Octomom complains: “I never asked for all of this”

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Poor Nadya Suleman. She has so many hurdles to jump through, so much needless stress. It’s got to be hard when you intentionally inseminate yourself over and over again and somehow magically end up with 14 kids. Nadya’s just found out that she can’t take the first round of her infamous octuplets home. According to the hospital, her new home isn’t yet ready for even two of the eight babies. Considering it’s a four bedroom home that’s supposed to house 14 children, I can’t help but wonder how it will ever be ready.

Naturally, Nadya’s a bit frustrated. Especially because none of this is her fault. Or her responsibility. As she told Radar, “I never asked for all of this.” Really?

Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman had high hopes her first two babies — Noah and Isaiah — were coming home Monday… but, those hopes were dashed Monday evening when officials at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center determined that Nadya’s new home in La Habra was not quite ready for the babies arrival.

“I’m really upset about this. I really wanted to return to a normal life. I know the hospital is doing its best for the kids but I never asked for all of this. It just makes me sad and I’m going to do everything I can to get them back but I also need to please the hospital,” Nadya told RadarOnline.com exclusively.

Hospital officials said the gas company still needed to inspect Nadya’s new 2,500 square ft. home and CO-2 detectors needed to be installed before the babies would be released. Workers were completing various home improvement projects at the house. Officials at Kaiser, where the babies have been since their birth Jan. 26, said the babies should be going home soon but were not certain when.

Nadya spent the weekend purchasing items for the house and taking her kids to Disneyland.

[From Radar]

I’m wondering how she never asked for “all of this.” What she means by “this” is any complications or challenges. What Nadya asked for was that she get a lot of attention and play out her bizarre Angelina Jolie fixation while showering her with adoration. And in her Pollyanna-esq world, I’m sure she genuinely believed that there would be no hurdles and she could do exactly what she wanted. But in reality, Nadya did very much “ask for all of this.” Unless some turkey baster snuck up on her and surprised her. Considering all the steps in the insemination process, from medical to financial, it seems like Nadya probably had about fifty different chances to change her mind.

Just because she doesn’t like the consequences doesn’t mean she didn’t ask for it. And she’s got a lifetime of consequences, hurdles, and challenges ahead of her.

In related news, yesterday Nadya blew over $1,000 on makeup.

Here’s Nadya going on a toy shopping spree at Toys R us after leaving the hospital yesterday. Images thanks to WENN.com.

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  1. audrey says:

    yeah. she didn’t ask for it. she begged for it.

  2. Chiara says:

    Ahhh, the smile, the look, the happiness at adulation and attention … all for me, all for me, it’s not about the babies :)

  3. Trey says:

    That’s the one thing that always appears majorly telling to me- that in nearly every picture of her that surfaces (specifically with lots of paparazzi swarming around) she’s bloody well smirking.
    I can’t call it a smile really, but you can tell she’s sucking the attention up like paris does men or linsay does coke. She’s another famous for being famous.

  4. yadira says:

    Instead of make up, she should invest in some hair extensions to cover up that balding spot and get some bangs for that huge forehead

    She doesn’t seem to be doing well with her reality check.

  5. TRT says:

    And she got what she wanted. Attention, money, soon she will get her show, she got a way (and still getting a way) with so many frauds, some of her kids will be disabled because of her and yet she got what she wanted.

    They will cover all kids expenses with donations and she will continue to spend money from magazines and interviews on herself….

    And yet there are so many pour families with kids but since they don’t have 14 kids they don’t need help, right Dr. Phil??!!!!

  6. Codzilla says:

    No amount of makeup can cover up that butchered mug.

  7. drm says:

    Guys!! Spell check PLEASE!!! This is only the second Octomum post I’ve read, mostly because they make my blood boil and also because I refuse to even passively support her publicity machine by reading about her. She’s really not well is she?

  8. MSat says:

    As someone who just lost a baby 39 weeks into my pregnancy, this woman absolutely infuriates me. I can’t even tell you how angry I am every time I see her stupid face. My one, perfectly healthy baby didn’t make it, and this lunatic has 8 babies – but at the time of their birth didn’t even have a place for them to live! I’d be happy to take just one baby home. My house is all ready to go – and it was BEFORE my due date.

