Chris Brown expected to cop a plea today in court

chris brown arraignment 2 050309

Chris Brown is expected to cop a plea at today’s arraignment for the February 8 brutal beating of girlfriend Rihanna. According to TMZ and The Daily News, his lawyer and prosecutors are close to working out a deal:

Chris Brown’s lawyer and the prosecutor in the Rihanna case have been engaged in “serious” plea bargain negotiations and according to one source, a “deal is close.”

We know Brown will plead not guilty tomorrow, however the plea may just be a formality.

Sources say Rihanna has made it clear she does not want to testify in the case and wants Brown to cop a plea. We’re told one of the reasons she’s in Barbados right now is because “she wants to be as far away from this case as possible.”

As we first reported, Brown was inclined to plead either guilty or no contest to a misdemeanor, provided he got no jail time — but since we broke that story, the D.A. and Mark Geragos, Brown’s lawyer, have gotten down to the nitty gritty.

We do not know if Brown changed his view and would accept jail time to avoid a trial. Brown will be in court tomorrow for the arraignment.

[From TMZ]

This TMZ report is somewhat confusing as it doesn’t make sense that he’s working out a deal by pleading not guilty. The Daily News reports that Chris will plead not guilty to two of the felony charges, including making criminal threats, but that he will negotiate over the felony assault charge. They claim that he hopes to avoid jail tiem.

Despite the nature of the crime it’s doubtful that Brown will spend any time behind bars. It’s a shame because if he went up to a stranger and beat her senseless like that he probably would have been locked up for a while.

Meanwhile Rihanna is in her native Barbados, where she was seen partying with the Prime Minister. As we reported on Friday, many outlets are declaring that she’s finally kicked Brown to the curb. Hopefully they’re correct and she’s moving on with her life.

Here’s Chris Brown, in court on 3/5/09. Images thanks to WENN .
chris brown arraignment 2 050309

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  1. RAN says:

    He’s an ugly little putz. She could definitely do a lot better looks wise and personality wise. It IS time for her to move on.

  2. CandyKay says:

    He may have his freedom, but he’ll never have his sex appeal again, at least not for me.

    I used to be a Burt Lancaster fan before I read a biography that indicated he liked to bat women around. After that, looking at him was like looking at a painting. Nice to look at from a safe distance, but nothing to take home.

  3. Mme X says:

    wow, if nothing else, those photos really expose how young he is.

  4. whatever says:

    yes,he is young and does not deserve the extent of the backlash he is getting..i hope for his sake he does not get back together with her and rebuilds his life and moves on..He does not the drama that girl has brought him..i have no simpathy for her at all because yes i still believe that this case was not DV but just a fight that got out of had between 2 kids..If DV victims flirt with men, party all over the place and now most recently get drunk and party in barbados after a beatdown then good for you.. im my world dv victims do not act like that..Give me halle berry, robin givens and any other woman who has been through dv and i feel sorry for them but not rihanna!!!!!!

  5. Hieronymus Grex says:

    wow, I was hoping to hear about him getting traded around like baseball cards in prison, but oh well :(

  6. Valensi says:

    Even if he doesn’t go to jail, he’ll still be alienated. Think about it; I’m pretty sure Rihanna lost her CoverGirl deal just for being a victim of this type of abuse – and not stopping it.
    Imagine the heat Chris Brown’s going to get career-wise for pounding the crap out of her!
    Maybe that’s punishment enough… and one would have to have a lot of nerve to sit there and say he doesn’t deserve it.

  7. j. ferber says:

    Whatever, you really need to post a list of Do’s and Don’ts for domestic violence victims. So, I gather a domestic violence victim is never allowed to “flirt, party or get drunk” or her she clearly deserves a beating. Would another be “STFU when he tells you to”? Because a neighbor of mine said her husband told her he wouldn’t have beaten her if she had shut up. So you know what she did? She apologized. To him. So, I think that should be added to your list. “Shut the f-ck up when your man tells you to.”
    But, you know, woman beating is all about controlling the woman, so no matter what is on your list, it will never be enough to stop a single beating. But I love the concept of a “worthy” victim. A worthy victim is above reproach in all things, right? And if she steps over the line in any way, a man has a right to beat her back into her place. I will never understand people, especially women, who condone woman battering. Never.

  8. Ophelia says:

    I rarely say something like this, but Whatever, if you truly believe what you wrote, you are a really f*cked up person. There is no “right” way for a victim of any sort to act. And shame on you for thinking there is.

  9. dr.princess says:

    its no certain way that a person that was abused in any type of way should act i have been family psycologist for 5 years and i have come across many different types of abuse victims be it sexual, mental, physical abuse people make up their own ways to cope most of their tactics are harmful to self but they cope how they know best. i believe rihanna is coping unhealthy because for some reason she believes its ok. and that she was in the wrong for him being prosecuted. also no one was with them that night so who knows what happened theres always 3 sides to everything what she said, what he said, and what really happened. i believe the truth to the story is some where in between rihannas story and chris story. something i notice about this story is no one ever gave chris’s side a chance . w never even heard chris’s side. i bet its Much different. and to persecute someone without letting them speak is wrong. i have dealt with cases where the man is the victim of verbal, mental and even physical abuse until he gets fed up and makes the wrong decision and acts on emotion. acting on emotion doesn’t mean your a horrible person it means you made an awful decision. its my belief that yes you should be punished but not alone if you where pushed to that breaking point

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