Michael Jackson upgrades his kids’ face masks to deluxe models

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Whoever said Michael Jackson is crazy is just being judgmental. He is clearly nothing more than an eccentric artist. Who covers his children’s faces with flamboyant feathered carnival masks. Totally, totally normal. I know we’re well beyond the “Michael Jackson is so crazy, let’s make fun of him for it” shtick. But it’s just… feathered masks, you know? It’s hard to overlook that, insane or not.

Michael Jackson caused a stir in West Hollywood yesterday as he took his three children on a shopping spree.

The eccentric pop star enjoyed a chaotic visit to the Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier store with seven-year-old Prince Michael II (known as Blanket), 11-year-old Paris and 12-year-old Prince Michael in tow.

The 50-year-old’s children donned school uniforms for the trip and kept their faces covered up with flamboyant carnival masks as they shopped inside.

Jackson also opted for the school look and sported a green blazer and red baggy trousers with his trademark surgical mask.

After spending over an hour inside the store, the group left the premises while an aide carried their numerous purchases.

It was a rare public family outing for the Jackson clan. The star has gone to great lengths to ensure that his children are protected from the media glare and the youngsters’ faces have only been pictured once.

Jackson has been locked away in recent months as he rehearses for his 50-night comeback tour at London’s O2 arena this summer.

[From the Daily Mail]

I’m sort of wondering if this is supposed to be an upgrade for the kids. I mean it’s better than their usual surgical masks right? There’s a little bit of pizzazz to it. I’m assuming that, despite the school uniforms, the kids must be tutored privately and don’t go to a traditional school. Because Jacko is clearly a control freak when it comes to them, and I can’t associate anything Jackson-related to the word “traditional.” I wonder if they wear the masks at home too? Or if it’s just a “other people have germs, these feathers will keep you safe” logic. Which is true – I am fully prepared to battle swine flu germs with an elaborate Mardi Gras mask if need be. The Venetian kind with a beak, like the plague doctors used to wear. Never mind, Jacko is just forward thinking.

Thanks to X17 for the idea that Jackson is afraid of Swine Flu.

Images thanks to WENN.com .

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  1. CandyKay says:

    They look just like Culkin kids, which would fit well with the rumor that Macaulay Culkin was the sperm donor for at least the first two Jackson kids.

    At any rate, they’re clearly not the niece and nephew of Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon.

  2. stewie says:

    duh…they wear the school uniforms because it turns him on.

    someone needs to return those kids to their biological parents.

  3. Mairead says:

    You have noticed the crest on the uniforms no? A highly elaborate MJ.

  4. heehee says:

    He doesnt want them exposed to public viewing/scrutiny– like he himself was, and obviously wound up traumatized by (ergo how he does things like this now).
    But that isnt to say that having to grow up covered by sheets and hiding behind masks would do wonders for ya, either.

  5. Dorothy says:

    Stewie that was my first thought too! So sad!!!

  6. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    Jaybird – you crack me up, the reference to the beaky plague masks is genius!

    As for these poor kids I’m sure they’ll be in the same queue for psychotherapy as Suri.

  7. drm says:

    It is incredibly creepy and disturbing…I think its a bit unfair Zoe (TOO)LOL to compare Suri Cruise with this mob…

    I hope he has enough money left to pay for all the extensive psychotherapy these kids are going to need

    Do they go to school does anyone know?

  8. Feebee says:

    I find it hard to believe that these children are the product of a black man (yes I know it’s ‘happened’ before but….).

    Hadn’t heard the Culkin theory, someone may be on to something there, though wouldn’t he have been very young to be donating sperm? Maybe that’s the real reason for the masks.

  9. Lori says:

    Why is one of the boys wearing a skirt and patent leather shoes like a little girl would wear? In fact is that a girl I am looking at? I am so confused.

  10. Maritza says:

    The kids mother should feel so ashamed for selling her kids to this wacko!

  11. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    DRM – LOL, you are right, this mob have a few years on Suri yet!

  12. Mairead says:

    yes Lori, Paris (despite having a boy’s name) is indeed a little girl. ;)

  13. Prissa says:

    I can hardly wait to read those tell all books… ya know they are coming!

