OctoMom: ‘I would not want to look like’ Angelina Jolie

Nadya Suleman

As much as I think Nadya Suleman is a whack-job who should be ignored/hospitalized/jailed, people still love reading about her and exploits, so here’s the latest installment. A couple of weeks ago, several tabloids and gossip sites ran with the story that Nadya is so crazy and so obsessed with Angelina Jolie, that when she was a stripper for about a year, and she stripped under the name “Angelina”. Nadya is now denying it completely.

Nadya is so pissed at the story, she claims she’ll sue. She also says she had no idea who the three sources were who confirmed the story to In Touch – the strip club owner, a limo driver and another stripper. Not only is Nadya refuting the stripper story, she is still claiming that she has no interest in Angelina. Nadya’s words were, “No offense. But I would not want to look like this woman.” What the…?

Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman is adamantly denying an explosive new story in In Touch that claims she worked as a stripper for a year, going by the name “Angelina.” And in an exclusive new interview with RadarOnline.com, Nadya says she’s willing to go to court to prove the story is a lie.

The article relies on a limo driver, an exotic dancer named “Sage,” and the owner of a San Diego strip club as sources. All three say they knew Nadya when she danced at what is now the Spearmint Rhino and worked at bachelor parties between 1999 and 2000. Sage, who didn’t reveal her real name, even said “[Suleman] was overly flirty with the guys we performed for.”

Suleman dismisses the article as false, and even says “Who are these humans?” as she flips through the magazine, denying she ever met any of the people who were interviewed for the story. She also insists that the closest she ever came to stripping was entering a lingerie contest at a night club at age 19. “I won,” she adds.

Suleman isn’t taking the story lying down, and says her lawyer plans to file a slander suit against the owner of the club,” There’s not one once of truth to this,” she says . As for the magazine’s claim that she tries to emulate Angelina Jolie’s look? “No offense,” she says. “But I would not want to look like this woman.”

[From Radar Online]

Crazy is as crazy does, as we say in the South. Does Nadya think we’re as crazy/stupid as she is? Does she think we can’t put the little pieces together that she’s obsessed with Angelina, to the point where she’s had plastic surgery to look like her? That it’s just a hop, skip and a jump away from stripping under the name Angelina? It will be interesting to see if Nadya follows through on her lawsuit. If she does, and the case actually ends up before a judge, I can only imagine how quickly this case gets thrown out.

Nadya Suleman is shown visiting the Calvary Baptist Church Christian School in La Habra, California. Images thanks to INF Photo.
Nadya Suleman

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33 Responses to “OctoMom: ‘I would not want to look like’ Angelina Jolie”

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  1. Bros says:

    ok you crazy beastie freak. whatever you say. god this woman drives me nuts. she would deny her name is nadia if it suited her at the time. no offense, but i wouldnt want to look like AJ? then why did you use all your disability $$ to have your face rearranged to approximate angie’s? what a complete nutjob!

  2. BiggieShortie says:

    Aw, man! I couldn’t even finish reading this article. This crazy-assed LYING sack of rotting turds just CAN’T stop lying to save her life.
    It is painfully obvious she is a shameless and prolific lie teller.
    So, WHY did her face morph into a bootleg Angie? She didn’t look like that a few years ago. Pictures prove it.
    I hope she falls off the face of a cliff.
    Those kids ain’t got a chance in HELL of growing up well-adjusted. Future leeches and liars, just like “Angie”

  3. BiggieShortie says:

    I especially like her bluff about going to court to prove the story is a lie.

  4. DD says:

    well that’s because she wants to look like the burn victim version of Jolie with multiple skin grafts.

  5. Wow says:

    Actually, I wouldn’t want to look like Angelina either. And who knows? It wouldn’t be the first time a tabloid made up fake “sources” and “names” for a story. I’ll give ole Octo the benefit of the doubt now, even though I sort of believe this before.

    Focus on your kids, Octo.

  6. Jag says:

    I hope she does try to take that so-called slander case to court. Maybe the judge can somehow figure out a tie-in to protect her 14 children, since CPS won’t do it.

  7. Lisa says:

    Why did she go get tatoos of all the children’s names? Oh, I guess that was an original idea?

  8. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    Eh…what the?! This crazy lying lady gives me the most terrible heartburn.

    Give the dog a bone love…

  9. gg says:

    I hope Nadya is in mental therapy, because she has a loose relationship with many things, especially the Truth.

  10. Jones says:

    Do you think maybe the Octo is referring to the frail figure of Jolie or the insanity of all things St. Angie?

  11. anna says:

    She tells one story, her face says another.

