Angelina Jolie’s dead mother still owes back taxes


Death and taxes, that’s all we can ever count on. And as it turns out, even in death you can be taxed. Marcheline Bertrand, mother of Angelina Jolie and James Haven, passed away in late January 2007. The state of California just filed a claim against Marcheline’s estate last week for $60,000 in back taxes. Did California just realize this woman was dead? OK! has more:

Angelina Jolie’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand, passed away after fighting a long illness in January of 2007. But that fact apparently doesn’t matter when it comes to tax money: The state of California wants $60,000 from Marcheline’s estate to pay back taxes, TMZ reports.

The site reveals that California filed a creditor’s claim against Angie’s mom last week, claiming that she owes $43,699 in back taxes, plus $10,924.75 in penalties and $8,304.95 in interest, for a grand total of $62,928.70. Yikes.

Meanwhile Angie’s been busy making her own money, getting towed away in handcuffs by actor/cops on the set of Salt.

From OK! Magazine

When Marcheline’s will was filed -and in essence became public – it was revealed that Jon Voight still owed thousands of dollars in back child support. If Marcheline had tried to get that money through a lean on Voight’s property and assets, that could be one of many explanations for back tax problem.

Another explanation is that Marcheline or whoever did her taxes simply messed something up. Especially if someone had filed taxes for the estate for 2007, the year she died.

When Marcheline’s will was filed, it was revealed that she did have hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and assets, all of which she gave away to her kids and grandkids. I always wondered how she could have all of that cash and property, yet still have the claim on Jon Voight for back child support. My guess (and it is just a guess) is that Angelina supported her mother in every way for the last decade of her life.

Here’s Marcheline Bertrand with then-husband Jon Voight. You certainly can see Angelina’s resemblance.

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  1. HEB says:

    Were the taxes from before or after her death though? Everyone says they were back taxes but that could be from 2007 or 1997.

  2. PJ says:

    Back child support? Does this mean that if a parent defaults on paying child support, they are still required to pay up, even after the child has grown up? In other words, there is no statute of limitations and Jon Voight still owes Angelina money?

    Maybe this is why Angelina and her father are estranged.

  3. turth-SF says:

    They were from 2006, and she died in January 2007, which explains why she didn’t file her taxes for 2006. but seriously, going after a dead woman for not filing because she died, when so many wealthy politicians, including some who works for the president, have been evading their tax filing for years.

  4. turth-SF says:

    …is just plain pathetic!!

  5. czarina says:

    I don’t know how it works in the U.S. but in Canada, child support is not something that you can “get out of” by simply not paying…it’s a debt just like any other (unless there is a court order or a legal agreement to the contrary).
    Moreover, it’s not a question of whether she (Bertrand) could support herself or her children without that money…it was money for her CHILDREN, not herself. This was a responsibility Voight had to his kids–nothing disgusts me more than a parent who thinks that they get to divorce not only their spouse, but their children as well, and that if the kids live with the other spouse then they can say “oh, it’s not my responsibility anymore”.
    And people keep sanctimoniously saying “Oh, Angelina should forgive her poor father…why is she so unfair to him???”
    To me this information just shows exactly what kind of man he is. And while it’s very unlikely that he could not afford to pay child support, in the event he could not, he could have gone back to court and, if he could show that his circumstances wouldn’t allow it, they could change the child support order.
    I don’t blame AJ one bit for not wanting anything to do with this guy. He sounds like a selfish a**hole.

  6. daisy424 says:

    @turth, spot on.

    From personal experience, there is no statute of limitations on child support, if you have a court order for that support. Bankruptcy doesn’t get you out of paying your child support either.

  7. daisy424 says:

    Edit*czarina, you’re right. I had a wage assignment against my ex for child support, he went into arrears on that support and the judge ordered him to pay that arrearage AND tacked 10% compounded monthly interest onto it. Unknown to me, he Quit claimed everything he owned into his new wife’s name, so I couldn’t put a lien on his house, boat, cars, etc.

  8. LondonParis says:

    I just have to say, it’s almost eerie to look at that bottom picture of Angelina’s parents when they were young… she got the best of both of their features, just lovely.

  9. risa_rjm says:

    All I have to say is Jolie’s mother is gorgeous,and you can tell Angelina takes after her mom!

  10. sissoucat says:

    Some divorced fathers will still shower the kids with gifts during visitation time, while not paying child support to the mother who has main custody.

    This way, they buy out the kids, in the line of “what, your mother has no money to buy you this and that ? Oh, I’ll buy it for you ; me – I’m not cheap”. And it costs them far less than child support would.

  11. Hieronymus Grex says:

    This sounds like a bogus story. The IRS is an arcane bureaucracy of dunces, but they have rules and those taxes would have been taken out of her estate.

  12. lena says:

    it actually isn’t to far off, i work for a state taxation/treasury office… whoever is responsible for her estate, i’m assuming angelina or james, or a lawyer would have gotten notices/warnings about the tax owed..if they ignore those notices and don’t have a payment plan or whatever set up with the state, a judgement would be filed with the court to collect the taxes on her estate, and in order to do that they would have to have proof that notices/warnings were sent out and enough time was given to resolve the situation…someone neglected something on the estate side

  13. Hojo says:

    Maybe the State of California just needs some extra $$ to pay off the growing debt that Octo-baby crazed woman is racking up.

  14. Bodhi says:

    Wow! That picture of John & Marcheline is amazing!

  15. cee says:

    Why is it that no matter what happens that it basically ends up being Angies fault. She has a brother and her mother had an ex husband. I suppose if anything goes wrong in NYC while she is there she will somehow get blamed. I am really tired of the media.

