Keira Knightley claims she loves pasta, cheese & French fries


Keira Knightley is trying to convince us that’s she’s a foodie. She gave an interview to Australian Marie Claire (story via Monsters and Critics) in which she says that her life revolves around food and eating. She claims to love pasta dishes, cheese and French fries (“chips”). Do you believe her?

There have been rumors about Keira and various alleged eating disorders for years now. I’ve always tended to believe that she’s a naturally stick-thin girl, regardless of what she does or does not eat. I think when she happens to lose a few pounds, it becomes really, really noticeable because her frame is so petite. Keira has never wavered from her story that she does not have any kind of eating disorder, so I suppose everyone will have their own opinions. In any case, Keira is still trying to convince us how much she loves food – and at this point, it just sounds like bragging.

Keira Knightley loves eating chips.

The slender actress says enjoying big meals is one of her favourite pastimes, particularly if they feature fattening French Fries or pasta.

She admitted: “I’m a big foodie. In my family life, all good things revolve around the dinner table. My mum’s cooking is great. We have big dinners, and big everything. There’s nothing like a really good chip, a really crunchy, good chip. And I love pasta. I make Bolognese with tons and tons of Parmesan cheese.”

Despite enjoying cooking, Keira admits her kitchen disasters have occasionally reduced her to tears.

She told Australia’s Marie Claire magazine: “The other night, a friend was teaching me how to make an eggplant bake. I brought it out of the oven in this beautiful bowl – and dropped it. It smashed all over the kitchen, and I burst into tears.”

“But 10 minutes later we were laughing about it. I mean, if I were Nigella Lawson, I would have licked it off the floor very seductively as opposed to bursting into tears.”

[From Monsters and Critics]

I’ve never cried over a broken dish before, but I have cried over spilled food. Once, several years ago, I was absolutely starving, to the point where I was shaking from hunger. It was one of those weird times when I was driving for hours and hours, and I was just insanely tired and hungry. Anyway, I went to heat up some leftovers that I had been looking forward to, and I dropped them on the floor. I literally started sobbing and allowed myself a little breakdown.

Here’s Keira Knightley on the set of ‘Never Let Me Go’ on April 23rd in London. Images thanks to BauerGriffinOnline.

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  1. saffron says:

    Rubbish! She clearly has an eating disorder. I think it’s so common to be super thin these days that people don’t notice it as much.

    I was watching the Karate Kid (ha!) on the family channel over the weekend and it was refreshing to see what girls/women (Elizabeth Shue)used to look like on the screen.

    It’s the norm now to barely eat, work out like mad, and claim to LOVE food. I agree that some women are very thin and have very fast metabolisms, but even in those cases, their bones don’t jut out.

    Keira looks like she’s at the point where she is probably causing damage to her organs. very dangerous. Hope she gets help.

  2. ash says:

    hmm… I remember reading Kiera had given up chips and pretty much the opposite of what she’s saying now. Oh well, not like this is huge news anyway.

  3. Enonymous says:

    Well, her legs and the rest of her body seem healthily proportional, I think it is just her slim face that gives her away sometimes as being very thin. Other then that, she could very possibly be a naturally thin girl.

  4. Annie says:

    LOL Kaiser.

    I don’t think I’ve ever cried over food before, though I wouldn’t put myself past it if I were ever denied something I was really craving.

  5. Sauronsarmy says:

    Why do these celebrities insist on making us believe this BS? Yeah I’m sure have a fast metabolism but all of them? Please.

  6. Orangejulius says:

    Yeah, right. There really are very,very few people with that kind of metabolism. Before anyone jumps all over me, I’m naturally skinny and eat a lot more than people believe from looking at me. I’ve also known women who claim to eat well but in fact eat very little, including one woman who ate candy bars alright, but that was ALL she’d eat for a meal at times. It’s my guess that as thin as she is, and if you look at pictures of her she’s extremely thin, she probably falls into that catagory. So, yes, she probably does eat chips, etc. at times, but I’d bet she doesn’t eat that much and not that often.

  7. Bodhi says:

    I’ve done that too, Kaiser. Its one of the worst feelings! Ugh!

    Anyhoo, I really don’t think she has an eating disorder. She has looked the same for years looks healthy to me. She is just a really thin girl

  8. saffron says:

    Actually, I just saw photos of her in a magazine – exhibiting her changing clothing & hair styles, etc. and the difference in her weight was profound. Absolutely profound.

    and, no, her body is not just thin. her rib cage is prominent.

    wake up people! women die from this!!

