Octomom’s brand new house gets toilet papered


My mother is a realtor, so I can say with relative confidence that the customary housewarming gift is a basket of gourmet muffins or sometimes a nice framed sketch of your old house. Never has she gifted a client with rolls of toilet paper – even in a thoughtfully wrapped basket. But I guess they do things differently in California, because that’s exactly what Octomom Nadya Suleman will be getting when she arrives at her new La Habra home. Though her toilet paper won’t be in a nice basket. It’s currently covering the outside of her home in long, hard-to-get-out-of-your-trees strips. Welcome to the neighborhood, crazy lady and 14 kids!

Someone TP’d the new, four-bedroom La Habra, Calif., home belonging to octuplet mother Nadya Suleman, reports TMZ.com.

Suleman hasn’t moved into the pad yet. She has been spending the last few days preparing for the move.

On Thursday, she said social workers inspected the home and decided her babies should remain hospitalized for several more days, according to Radar Online.

“I am not disappointed,” Suleman said. “I appreciate what they are doing.”

Suleman claims she bought the $594,000 pad with her own money in a lease-to-buy.

The unemployed 33-year-old did not say where the money came from, but a source tells Usmagazine.com she used the money she has accumulated from various appearance fees.

[From Us Weekly]

TMZ kindly pointed out that with 14 kids, Suleman really could use the toilet paper. Maybe it was just a thoughtful gift delivered in an unconventional fashion. Ha. But really, she should be realistic (not something Nadya’s known for) and save that toilet paper instead of pitching it. Though something tells me the Sulemans will be getting a lot more toilet paper charitably delivered to the outside of the house over the next twenty or so years. See, people really are pitching in and helping her out! Nadya was right, she doesn’t need to worry about logistics, everyone will take care of her.

Now if only someone could toss some plastic surgery and designer sunglasses at the house, she’d have all her essential needs taken care of.

Here’s Nadya out and about (seemingly never with her kids) yesterday, along with a picture of her new home. Images thanks to Fame.com.

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  1. Dingles says:

    That is hilarious. I’m only disappointed that “toilet papered” in the title is not “burned down,” or “given to someone who actually deserves it.”

  2. Wow says:

    That is pathetic. If they don’t like the woman, fine. But to destroy her property is wrong. They should find and fine the ones responsible for this stupidity and press charges.

    She may be questionable in her decisions about implanting those babies, but that gives NO ONE the right to act out in this way. The ones who did this are no better than Octo herself.

  3. for_realz says:

    too bad they didn’t get the chance to put a flaming bag of dog poop on her door!

    maybe they are saving that for when she moves in.

  4. audrey says:

    I cannot wait until the media circus leaves this woman and she is stuck with having to take care of 14 kids on her “own”, thought i know that won’t happen. It is so obvious how much she loves all the attention she is getting. It’s truly nauseating. When I first saw her and her obvious plastic surgery, I was dusgusted. Then it comes out she’s unemployed – it just goes downhill from there. And now she is trying to make everyone feel sorry for her stupid judgement call and GIVE HER THIER OWN HARD EARNED DOLLARS?! I think she is a pig.

  5. lunachick says:

    @ Wow…TP’ing a house is not destroying property…making a mess, yes.

    Seriously, you’d press charges over that?

    I would think the mes 14 kids would make in 20 minutes would be worse.

  6. Eileen Yover says:

    I can’t concentrate on anything after glancing her giant forehead…it’s too distracting!

  7. Shelly Shellz says:

    @ Wow…u sound like a Nadya groupie, u seem to be her biggest fan. Then again, if u’d press charges for sumthing stupid & silly like that ur sure to have a few screws loose urself.

  8. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Uh Wow: no property was destroyed. It’s a pain in the butt, but eventually all the tp will fall out of the trees. Unless it rains. Then it’ll turn into soggy goo everywhere. Even then, nothing has been “destroyed.”

    But yeah, eventually tp does go away, just takes a while and your house looks crappy in the meantime.

    The inside of that house is going to be way worse once she and her 14 move in. Whew.

  9. ChristinaT says:

    i have a feeling this lady is going to be killed… people are nuts… and i hate the ones who have enough time to bother themselves with her in such a manner more than i can ever hate her… it really is a case of misplaced blame when you can’t figure out that you’re crazier than she is if you gotta take time and energy out of your day to give a shit about some stranger…. really tragic…

  10. morgs says:

    They should’ve egged her house and then plastic forked her lawn.

    someone slap that smug mug please.

  11. ChristinaT says:

    so doees this mean that i can come graffiti all over your house, or take a dump on it… cuz you can just clean it up or paint over it? *rolls eyes*… morons…

  12. CB Rawks says:

    It’s creepy that people know where she lives. She’ll probably need regular security to sweep up the gawkers.