  9. Celebitchy says:

    You are right MSat, and I am so sorry for your loss. It makes you wonder what kind of justice there is in the f’ing world. Octoentitlement acts completely unconcerned about the health of her 8 babies and acts as if everything is going to be fine but Drs. say they face so many health problems in the future. Not to mention the 6 other kids she’s neglecting while she traipses around giving interviews, shopping and posing for the paps. She is an affront to society on so many levels and people are right to be outraged.

  10. for_realz says:

    Oh MSAT, that is just terrible.
    My heart and sympathy goes to you and your family.

  11. Her octuplets might be better off growing up in a lab being told they were a science experiment than they would be w/this crazy fucking worthless piece of shit.

  12. TRT says:

    MSat, I’m sorry for your loss too!

  13. Tassi says:

    This woman is obviously mentally ill. I too can barely read the articles about her because I don’t want to be a part of this charade.
    I too had a pre term baby and spent all my time at this hospital until he was released. There was no time for pedicures, shopping trips to MAC and Disneyland.
    MSat – I am very sorry for your loss. There are few things in the this world that are more devastating than losing a child. Some things will never make sense.

  14. morgs says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss MSAT.

  15. Robyn says:

    She keeps buying all this make-up but still looks like SH**. What a waste of money. Take care of the kids crazy!

  16. tasteT says:

    MSat I am so sorry for your loss, I know there are families that can truly give these babies a happy life.

    I am sick of looking at her ugly face.
    its creepy and the article stated taht she spent 1,000 on make-up?? took the kids to disneyland?? (couldnt take them to a free zoo??)

    She ran one over on everyone….


  17. michellle says:

    Dear MSat-

    How utterly horrible, at any time but at 39 weeks, I’m truely so very very sorry.

    I’ll try & spare you the, “everything happens for a reason” bc I know nothing changes this & cliche’s tend to make it feel worse sometimes. Still, I can’t help myself bc time will help. And while no one can know your pain, you are not alone. I too have miscarried only to find myself pregnant w/ twins. Perhaps afterall, sometimes these things better prepare us for our futures. Either way, life is unfair as you already know, but it is full of surprises.

    Hang in there.

  18. Codzilla says:

    MSat: I am so incredibly sorry. That just breaks my heart. Makes all of this other crap seem so petty and unimportant. As another already said, please hang in there.

  19. J-Lin says:

    MSAT – I am very sorry for your loss and totally understand your frustrations with that lunatic Octomom.

  20. SweB says:

    So sorry for your loss MSat

    An angel came
    and went away

  21. Prissa says:

    MSAT – I feel your pain and am so sorry for you loss! Yes, it makes me wonder where is the “justice” in the world when those that want children and have the means to take care of them remain childless and those that just don’t give a F$@K somehow get blessed with 14!!! I have been trying for 2yrs and a friend of mine gets preg w/out trying after knowing the guy for only 4 months and surprise, surprise she finds out the dad is off to JAIL for the next 5-10yrs. What a world we live in!!!! :0(

  22. Wif says:

    Oh MSat. I am so, so sorry. I’ll be thinking of you.

  23. Ayanna says:

    Im not defending this womens chocies or desicions or the stupid comments she continues to make, however I do wonder how the hospital made the decision to not let the first to babies come home. I undestand they are premies but lot of kids in america live in worse conditions then not having those c2o detectors. From what I understand she did accept 24 hour help, what is gonna be the next problem? While the hospital bil continues to rack up! Who is looking out for the rest of our nations kids who are living with abuse and neglect. She is a selfish money loving B but she does seem to love them in her own sick way and the with the 24 hour help shes taking can we let it get on already!!!!!!!!!

  24. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    MSat, I am SO sorry for your loss! I can’t even imagine.

    Though I do know what you mean when you look at this woman. I could only have one child, I nearly died trying to have another and after ten miscarriages and two ectopics, we finally said enough. We are lucky to have one.

    Then I see people like this who just smirk their way through life and decide by God, if I want it, I’m GETTING IT and it–well, it’s hard to put it into words. It’s not even jealousy, I would NOT want 14 children!!! I’m very happy with raising our daughter, she is now 14 and I wouldn’t change a thing.