  9. Gistine says:

    And then she barfs them up afterwards. Cheeky monkey!

  10. Kimberly says:

    HAH , right !

    Maybe she loves SMELLING the food , becuase i doubt a person who eats like that would look frail basically . i can’t stand her sometimes.

  11. M.I. Opinion says:

    My step sister is a lifelong friend of Kiera’s, and swears the girl has always been that thin, and really does like to eat. ALOT. I don’t know why people feel it is ok to have an opinion about this. She is an intelligent, amazingly talented actress who has avoided all scandel…except for the one we have created for her. She talks about food all the time so that people will shut up already. I know that there are many of her family members who do suffer from eating disorders, but she is not one of them, of this I am sure.

    On another note…after spending THE ENTIRE day creating my mother’s 60th bday cake, I proceded to drop it carrying it out to her and 40 of her friends…on the dog. I laughed to seem like a good sport, but that night I just cried my eyes out!

  12. lrm says:

    pretty sure Keira was on record years ago,saying eating disorders run in her family,but she would do her best to avoid that road. she may have even admitted to having one in her younger [even younger]years…don’t quote me on that one-but google it.

  13. lena says:

    she has always been that thin, look at some of her old films and you can tell. and like enonymous said, she’s proportioned everywhere else..some people are naturally thin, and furthermore she’s no thinner than AJ and people always come to her defense when she’s called anorexic and so on

  14. lisa says:

    The reason celebs try to convince us that they eat is because the public jumps their a** if they think they are too thin. I don’t think she has to justify anything if she is just naturally very thin. Who cares? I think she’s cute just how she is.

  15. Granger says:

    For pete’s sake, she didn’t say she eats pasta, cheese and chips every night for dinner! She said she LOVES pasta, cheese and chips — and there’s a big difference between loving something and eating it *all* the time.

  16. Orangejulius says:

    I don’t think anyone is critisizing her for being thin, certainly not me, rather they’re not buying that she eats the amount she claims to. Yes, my point exactly, Granger. You said it so much better than I did!

  17. blahblah says:

    Loving food and eating food are two different concepts lol

  18. CC says:

    She who doth protest too much…

  19. quid_iuris says:

    Mmh, she might be one of those girls with an annoying metabolism that allows her to eat like a lion and never put on a pound. But something tells me it’s not… she looked much “fuller” in the first POTC (for Hollywood standards, of course), before she became a household name, and then in Arthur she was thin as a bone.

  20. Autumm Leaves says:

    The lady doth protest too much indeed @ CC. I am a fan of her work, but I know when someone is starving themselves to stay thin. She looks anorexic. That is unhealthy.

  21. Rachel says:

    She’s always been that thin, it’s NOT an eating disorder.

  22. cakes says:

    Maybe she eats her favorite foods in moderation.
    I LOVE in n out but I only eat it once in a great while since its fattening. The same with fries cheese and pasta

  23. Ned says:

    She was such a beautiful girl. One of the few that had a really pretty face (unlike Jessica Biel and the rest of the plastic surgery freaks).

    She is losing her beauty, and becoming more and more emaciated.

    People should be trying to help her, not PR-wise, but really help her.

    Talking about her being a foodie (please, people are not as stupid and have eyes…) is not what she needs.

    Saying she was always thin, has nothing to do with it.
    As if, if someone used to have a normal weight or a hidden eating disorder, is some sort of an excuse for not treating her current or exacerbated state of eating sidorder now.

  24. Orangejulius says:

    Maybe she’s had an eating disorder for a long time?

  25. Trillion says:

    “Pride and Prejudice” was on the other day and my husband said, “As long as she doesn’t do any more roles that try to convince us she’s some kind of fighting bad-ass, she’s ok with me”. How absurd was that when she comes out, all 90 pounds of her, in a leather bikini battling massive warriors in that King Arthur movie. She looks great in those giant frothy frocks though.

  26. Codzilla says:

    So wait, cheese, fries, and pasta AREN’T healthy when devoured in massive quantities? Well no wonder I’m not losing any weight!