  14. sandy says:

    This is hands down the CREEPIEST THING I’ve seen this year!!! There is no way in HELL those kids are related to him, we’ve all seen Michael, his brothers and all their children at this age. And, the MJ crest on their sweaters??? Those aren’t school uniforms, they’re an outfit put together by a sick, disturbed egomaniac!!!

  15. Lisa says:

    I’m convinced those are his biological children. They are light skinned but this happens with mixed children sometimes – their mom is very fair and michael, although African American, wasn’t dark brown to begin with – even before vitiligo – and michael`s mother is half native american or something. The oldest boy is really handsome and his features, the way he is built and even how he moves resembles mj a lot! – even with the masks on it’s obvious that the kids are very cute and well taken care of. By the way wearing masks wasn`t michael`s idea – he is simply honoring a request that their mom made to protect them – apparently they encountered a lot of hate and kidnapping threats when the kids were small. As for michael wearing a mask…he`s got vitiligo and lupus (check wiki if you don,t belief) – also his nose job went wrong somehow – so i think it takes a lot of makeup to make him look somewhat healthy – and sometimes he probably just doesn`t feel like spending hours on makeup – especially if he is only going shopping with his kids – instead he puts on a mask…it`s a lot less hassle. I find it sad how people judge and diss him and his family – it`s not only heartless but also dumb. And about his fashion style…first of all :WHO CARES! and secondly : I LIKE IT!

  16. jm says:

    I pray DCFS shows up regularly. There is no way he doesn’t molest those children regularly. It is too creepy to even look at him with them. Those poor kids.

  17. Orangejulius says:

    Sick, sick, sick motherf*****.

    My ass those are his kids. I don’t care how light-skinned he is/was, every single one of those kids wouldn’t have been totally white. Come on! I could even believe one, but all 3?

  18. Zoe says:

    I don’t know why people are acting like this is the end of the world and child abuse. These children obviously don’t walk around the house like that and they are kids, I used to love wearing masks and dressing up. I don’t know what you are talking about upgrading the masks, those kids have always worn this type of thing. It may be unconventional, but it has worked. The media doesn’t know what those kids look like without the masks and thus they are able to live normal lives undetected in public without Jacko. Sounds like he’s doing more to protect them than Brangelina parading around their brood. I applaud him for trying, it suggests that he is quite the caring dad. Anyone who has ever met those kids has nothing but wonderful things to say about them, even people that can’t stand Michael Jackson like that Dixie Chick that met them at her party. I think they are going to turn out a lot better than some of those other celebuspawns, believe it or not.

  19. Ggirl says:

    Child abuse does not have a skin color. Forcing your kids to wear masks their entire lives has had to have screwed up those kids good and proper. I wish someone would step in to help the kids. They will probably be in psychotherapy for years. Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson will probably spend eternity in a very hot place after the sick deal they made!

  20. Meg says:

    I think people are just mad they can’t see the kids face and pick at them more. If the kids come out with a nanny you will not recognize them and that makes you mad.
    I see mixed kids all the time with the mom white and dad black and the kids can look very white.
    The public wants Jackson kids out on display everyday like Suri is put out for all to see but yet their are still complaints about Suri an Pitt&Jolie kids. Apparently you can’t win with the public of views that are not happy with their own lives.

  21. Arianna Shaffer says:

    I think micheal jackson is crazy but then again its hard being a celebrity and in the public eye of the world, and sometimes you dont want people following you around or harassing you, or taking pictures of you and posting them. Yes, I agree that it is a little strange he likes to dress his kids up in feathered masks, but I think people should stop focusing on the weird things about him and just let him be.

  22. JUSTINE says:

    nobody shouldnt make fun of michael jackson just because he wants to hide his chrildrens faces like that there a different kind of family thats wat michael is used to he does just because he doesnt want ppl to see wat his chrildren to be seen on tv. and then his chrildren wont be left alone by the poperotzi and they wont have any space to themselves like the kind of space they dont have now everybody just needs to leave michael alone im sure hes trying his best to bring his life back on track again but he cant cause to many people are yelling a him and making fun of him so hes scared to make a changs everbody just leve him alone. by the way i like michael jacksons songs he has a power house voice hes the genious voice of the generation.

