Iron Chef Cat Cora & her wife are both pregnant

Am I the only one around here completely addicted to Iron Chef? I live for that show. Battle: Basil is a legend to me. I’ll never forget where I was when The Chairman announced secret ingredient Kobe Beef. My favorite Iron Chefs are the classics: Bobby Flay, Cat Cora and Mario Batali. Although I really enjoy when Iron Chef does a holiday special and they combine Iron Chefs with another Food Network hosts/hostesses. Paula Deen even charmed The Chairman with her appearance on the Christmas special Battle: Sugar.

So, in my eyes, the Iron Chefs have earned the celebrity status of an Angelina Jolie or a Colin Farrell. Perhaps even more so, because everything an Iron Chef does is the most finely tuned improvisation ever, more than I could ever hope for from an actor. And yet, I really don’t know much about the private lives of my favorite Iron Chefs. So this latest bit of news came as a complete shock. Iron Chef Cat Cora is a lesbian. She has a wife, and both Cat and her wife are pregnant. Wonderful! The next generation of Iron Chefs is coming soon!

Iron Chef Cat Cora is pregnant with a baby boy. And she’ll be in the delivery room sooner than you think! Because her wife Jennifer, is giving birth in April to another boy.

But wait, it’s even more complicated than that! Cat is carrying Jennifer’s biological child — while Jennifer doesn’t know whose she is pregnant with! Eggs from both women were implanted in her, and they have decided they don’t want to know who the “real” mother is.

As for the dad. He’s the same in both cases — but it was an anonymous donor, so neither the couple, nor their kids will ever know who he is.

The two births will bring the family up to six. Cara already has two sons, Zoran and Caje.

“Jennifer and I are thrilled to go through the wonderful experience of pregnancy together,” she says. “We started the in-vitro process 5 years ago. This has been a miracle for us and we’ll now have 4 beautiful children.”

From Star Magazine

I’d expect some people to spray some negativity on this whole situation, but I think it’s pretty cool. Obviously, Cat and Jennifer are doing something that works for them, so live and let live. I wonder if The Chairman will cut Cat any slack because she’s pregnant. Probably not – he didn’t even blink when some sous chef cut himself and was bleeding all over the food. The Chairman might even recommend a special show – Battle: Pregnancy Cravings.

Cat Cora and Jennifer Cora are shown on 3/15/08. Credit: WENN

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  1. Rougelatete says:

    YAY!!!! That’s awesome! Congrats to both of them!

  2. bros says:

    I had no idea she was gay. congrats to them for expanding their family. one thing however, iron chef america has NOTHING on the original japanese version. they used way crazier and harder ingredients to cook with and the judges were much harsher and actual food experts (there are too many celebs and comedians judging the iron chef america food and they like everything and dont have very discerning pallets).

    • quin browne says:

      just found this, so, i’m late to the game… who in the world can honestly believe the original iron chef was better judged?

      if you recall, the ‘judges’ were an actor playing the chairman, soap actors or sports figures as judges, and, that odd lady at the end of the table who was alternately a food critic or a fortune teller (based on the info under her name and the year of the show).

      as for the ingredients–japanese culture has far more unique ingredients than we do here in america (as our basic diet)…so, they would be more exotic.

  3. Tia says:

    That is so cool, what a beautiful couple. They will be wonderful parents and have a gorgeous, loving family.. many congrats !!

  4. lara says:

    Well, first of all, congratulations to the couple. That’s great news. But I can’t imagine being pregnant at the same time as my partner! All the hormones, all the physical and emotional stress you’re going through when pregnant, why would anyone double this if not necessary?
    I’ve read an article about Cat and her family a long time ago, so her being a lesbian is no surprise to me. The only thing that makes me wonder a bit, is the egg swapping thing, it seems like such a gimmick-y thing to do, after all this isn’t born out of necessity like when a woman can’t get pregnant with her own eggs. Other same sex couples simply adopt the children they have together. This is just a bit to much playing with nature, but well, to each their own.

