Pete Wentz drinks his own urine, makes a video of it to share

Last week Kelly Clarkson confessed that she likes to pee in the shower, and said that ‘anybody who says they don’t is lying’. This sparked intense debate amongst commenters, who had opinions rating from agreeing with Kelly, to saying it was gross, to saying it’s fine because it’s sterile and you can drink it.

Pete Wentz apparently agrees with the people who claim urine is sterile and drinkable. Pete made a video he posted on YouTube in which he’s seen drinking his own pee.

In the video, Pete says that the band are playing ‘pee roulette’, a game developed out of boredom, where they have ten bottles of juice (I think it’s juice) on stage, and one of pee. Pete will drink from all the randomly ordered bottles until he gets to the pee.

The video then shows Pete filling the bottle (from behind) and trying to get the other members of Fall Out Boy to smell it. Unsurprisingly they resist.

Lead Singer Patrick Stump then overshares a story about Pete peeing in the bathtub when they shared a house together. Then the act of diluting the pee and making it yellow like the juice is filmed for prosperity.

Pete plans to drink from the bottles between songs because ‘last time I did that I barfed’.

Pete is shown drinking the juice bottles during the performance, throwing the half empty containers to the audience. It’s a little unclear what happens but I think he drinks all of the pee.

View the video below if you want to.

Pete has seemed like less of a douchebag recently, talking lovingly about his new son, relationship with Ashlee Simpson and his battles with mental illness. Clearly when on tour without the civilizing influence of Ashlee he lets himself go. Into a bottle.

Note by Celebitchy: I really, truly believed I was reading about Pete Doherty until I got to the part about “Fall Out Boy” and had to change the picture in my mind to Pete Wentz.

Here’s the video. Helen described it well and if you’re eating, trying to drink a coffee, or considering eating or drinking anything in the next few hours, don’t bother watching it. It does have a few swear words and is NSFW without headphones.

Fall Out Boy is shown in concert in London on 3/6/09. Credit: Solarpix/PRPhotos

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10 Responses to “Pete Wentz drinks his own urine, makes a video of it to share”

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  1. Frenchie says:

    First of all, it’s true urine is steril (if you don’t have an infection) but only as it flows out. As soon as it’s on the open air, the bacterias are crowling to it and it’s quickly a crowded germ tub… that’s why it stinks as it gets “old”.
    My reflexion is
    - what else would he do to make him appear like a bad boy
    - he might have such a dad taste in food(I’d rather have a Sauvignon blanc or a stinky camembert than urine)
    - Does Ashley still want to kiss him
    - when is he going to eat poop
    - how bigger a douche can he become ??

  2. loldongs says:

    Holy fuck Pete your urine looks rust colored.

    Drink some fucking water.

  3. Arvedia says:

    LOL. It´s good to know that there´s still people who don´t care about public opinion.

  4. Lina says:

    That’s not really surprising…he did this before on Fall out Boy’s “Release the Bats” dvd where he drank his own urine and he threw up on camera several times.

  5. Anna says:

    And to think that people like this are procreating. Makes you feel really sorry for the kid and definitely makes you think that maybe, government enforced sterilization of certain individuals might actually be a good thing. Sheesh…

  6. Kelly says:

    This is why I have zero respect for anyone who listens to fallout boy.

  7. Mandy says:

    I don’t think he was going for a “bad boy” image with this one. It’s just the same sort of shit that happens at frat houses across the country every weekend.

  8. Ana says:

    When I got pregnant I really worried about messing my kid up. Now I’m pretty sure she will be fine because Pete Wentz is not her father. Snark.

  9. ALEX says:

    fallout boy in general are total douchebags. i live shortly outside of chicago, not too far where fallout boy is far is from, and used to go to their shows all the time back when i was 14/15-mind you this is a good 7 years ago, before they came huge. my friend and i would help them sell merch and shit and would go out to eat afterwards with them and a bunch more people a few times. well after they got big, and they came back to chicago for a show, my friend texted them asking if we could all go out to eat after the show like old times-theyre response? “we dont have time for our chicago friends anymore”
    DOUCHEBAGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. and they wonder why as they age, their fan base stays as 14-15 year olds.