  23. j. ferber says:

    But notice no other celebrity has ever “protected” their children in such a bizarre way for so many years? And dangling “Blanket” out the window because Michael was “overexcited?” I suppose that was normal, too. Incidentally, if you’re as old as me, you’ll remember the Thriller album cover and Michael was indeed very dark (and so much more attractive than now). To say that the mother requested the masks and he’s honoring her wish is ridiculous. She sold those babies long ago and has no say in anything he does with them. He makes her notify him months in advance just to see them. If the kids are normal, God bless them. It certainly has nothing to do with him.

  24. Magsy says:

    Man he’s messed those kids up. Why the hell would they need masks, just let them go out in public without your crazy a– Michael! No one would know who they are.

  25. gg says:

    ROTFL JayBird!! omg that was funny. Took the words right outta my brain:

    “Which is true – I am fully prepared to battle swine flu germs with an elaborate Mardi Gras mask if need be. The Venetian kind with a beak, like the plague doctors used to wear.”

    Also, Justine. You must be very young. God bless you. Yes, we know all that – has nothing to do with his abusing those kids. please.

    You can say you like the guy’s music but don’t even condone his outlandish actions. He’s very disturbed and it’s been covered everywhere. Maybe investigate further before you defend the child-abusing Freak of the Century, really.

  26. JUSTINE says:

    gg: u never quiet understood wat i was trying to say i was trying to say that he is the way he is because the way he was treated by his dad his dad abused him and Michael isnt right in his head and thats y i was saying u shouldnt make fun of him cause he was abused and cause of that he abused his kids i dont know y he continued to do that. and also im not very young im 13 i seen wat i did wrong in the last message there was soething i wrote that ppl already knew i didnt realize that at the time until the day after that message was sent. and i didnt say nothing about i knew for a fact he abused his children i just said that he may have abused them cause of the way he is

  27. Janet says:

    I think that MJ has transferred his identity crisis onto his children. I have never been able to reconcile myself to the MJ that sat on the Thriller cover and won so many hearts with Billie Jean and Beat It, as being the same person who now has a nose that falls off, is obviously breaching normal boundaries with all kinds of children (I don’t care what anyone says the whole NeverLand Ranch thing is wrong and I would never let my kids go somewhere like that, so all the parents of all the kids who stayed there are just as much as fault in my mind), and does eccentric (crazy) things with kids kids (holding “Blanket” over that balcony etc)…

    He’s always been a little loco, he’s turned downright nutty in the past few years, and although I’m saddened by the loss the 80s music world has just suffered with his death, I’m not really sad to see a human like that leave the face of the earth.

    If he hadn’t been famous he’d have never gotten away with the things he has. I’m glad he’s no longer around to continue the double standard.

  28. Zelmi says:


    im not tht big fan of michael jackson cuz im only 13 but im devastated tht he DIED!

  29. M.J $ Life!!!!! says:

    R.I.P Michael Jackson…. You will be with us forever… And your music will be cherished… No matter what you did wrong….your still the BEST!!! Everyone makes mistakes!!!!Everyone also got to learn how to forget and forgive!!! If not, F.U.C.K dem haterz!!!!

  30. commentator says:

    Michael Jackson wears a surgical mask because he is scared of inhaling crazy germs: I think he is about 20 years into a severe case of crazyassitis.

  31. fan says:

    u guys are stupid immature jerks MJ jus dosent want his kids faces exposed all over the world y is dat so hard for u dummies to understand

  32. Mjones says:

    I honestly dont think hes a sick freak, do you guys know him? have u been in his shoes? do u know every single detail about his life, his every thought? No i dont think so! His dad abused him with words, he was always thinking negetive about himself, i honestly think he was trying to protect his kids in a way, a way we wont ever be able to understand. I belive micheal was an amazing, awesome guy who had a love for music, just leave him alone wont you? And think about it tabloids and people would do anything for money. I dont think he ever ment any harm to anyone. He was being himself. Would you want to be judged so harshley for being yourself? Your all intitled to your own opinions, as am i, but i think most of you dont give him enough credit. There are people out there who are “Crazy” and hes not one of them. No matter what argument you have against this comment, i really dont care. He was just another person living his life like any of us. And no im not a hudge fan, i actually didnt know anything about him or his music untill the day he died and thats when i became a fan. He made history in the music industry. I think hes truely uniqe and amazing.