  5. Lem says:

    Congrats all around. I wouldn’t say shocked more like “oh o.k.” (slapping self in forehead)
    I can’t believe I missed Paula Deen. I imagine she was hysterical on there. I did however catch ‘alive week’ which wasn’t so funny.
    I love the name Cat Cora,(like a superhero) now I’m curious if she was born with it or married into it?

  6. Enonymous says:

    They make a very attractive couple, congrats to them.

  7. Bodhi says:

    Wha? She is a lesbian? And they are both pregnant? :jawdrop:

    Ok, I’m better. Congrats to the family! I love Cat, she is such a good chef & is so cool.

    The Paula Deen/ Robert Irvine one was definately one of my favorites too! And I’m totally addicted to Iron Chef America, too :)

  8. candle says:

    Very bizarre. Can’t say that this isn’t outside the norm for me and a bit much, but you just hope for the best for the kids.

  9. for_realz says:

    LOVE LOVE the old Japanese series, but the American version is too boring. Only in Japan would there be the hermaphrodite salmon battle! (true)

    Like Gordon Ramsey, I can’t stand Mr. Fanta Pants Batali! His bloated red face is too much for tele.

  10. amy says:

    i’m actually really fascinated by the way they have chosen to get pregnant. as a lesbian myself, i’ve often thought about how it’s not possible for my partner and i to have a child that is genetically related to both of us. personally, it’s more of a point of interest than something i really care to take action on. i’m more likely to just adopt. but having your partners egg implanted into yourself really is the closest you can come to sharing the birth of the child since the uterine environment has a distinct effect on the development of the embryo. and while i’m sure it’s a challenge to both be pregnant at the same time, it’s also a way for the two women to share the experience. congrats!

  11. Maggie says:

    I couldn’t belive it when I read that she’s gay. I kinda of suspected it when I first watched the show, then I saw a ring so I thought “oh ok she’s married” who knew it was to the same sex lol. Congrats to them both :) I remember watching the show when I was pregnant and man did it make me crave some weird things lol.

  12. Kayleigh says:

    Never saw her on the show (don’t really watch >< ) But they are both so pretty! I hope everything goes well for them :D

  13. ash says:

    I really would never have guessed she was a lesbian. Hmm….

  14. hmmm says:

    I knew she was a lesbian from reading about her when she first came on Iron Chef. I was like, Oooo, female Iron Chef, must find out stuff about her.

    It’ll be a nightmare with both being preggo at the same time. Good luck to them. I bet they’ll be sleeping in separate beds by the 7th month :)

    They might have easy pregnancies, who knows, right? My mom said she went nutballs with my sisters but was fine with me.

  15. Jane says:

    Yay another one for the team. :]

  16. mE says:

    Yeah, I think the Japanese version outdoes the American version though our version isn’t so bad.

    Would it be bad form if I say it takes balls to plan on both being pregnant at the same time? Prayers for them. I hope things go well for their family. It is rough going in the beginning with one new baby typically but I imagine Cat’s partner knows what that is all about since she already has 2 from a previous relationship.

    I am not sure what their ages are or how long they tried to conceive but maybe that had something to do with going ahead and doing it all at the same time.

  17. mE says:

    One definite plus is that they could probably both nurse their babies.

  18. Ryo says:

    The only thing I find nuts is that they decided to both be pregnant at the same time! O_O That seems like a whole lot of work, but congrats to them.

  19. Maritza says:

    They both look so feminine, wonder who wears the pants in that relationship?

  20. LaraB says:

    Cat Cora was teaching cooking classes at Sur La Table in California, approximately 4-5 years ago. I took a couple of her classes.
    It was pretty clear back then, that she was a lesbian, and her girlfriend always sat in on the classes. No big secret.

  21. Leeanne says:

    I totally understand why Cat and Jennifer did things the way they did. If my wife and I could have had kids, I would have done the same thing. It’s the closest you can come to having your child be a true part of both of you. Congrats to them both!

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