    The house itself looked quite clean on tv, but she has ripped up all the carpet to re-do the place. Perhaps she will go with tiles or wood instead, that would be a lot easier to keep clean for the babies.

  13. mamafogle says:

    Plastic forked the yard? I’ve never heard of that one.

    The worst thing I ever saw done was I knew someone who had Oreos left on their windshield on a day that was about 95 degrees out. They smeared down the windshield and made a super gross mess.

  14. neelyo says:

    She’s lucky that’s the worst they did.

  15. audrey says:

    i think one of the worst pranks is putting dog poop under the door handle of someone’s car..
    Anyway, for the people who are outraged that someone would TP her house.. Would you want her living in your neighborhood and bringing the Media/Papps to your hood?
    Doubt it.

  16. lrm says:

    Wow doesn’t seem like a Nadya fan to me…just a reasonable human. TP’ing is defacing or vandalism. And it’s wrong. Doesn’t stop people from doing it-but they don’t have the right just b/c Nadya is a mentally ill freak who is living off taxpayers and now pseudo-celebritydom. It’s all wrong. Vandalism like this is some form of vigilante justice that is unwarranted and not even a useful type of justice. I mean,what does it say? How does she learn from that type of behavior?
    It just feeds into the hysteria and her emotional warps. She needs meds,not TP’d housing.

  17. Chiara says:

    She always looks so happy to be the center of attention.

    I can’t imagine being a child in that family. The kids will be ridiculed in school for having a crazy mommy.

    (There goes the neighborhood and home values :)

  18. morgs says:

    you put boxes and boxes of plastic forks with the spike side into the ground.

    Free airation (sp?) I saw it on my neighbors lawn (they have teenage kids) and thought it was hilarious.

    Plastic was recyclable and nothing was destroyed.

  19. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    ChristinaT, I think you’re the moron. Throwing toilet paper over the trees isn’t comparable to spraying grafitti on someone’s house or even defecating on the property. TPing someone’s house is about the most harmless thing a person can do in the area of messing with someone. Hell, for all we know she had it arranged for the publicity.

    As for people knowing where she lives, well, she’s opened up her whole damn life to the media in hopes of money. The downside to that (one of many, in my opinion) is a lack of privacy.

    But I’m really starting to think this was a sympathy ploy anyway. TPing is something normally done by one teen to another, not something people do to an adult.

  20. Ria says:

    Our yard was floured when my brother was in high school. They dump bags of flour around, and the dew makes it a gummy mess.

  21. michellle says:

    Sort of off topic but am I the only one to notice how slim she is considering what’s she’s been through?

    Kind of taking the whole Angelina thing to the next level.

    I doubt she’s pumping breast milk for her new borns. Usually those who are breast feeding don’t loose significant weight if they are actually taking in adequate calories to nourish the babies. I’ve heard only dieting in conjunction w/ breast feeding results in great weight loss. Either way, not the sort of thing you’d expect from someone who claims such maternal devotion. Then again, perhaps there are exceptions & she’s special.

  22. the original kate says:

    why doesn’t she ever seem to have any of her 800 children with her when she goes out? no wonder she thinks it’s a big game to have all these kids – bewtween her mother and the nannies she doesn’t actually have to take care of them and can run around town getting her nails done and going to starbucks.

  23. Kip says:

    I hope next time they throw at her what is ON the toilet paper! ;)

  24. ChristinaT says:

    anastasia, if you as a grown adult (at least i assume you are a grown adult) attempt to justfify TPing or in any way defacting someone’s property, then your state of moronity speaks for itself…

  25. BETTYEJ says:

    People need to STFU. The babies are here and they need a place to live. She is no better or worse then Brad and Angie who keep popping out babies that are payed for with our money when they make those crappy movies.

  26. genevieve says:

    Woah, BETTYEJ– Don’t you think that’s a little extreme right there? Yes, babies need a place to live, but this is nothing like a celebrity couple. First off, you aren’t forced to go see BP and AJ’s movies, but you ARE forced to pay taxes. If Nadya was an active, productive, USEFUL member of society who could afford to keep her own brood fed, warm, and housed– well, by all means, let her have her big family! But she can’t and hasn’t contributed anything of value to society except for providing a freak show, which I will not pay to see. So why should I pay for her satisfaction? BP and AJ have made their own money and, whether you like it or not, have been quite successful if you are paying to see their ‘crappy’ movies. If they couldn’t afford their kids, I’d be annoyed at them too (no double standards here!); but you’re comparing apples and oranges.
    If someone pulled a stunt like this a hundred years ago, the mother and her children would be begging on the streets and you can bet that no one would help them (no gov’t aid, no tv deals, etc.). They would starve and most of the kids would not make it to adulthood. I’m all for taking care of children, but do we really have to support moronic, psychotic narcissists? There really should be some sort of punishment for stupidity…

  27. aleach says:

    well what exactly was nadya thinking when she showed her new home to the public? uhh…duh. shes an idiot.

