nd wife had openly cheated on (nobody blamed her, most made fun of him), couldn’t do better than marrying this vacuous and hyper-ambitious woman, to distract from the crisis his government was in.

    And last but not least, the fact that she’s being paraded around tabloids and right newspapers whenever her husband is facing a crisis – that’s not the habit for French Presidents’ wives.

    They do work the press, but that’s only for their charity endeavours, in an absolutely non-political way. And if they have to fight their husband’s policies to get more money for their pet project, the more they are liked. Independence is key.

    And of course, a President’s family is totally off limits – it’s private. Even if the President openly cheats on his wife and he has an illegitimate daughter, no tabloid will report about it until he’s not President anymore. Because we don’t elect President for their private life, only for their public life.

    So Sarkozy’s and Carla’s little play with tabloids is mostly seen as irritating and a lack of respect towards citizens – who deserve better than being fed Carla fodder instead of political speech.

  3. sissoucat says:

    Look at that botox ! Yikes. I can’t believe some of my taxes are feeding and clothing that rich whore.

  4. Aurelie says:

    I totally agree with sissoucat and Bellatrix up there. Left wing or right wing (she’s too scandalous for them), nobody likes her here.

  5. Little Hutt says:

    Thank you Bellatrix and sissoucat for casting another light on the article. I completely agree with you. She’s more liked in other countries then in our own country.

    “has made the mainstream French establishment gasp” -> yawn more likely. We’re so used to them using the press for just about anything, it’s like a non-event.

  6. Bros says:

    well, I certainly understand the above comments, but for a people claiming to not care about the presidents personal life because it is private, there is certainly a lot of animosity towards his personal affairs with his ex, hers with her exes and their life together currently. whats the big hullabaloo? he traded up as did she-happens all the time, and if the president’s personal life is personal, why does it matter about cecelia? i also think its insulting to call her a whore when she hasnt comported herself in that way and was successful and able to make money in her own right, not really fitting the definition of a whore.

  7. lio says:

    I’ve always wondered how many times it will take her to throw away mini-Sarko once he is no longer president? A few weeks? A few days? A few HOURS?
    Hopefully, we will find out very soon…
    Oh and the real reason she is considering adoption? She is too afraid that a biological child would look as his father and Carlita can’t have an ugly child..

  8. Kaiser says:

    Yikes. I was only referring to polling – before they married, Sarko’s approval was down in the dumps. After they got married, many people got around to accepting him. I haven’t seen anything recent about his approval ratings, but it seemed to me people were giving Carla & Sarko a break.

  9. michellle says:

    Just love these men who think landing a real beauty or in her case, a former model is going to make them look better.

    Standing next to her he only looks worse – a dwarf w/ a face like a bursted boot.

  10. Trillion says:

    Thanks Bros. I really hate the improper use of the term “whore” to define a woman simply because she has a sex life. English is full of adjectives. Find a more appropriate one that is not sexist and hyperbolic, I say.

  11. sissoucat says:

    Bros: it’s not that we don’t care. It’s that we don’t want to know. Yet, it’s still thrown in our faces.

    And I have much more respect for prostitutes (which I never call names) than for this parasite and her current host. She’ll well fed and clothed. By marrying Sarko, she traded her body for power and fame. And that part was thrown in our faces too, in an interview where she said she was attracted to powerful and influent men.

    And everybody knows that she’ll divorce Sarko the second he looses his power, just like Lio said. Because she’s a whore and her payment is power.

    If she had chosen to be with the man and to keep her mouth shut, like the usual Presidents’ wifes or mistresses, nobody would say a bad thing about her, or would mind her father-son thingie. But by reveling in her tabloid fame, she’s an embarrassment for people who have or haven’t voted for her husband.

  12. sissoucat says:

    edit: she’s well fed.

  13. sissoucat says:

    Kaiser: yeah, that’s the way Sarko works the polls. Polls down ? A bit of tabloids.

    I remember in his first year as President there was a big big strike planned. And two days before, the usually discreet main press (owned by friends of Sarko) went wild about rumors of Sarkozy divorcing. The day of the strike, Sarkozy’s divorce was announced. Guess what was in the news ?

  14. Bros says:

    she was already a celebrity before she got married, so i dont think its fair to say she courts the tabloids constantly-they are obviously interested, and the french are obviously reading if your characterization of heir diversionary tactics is just that-for a nation of people who ‘dont want to know,’ why is it having such an effect?

    also, more power to her for being attracted to powerful men and landing a president. I myself am attracted to powerful men, but that doesnt make me a whore. i dont think being attracted to powerful men rules out actually being in love with them once you marry one. i dont think their marriage is just a sham, facade, held together by her fame-hungry whoring ways and his narcissism. i think they actually love eachother.

  15. TinaWithPom says:

    She really does have a Terminator kind of smile. Laser eyes too. lol.

  16. Emily says:

    Oh French presidents. I don’t know if Chirac got involved in any scandal but didn’t Mitterand father an illegitimate daughter?

  17. Candie Dose says:

    I am french and I hate her guts, and so does everybody else. She is stupid, self involved and spoiled. Of course the media is going to be somewhat partial to her since her husband is friends with every media tycoon in the Paris area x_x. Seriously, who cares about her adopting a child or giving birth when we are in recession x_x. And Sarkozy(by the way, Sarko is kind of a derogatory nickname)does not strike me as “bookworm” per say. The man does not love the arts…he made it impossible for literature, history and philosophy students to ever get a job and he claims that priests are more reliable than teachers.

