Lindsay Lohan’s dad wants to take control of her life like Britney’s dad did


Michael Lohan wants to be the next Jamie Spears. Spears is widely credited with saving daughter Britney’s career – and possibly her life. And crazy former jail bird Michael Lohan thinks he’s the guy to do the same thing for his messed up, wasting away daughter Lindsay. He’s gone on one of his epic internet rants about all the things that are wrong with her life that he’s going to fix. You know, because he’s such a model of perfection himself.

Lindsay Lohan could end up even worse off than Britney Spears, the troubled actress’ father has said.

Former Wall Street trader Michael Lohan says the Mean Girls star is spiraling into a personal disaster even worse than that of the Toxic hitmaker – and is now pleading with his famous daughter to see sense before it is too late and split from her lesbian partner Samantha Ronson.

He says, “She’s [Ronson] using her and bringing her around the wrong places.

“No matter where they go in the world, where Samantha drags Lindsay to her little DJ events, there’s always a big blow-up. Ever since Lindsay left rehab where she really got her life back together, Samantha has come back into her life and in it all went wrong for her.

“Lindsay was very vulnerable and Samantha seized on that and manipulated her.”

Now Michael is hoping to follow Britney’s dad’s example and take control of his daughter’s affairs.

He adds, “Finally Britney’s father did take control and she got her life back together.

“But Britney didn’t have Samantha Ronson in her life. Lindsay is my daughter and I love her but I’m not there to be a friend, I’m here to be a parent.

“If Lindsay doesn’t like that or is angered by what I have to say, quite frankly I don’t care because.” [sic]

[From Showbiz Spy]

Okay a few points here. True, Britney didn’t have Samantha Ronson in her life. She had Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib. No matter how evil Michael Lohan claims Samantha may be, Lutfi plus Ghalib still equals 20 Ronsons. There is just no comparison. Second, if Michael is trying to be Lindsay’s parent and not her friend, then he should be saying these things to her privately, not via the internet and various media outlets. I’m sorry, does Jamie Spears have a blog I don’t know about? Come on.

The difference between Lindsay and Britney is that Britney’s parents were able to pull it together and help her when push came to shove. There are definitely those who believe they’re in it for themselves, and I can understand the argument either way. But they are, if nothing else, two people of at least average intelligence who were able to save their daughter.

No way in hell could Dina and Michael ever do that. We could make a bunch of arguments about why, but frankly what it comes down to is they’re both too stupid. And they can’t understand what’s going on with their kid not only because they lack the intellectual capacity to do so, but because they each have so many psychological issues of their own. It’ll never happen.

There is no one in Lindsay’s life who can save her but herself. And I have a hard time believing that’s going to happen.

Let’s not forget that this is the man who wants to save Lindsay. Enjoy the nipples.

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  1. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Yeah Micheal, but people are actually rooting for Britney to claw her way back to fame.

  2. HEB says:

    Jamie Spears isn’t a media whore like Michael Lohan-there’s a huge difference.

    And you’re right-who’s to say that Samantha is bad for Lindsay…I think Lindsay’s just bipolar or something.

  3. mamafogle says:

    I agree with you, Jaybird.

    The Spears parents stand to gain from Britney’s success, but it appears like it’s more in an emotional way from taking care of their family. The Lohan family has already done a reality show and the younger daughter is headed down the same path as Lindsay.

    What kind of help do you really think the dad is going to give to his daughter when he publicly calls her out for her relationship because he’s “born again” after going to prison?

    Samantha Ronson has a job and it seems like she enjoys what she does. She’s not leaching off of Lindsay, and it would appear that it’s more likely the other way around. Samantha is the older, more responsible one in this relationship.

    So having Daddy come in to save her from being a lesbian is not remotely the same as having people keep you captive in your house, spending your money and drugging your food for their own profit as you lose custody of your children.

    I’ve never been much of a Britney fan but it is good to see her taking her life in a better direction and working again and staying busy. I’m also glad to see that a judge validated the claims that those leaches were bad for her and issued the restraining orders.

    If these girls don’t have any sense in their heads then they rightfully deserve to have their families come in to help and advise them, but not to do some kind of crappy holier-than-thou preaching thing.

  4. Wow says:

    Her Dad can’t even control his own actions. He’s just another media-wh*re too. Is he this concerned about his other kids?

  5. bros says:

    I thought he promised to never speak to the media again about his daughter. please STFU!

  6. yadira says:

    This guy cant even control his nipples from popping out of that mesh shirt. Does he really think he can control that wild little redhead child of his? She is an aging brat

  7. Nneikha says:

    it’s good that her dad is taking the initiative to get a hold on lindsay…she’s kinda slipping out hand,…you guys shouldn’t be judging beforehand…let’s see what micheal can do…mayve..MAYBE she can have lindsay back on track again…

  8. gg says:

    Embarrassing he is. Everytime he opens his mouth, he destroys a little more of his relationship with his kids.