  16. geronimo says:

    Bodhi, you got in just before me! I’ve never seen a pic of AJ’s mother when she was young before, she’s beautiful.

  17. Sauronsarmy says:

    She has her mothers nose…well had*.

  18. Annie says:

    I was just thinking the same thing!

    I mean, we know AJ didn’t get her looks from Mr. Voigt.

    Her mother is stunning.

    And it’s a damn shame that even in death, there’s crap coming at her.

  19. barneslr says:

    “Back child support? Does this mean that if a parent defaults on paying child support, they are still required to pay up, even after the child has grown up? In other words, there is no statute of limitations and Jon Voight still owes Angelina money?”

    Correct, mostly anyway. If Voigt still owes back child support, then he owes it to Bertrand’s estate (if Bertrand were still alive, the debt would be to her, not to her children). Since Jolie and her brother are probably the heirs of her estate, then yes-he owes it to Jolie and her brother.

    There is no statute of limitations for child support. Even if the custodial parent wins the lottery and is a billionaire, the ex still has a legal obligation to pay child support. The debt never goes away. The children could be 60 years old, and the parents in their 80′s, and the debt would still be legally valid.

    Just because the kids grow up doesn’t mean that the deadbeat parent is off the hook. Not only does the debt remain, it also accues penalties and interest. And rightly so. You breed ‘em, you feed ‘em.

  20. Claude Yula says:

    It is a little eerie almost to see both Angie and Jame’s resemblance to their parents in their parent’s younger days. Both those kids got the best of both good-looking parents IMO. Isn’t this kind of rare, don’t good-looking parents often produce offspring who look like Bruce & Demi’s kids though?

    Anyway, another thing I noticed: Brad Pitt resembles John Voight in certain general ways: Hair& eye colour, facial shape, cheekbones, generous-sized lips, and chin shape. I wonder if Angie is doing what so many girls do, which is subconsciously marry their fathers.

  21. someone says:

    I don’t think any one has to pay those back taxes, Im sure the estate has been settled by now..and her children do not have to pay her bills..The government sure waited a long time to do the deed…

  22. momgeek says:

    My dad owed over $6,000 in child support for years. Finally mom took him to court and he had to cough up that + interest. And I was (just) over 18 when the judge ruled in her favor.

    Parents that don’t pay child support when they’re supposed to really irk me. :-\

  23. OXA says:

    Back child support? Does this mean that if a parent defaults on paying child support, they are still required to pay up, even after the child has grown up? In other words, there is no statute of limitations and Jon Voight still owes Angelina money?

    I am wondering why the state did not step in and garnish his accounts if he did indeed owe back child support in Ca.

  24. daisy424 says:

    In my case it was the state of AZ, each state has it’s own laws.

    I had to petition the court for the arrearage/back child support. It was only then that a judge issued a wage assignment against my ex. My ex by law had to inform every employer of his wage assignment so their payroll could deduct it from his check to send to the court. He continuously quit his jobs in order to avoid this.
    I tried and failed every single year to garnish his tax refund, the IRS didn’t give a crap and were NO help to me or my children.

  25. debra says:

    Many people like to believe that Angelina was spoiled movie star child. Not the case. John Voight was picky about the jobs he took, so he didn’t work a lot. Which means he did not do a lot for his family. Angie’s Mom was their sole support. She was hardly rich and indulged. She has made her success on her own. No help from Dad. He has tried in the past to ride her shirt tails. I do hope he and she are getting along more, but many people don’t have relationships with parents and siblings. It is the way of the world. He was not a model parent. Absent a great deal when she was young. Now we see that he did not pay child support. All the negative comment about how she treats him. Look at how he treated his kids.

  26. lisa says:

    Daisy: So what do you do? Does your ex have the right to still see the kids even though he isn’t filling his obligation to help keep them fed and clothed? I feel awful reading your posts. It always amazes me that men like this actually get other women to marry them. He refuses to support his children and this is ok with her and she goes along with it? I’m sorry for your kids.

  27. daisy424 says:

    The state considered child support and visitation 2 separate issues. So yes, he did get visitation.
    I moved back to the Midwest, he lived in Phoenix. As per our divorce decree we would split the round trip airfare for our 3 girls. We rotated the winter holidays and split the summer break.

    When our eldest turned 12 he stopped paying his portion of the airfare.
    I continued to pay the airfare for a couple years (because my girls wanted to see their half sister & brother)until their mid teens, they hated his wife, she treated them like crap.

    Thanks for asking about my girls, they are great & grew up to be strong women, they rarely speak to him, now that they are adults.

    This is a huge loss for my Ex. He didn’t walk any of our daughters down the aisle at their weddings(my present husband did) nor does he know our 6 Grandchildren. I know he now regrets his prior actions every single day.

    This is why I have no pity for Jon Voight. You reap what you sow.

  28. lisa says:

    Daisy: I commend you for letting the girls continue to fly out even on your dime. That showed your daughters where your priorities were where they were concerned. More parents should take your lead, to be honest. Best wishes to you and your family.

  29. Jamine says:

    its not even that much money.
    ange could pay it in her sleep.

    I really think its very sweet of angelina to have looked after her mum. I mean, all kids should.. but its sweet.
    Her mum looks so young and innocent in that old picture. Reminds me of my own mum!

  30. lol says:

    angie got her hair, head, eyes, nose from mom but she got those cheeks and lips from her dad.

    and her mom is so beautiful.

    by the way, is james haven gay? he sometimes look like daren hayes to me.. you know the savage garden guy.

  31. lol says:

    i cant wait for shiloh and the twins to grow up