  12. ThatBKChick says:

    I was just watching last night this mediawhore getting a tattoo on her back in tribute to her children…like A.J. did for her children…this woman is a psychopathiclogial sick beeaoootch!! It is time some one pulls the plug on this phuckery…if this was anyone else, they would had came in and took their childrne by now..I am just amazed how the media continues to buy into this mess and no one holds this woman, or checks to see if she is even mentally stable to have one child..I want to know how in the hell does she have time ro by Desinger Frames, clothes get tatted up and expects for tax payers to foot the bill for her W.I.C. and other public assistance handouts?!!! ALL I WANT TO KNOW IN THIS ECONOMY AND CURRENT SITUATION….DUDE….WHERE’S MY STIMULUS CHECK TOO!?!!

  13. lisa says:

    I wonder what she would do if the paparazzi and all just up and went away one day. She wouldn’t know what to do with herself.

  14. UrbanRube says:

    She’s in absolutely no danger of looking like the real thing.

  15. Codzilla says:

    Enough of this crazy bitch, already. I’m begging you.

  16. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    I didn’t read past the first paragraph, sorry. It’s not you Kaiser, it’s this woman. I have Octofatigue.

    Sure, she’s gonna sue. Just like she sued In Touch magazine before, right?

    Gah. GO AWAY WOMAN, GO AWAY. Go feed a freaking baby already.

  17. Hojo says:

    @Lisa: She would have more babies. Perhaps another set of twins?

    I second what ya’ll are saying here. In this economy how is the state/government/CPS allowing this?

    This crazy bat shit lady makes women is general look bad. To all the single mothers out there who work hard for their kids/jobs you go girls!

    And for the record, looking like Angelina Jolie isn’t on the top of my list… BUT if someone was to compare me to her, I would take it as a compliment. She is a beautiful woman.

  18. Beth Johnson says:

    Why does she never seem to take any of her children with her. All sorts of photos of her out and about but she never has the kids with her. Even when she is buying them toys.

  19. barneslr says:

    She need not worry. She doesn’t even come close to looking like AJ.

    This woman is deranged. Why hasn’t CPS taken those 14 innocent children away from her yet? It’s been long enough that I am starting to think that CPS needs to be investigated for failing to do their jobs!

  20. ChristinaT says:

    i have an idea… if you stop caring, then she will no longer be lying to you..

  21. cakes says:

    I thought she admitted to being a stripper?

  22. Codzilla says:

    cakes: Yeah, but she said it was just for one day. And yes, I hate myself for knowing that.

  23. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    Octofatigue – can one get treatment for this on the NHS or do I need to go through a private clinic?

  24. Karen Lee says:

    THANK YOU, DR PHIL. Maybe this OCTOfreak would be long gone if Dr phil hadn’t stepped in (against his wife, Robyn’s wishes) to help the Octopig wreak HAVOC in LaHabra. Had she been LEFT to her own devices –WHO KNOWS where she might have been FORCED to move. BUT, the ratings pimp he is –we are ALL saddled with Octopsycho for a long, long time. Already the RUSH TO THE HOSPITAL E-R visits have begun. Is this pig really WORTH everything the state (taxpayers) are being forced to EXPEND on her (and the kids)?

    when IS SHE going to start earning HER KEEP -and support the mouths SHE brought into this world.

  25. Ned says:

    Just because both Angelina and Octomom had a nose job and some more work done- doesn’t mean she tried to look like her.

    Many women in LA look alike with all the nose jobs and lips injections (and botox).

  26. Annabelle says:

    Um, no offense.. but she didn’t win that lingerie contest. you wish biatch!

    and hasn’t she already admitted that she stripped for one night but quit when she found out she had to give lap dances?

    Guuuh, she makes me so angry, but I can’t stop reading about her. She is so pathetic! and UGLY!

  27. yae says:

    Thats what happens when you pathologically lie. Then eventually EVERYTHING you say is a contradiction.

  28. Aleksa says:

    She does not want to look like Angelina…She wants to BE Angelina!

  29. Constanza says:

    She DOESNT look like Jolie. If she’s trying to-she’s failing. She just looks weird. Very weird.

  30. Snoopchew says:

    Karen Lee : You are so right about Dr. Phil and he should have listened to Robin. When he asked Octopus to sign over exclusive rights even though she said there was no pay involved, she was ready to accept so many gifts and opportunities from other sources (arranged by the doc I’m sure). He sadly, even as a psychologist, could not save this woman. She is an incurable psychotic and believes every-thing her “cinderella world” tells her to believe.

  31. Bryanna says:

    “No offense, but I wouldn’t want to look like Angelina…”
    well she doesn’t look like her—if there is any resemblance it is purely generic—but that is even a stretch.

    I am just disgusted with reality tv! I hate it so much, I will even stop watching American Idol and So You think you can Dance!! Im fed up! I don’t ever watch these lame “Oh I pushed out another brat!!” reality shows, much less her dumb ass show! She has supreme gall calling kate attention seeking!

    And the slander case—what?? Like she hasn’t done enough on her own to ruin her reputation?? The so-called slander won’t even ruin her reputation. She wouldn’t be able to show proper damage, for pete’s sake!–she ALREADY has it made: these days we reward smutty people like her with reality shows and free stuff DUH! Konk your head several times over that one.