    But I guess it’s hard to see someone take things for granted like she does. I can’t help but wonder if she had all these kids thinking she WOULD get money, publicity, fame of sorts, a show, books, etc. That’s certainly her goal now. Over $1000 on MAKEUP?? Seriously??? If nothing else, that money should go in a huge college fund for her kids. Or a rainy day fund, she’s certainly going to need it. This publicity money is not going to roll in forever.

    Augh. This story makes me sick.

  25. buenavissta says:

    I know how you feel, MSat. It just can’t be explained and I share your infuriation with Octomom. It kind of makes me want to scream.

  26. neelyo says:

    I wish everyone would leave her alone because I’m sick of hearing about her and she’s not newsworthy.

  27. Ashley says:


  28. morgs says:

    Why is she wearing a mic? Did anyone else notice? Its black and on (looking at her) her left lapel.

  29. Trillion says:

    Oh please, she says she “wants to return to a normal life”. She’s light years from anything close to a normal life, media frenzy or not. MSat: Your story brought me to tears. If you’re trying again, I wish you all the best. It would no doubt be a stressy pregnancy, but could that kind of thing happen twice?

  30. cakes says:

    Msat I am sorry for you. I can’t begin to understand how you feel but my heart hurts for you.

  31. Ryo says:

    Why why why is she ALWAYS shopping??? I kept myself from reading what benefits she was getting from all this, but with all this money in the bank at least some of it HAS to be drying up, and money will go quick with 14 kids. SAVE THE MONEY YOU IDIOT. God, at least let SOMETHING good come from this media circus – those kids deserve as stable a future as they’re gonna get with this woman.

  32. Cari says:

    MSat: I don’t *know* you in the literal sense, but after reading CB for well over a year, I feel I’ve become familiar with a few of the writers and posters alike. Please accept my sincerest sympathies for your loss. :(

    This Octomom just makes my blood boil with every article written about her.

  33. Judy says:

    They just need to take those kids away from her and get it done with. Her paretns have been supporting those kids not her and they will wind up taking care of all 14 when that money runs out. This woman is not all there and should not even be having kids.

  34. Sarah says:

    Regardless of the SERIOUS problems Octo has, the children are here and need help. I would love to see all of her benefactors (excepting my fellow citizens of California–we are defacto donors but without any say) create a trust on behalf of all the kids. One or two INDEPENDENT trustees should be appointed to ensure that ALL the funds go only to the children. Most people would not object to the $1000 being spent on therapy for her autistic child. He and his sibs are innocent victims.

  35. e says:

    I have no respect or sympathy for her and I hope no one misinterprets this as me defending her, but WTF?? The gas company has to inspect her home before the babies can be released? CO2 detectors? I’ve lived with my son in probably six different houses and got my first CO2 detector as a housewarming present when I bought my first house last year, when he was 13. (It’s currently in a cupboard in the garage.)

    Is this a California thing? A multiple-birth thing? An at-risk infant thing? A “the mother’s an attention whore and we wouldn’t put it past her to start a fire in the house if the interviews start to dry up” thing? Because I have NEVER heard of a birth parent’s home having to pass inspection before the child goes home from the hospital. A friend’s 16 year old son recently got his 14 year old, from-an-abusive-family girlfriend pregnant, and there was no “inspection” – really nothing beyond “Let’s see the car seat*. Okay, any questions you want to ask before you leave?”

    Is this SOP for California hospitals, or multiple births, or …?

    MSat, my thoughts are with you in sympathy for your loss… I hope you will find strength and courage in unlooked-for places as you cope with your grief, now and in the years ahead.

  36. Leandra says:

    How ungrateful she is. So much has been done for her and she’s complaining about an important safety issue. And yes, she did ask for it. She agreed to have 8 embryos implanted and 8 pregnancies was a possible consequence.

  37. Izzy says:


    She planned this from the beginning. It’s such an apparent con game.

  38. DH says:

    Nadya, don’t complain. When you decided to have babies as a career move and money maker you have to take the bad with the good.

    I personally hope she never gets her kids.

  39. Eileen Yover says:

    Msat: that is truly awful! I am so sorry you are going through that. I can imagine how this much crazy could affect you-she makes me want to barf without having that kind of tragedy!

  40. Alecto says:

    Is she still getting gov assistance?