  28. P_LYN79 says:

    You people with the negative comments and threats regarding this woman disappoint me. Despite your views for this woman, she has to raise 14 kids and any harm that you do to her is also doing harm to the children. Despite what you all may believe, it is possible to raise that many children at once. She is not alone and never will be. Leave this woman and her children be. Atleast she is there for all of her children. How many children are out there who have mothers and fathers that don’t want them? Give the woman props. It takes a lot to do what she is doing.
    So back off her nutz haters!

  29. P_LYN79 says:

    And also you people don’t know what her financial situation is. you only know as far as the banks go. you don’t know what she has in her pockets/safe.Nothing! she has to have something in order to get that beautiful house. I don’t approve of what she did, but you can’t change it. the babies are here and it is her problem to deal with. all i can do is pray for her and her beautiful children all 14 of them.

  30. CB Rawks says:

    “At least she is there for all of her children.”

    Oh yes, she is TOTALLY going to be able to give any of them the sort of individul attention that children need as they are growing.
    You’re an idiot, P-lyn.

    And no one has threatened her here.
    I’d say we care more about her babies then SHE does.
    We certainly wish someone other than her would look after them, for their sakes.

  31. Jill says:

    P-lyn, if she has money stashed away in a safe somewhere then she is defrauding Medi-Cal and the food stamp program and then i dislike her even more (not sure that’s really possible).

    and when has she “been there” for her children? she seems to pretty much be traipsing around with her starbucks and big glasses. and she herself admits she doesn’t even hold every one of those babies on en everyday basis.

  32. spooge says:

    I think there’s something wrong with me.
    I’m actually starting to think she’s kinda cute.
    … please… somebody shoot me.

  33. Lo says:

    @ spooge: BOOM! :)

    @P_LYN79: Nadya?! Is that you?

  34. alecto says:

    Where did her stomach go? Really she’s looking strangely thin for a mother of 14. Wonder what her secret is. Gotta be more than just a good girtle. And yes her finacial situation is everybody’s business that pays taxes.

  35. luna says:

    On a different note, how come this woman is always wearing Hollister? I’m 21 and even I feel too old to shop there anymore.

    Since Hollister is targeted towards teens/preteens I highly doubt they would send free clothing her way as a form of advertisement so I can only assume she went to the mall and into a Hollister store, no doubt filled with 13 year olds like it usually is, to pick out her sweater.

    It’s a trivial, nit-picky fact but it adds another layer to her delusional personality.

  36. Kat says:

    Wonder how long before she stops making the payments, and this house goes into foreclosure? Better keep that web site current. I’m sure there will be a desperate plea for donations sooner or later.

  37. Amy says:

    You’re kidding right? Someone throws toilet paper all over your house and you wanna re-use it on your private bits? That’s disgusting.

    I don’t like the woman but toilet papering someone’s house is mean, like, it must be kind of humiliating.

    Those poor children =(

  38. Carrie says:

    @ Chiara – my thought exactly: there goes the darn neighbourhood. People on the same street are watching the value of their homes go down the toilet. Maybe that was what prompted the toilet paper.

    And yeah, if she wanted all her spawn so badly, why the hell is she never seen with any of them?…Oh that’s right, the nannies are taking care of them. Life on Plant Octo sure is sweet.

  39. Jag says:

    @ morgs: Plasticware isn’t recyclable – or isn’t in my area.

  40. Mark says:

    She should gather it up. She’s going to need it.

  41. michellle says:

    Jag: Where do you live?

  42. Baholicious says:

    It is not “hilarious.” Children have to live there. People concentrate on the lunatic mother and the newborns and forget there are other children who are old enough to know what’s going on and they shouldn’t compound these kids’ misfortune.

    So much for compassion and ‘live and let live.’

    The world is populated with ghouls…

  43. CB Rawks says:

    Amy, of course they were kidding! Good grief, some people are slow-witted.

  44. tasteT says:

    GOD what is the big damn deal, its toilet paper, when my little niece was voted class pres in Dallas–the kids toliet papered their house BIG DEAL!!!

    She is the idiot that keeps howeing everything to gather more contributions!!

    All the bleeding hearts send her your checks so it won’t come out of mine PLEASE!!!

    I STILL think the kids would be better off w/adoptive parents that can afford them w/o a damn handout!!

    Frankly I am sick of her ugly behind scooching around in city looking morbid.

    I’d like to forget she even exists, but SHE won’t let you..Its been said that
    EVEN Angelina is even freaked out by her and her antics. Geesh

  45. tasteT says:

    excuse typos, I am just sick of her simmering bogus antics..

