E!: Taylor Swift ‘was not happy’ about Tom Hiddleston’s thirsty ways


The Great Tiddlesplit of 2016 has replaced The Glorious Tiddlebanging of 2016. And I think most of us were fine with it. In fact, I would argue that the only people truly upset are the youngest of Taylor’s fans, who genuinely thought Tiddles was a love match. Much like the Boyfriend Rollout of Tom back in June, there was equal consideration as to how to roll out the news of the breakup. As you can see, Us Weekly got the heads-up about the split in enough time to make the split their cover story. There was also enough time to preview the Team Swift side of things in a Daily Mail story on Monday.

I included Us Weekly’s quotes in yesterday’s breakup story, but by now you could probably repeat them in your sleep: “She was the one to put the brakes on the relationship,” a source insisted. “Tom wanted the relationship to be more public than she was comfortable with. Taylor knew the backlash that comes with public displays of affection but Tom didn’t listen to her concerns when she brought them up.” Tom is the famewhore, not innocent Snake Emoji. Tom did it all for the fame. Taylor really fell in love. She didn’t want to go on a Screw-You-Calvin-Harris World Tour. Of course not. So is it funny that E! News’ source basically said a variation on Us Weekly’s quotes?

“Taylor felt he wanted to take the relationship to be too public,” a source close to the situation tells us, “and she was not happy about it and thought it was too much publicity.”

[From E! News]

E! News did a story a few hours later where they basically called bulls—t on that one quote – go here to read. For true blue Hiddlestoners, I have something terrible to admit: I do think Tom is thirsty, and that he loved all of the attention… at first. Like, he enjoyed it for a month or so. And then he saw it turn on him, he saw how silly he looked, a 35-year-old man in a “I Heart T.S.” tank top. And he started to tap out and wind it down. But the idea that Taylor is so concerned with privacy, that she just hated all of the attention? Hahahahahaha. Taylor couldn’t even help herself from stepping out yesterday for some happy, smiley, I’m-Single-and-I-Have-Big-Boobs-Now photos in New York – go here to see.

Meanwhile, Team Hiddles hasn’t offered their side of the story. For what it’s worth, Tom isn’t Calvin Harris. I don’t see Tom beefing with Taylor on social media, or engaging in (her) pettiness. Since I’m sure he knows his every word will be hyper-analyzed in the weeks and months to come, he decided to use his social media to draw attention to his work with UNICEF:

tiddles sun


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, The Sun, Us Weekly.

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  1. Snarkweek says:

    My belief in anything Taylor says has flies buzzing around it. For the first time I am sincerely beginning to question the stability of her personality.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      Maybe the DSM should include “chronic famewhore” as a diagnosis, along with “immaturity disorder.” She really does behave like a 13 year old’s fantasy of true love. I bet she wrote “Mrs. Hiddleston” in her diary with a smiley face over the “i”.

      Even so, he looks stupider than she does!

    • Naya says:

      Hey the girl is crazy, no arguments from me. But I kinda have a grudging respect for this game play. We all know there is no bigger fame whore than her and she has never had a relationship she didnt market. But in raising it first she is owning the FORMAL narrative. Even if he counters, this accusation will always get a mention whenever Tiddles is written about. The internet can buzz all it likes, the fact is that most people dont follow stuff here closely. When the news ticker on CNN reads that “Taylor Swift felt used by Tom Hiddleston”, then Joe Public is won.

      Also, charging another person with what you are guilty of is clever even though it doesnt seem like it. When Depp is accused of abusing Amber, he deflects by labelling her the abuser. When Trump is accused of being a bigot, he accuses Hillary of being the true bigot. When Rielle Hunter/Monica Lewinski is accused of being duplicitous, they accuse the wives of being two faced too. Of course we roll our eyes when somebody pulls this but we are also forced to acknowledge that the other party is no saint. It muddies the waters and makes a clean PR win impossible for Tom. It forces even his hardcore fans to acknowledge that he is thirsty.

      • Tiny Martian says:

        Well, he may be rather thirsty, and may look a fool. But this is a really POS move on her part. Predictable, but POS as well. She just seems like a really nasty piece of work to me.

      • Dippit says:

        “When the news ticker on CNN reads “Taylor Swift felt used by Tom Hiddleston” – Joe Public is won”

        Perhaps in the pre-2016 typical run of things for TS, but I doubt this time.

        Today there are far too many (an overwhelming majority) self-selecting to post across the internet “I call BS on this”. Now most people seeing that ticker may not choose to post, but based on sampling of those who have/do, are likely to harumph a “yeah, BS” to themselves before getting on with their own day.