  33. Drale says:

    Is it just me or do people make too big a deal over this?

    His kids or not, whatever happened happened. There’s no changing it. I don’t care how the kids were treated, I do care that those kids will need therapy and a good prayer. I know a lot of people who were abused as a child, and their father dead. They miss him. jacko’s kids, abused or not, will miss him too.

    He wasn’t the best father figure in the world, but he did care about the kids. I can tell people are going to comment on my comment saying I’m wrong and I suck at everything, but in reality, I’m right. You see, those kids had a safe environment, yes I do think they’d be better off away from him, but that’s my own personal belief. But I wish the best for those kids. And I do believe they deserve some of the money from Jacko, even if he’s so much in debt, it would be nice to give them each a good chunk of money that they cannot touch until they’re old enough…Good college fund, or enough to live a very comfortable life style…Or therapy depending on how they turn out.

    Even if the kids aren’t Micheal Jackson’s, he was the role model on those kids. So I wouldn’t doubt if they turned out to be a lot like him,just hopefully without the surgery.

    I hope you enjoyed my paragraph or…four. If you want to tell me I’m wrong,or I’m stupid or some other insult, then I hope you have facts to back it up. Do I have facts to back this up? Hah. This is my personal theory. The facts I have are from the news,and the back of my head.

    And so we’re on the same playing level,I don’t care for MJ. I never did like him, but I was a fan of Smooth Criminal and Thriller…At least some of his music was good. But as for the man himself,I did not care for. I just hope the best for this kids.

  34. MGchica says:

    Those are his kids and he was a good father to them all. In all the pictures you see of him with them they are all happy and smiling. For everybody that didnt or doensnt like him well get over it and stop saying stupid mean things. The poor guy is dead. Just shut up and let everybody who cares grieve for him. You dont have to if you dont want but just be polite and get over it. Michael was an awesome singer and performer and will be missed by many people. He brought alot to the world of music and dance and should be remembered for all the good times not the accusations brought against him. I am going to miss him and I know that Im not going to be the only one. Just remember that just because he is not physically here doesnt mean that he is gone. He will live on through his family and through all the great things he accomplished during his life. Rest in peace Michael Jackson <3

  35. meat says:

    I don’t think MJ would have approved of his kids faces being uncovered during his funeral. Then again, it’s about time the kids are able to face the world without a mask.

  36. Jennifer says:

    Did anyone ever stop to think that maybe this is a safety issue for the children? He is a major celebirity who may fear something happening to the children. I know I would certainly go to any links to protect my children would’t you? Let him rest in peace. To his family my prayers are with you. To his children I think you had a wonderful and very caring father. Be proud of who you are and that you have a wonderful family.

  37. ledor says:

    hey guys i just want to pass out this information

    (1)those kids are his i have all of michael’s pictures right from black to white and his first son looks like michael when he was black with his AFRO

    (2)blanket is the the exact replica of michael compare his piture to michael’s during BAD’S era and you would see

    (3)the girl has michael’s courage to stand up to the public and she looks like her brother and he looks like michael

    (4)F*** debbi rowe she ain’t never getting those kids michael already paid her for them

    (5)michael is the father to those kids

  38. gabriel says:

    its a shame how all these hypocrites below me all hated michael before, but now im sure they all feel bad. i was like them before too, but i didnt hate on him, i just didnt care for him but now that i actually took the time to look and see what hes done for our world and our music industry is just absolutly amazing. and he was not a pedophile, if you want me to beat the shit out of you with my views about it, send me an email ,nemisis530 at yaho . com

    RIP MJ!!

  39. PARIS JACKSON says:


  40. rosa says:

    none of those kids resemble mj but it doesn’t matter. he was a good father to them and that is the father they know. anyone can be a parent biological or not. I wonder why he wanted all his kids white but i guess that was what he wanted. rip mj

  41. Mia says:

    Hey Paris if you read this. I am a big fan of your dad and I would like to be your friend.

  42. sc341 says:

    R.I.P. Michael Jackson. May God watch over your children. Still missing you.

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