    The country is suffering, and she is slucking around w/o her kids drinking starbucks’s claimiing she “had no idea” it would be this difficult..


  46. Heh says:

    @ luna – Maybe she has that Mariah Carey disease, you know the one that makes women wear age-inappropriate clothing in a desperate attempt to remain young. LOL

  47. Kasey says:

    as far as pressing charges goes…she just got what she asked for…donations lol!! seriously the lady is crazy and if she is smart she will try to save as much of the tp as possible. she will have to do something cuz she is spending all of the money on her self!! if someone would have told me about this i would have sooo helped them out to tp her house!!

  48. Kasey says:

    and yes the kids have to live there too. but she is the one putting the kids through this when she goes on tv, when she puts up a website for donations, and when SHE shows the world a pic of her house!! she should have just sent out invites for people to do something like this. if you feel sorry for her and her family then THATS WHAT SHE WANTS!! dont you get that. thats what it is all about. if you feel sorry for her your more likely to give her money for her kids…well you give it to her and she does what she wants with it and by the look of things its not going on the kids!!!!

  49. ChristinaT says:

    oh i get it, if someone sticks their neck out, then it’s your job to cut it right? you’re just giving them what they ask for, you can’t be accountable for your actions… you can’t help yourselves you’re just the medium for justice…

    witch hunt mentality is sad and scary and i hope we as a society will evolve someday…

  50. Jag says:

    @ michelle

    Pressed plastic, such as plasticware, isn’t recyclable where I live in North Carolina. Only plastic with actual numbers on the bottom is.

    Just trivial information for those thinking of forking a lawn, if they care whether it’s recyclable in their area or not.

  51. Joolzz says:

    is thinking about forking her own lawn to see what it looks like – haha

  52. daisy424 says:

    @Eileen Yover, I agree, but I wouldn’t call hers a forehead, it’s at least a five head or six head.

  53. SASSOU says:


  54. SASSOU says:

    P.S::::THOSE CHILDREN SEEM HAPPY ,THEY RE HAPPY and im sure of that since all the press give us a proof!!!|!!!!so LEAVE NADYA!!!!!!!!WHAT S WRONG WITH U???????????????

  55. Leo P says:

    In this day and age, I think it’s ridiculous to waste toilet paper like that. I may not like the woman’s actions, but her family needs somewhere to stay and tp’ing the property is both wasteful and immature.

    @Sassou: “WAKE UP!!!!AND THANK U NADYA FOR our AMERICAN BOY!!!!!!LOVE YA!!!!!! ”

    What is that even supposed to mean? O_O

  56. LaraB says:

    How was she able to qualify to rent ?

    How as she able to qualify to rent-to-own ?

    What mortgage company approved this?

  57. morgs says:

    @Jag: here in California it is.
    And it actually looks pretty neat.

    Hey CB, what happened to the whole no posting in all caps deal?

    Sassou, if your an adult, please learn to communicate like one.

  58. morgs says:

    @Jag: I guess you could pull them all out, wash them and then re-use them for the next outdoor party?

    I’m that cheap and would totally do it.

  59. kiki2444 says:

    HARDWORKING AMERICANS!!! Please stop supporting this woman. Don’t send cash, send diapers. She’ll just take the cash and get more lipo. Also, her plastic surgeon needs his/her license revoked stat!!


  60. Mariam says:

    It is true that Nadya is irresponsible getting pregnant again an again while being single and unemployed but that definitely will be reflected on her life. I’m sad cuz she wont suffer alone..Her children will suffer too…but this does not give people the right to attack her if they think she does not deserve donations DO NOT DONATE and LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!

  61. MsGray says:

    OMG ! How old are you people anyway? In case those of you that are bitching so much about Nadya, all of the money collected is going to The Angel Foundation for the babies care or Dr.Phil has a fund and all of that money is going to the babies care, not her pocket book. Plus, since the Angel Foundation is a 501c3 organization, it is a tax right off for those of you who do donate to the childrens care. Those little twit’s that did there TP thing… who is going to start complaining about them wasteing valuable products like that when there are others out there who could have used it for it’s original purpose. So find your own lives again and stop paying so much attention to the one you don’t know and still don’t like either. Grow a heart and listen to hear if it is beating, cause you wouldn’t want anyone to treat your children like this, or have some one talk about your children this way…now would you ? Show the world you to can be an adult now. Don’t be a hater, your teaching your own kids to be just like you !!!

  62. Constanza says:

    Would you want Nutty Nadya/Trash Heap Trixie as a neighbor? Imagine all the kinder Crap that’ll soon cover the yard. It’ll look far worse than some soggy TP.

    It’ll be like having a zoo on their street. I feel sorry for her neighbors-I feel nothing but disgust for her.

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