  9. Anggelapine says:

    This guy very big mouth, britney’s father is not the same like him, michael lohan is a jerk…He like talking bad about Sam Ro, he never think who he is….Bad Man.

  10. Tia says:

    DUDE, are you kidding. You are such a monster of a human being and so called father. You have to be a complete embarrasement for men everywhere and for the Lohan family. I mean seriously is something wrong with him mentally ?? !!! WHAT A CREEP !!! GROSS

  11. nolongerhaydenfan says:

    you know…with parents like hers…i almost dont blame her for being a trainwreck. she has some terrible genes…

  12. the original kate says:

    the only thing he wants to take control of is her money.

  13. czarina says:

    There is a HUGE differece, particularly legally, between Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. Britney spent a long time going down a terrible spiral before she was committed to the psych ward at the hospital. Her behavior was irrational, self-destructive (literally) and obviously insane. It would have been legally obvious that she was unable to make rational decisions for herself.
    That is a long way off from Lindsay whose behaviour might be annoying, stupid or foolish (depending on how you feel about her), but it takes a great deal more for the courts to consider someone incapable of making their own choices. (or Joaquin Phoenix would be in big touble!!)
    This is just a sad, possibly pathological, need of Michael Lohan’s to control his daughter and force her to live the way he thinks she ought to.
    Does he really think that by declaring publicly that he ought to take over her life, the courts will just say “OK, sure, no problem”????
    He needs more help than his daughter does.

  14. Ria says:

    Forget the mesh shirt – he’s totally showing his package. If you squint you can see it.

    In seriousness, you can’t be saved from your sexuality. You’re born that way, but let’s not get into an argument of that. How often did you see Jamie or Lynn blabbing about Brit? They just dived in there and did it because that’s what real parents do for their kids. You don’t yak about their problems – which Lilo does have. You work in the background to help them.

  15. ahahah says:

    Yadira, your comment is so funny.

  16. Anoneemouse says:

    Gee – no wonder the girl can’t or won’t take responsibility for her own actions! Her Dad believes everything bad that has ever happened to her is everyone else’s fault. The whole clan is pathetic!

  17. Mairead says:

    Baaaaaahahahahahahaha*inhale* hahahahahahahahahaha*inhale*waaaahahahahhahahhahhahhaha… *sees last photo*

  18. Tammy King says:

    Oh, Good Lord! I wish people would stop running reports about this family! They’re media whores!

  19. Raven says:

    Michael Lohan is a homophobe, plain and simple. He has been looking to split them up since Day 1. What he doesn’t admit is that if not for Ronson, his daughter would be homeless.

  20. Feebee says:

    The first problem Mr Lohan would run into is that to be a conservator you have to be mentally stable.

    But nice try.

  21. Ggirl says:

    I wouldn’t trust either Michael or Dina to oversee any aspect of their daughter’s life because they would quickly try to place their daughter in some money making capacity and try to use her for their own gain the same thing they have been doing her entire life. What a clusterf*ck!

  22. Jill says:

    michael lohan would have to start off by not being crazy-batshit-insane himself. can you imagine a judge granting him a conservatorship over *anyone*????

  23. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    Good grief, is it not slightly late in the day to start parenting your child when she’s already hit rock bottom once and is looking about ready to go there again?

    I believe at this point the good ship ‘Your Chance At Parenting’ has sailed and is already far out on the horizon.

  24. L says:

    um excuse me. britney spears is bi-polar. she has a serious mental illness! lindsay is just a drug addicted loser.

    that whole family is just retarded.

  25. Dani says:

    JayBird, I love your write-ups! :)

  26. Elanenergy says:

    These two girls are EXACTLY the same. Same parents who pushed them into a business they were too young to handle. Same addictive behaviors. Same exploitation for their daughters’ money. I think the ENTIRE LOHAN FAMILY NEEDS to get into some pretty intensive family round the clock counseling to get this back on track BEFORE lindsey becomes worse, it’s only a matter of time before she kills or is killed. Exactly the same desperate situation as Britney. It took A LONG TIME AND ALMOST DEATH before Britany’s dad FINALLY STEPPED UP. The entire family is Lindsey’s problem, and the entire family needs to be fixed.

  27. Dee says:

    Lindsey could be one of the greatest beauties .. but whatever she is doing is hurting her looks and getting her so much bad press. Would be great if someone would take her under their wing and help her. She is a good enough actress and I’ve never heard her sing but I’m sure she is no worse then other young singers who are popular .. Maybe she should take up Warren Beattys offer to stay with him (his wife snd kids too?) while doing a movie – maybe beyond that. Terrible watching her go down the tubes – I hate when people sre cheering this on too .. people are cruel when it comes to this girl who hasn’t done a thing to them… She is so young and has s lot of time to get it all back – I’m hoping she does.