  27. ChristinaT says:

    this is not to corroborate or refute that she has an eating disorder… but you can eat unhealthfully and still have an eating disorder… for instance, my neice who is super skinny does not like eating healthy, but she still barely eats 800-1000 calories a day. she’s very particular about her foods and doesn’t like anything that is low sugar, diet, low fat or anything of the sort… but again, she eats so little of regular foods that she’s a bag of bones…

  28. the original kate says:

    i’m sure keira does enjoy pasta, french fries, burgers, etc. – they’re just on other people’s plates where she can admire them, like paintings in a museum. no way does she eat pasta with “tons and tons” of cheese.

  29. ChristinaT says:

    fat people seem to think they don’t eat much, and skinny people tend to think they eat a ton… whenever i tell my neice she needs to eat more, she claims she eats all the time… but i’ve seen her subsist on half a sub sandwich or a smoothie a day…

  30. Jack says:

    My fiance is naturally ‘slim’ and naturally has a high metabolism and eats what she wants and still maintains a size eight with little or no excercise It’s in her genes she has french heritage

    HOWEVER despite her petite frame she is not (nor has she ever been) as bony as those people who claim to be ‘naturally slim’. There is no such thing as ‘naturally boney’ unless you’re a skeleton or a horn dog

  31. j. ferber says:

    She didn’t always used to be that thin. In Bend It Like Beckham she was decidedly not that thin. I also seem to remember her saying she had no plans to diet and that she liked her body as is. Wrong. Not everybody has a short memory when stars claim they’ve always been that thin. Most of them weren’t. I do believe her life revolves around food (the obsession of not eating it). It’s too bad actresses are bashed for being too fat or too thin. I think she’s a good actress, but I also think that she needs to address her anorexia.

  32. abbizmal says:

    @ CC – I was thinking that EXACTLY, and was going to say it, but I scrolled down and you beat me to it. I guess I won’t say it now, but I agree.

  33. stellapurdy says:

    I don’t know, maybe she likes to indulge in fattening food in moderation but if she starts to put on a few pounds she goes back to a healthy diet? Their career is based on how they look so I would think that the temptation of fattening food can be overwhelming at times and they will indulge. However to maintain their careers they have to subsist or diet when they need to lose a few pounds.

    I don’t see anything wrong with it and it doesn’t mean they’re all anorexic.

  34. M says:

    She’s naturally that skinny. I’ve got girl friends who are that skinny and they eat whatever they want and stay bony, although most of the bony-ness is on the upper half of their body. Their legs, like Keira’s aren’t unnaturally thin.
    One of my friends refuses to wear low cut shirts because you can see the beginning of her rib cage and she definitely doesn’t have an eating disorder.

  35. Ben says:

    Her wait has stayed at a pretty consistent level for years now, even if it is a very think level, it’s still been consistent, which makes me think she doesn’t have an eating disorder. In my experience people with disorders usually get worse over time.

  36. Karin says:

    I just found out I am gluten and yeast intolerant. As a result, I’ve been reading a lot about Celiac disease, which is a condition where the immune system attacks the small intestine and makes it so that a person cannot absorb nutrients. A lot of people with Celiac are very, very thin because no matter how much they eat, it pretty much runs right through them. People with Celiac also experience growth problems. Ever notice her practically pre-pubescent breasts? Also, people with intestinal malabsorption issues also crave foods and eat a LOT all the time as their bodies are trying to get enough nutrition. Anyways, some people are “naturally” thin because they have this going on in their bodies. Makes me wonder about her possibly having this condition.

    For me, when I eat gluten or yeast, or feed the yeast in my system, I swell and retain TONS of water and toxins in fat cells which are created to deal with the intolerance. By simply cutting out ALL foods with sugar and gluten, my body just sheds the weight like mad. I also crave the same foods she does, but if I eat them, it also damages my intestine, and I get a lot of other health problems.

    Just thought I would chime in with this as it’s something I have been learning a lot about… Food intolerances are actually *really* common, and each person’s body reacts differently.

  37. Bodhi says:

    Ugh, Karin. One of my friends has Celiac & its AWFUL!

  38. Puh-leez! says:

    Anorexia is diagnosed when someone is a certain percentage under an ideal body weight, whether or not they claim to eat like a horse. Even a dog or cat can be diagnosed with anorexia–it simply means enough calories are not being taken in to maintain a healthy weight.

    I have no doubt that Ms. Knightley loves chips and pasta. I have no doubt that her life revolves around food. Food obsessions are typical among those with eating disorders. That does not mean, however, that she is eating these things on a regular basis, or that when she does eat them she eats a large amount and keeps it down.