  18. Candie Dose says:

    She is strikingly beautiful though.

    Emily > Mitterand did have a love child (Mazarine) and Chirac was involved in a fraud inquiry.

    • Magdalen Fragiscato says:

      Her collarbone is projecting at mid decolletage, her ribcage shows between her breasts when in evening dress, she has small saddlebags even when she is very tall with very long bones, she has very small expressionless eyes, a disporportionate long and big head with huge cheeks, a projecting jaw lately,(probably she is doing something to her face) weird wrinkles at the sides of her mouth, why? she is still young “botox”(?) -when she flashes that very cold, unkind smile, very thin lips, a long nose, yes, she capitalised on her beauty and I surely can see why. I love her clothes, though.

  19. clotheshanger says:

    I’m living abroad and I hate Carla Bruni’s gut every time I see her. Such an ugly botox plastic surgery distorted face. Ugly body too and I wonder people say she’s “strikingly” beautiful who has bad taste, no taste. She’s female Don Juan. She’s a promiscuous whore. She’s nothing but just has good luck.

  20. supermodel says:

    Carla Bruni is always overrated. Her music is shit.

  21. carlabrunisucks says:

    The previous wives of Sarkozy were not good looking or beautiful, so is Carla Bruni. She says she hates make-up, jewelery and clothes, so why does she wears all of them. She’s a liar.

  22. freakbitchy says:

    I’d prefer Paris Hilton rather than Carla Bruni, though both are not adorable. Is it once you are model, you are called “celebrity”? People don’t even consider Carla Bruni a “celebrity” or “significant person” in Europe.

  23. italian says:

    What the goodness does Carla Bruni do to other people?

  24. beau says:

    I’ve seen pictures of Carla bruni when she was younger without make-up, nose job, botox. Not beautiful at all.

  25. french says:

    Who dislike Princess Diana? No one does. Who hate Carla Bruni? Everyone does.

  26. tons says:

    Carla Bruni even has more plastic surgeries than Paris Hilton! Tons of bad plastic surgeries. Does Paris Hilton have to marry the president in order to get rich?

  27. ps says:

    I hate Colour Bitchy because she’s an ugly, stupid, vulgar tramp and yet she’s always overrated. She’s not a face type. France/people suffers when she sings. Let’s face the fact that she can’t sing. I’ve not heard of any musique worse than hers. She’s a chameleon and a leech of terminator smile, a hypocritic liar and snob who yield for money, power and fame. French people hate her with a passion!

  28. just says:

    Glamourous and the most desirable woman in the world? NOT AT ALL! Bad taste! No taste! Her songs are crap. Breathless talk murmuring blah blah blah…

  29. eu says:

    Carla Bruni is often overrated by those who doesn’t know her very well, because either those people have very bad taste or no taste or those from abroad don’t need to pay taxes to feed this bitch like the French. Don’t know why she’s regarded as “super model”, she’s just very common. Perhaps it just because she’s a rich family. Super whore is more suitable. She takes all the money and yet she says she hates the French! So why doesn’t she go back to Italy? Who says she’s famous for independence and intelligence? She’s still relying on the family fortune and properties and she’s no talent! She smokes and her mouth stinks like Sarkozy, a scum, so they match so well with each others. Both are adulterers. Shameless Carla Bruni, the modern Marie-Antoine!

  30. cam says:

    Hate Carla eloquent bitch! Hate her face, bloodless and immobile, plastic surgery botox wind-sweeping face. People take what is ugly as “beautiful”. Hate her french crappy songs which torture the listeners and make the listeners can’t sleep and can’t stand for more than 5 seconds after hearing them. It’s much much better for those songs without her smoky ugly disgusting voice. Tell her to stop singing! France suffers when she sings! She’s not even singing, those songs are merely breathless talk. She has no talent. She can’t manage to compose songs she can just write lyrics. To say she has talent is to say anyone who can write lyrics is talented. There are a great deal of the talented and gifted rather than her. She just learned from her not very famous music performers parents. However she fails in music. She should be able to speak Italian, it’s her mother tongue. English is international language, who doesn’t know? French, she followed her family to move to France when she’s 5, anyone can speak a language if they learned it when they are small. So, Nothing special.

  31. fr says:

    Carla Bruni has a childhood dream to become a singer? Subjective willingness is different from objective fact! She fails as a singer! Hate her ugly voice! Don’t whisper the pointless useless lyrics. Only pigeons will buy her crap CD. If someone give me her CD for free, to advoid noise pollution and a waste of space – I’d throw it into the rubbish bin!

  32. Supervrai says:

    A true natural beauty doesn’t need any plastic surgery, botox and tons of make-up.

  33. artisan says:

    After listened to many times of the songs of Carla bitch, I still find it hard to like her. I don’t like immoral woman and she doesn’t deserve respect. Still hate this whore, nothing changes!

  34. tout says:

    She smokes. I hate smokers. Their mouth stinks. I hate Carla bitch ugly smoky voice. I hate Carla Bruni!