Courteney Cox runs into Brad Pitt, doesn’t ignore him

Courteney Cox

After a split that’s more than four years old, can the friends of a divorced couple switch allegiances temporarily for a night? That’s what happened when Courteney Cox ran into Brad Pitt in Los Angeles. Courteney and her husband David Arquette were attending a concert at the Wiltern Theater when they saw Brad. Instead of ignoring Brad, Courteney went right up to him and started chatting. This is all according to Page Six, so it could be total crap. I don’t even know if Brad’s been in Los Angeles recently. But if it did happen, is it a big deal?

With friends like Courteney Cox, who needs enemies? Cox, who is supposedly best pals with her former “Friends” co-star Jennifer Aniston, was spotted chatting with Aniston’s ex-husband Brad Pitt at a concert Sunday night.

Cox was at the Wiltern Theater in LA with husband David Arquette for the final stop on rocker Chris Cornell’s Scream album tour when Pitt showed up.

Our backstage spy told us, “Instead of ignoring him, Courteney chatted away with Brad all night. The three were in great spirits and seemed really happy to see each other.”

[From Page Six]

Some will claim, “Oh for the love of God, she was just talking to him! It’s not the end of the world!” And still others will claim “Disloyal! Friends that side with the ex-wife have a constitutional duty to ignore the ex-husband!” When Brad and Jennifer were married, Courteney and David were one the couples that they were closest to. David has even spoken out about Brad and Jen’s divorce before. That being said, if this happened, it isn’t the first time they’ve all run into each other, and they seem to generally behave like adults. I mean, they’re all in their forties, so it would be weird if Courteney acted like a bitchy schoolgirl and ignored Brad in-between shooting him the death stare.

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  1. geronimo says:

    Wow. Two 40 something people behaving like adults. Astonishing. This has to be one of the most infantile stories I’ve ever read. Well done, Page Six.

  2. ash says:

    how dare she talk to brad, tisk tisk…


  3. Jones says:

    I got the friends in my divorce settlement, tried to trade them for the grill and the big comfy chair.

  4. raven says:

    Cox has been friendly with Pitt and has been seen talking with him other times in the press as of at least a couple of years ago, if not earlier.

  5. kiki says:

    No no no
    JENNIFER ANISTON runs into Brad Pitt with a car

  6. heyhey says:

    well if like jennifer and brad both said recently that they still keep in contact why would she have a problem with cox talking to him? from the sounds of it both aniston and pitt have managed to remain friends with each other its the tabs that have turned it into something ugly

  7. Carl says:

    Brad, Courteney and David are the mature decent ones. Jennifer Aniston is the immature 13 year old.

  8. heyhey says:

    jennifer and brad both said in interviews last year that they still keep in contact ,so how is she immature? do you mean immature for still talking to her ex husband lol

  9. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Oh my God. This is a STORY? Really?

  10. Ali says:

    Courteney knows Brad didn’t do anything wrong the marraiage went dead. The two decided to end the marriage and go on with their lives separately.
    The tabs keep the triangle going to help sell their mags. Brad and Angie should be left along.
    Brad is a gentleman and he loves Angie and his kids-a happy man would speak to old acquaintance on the streets.

  11. Chicamorena says:

    Big freaking deal. I’m on good terms with my ex-husband’s third wife. So what?

  12. kap says:

    It must be difficult to lose friends in a divorce. Courtney was honest throughout the ordeal and I’m sure Pitt appreciates that. She said that Pitt was honest about his feelings for Jolie and Aniston knew about it, so whenever Aniston implies that there were things going on at a time when I didn’t know about it, she’s lying. Also, heard Aniston is the lone hold out on the Friends movie. Maybe there’s bad blood?

  13. mollination says:

    That’s so annoying that celebrities get to sit backstage at any concert on any effing whim. They probably don’t even know what’s up with Chris Cornell and they just decided they would go to his concert and THEY get to sit backstage. I’m a bitter old lady.

  14. PJ says:

    Far as I’ve heard there’s no bad blood on the “Friends” movie, JA just isn’t that into it. Unlike the others, she has lots of other movie deals going and doesn’t need the money or exposure. She may also want to distance herself from “Friends” in order to take on other, different roles.

    In other words, she’s moved on.

  15. PJ says:

    Jennifer’s best friend’s warmth towards Pitt could be a signal that Jennifer isn’t quite as upset, vindictive, clinging to the past, etc., as the tabloids and haters would like us to believe. As with “Friends,” she’s moved on.

  16. the original kate says:

    this is how people in the real world behave. this should also convince everyone that the drama between brangelina & jen is totally constructed by the media.

  17. Chicamorena says:

    The tabloids may have constructed the Infernal Triangle, but it took partisans on both sides to keep it going. Some Aniston fans are still calling Jolie a homewrecker after five years. How ridiculous can you get? Get over it and move on already.

  18. Maritza says:

    In Hollywood relationships are constantly breaking up and marrying other people. Actors constantly run into each other in events and premieres. It would be ridicuolous to stay annoyed forever, at some point they may even want to participate in a project together.

  19. ellasen says:

    I love Brad Pitt, but really why is this a story??? There are so many other IMPORTANT things to write about ( and I think Brad would agree).

  20. Persistent Cat says:

    This is the exact type of “story” that made me leave this blog for awhile.

    Your whole follow-up paragraph is an imagined argument that still manages to make JA look bad. Who cares? They’ve run into each other before, all sides have admitted to still chatting, why make this an issue when it’s not? You claim that it’s the type of thing that will get blown out of porportion but you are the one doing it.

    Can you just put a moratorium on these articles? Oh right, you end up with over 100 comments for each Angie vs Jen post. I know I can choose which ones to read but it’s just so irritating to see non-stories about those people. Until Jen and Angie come face to face and there’s an awesome cat fight that even straight girls and gay guys will find hot, please put a moratorium on them.

  21. rina n says:

    In a Perfect World Jennifer was sitting there with them.
    but we dont live in a perfect world.
    Now, after Brad left Angelina, Courtney can go back to talk with him
    This is just a matter of time until This group of four of these will meet together, again.
    Brad Jennifer David and Courtney
    This is the real life.

  22. Rina is stoopid says:

    Delusional and desperate just like TEEN aniston, the pathetic infantile bimbo !

  23. rebecca says:

    Jennifer Looks like a man, She is a loser who can’t keep a man.