  41. the original kate says:

    MSat – i am so sorry for your loss. and i, also, want to smack her wen i see her smug, simpering face. and who the fuck spends $1,000 on makeup when they a) are unemployed b) bankrupt and c) have 8 babies in the hospital? all this bitch does is shop. i don’t get it. why do some people who are so undeserving seem to get so much and others who work so hard get shit? can someone please explain this to me?!

    sorry for the rant but she pisses me off to no end.

  42. Jane says:

    Is it just me or does the header picture (and all the other pictures included) feature that skank wearing a mic?!

    That can’t be apart of a bra or something…At least it doesn’t look that way to me. So who is she selling off to now?! Reality show already filming? Is that why she went on the stunt to Dland?

    Arg, that ugly piece of trash makes me feel so mad.

  43. texasmom says:

    MSat, I am so sorry for your loss. One of my dearest friends went through this. She later had two beautiful children but she’ll always miss her first little daughter. Honor your loss. The passage of time will help even if it doesn’t feel like it now.

  44. Ash says:

    MSAT, my heart breaks for you greatly. I am so incredibly sorry. I thought it was hard having my baby in the hospital, but I can’t even imagine not having her at all.

    If you intentionally get yourself pregnant and then find out you are having 7 babies (which she claims is all the doctors thought at first) why on God’s earth do you not take the 9 months and get things ready?? Oh that’s right, she was expecting everything to be handed down to her.

    I still have my doubts that the Angels in Waiting is going to be such a great thing. I think the babies will be stressed out with so many people in the house. Also, even if the nurses take the utmost care, the babies will still be at a high risk of picking up viruses and such. My daughter’s home nurse wears a facial mask when she is changing my daughter’s central line dressing because of the high risk.

    Toys R Us? I think she is thinking everyone will think, “What a great mom buying toys for her children. She must love them.” Why not use that money on diapers, clothes, etc?

    I also highly doubt she will learn how to take care of them at all. I spent four intense days in the hospital being taught how to handle my daughter’s central line, change her ostomy bag, hook up her TPN, etc. Are these things fun? No but they are vital to keeping my daughter alive and healthy. Why would Octofug bother when a whole team of people will do it for her?

  45. aleach says:

    im sure shes wearing the mic for Radar Online because she has some sort of video journal going on over there…

  46. Shay says:

    No she didn’t ask for a dose of reality. She thought in her already crazy mind that the public would be elated that a welfare mother with 6 children and then added another 8 at once. She was asking for our money and our adoration but what she really got was what she deserved. To bad the kids won’t get what they need.

  47. Aspen says:

    Oh, MSat…I am so sorry for your loss and the grief you are struggling through.

    Please don’t read about this odious woman. It will only add to your hurt.

    Many good thoughts and warm wishes for you as you go through this. Sincerely.

  48. Jenna says:

    MSat, I’m terribly sorry for your loss. It certainly isn’t fair that this women gets to walk around with all her kids. She truly is an unfit mother and I too get angry when I see something new in the posts about the woman.

  49. blh says:

    YES, it is crazy that this woman who already has 7 shildren with NO job or house of her own CHOSE to get pregnant via in vetro, YES she did ask for the attention, the help, and the SUPPORT of hard WORKING people. My husband and i have 3 kids and work our butts off and still get no where and no help. If she can’t straighten up and at least ATTEMPT to make a life for her and her kids i am sure there are MANY people out there that would love to raise them. Octomom needs to get over herself and focus on the poor children. 1000 dollars in coametics, come on already. how is how you look gonna help your children. GROW UP OCTOMOM

  50. Jean Sweet says:

    You may not know this but when chickens are caged together and one gets a spot on it(like a snag or something) the other chickens pick it to death. They do this because the other chicken doesn’t look or act like they do. Birth rights are given by God only. If the USA continues it low birth and continual slowly of our generation, we (the people of this country) will only make up 30% of the population by 2030!!!
    Stop picking this dear soul to death and make room for these children. Someday they we read all these terrible things ya’ll are speaking of them and their Mom. Try to say something positive, be nice to others.

  51. caribassett says:

    MSAT, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your precious angel baby. My sisters baby passed on when she was a week old, and it has been devastating. I am sure this has been terrible for you. HUGS

    Nadya did ask. and hint, and beg. She should be trying a lot harder.

  52. Trashaddict says:

    Celebitchy can we please agree to stop having any posts on this woman. It’s just feeding the fire. Not to mention there may be a few more people out there in MSat’s situation who just don’t need to hear any more about this publicity whore. If only the rest of the media would do the same, it’s just reinforcing her behavior. Please, just stop the posts on her.

