Charles Barkley released from prison after serving three days


Are you kidding me on this? NBA star and DUI convict Charles Barkley has been released from jail after serving a mere three days in the pokey. Barkley entered Tent City Jail in Arizona on Friday afternoon, after holding a press conference in which he proclaimed that he was 100 percent responsible for the DUI conviction and has learned his lesson. Apparently, this apology was enough for prosecutors in the case, because Barkley was released today. He didn’t even have to wear that standard prison-issued orange jumpsuit, opting instead to wear one of his own track suits.

Charles Barkley is done with his jail sentence.

Barkley was released from Tent City Jail in Arizona just before 8:00 AM today after serving his 3 day stint for a DUI bust.

For his safety, he was housed in a separate tent from other inmates and had his meals brought to him.

[From TMZ]

So, let me get this straight. Not only did Barkley serve only three days for his crime, but he also got to wear his own clothes, be separated from the other inmates and had food brought to him? What kind of jail is this? I think even Paris Hilton had it worse in her Beverly Hills jail cell. Let’s hope Charles really is sorry and doesn’t do anything this stupid again – although if the punishment was supposed to be a deterrent, it’s not really all that bad! What exactly does a celebrity have to do to go to jail?


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  1. FF says:

    Why don’t they just make special jails for celebs that double as ashrams?

    Because, seriously, why bother wasting the legal administration’s and tax payers’ time?

  2. Baholicious says:

    This ‘catch and release’ for lawbreaking celebutards needs to stop. Either that or start issuing the DA’s, judges and prosecutors the proper license and take away a bass boat or two if they don’t comply.

  3. hello says:

    Hey…he is second for amount of time spent to Paris. He got more than Nicole Richie or the Kardashian.

    I do know that a lot of prisons as of late are releasing low threat convicts because of budget issues. I think CA is release 70,000 this year alone, and other states are following suit.

    I’d rather have Charles Barkley roaming free than a home invader or something…lesser of two evils.

  4. hello says:

    why I am always moderated for no reason now?

  5. ll says:

    Do you really think this is about being famous? Or is it about having enough money to afford a really good lawyer? How much time does the average person who can afford a lawyer spend in jail for a first offense DUI? I just don’t think this is so much “celebrity justice” as “decent lawyer justice.”

    Also, when it comes to actually ending up in jail – remember Keifer Sutherland? It does happen. (He’s also a repeat offender, unlike Barkley, Hilton and Khloe Kardashian.)

  6. cakes says:

    They should just stop throwing minor offenders in jail. Force drug dealers and drunk divers to pay major fines and take away his license for like 3 or 5 years. If you take someones money it means more to them than jail. Going to jail no longer carries the negative connotation it used to. Today its no big deal and in some circles its a life goal.

  7. mike says:

    This probably has nothing to do with Barkley being a nobody, er… a has-been. It’s about being a first-time offender without a rapsheet, and able to afford a decent lawyer. Not a good, expensive lawyer, just a decent one.

    Heck, I’m surprised that he even served any time at all! A friend of mine got DUI and he spent a night at the county and that’s it. As a first time offender, he got ZERO jail time. And believe me, he ain’t no Charles Barkley. His lawyer was ok, but he was no Johnny Cochran.

    Maybe they’re tougher in AZ on DUIs, cuz it sure surprised the heck out of me that he served any time at all. If my middle class friend served zero time, other than sleeping his booze off at the county, then a rich guy like Barkley shouldn’t have served any time at all.

    Maybe it’s a reverse discrimination against celebrities and has-beens. If you’re even half way famous, the prosecutors don’t want to look soft, so the celebrities get the raw deal?

  8. PUSSYCATFUN says: