Madonna confirms she’s considering another Malawian adoption


Madonna is considering adopting another child. And no, not Jesus Luz. Madonna gave an e-mail interview to Malawi’s Nation newspaper, and she says that she’s considering adopting another child from the country. Her son David Banda, now three and a half, was adopted from Malawi in 2006, though the legal wrangling for the adoption took more than a year.

Madge puts conditions on the adoption she’s considering, however. She says that she would only go ahead “if I had the support of the Malawian people and the Government.” We’ll see about that. Star has more:

No daddy? No problem! Newly divorced Madonna says she may adopt another child from Malawi — despite the controversy surrounding her earlier adoption of young David Banda.

“Many people, especially our Malawian friends, say that David should have a Malawian brother or sister,” Madge said in an email interview in Malawi’s Nation newspaper. “It’s something I have been considering, but would only do, if I had the support of the Malawian people and the Government.”

In 2006, Madonna began adoption proceedings for then 13-month-old David, whose father put him in an orphanage following the death of his wife. Malawi previously banned non-residents from adopting — despite having an estimated one million children in the country orphaned by AIDS.

A Malawian court approved the adoption of David last year. Madonna added that she wants to keep her son — who has older siblings Rocco, 8, and Lourdes, 12 — connected to his homeland.

“It is a big priority for me to educate my son about the world, but always to stay connected to his Malawian culture,” she said. “He has a big map of Africa in his room with lots of arrows pointing to Malawi.”

The 50-year-old singer is single after divorcing Guy Ritchie last year. As of late, she’s been making the scene with 22-year-old Jesus Luz.

[From Star Magazine]

I seem to remember something about Malawian adoption regulations giving a higher priority to married couples as opposed to single parents. It’s not unusual – many countries do that with foreign adoptions. My guess is that Madonna will probably get her way, just like she did with David Banda. And, surprise, surprise, she might get some more attention! But I’m sure that’s not why she’s doing it, right?

Here’s Madonna with adopted son David in Malawi in April, 2007.

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  1. jena says:

    she is SO self-absorbed. How can she have time for her own three kids PLUS teenage bf PLUS another child?!? Seems like all she has time for is her work-outs and a crazy desire for attention.

  2. jay_center says:

    Madonna opened her heart and home for a boy in need! There is nothing more noble than saving another person’s life! Get real, grow up, and respect people!

  3. Nony says:

    Oh yes, let’s let this wonderfully stable and maternal lady adopt some more kids!
    David must be getting old enough that she can’t pretend she’s a young mother anymore, so a new kid is required.

  4. Annie says:

    If it pulls one more child out of poverty-stricken Malawi, even if it’s into the arms of that walking corpse….I gotta be inclined to at least be ok with it.

  5. Ryo says:

    How is she planning to do this? Part of the reason people were so angry at David’s adoption was because Malawai has no system of out-of-country adoption. As in, you really can’t do it…unless you’re Madonna.

    Withered old cow.

  6. Leandra says:

    Fine but she should get rid of the boy toy first…that doesn’t set a very good example…why would she have him around anyway…not for his mind certainly. And why bother really…what would be the point..

  7. Hate her! says:

    Poor Madonna, no one is paying attention to her anymore, so she’s going to pretend to care about someone else’s life to get more attention for HERSELF. IT”S ALL ABOUT HER EGO, per usual.

  8. Jenna says:

    I thought I read somewhere in the past that she was no longer allowed to adopt a child from there? Either that or it was going to be damn near impossible for it to be approved.

  9. cara says:

    I just hope I’m alive for these kid’s tell all’s.

  10. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    I tend to feel a bit sorry for David. Sure, he’s got materials things. Probably a lot of nannies to take care of him all the time. He won’t want for money, I’m assuming.

    But imagine having that cold, self-obsessed crazy woman as your mother.

    Generally I’m VERY pro-adoption, no matter what the country, children are children. But I’m not very pro-adoption when it comes to Madonna. I tend to think she needs some positive publicity and she feels that’ll fill the bill. I honestly doubt she really does much of his caretaking.

  11. Leandra says:

    The new kid is going to feel awfully left out when his brother David flies off to be with his adoptive father Guy Ritchie. Who will the new kid have for a dad? Nobody. Actually, I think this whole adoption story might be bogus. How could Madonna do that to a kid?

  12. Gracie says:

    Why doesn’t she adopt a puppy or older dog instead?

  13. LilyBme says:

    Madonna is a good mother. The proof is in the pudding. Photos don’t lie… her kids love her.

  14. Ned says:

    “Withered old cow”

    If she’s a “cow”, then Victoria must be healthy looking or even slightly overweight?

  15. Jacqueline says:

    You have to live in Africa (as I do) to see how children suffer here. They are often abandoned at orphanages when their parents die from AIDS or related diseases, orphanages are understaffed, under-financed and full to the brim. Many die through lack of medicine and neglect. Whatever Madonna’s motives, at least one more child will have a good life, not live for a couple of years sick and an empty stomach

  16. lara says:

    Sure, Madonna ONLY does it to get more attention, as does Angelina. Oh no, wait Angelina is the saviour of all unadopted children, how could I forget.
    Biased much, Kaiser?

  17. Nony says:

    Madonna is a good mother. The proof is in the pudding. Photos don’t lie… her kids love her.

    Rubbish. Her kids don’t love her because she’s a good mother, they love her because she’s their mother, and they have no CHOICE but to love their mother. At least until they hit early puberty stage. They don’t know how things could be different, and human nature causes young beings to want to be loved and approved of by their parents.

    Kids who are abused by their mother STILL cry for their mother. Just like if you hit your dog, it’ll whine and crawl and try to be close to you and to get you to like it again. It’s got little to do with love and lots to do with dependency and surviving.

  18. Nony says:

    (has the edit function gone?)
    I wanted to add, this doesn’t mean that they don’t love her or that she can’t be a good mother, it simply means that she doesn’t have to be a good mother for her children to give her adoring looks. You can be a pretty crappy mother and still be loved by your children – they really don’t have much of a choice.

  19. Ryo says:

    @ Ned, I wasn’t talking about her weight – I was just avoiding using a word that probably wouldn’t get past mods.


  20. barneslr says:

    Madonna is nuts and so is anyone who allows her to steal…ooops…I mean adopt…more children.