  53. CB Rawks says:

    Jean, no one has ever said anything bad about the babies. As if anyone would do that. *eyeroll*

    Personally, I am nice to people who are themselves nice.
    I don’t extend my love to insane narcissists like Nadya, whom you obviously know absolutely nothing about. You should possibly read up on her a little bit, and then reconsider whether she deserves to be called a “dear soul”.
    Y’all know how to work the google?

  54. Aspen says:


    I am not concerned with the number of children. I’m not concerned with the world population.

    I’m concerned by the following:

    1.) She intentionally created a family of 14 children who she knew ahead of time will never have a father or 2nd parent at the head of it with her.

    2.) She intentionally created a family she cannot afford to feed, clothe, and house.

    3.) These children will likely be split up into foster care and never know the love and acceptance of a “true” home with two parents who love them or healthy sibling relationships and all the social benefits such relationships bring.

    4.) In a world full of children who need adoptive homes, she chose to use her body to add to the problem rather than being a remedy to it.

    5.) Trash like this woman expect that the community will rise up and give her a house, give her daycare services, give her money to buy food, medical, and countless other services she has no intention of providing herself.

    You’re talking about supporting the traditional family unit and parenting kids with love and affection. You’ve got my vote, Dear. This…woman…is not a family unit, and she is incapable of raising these 14 beautiful souls. She has intentionally created and then ruined the lives of 14 human beings.

    We have legal penalties for people who do this to dogs (animal hording). Apparently, we have reality shows, sympathy, and tax credits for people who do it to children.

    No thank you.

  55. mE says:

    I am so sorry MSat. There are no words. My thoughts and prayers are with you. No mother should ever have to bury a child.

  56. lilirose says:

    Just some words for you Msat and not for the crazy octomom.I am truly sorry for your loss.There is no words for it.
    My heart goes to you…

  57. digiman says:


    from the look of her plastic surgery lips, the wrong organ was inseminated….

  58. Justbeingreal!!! says:

    It’s kind of funny that if it was a person of a different ethnicity other than white, then cps would jump on the case. Also how is it shes getting all this help when other families needing this type of support dont get any support. She knew what she was doing and thats why there is no man in the picture because if she did have a man the press and everyone would rely on him. Instead she is this poor helpless single mom, shit give me a break what is this world coming to. She is not more important than the needy and hungry people on the street. Wheres my help, i need it and i barely get it and she gets a house, while people are losing there homes, and working hella hard, i bet she has not worked in years.

  59. rci says:

    those kids are gonna hate her when they grow up. Not everyone wants a camera shoved up their chute at birth or their business on the internet..Some people actually prefer privacy.

  60. Codzilla says:

    Justbeingreal: Nadya’s father is from Iraq, so racial bias isn’t a factor here.

  61. the original kate says:

    @ jean sweet: you said: “If the USA continues it low birth and continual slowly of our generation, we (the people of this country) will only make up 30% of the population by 2030!!!”

    WTF are you talking about? so are you saying there won’t be enough white, english speaking people in 2030? so i guess we should all pump out a bunch of kids? i am much more concerned that by 2030 there won’t be enough clean water for everyone.

    and everyone knows what caged chickens do to one another. if you are so concerned about this crazy woman maybe you should send her a bunch of money, or better yet, go live with her and take care of her kids so she can go out and do more interviews.

  62. Justbeingreal!!! says:


    Well she look white, and also they look like a white family on tv instead of color family.

  63. Leo P says:


    There is nothing ‘dear’ about a soul who made the choice to bring so many children into the world without a serious consideration about life after their birth. I don’t care how low the U.S. birth rate drops. That shouldn’t be the reason to absolve irresponsible parenting. Also, didn’t she use student loans and disability payments to fund her IV treatments? I don’t know about you but that smacks of fraud and dishonesty.

    I am sorry for your loss, especially so close to birth, and I agree with you. It irks me to see deserving people struggle to have or adopt children while so many immature ‘adults’ are able to have them so easily.

  64. Ryo says:

    Jean, there was just a report out TODAY that says that there were more kids born in 2007 than there were born during the baby boom, so I have no idea where you’re getting your info from.

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