    There is no such thing as “naturally stick-thin.” If you eat a lot of food, you gain weight. If you eat a lot of food and are “stick-thin,” this is called “unexplained weight loss,” and you are most likely seriously ill (cancer, etc.).

    There was a study done not long ago on people who say “I hardly ever eat and I’m fat!” and others who say “I eat all the time and never gain an ounce.” Turns out those who “never eat” but are fat actually do eat a lot more than they think: larger portions and more regular meals. Those who “eat anything and never gain” turned out to be “grazers,” or people who eat tiny amounts of all different things all day long. So even though the skinny people seemed to be eating constantly and never gaining weight, they were, in fact, eating only very small amounts of food, and rarely or never sitting down to a big meal. So “naturally skinny” actually means “eats very little.”

    When someone is extremely thin, as Ms. Knightly is, that’s got to mean she takes in very, very few calories each day. This is science, people! Unless you are, say, a marathon runner, you simply cannot be skin and bones if you consume 2,000 calories a day, as a woman her age should do.

  39. MrsKaren says:

    I bordered on full-blown anorexia for years. At 5’9″, I weighed between 115-122 lbs and worried about every bite I put in my mouth. If I edged over 122, I panicked and stopped eating at all.

    I truly did not realize how thin I was. I am now 132 lbs and looking at pictures of myself from those days is scary. I feel HUGE now, but I know that being under 130 lbs for my height and frame is not healthy. People still call me skinny (I’m not), and the temptation to stop eating is always there.

    My point is, she probably is anorexic or dangerously close. She is probably eating the smallest quantities of food she can to live. And she is lying to herself and other people.

    But until she’s ready to put on weight, no one will be able to convince her there’s a problem.

  40. the violator says:

    when someone in the biz looks so dangerously thin and talks about how much they like to eat- it screams lying bullshit. and this chick is totally lying big time. i saw her pic on the superficial and not only has she no tits- i can see her goddamned sternum too. i don’t care how one may be naturally thin- you are never that thin without a disoreder.

  41. gia says:

    I am sure she eats the good stuff, just very small portions & she probably runs or does some sort of physical activity. You can eat fattening food & stay skinny as long as you dont eat all of it & you work out. Either that or she does eat it & purges soon after. She has an odd body too…from the waist up she is scrawny, flat abs, tiny waist, narrow shoulders, no breasts…but from the waist down she is a tad bit bigger, so its kind of deceiving. I dont think she is naturally skinny, that doesnt really exist. People who seem to be naturally skinny have different eating & exercise habits. My husbands grandmother is wafer thin & claims she eats a ton, but what is she eating? Its usually healthy stuff like veggies, salad & lean protein, never junk food or sweets or even a lot of carbs.

  42. C.P says:

    In every movie she has been in she has been the exact same size. In Pirates she was interviewed about her impressive cleavage, and she said that the corsets helped a lot and so did the make-up the make-up artists put on her chest to create the illusion of cleavage. AND she made fund of the digitally enhanced King Arthur poster where they made her breasts twice as large as they normally are. I think she seems like a girl with a good head on her shoulders, and I haven’t seen her weight change at all (and I’m a big fan of hers).

  43. Isabelle says:

    I’m sorry but loving something and actually eating it are 2 different things. Kiera used to have boobs, and a bit of a butt, she used to look healthy. She has no boobs or butt anymore, and is if you do google her, look at the photos over the years, she was better looking pre-Pirates. Even in Domino she had a bit of T&A.

  44. Jazz says:

    Once these girls start rattling off a list of foods they eat, you know they don’t eat it. They might like those foods and want to eat them, but they never do.

  45. cellardoor says:

    I think those sound like her food fantasies. Who tells someone they use tons and tons of cheese in their recipes, as if to convince them? A dreamer, that’s who. When I was ano, I would read food mags and imagine meals all of the time so that I could will myself into feeling like I ate something and was full. Every ano out there knows what she is … poor thing.

  46. Kimberly says:

    I don’t know, I’m naturally thin and I eat all the time. The worst stuff too; frozen food, fast food, chips, just horrible stuff, and I’ve never weighed over 100 pounds. But at the same time, when people make derogatory comments about my figure I don’t feel the need to justify or explain things to them, because it’s natural and I don’t think anyone’s opinion matters when it’s about something I can’t help. So she could very well be thin naturally, but she does seem to overcompensate when trying to convince people she doesn’t have an ED. I think she’s cute, whatever.

