Madonna & Jesus Luz move in together, Madonna cooks for him

Madonna and Jesus have moved in together, according to The Daily Mail. The (maybe) contractual lovers have completely changed one another, say sources. Jesus Luz has gone from a struggling model who lived with his mother in Brazil, to being one of the most famous boy-toys in the world, living in the lap of luxury (or the gristle of luxury, if you will) in a posh New York City apartment.

Madonna, too, has become “a completely different person” since getting with Jesus. She has given up the night life, and now enjoys staying in with her young lover. She even cooks for him – macrobiotic, of course. But true love would mean that they would work out together for three hours a day. What of that Madge? No comment about the patented gristle work-outs, but The Daily Mail has more:

Madonna’s Brazilian toy boy has moved in with her just three months after they met, it was reported today.

Jesus Luz, 22, has apparently left his modeling agency in Rio de Janeiro and signed with top agency Ford Models in New York. He now reportedly lives with the star in her Upper West Side apartment, where the 50-year-old singer even cooks for him.

The model’s life has been completely transformed since he started his relationship with Madonna. He has gone from earning £160 a job as an unknown model to charging up to £100,000 a booking, it was claimed.

A source told the Sunday Mirror: ‘A few months ago he was living at his mum’s place in one of the poorest cities in the world. Now he’s got his feet under the table in a massive mansion black overlooking Central Park.’

The source said Madonna has also ‘mellowed into a completely different person’ from how she was while married to Guy Ritchie. ‘She never used to like cooking but now she has really got into it. They laugh a lot and enjoy staying in.’

It seems that healthy eating takes priority over taste during mealtimes in the Madonna household, however. It emerged yesterday that, having already converted him to Kabbalah, the singer is insisting that Jesus follows her daily macrobiotic diet. That means no sugary treats, dairy products and processed food.

‘It’s very important to Madonna that anyone close to her does two things – follow her religion and her diet,’ says a mole.

‘Jesus is now having to eat organic salads, brown rice and fish. Occasionally she indulges with a slice of wheat-free wholegrain toast with sugar-free strawberry jam.’

From The Daily Mail

I really wonder about Madonna’s diet/religion necessities. If Jesus ate a doughnut, would Madonna break it off? Who am I kidding, Jesus already signed the “red string, no doughnuts, young lover” contract.

As this hot mess continues for another month, I’m getting more curious about what their relationship really entails. If Jesus has really moved in, what’s his relationship with Lourdes, Rocco and David Banda? Some kind of step-dad-like relationship? I shudder at the thought – Jesus is only a few years older than Lourdes.

Madonna and Jesus are shown outside the Kabbalah Centre on 2/28/09. Credit: Fame Pictures

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22 Responses to “Madonna & Jesus Luz move in together, Madonna cooks for him”

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  1. Baholicious says:

    If you really don’t enjoy food, and indulging or treating yourself with it on occasion, chance are you don’t find much enjoyment or joy in other aspects of your life either.

  2. lway says:

    This is just sick….. Madonna disgusts me

  3. The prettyembalmer says:

    For Jesus, it’s all about his career. As for Madge, I’m not sure what’s going on in that noggin of hers. He probably plays video games with Rocco and goes shopping with Lourdes.

  4. Scorpiogal says:

    Yeah- that diet souds pretty grim. I eat healthy, but my god, you have to have some kind of flavor and texture in your food!

  5. ash says:

    ‘Jesus is now having to eat organic salads, brown rice and fish. Occasionally she indulges with a slice of wheat-free wholegrain toast with sugar-free strawberry jam’

    i could never.

  6. waldemar says:

    “If Jesus has really moved in, what’s his relationship with Lourdes, Rocco and David Banda? Some kind of step-dad-like relationship? I shudder at the thought – Jesus is only a few years older than Lourdes”
    Asthon Kutcher has done it, so why not Jesus

  7. big wooden spoon says:

    In Madonna’s mind she probably thinks this relationship makes her look youthful and vibrant, however, there comes a point when an age-gap makes the older party look like the young un’s grandparent and IMHO she’s definitely reached this.

    Fair play to the dude though, you know he’s earning his money…

  8. nanster says:

    I have seen several news items stating that Jesus’ grandmother is 50 (just like Madonna – yuck!) and his mother is only 36. Obviously, he comes from a long line of classy people. This is just gross.

  9. nolongerhaydenfan says:

    its so hilarious that madonna means mother of jesus. his name is jesus. and shes old enough to be his mother (or even grandmother). but poor lourdes…she must be embarrassed…

  10. Carrie says:

    She adopted another kid – cuuute!

  11. tasteT says:

    She is damn near a pedophile, the thought makes me sick BUT I hope he uses this to further his career.

    Move his mom here and buy his own home.

    YUCK, weird bearded old chick YUCK!

    If it were ten years ok, maybe even 15 but she is entirely too old for this young man.

    This is not the same as Ashton Kutcher because he understands american living and was not desperate to make money. He has his own..

    Its like old Clive Davis going to the Dominican Republic cruising the poorest neighborhoods and bringing back a 16 year old GIRLFRIEND and moving her in..but at least Clive does not have kids living with him. EEEEEWWWWWWWWW

    poor thing, can’t even have a slice of cheese pizza.

  12. overit says:

    You can take the girl out of Detroit but you can’t take the Detroit out of the girl. And you can take the boy out of the barrio, but you can’t take the barrio out of the boy. They’re both trash – they deserve eachother. I give it 3 months max and he’ll bolt her stranglehold.

  13. Kevin says:

    I betcha horrible food isn’t the only thing the wicked witch is forcing him to eat!!! (Shudders uncontrollably)

  14. Lem says:

    Lord help him
    madge para madre? la virgen es tan vieja como su abuela.

    I don’t understand why if you found someone you like; you then go changing everything about them.

  15. Tony says:

    At last Madge found someone at her own maturity level. 22 is pretty immature and self centered. Perfect until Jesus grows up.

  16. ChristinaT says:

    rich men have been plucking young girls (girltoys?) out of obscurity all the time… heck, there’s even a guy who makes a business out of it (hugh hefner ring the bell?)

    so i think it’s great that maddona is doing it… and don’t resond and say that “you’re just as outraged when men do it”… give me a break… i’m sure the level of outrage must be exhorbitant since the former scenerio happens in droves…

  17. Maritza says:

    She is really enjoying her 50′s, let’s see how long it lasts.

  18. tasteT says:

    No, I am outraged that old Madge looks worse than his own mother!!

    She is creepy and weird!!

    She hasn’t even known him long enough to be moving him in with her daughter under the same roof.

    Old Goat!!! get the money and run!!

  19. pedro vieira says:

    i am grom brazil, and i am 22 years old.
    i wish i could be jesus! i grew up having madonna as a sex symbol! imagine how good it would be to sleep with your childhood sex symbol????? And, being honest, she looks better than two 25 y.o….

  20. kaligula says:

    why does this bother people? everyone deserves to be happy. i bet they are enjoying each other a lot. she should have always been with a latino man anyway. it was a huge act of self-hatred on her part marrying a british man.

  21. Toyboy says:

    I think Madonnas got a really hot guy in the bag, she is doing something similar to Demi Moore – okay a bigger age gap. But plenty of women are dating toyboys these days and I think a lot of the negative press comments are uncalled for. Women these days do like younger men and I think its a goos thing.