Beyonce blamed for sending double to museum – it was radio station prank


English-speaking news outlets are incorrectly reporting that Beyonce Knowles has become a huge diva – and flat out disrespectful towards her public. They’re saying she sent a body double to a Vienna museum that had booked a special private tour just for her so that she could go shopping instead. They’re getting the story wrong, though. German-language sources say that it was all a prank by an Austrian radio station that was pulled off with a body double without Beyonce’s consent. Here’s an account in Yahoo! News, which incorrectly interprets the German stories about the incident:

Note: the story below is incorrect. Beyonce did not arrange this, it was a prank by a radio station

US pop star Beyonce has angered a high-brow art museum in Vienna by sending a look-a-like to her own special personal tour of the museum, while she went shopping, according to newspaper reports here Wednesday.

Tabloid dailies Oesterreich and Heute said the R&B diva had been due to visit the Albertina, one of the Austrian capital’s most famous museums which attracts around one million visitors each year. Recent visitors include Hollywood stars such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Nicolas Cage.

But Beyonce, who gave a concert in Vienna on Tuesday, decided to skive off and do some shopping instead, sending a look-a-like to the museum and be photographed with Albertina director, Klaus Albrecht Schroeder, according to the reports.

The museum was understandably put out and said it would protest to the star’s management. “What a cheek,” Albertina spokeswoman Verena Dahlitz told the Austrian news agency APA. “We were a little doubtful yesterday, but weren’t really sure. It could have been her,” Dahlitz said, adding that fans were apparently duped, too. Beyonce’s concert in Vienna met with very mixed reviews and was only half-full, according to Oesterreich.

[From Yahoo News]

albertina1-1_big I’d written this whole article about how ungracious Beyonce was being, which I’m sure some other sites will be doing as well in the next day. Luckily, Celebitchy’s husband – who’s German – offered to read a few of the articles and translate, and the English articles got the story entirely wrong. What actually happened is that radio station Krone-Hit arranged the museum visit as a prank on the museum without Beyonce’s knowledge. Presumably they were acting as though they were Beyonce’s representatives. Then they sent the Beyonce double to the museum. Who, from the picture, isn’t that great a doppelganger – she has a much smaller frame, and even with sunglasses you can tell the face isn’t all that similar. She looks a lot more like Leona Lewis than Beyonce in my opinion.

The museum employees became suspicious because the faux-Beyonce avoided eye contact with the director and was behaving oddly. The radio station has YouTube video up (it’s in German) but according to Celebitchy they’re still not admitting it isn’t her, though it’s obvious to anyone with semi-vision. The woman shows up in a limo that has a picture of Beyonce on the window and bodyguards surrounding it to give the impression that it’s her.

Beyonce and the museum were just the victims of a stupid prank. The problem is that it seriously wasted the gallery’s time, and it may very well become a PR issue for Beyonce. I’m fairly certain most sites don’t have the advantage of a German translator at the ready and will have to assume that Yahoo’s story is accurate. But to be clear, Beyonce appears to have had absolutely nothing to do with it. The only thing that was correct about the article was that her concert got some pretty bad reviews.

* Big thanks to Celebitchy’s husband for his help with this article.

Images thanks to and WIEN .


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24 Responses to “Beyonce blamed for sending double to museum – it was radio station prank”

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  1. kiki says:

    its a joke that woman does not even look like beowolf

  2. Enonymous says:

    Is that girl in the above photos is actually supposed to be Beyonce’s body double? She sure does not look like Beyonce.

  3. Maja says:

    Her double looks more like Leona Lewis!
    I know it’s just a prank, but when I read the “article” I actually kinda believed it… Sounds like a mega diva-move Beyoncé would be able to pull off…LOL

  4. HEB says:

    She might as well have just sent Solange…that double looks like her instead of Beyonce…

  5. Amy says:

    I can’t believe the museum fell for it. This woman looks nothing like Beyonce.

  6. I agree. The girl totally looks like Leona Lewis and even Solange. What a bad prank, let’s leave that to Ashton Kutcher.

  7. Sakota says:

    So now celebs are sending doubles if they don’t feel like showing up to do what they are paid for.

    If she was paid to make an appearance, she should return the money.

  8. skldfj says:

    that girl looks nothing like her. its their fault if they were fooled thats just crazy

  9. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    Weirdness – the girl looks nothing like Beyonce.

    Regardless of prank or not it’s still a bit much for her not to show up to an appointment in order to hit the shops up instead.

  10. Shay says:

    So they were supposedly mad at Beyonce? This lady looks nothing like Beyonce if anything she should be offended that they actually believed this girl was her.

  11. Celebitchy says:

    @Sakota, Heb and Zoe – read the article! The Yahoo! story is wrong and Jaybird makes that clear. This was a prank by a radio station pulled off without Beyonce’s knowledge. She wasn’t even scheduled at that museum and from what the German articles are saying the radio station set up the whole thing, including the appointment.

    -edit- I have reworded the title to make this clearer.

  12. gensan says:

    Even if anyone looks, Beyonce cannot see it. Coaxed one will be stupid.

  13. Neeci says:

    that cant even pass for Solange’s ugly arse

  14. Sauronsarmy says:

    Theres…black people in….Austria?

  15. Kelly says:

    i’m a white blond girl, and i look more like Beyonce than that chick!!

  16. hell chou-a-la cream says:

    I am Japanese, she is not “B”. It is fake not to be similler like.

  17. yo says:

    i am asian with no hair and i look more like beyonce than solange/beyonce!

  18. yoooo says:

    I think this is the Beyonce concept-art! XD

    Contemporary art is could be everything.

  19. 東方不敗 says:

    そっくりさんと館長記念撮影 (笑

  20. Gemini says:

    Um hello Beyonce does not have a five head. I dont see how anyone can say that woman looks like Beyonce!!!

  21. nxghosting says:

    i think she think not more than left her music tricks

  22. Venus in Blue Jeans says:

    UGH on Beyonce in total. Fake hair (different color and length and style in every photo…she just needs to employ wigs cuz’ extensions will leave her bald)bleached skin, nose jobs, butt pads, average voice, Jezebel vibes. YUCK-O and I am not envious. Just sick of these ‘divas’ whose voices all sound the same, just $$$$ makers for the avaricious music biz.

  23. see tv on pc says:

    What? Beyonce is gorgeous and quite frankly the so called double is, well, not!

    I have no idea if the gallery were fans of Beyonce or could pick her out in a line up but I am pretty sure that if Beyonce herself had wanted a double to attend a meeting she would make sure it looked like her.

    When your singing talents almost come second to your public image you do not mess with it.

    Besides, Beyonce wanting to go on a museum tour? Oh yeah, on the way to Flex I expect (Austrias top nightclub for the uninitiated)