  47. raven says:

    It’s interesting that MI has a family member who is a lifelong friend of KK’s who has information on this and people are all but calling her a liar. Although people can hide eating disorders, it is harder to do from friends, esp. when you are younger.

  48. Scarlet says:

    If she doesn’t want people to keep bringing up her weight in magazines and on the web, then why doesn’t she stop talking about it in interviews.

  49. kitschlette says:

    Whether she does or does not have an eating disorder should not be the question, the question should be, is it anyone’s business to question? I am one of those annoyingly naturally skin and bones women, over the years I have grown accustomed to politely answering people with a simple, “no, I do not have an eating disorder, why, do you? Are you reaching out for help?”

    I have to disagree that there are no naturally skinny women, I am 5’5″ and rarely hit 100 pounds in the last 15 years (prolonged bed rest). I eat 3 small and 1 large meal a day, every day and take in 1,800-2,000 calories per doctors instructions, I’ve never been one for exercise beyond walking my dog.

    I have curves (be they small) and every bit a woman. When I look in the mirror I admit to having a warped perception of myself, I do not see someone overly thin or someone who would draw attention, but if I see pictures of myself, admittedly, my first reaction is “damn someone get that girl a sandwich”

    The point of it all, I go to work, and do a job that I love, and I have chosen, that job does put me in the spotlight in my community regularly and makes my weight even bigger fodder for gossip. My body natural or not, is my business, her body is her’s, she does a job that she loves and she does it well, if she did have a problem, she has family and friends to support her and internet gossip will do nothing for her, so just let it go.

  50. JUSTINE says:

    the poperotzi shouldnt care about that she likes pasta cheese and french fries i like them things to and u dont see a poperotzi on me thats just something to not ask anybody cause nobodys gonna care your gonna hear it and nobodys gonna talk about it cause its not important its not even news

  51. LucaBella says:

    She likes the attention. Keira is pear shaped, and she hides the bigger part of herself (thighs) and shows off the super-skinny upper half so that everyone will pay attention to her. She pretends to be upset, but she LOVES the way people are obsessing over her weight, and she loves to talk about food because she’s got a problem with food.

  52. j. ferber says:

    I admire your honesty and bravery, Mrs.Karen, in talking about an obviously dark time in your life.

  53. anon says:

    when she was photographed next to Sienna Miller some tome ago you really got an idea of proportions. Her bottom half was absolutely massive compared to Sienna. Poor girl is very disproportioned.

  54. DiMi says:

    She’s lying. She has always been thin, but she hasn’t always been THIS thin. We’ve watched her lose 20-30 pounds over the last few years. Go watch Bend it Like Beckham or Love Actually. That’s her natural weight. Very slender, but not this thin. She’s lying, and she thinks we’re stupid. We’re not. Anybody who says they know her or they know somebody who knows her is also lying.

    I would respect her more if she said that she was starving herself because the thinner she gets, the more attention she gets, the more money she gets, and the better roles she gets. That’s the truth.

    Let’s just start telling the truth about women’s bodies because this is affecting young girls.

  55. Nibs says:

    Umm, the end part where tells a story where she dropped the eggplant dish and cried?? I remember reading that in an interview she did years ago, yet here she says it happened “the other day”.

    Looks like she is protesting too much, by retelling old stories.

  56. Hanh says:

    There are naturally thin people, but they don’t look like skeletons with bones jutting out.

    I see these actresses who claim to be naturally thin, and maybe the are when they start out (naturally thin but healthy looking), but you see them start to waste away and yet still claim to be “naturally thin” while they become skeletons.

  57. Lauri says:

    “Although people can hide eating disorders, it is harder to do from friends”

    That is actually untrue. Most people with eating disorders go to extreme lengths to ensure that those closest to them DON’T find out about their disorders, for fear that they will be forced to stop their self-destructive behavior and get help. I know from experience. My Mom is anorexic and I’ve been dealing with her issues my entire life.

    So, while the previous poster’s sibling may know Keira Knightly, that doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to her eating disorder. All it means is that she’s become expert at hiding it…like most people who suffer with the illnesses.

  58. Lauri says:

    “She is an intelligent, amazingly talented actress”

    Hmmm…intelligent? I really doubt it. Not from what I’ve read and seen of her.

