Lindsay Lohan claims to only have gone out without panties once

In a new interview in Elle Magazine, conducted less than two days before Lohan was busted for drunk driving, she says she would not drive drunk and was “much more responsible than that” despite the fact that she was already nabbed for an earlier DUI resulting in a minor accident at that point. She also defended the fact that she’s a media whore, saying she likes the food at the Ivy and will drive down Robertson any time she damn pleases.

She admitted she’s narcissistic, and tells an asinine story about how ex-boyfriend Calum Best caught her looking in the mirror and she said “damn I look good.”

As for her career she says she should “be nominated for an award for all the work I’ve done” and then brings up the fact that she played two characters in Parent Trap when she was 12! That was 9 years ago, the girl is delusional. After hearing how she drunkenly commandeered a guy’s car, ran over his friend’s foot without looking back, and took two guys hostage in a high speed car chase while they pleaded for their lives I didn’t think I could dislike this woman any more, but I’ve found out today that was possible.

On her reputation for drunk driving: “I wouldn’t violate … I’m much more responsible than that. I would not do that.”

On attending rehab at Wonderland before her 21st birthday: “I was growing up and going out a lot, and I needed to have a balance. I was glad I went, because I needed to get away from everyone and I didn’t know how to do that. And I learned a lot there. A bunch of my friends – I was with them last night – they’re in AA for, like, years.”

On her sometimes-boyfriend Calum Best: “I like him. He’s me in male form. We’re very similar. Stubborn, rebellious, very smart, coy, a little bit narcissistic – I think all actors have a little bit of that, and so they should. We’ll be kidding around, like the other day when we were in the Bahamas … I was walking by some mirror. And he caught me looking in the mirror and he goes, ‘I caught that!’ I was like, ‘Damn, I look good!’

On her future projects: “There’s this Walter Salles film I really want to do. It’s called On the Road. It has the vibe of that movie The Dreamers […] I want to work with Walter Salles so bad. I had to audition for him. It was the first audition I’ve had since Freaky Friday.”

On the media firestorm surrounding her: “I feel like the asshole, the idiot, because I feel like I’m distracting from the other things that are important, like global warming and that kind of stuff. I genuinely mean that. And I don’t know what to do.”

On avoiding fame: “I hate it, like, when these people say, ‘Well, why do you go to the Ivy if you don’t want …’ Seriously, I like their food! I can’t go to a restaurant? I know I’m going to get pictures taken. I’m fine with it. And I’m going to go have their food. People give you shit for it: ‘Don’t go on Robertson!’ What, I can’t drive down the street?”

On sleep troubles: “I have really bad insomnia. My whole life. I get nervous at night going to bed, and being awake alone really freaks me out.”

On her career aspirations: “I just want to be nominated for an award for all the work I’ve done. It’s so funny – people forget that I played two characters in Parent Trap when I was twelve years old.”

[Highlight from September, 2007 Elle interview sent via e-mail]

She also falsely claims she only went out without panties once in Venice, but she did it again that month in London, hiking her skirt up in the back of a car to show her shaved kitty. She said people digitally manipulate the pictures of her. She also said that she’s just “best friends” with Samantha Ronson.

One moment she claims to not look at nude pictures of herself online and then she goes on to say people alter them to make her look fat. It’s pretty obvious that he does look at pictures of herself from the way she blathers on. Liars often give themselves away with too many details.

What’s up with going commando in public?

You – getting off a boat, getting out of a car. You need to spend some time on the naughty mat.

It was once, and it was when I was in Venice. And I was rushing through the room, threw the Prada dress on. And that’s what happened. And I didn’t even see the picture. I don’t look at that shit – that’s gross. If I wear a dress I have underwear on.
Denial is not a river in Egypt
Can I tell you something? If I’m wearing a nude thong, they retouch it. I f’ck around on my computer, I know how easy it is. They make my face look swollen. I’m like, “Are you that bored?” I hear things about the night before that never happened. Like, they said I was dating my best friend – the Samantha Ronson thing. She’s my best friend!

[From PDF File of September, 2007 interview in Elle Magazine. Sent via e-mail]

This girl does know how to stay out of the spotlight as she’s been MIA for over a week. She’s thought to be in an undisclosed rehab. I bet it’s worse for her not to get her picture taken than it is to not be able to drink or do drugs. She was in rehab for well over a month before her latest DUI but there were rumors that she found ways to get high in there anyway. She certainly figured out how to get her photo taken.

When are they going to put this bitch in jail already?

Today’s NY Post says that Lindsay lost a potential contract with Louis Vuitton after repeatedly stealing clothes they outfitted her in for photo shoots. They won’t even lend her items in the future. Gorbachev probably returns all his sample stuff without a problem.


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