    Amazingly talented? Not even close. Mildly talented, with good management and a lot of luck, yes.

  59. aw! says:

    She’s always been thin since I’ve know of her. It’s probably a little bit of being skinny and a LOT bit of not eating.

  60. FF says:

    You know loving eating chips and pasta and NOT eating them in general aren’t mutually exclusive terms, right?

    Fact is, she’s skinnier than she used to be. Yes, she was always generally thin but she has gotten THINNER to the point of looking worrisome. Just look at her in the movie Domino and then look at her in Atonement. There is an observable difference even if you’re just looking at her face.

    Also women IN THE PUBLIC EYE do tend to get skinnier – so do you blame people for being suspicious? I can’t remember the last time Keira was snapped actually eating something. But I remember an awful lot of Vogue covers since she got skinnier.

    I never get why thin chicks can’t just come out and say ‘I’m thin, I like myself this size and I’m not gaining weight just because people want to level some criticism at me’. It’s always – ‘my metabolism is super high’ or ‘I have X heritage and that’s why I’m so thin’ or – my favourite – ‘but I eat (insert allegedly fattening food of choice which wouldn’t make you fat if you were indeed naturally thin anyway so why are we mentioning this here?)’. Hmmm.

    Is it really that shocking to say you restrict? Why all the endless secrecy and subterfuge? Why not just say you’re tired of being asked about it but being thinner does have some benefits, and you’ll maybe gain some weight when you’re no longer in the public eye so much?

    Also, this is the age of scrutiny of public figures. They get scrutinised for EVERYTHING – if you wear glasses, have red hair, have a tan, don’t have a tan – and yet there’s meant to be some unwritten rule that they don’t get criticised if they’re thin? Seriously, this is the real world we’re living in – you get criticised and scritinized for EVERYTHING and this is no different.

    I never get why they’re so shocked that it becomes an issue in some quarters. Unless there’s a silent assumption that being thin puts you BEYOND reproach and criticism because you’ve reached some kind of meta-perfection. Well, in actuality it doesn’t and you can’t always hide behind it.

  61. andy20 says:

    Does Keira Knightley eat salad? Have you some proofs?

  62. Bobo says:

    Keira is thinner now than she was when she first came out because she WORKED OUT back then and has since stopped. For Bend it Like Beckham, King Arthur, Pirates of the Caribbean series, and Domino she said she was WORKING OUT CONSTANTLY since those roles were very physical. Watch The Hole and Dr Zhivago, which came out before the movies I just mentioned (meaning before she started working out), and you can see she is naturally skinny back then. It’s just that lately she has done more period pieces and dramas so she doesn’t work out anymore and thus she is a lot smaller.

    Regarding her food comment: She said she loved chips and pasta, not that she ate is every night! You would be OVERWEIGHT if you ate that every night! She probably uses PORTION CONTROL. Also, in an interview she said she doesn’t eat CARBS after 4pm.

    Lastly, about the eating disorder: 1. She said eating disorders were in her family (her grandmother), but that 2. she does not have an eating disorder and NEVER has had an eating disorder. Eating disorders are mental illnesses and she is QUITE ALRIGHT.

    If she really “LOVED” the attention then how come there aren’t more photos of her going to events, clubs, out shopping, etc. etc.??? NEWSFLASH she’s a very private person and doesn’t give a shit about attention. She’s in it for the craft of acting not the media. I don’t buy the whole “attention’ theory one bit.

    Keira is not like other actresses in the media. She has been linked with TWO men since she has been famous (since she was age 16!) — her current boyfriend being her partner for the last FIVE years. She also has a really supportive family and she is often seen with her mother, father, and brother. She does not have “feuds” with other celebrities. She does not go clubbing every night. She is well spoken and quiet and cheeky and takes her job seriously. She does not have a drinking problem, or drug problem, and the most controversial thing about her is her WEIGHT which is NO ONE’S BUSINESS ANYWAY (NOT EVEN MINE).

  63. Bobo says:

    I just wanted to add that one could even describe Keira as BORING. She’s very normal and down to earth. People just want to pick and find things to talk about so, being a woman, they attack her weight (or her tits, or her lips, or her legs or whatever). Not that all these things relate to her PHYSICAL appearance. The media is sexist a hole of shit out to attack these women on every little thing they do rather than embrace them for being human!