        Enough of TS’s manipulative MO has leaked into public common consciousness in recent months for even those usually disengaged from online gossip to have formed a negative impression of her ‘honesty’. Even my father has called BS on her lately and I was just shocked he knew who she was.

        I think this time she’s to be hoisted by her own petard no matter how much she tries to take custody of the break-up narrative. And TH quietly using his social media for UNICEF purposes will paint her into a corner the more she tries to escalate her hard done by tales.

        Which is not to say I don’t think TH was thirsty – he was. BUT the ‘TS NOT as thirsty” spin isn’t going to fly now either. Even key MMS are calling BS on her version today. The CNN ticker probably has a subliminal 😉😂 attached to it.

      • Naya says:

        @Tiny Absolutely. Its a PoS move by itself but the timing is awful. She has basically robbed him of his Emmy moment. Even if he wins he will have to contend to some very humiliating headlines and photo captions.

        @Dippit Joe Public consumes celebrity news as though they personally know the celebrity in question. They dont believe in image crafting, they dont understand that these actors and singers are not their stage personas. If a news outlet carries this story, heres how it echoes in the average persons head “talented and nice girl Taylor Swift fell in love with unknown guy who my son tells me is in a comic book film. She thought she was in love but really he was trying to use her. Such a shame that a pretty girl like her is stuck dating Hollywood scum. I hope she finds a nice white Nashville boy who treats her right. Maybe I should do that laundry before bed”. The rule is that short of a Mel Gibson level of f*ck up, the celebrity always gets the benefit of the doubt, particularly if they are unthreateningly pretty and white.

      • Coconut says:

        Agree on all points on this sub-thread…She is the calculated one trying to come out front on the spin, but like the Kanye thing it’s going to be another clunker for her.

        Based on my relationships with men (pardon the gross generalization), I cannot imagine that Tom suggested they snog on the beach for reporters, meet each other’s parents so early on, and asked to have her plane fly him around!

      • third ginger says:

        Want to know the typical, non-gossip fan response to all this nonsense? It happened on MSNBC’s very early show at 5:30. The anchor tried to explain the Swift-Hiddleston split and was met by a hilarious chorus of WHO CARES? from her co-workers. She ended up laughing,too. I enjoy this site, but let’s not pretend all of America [that's my home] cares.

      • LAK says:

        Please can we not include Monica Lewinsky in this narrative? She was naive and stupid, but she was not duplicitous. And before anyone mentions the blue dress, please google Linda Tripp and why she talked Monica into keeping that dress.


      • Naya says:

        I meant duplicitous in the way that all people who cheat are duplicitous. For instance, pretending to the world that your relationship with your boss is a professional one while you secretly blow him in the oval office.

    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      I believe she is perfectly stable, her biggest crime, is that she is crazy like a Fox.

      She is brilliant at marketing. She has marketed this “good girl, who bakes cookies, loves her cats and girlfriends, who is the perpetual victim of love” image, as far as she can. Problem is, she didn’t plan ahead, once her cover wore out its usefulness, and became null and void. I suspect she is already working on the next phase of her “image.”

      No one is more interested in publicity, than Taylor. If she genuinely wanted privacy, in her personal life, she would not date anyone famous, nor have a “girl squad” full of models and actresses as “friends.” LOL!

  2. Locke Lamora says:

    Well, this is the pot calling the kettle black.

    • Sixer says:

      Yarse. I am Team Six of One, Half A Dozen of the Other.

      It seems the Great Tiddlesplit of 2016 is already turning into the Battle of Most Thirsty.

      This must be carried out to appropriate Britisher rules. This means I need to know who slapped whose face with the kid glove, in which field they choose to meet at dawn, the PR representatives who will be playing the seconds, and, most of all the WEAPON OF CHOICE. What is the weapon? Column inch total? Song lyric? Chivalric silence?

      • lilacflowers says:

        First, you will need to explain the concept of “Britisher” to Taylor who never quite grasped that her boyfriend was actually British, being half English and half Scottish, and has pretty much always identified himself as British and not just English.

        The weapon of choice will be Build-a-Bears they designed themselves.

      • frisbee says:

        Nah, the weapon of choice will be build- a- bears lobbed with a trebuchet


        Now that would be FUN!

      • ncboudicca says:

        But what about the TEA? Doesn’t anyone think of the TEA? Will Taylor throw out all her tins of that Britisher loose-leaf and go back to buying Luzianne pitcher-sized bags and only drinking sweet iced tea?

      • Sixer says:

        Oh yes! Death by Build-a-Bear. I like it. I also like Battle of the Tea-Drinking (mostly because I would have an advantage).

        Shall I give Taylor a primer on all things Britisher?


        *British Isles – archipelago (two largest islands = Great Britain and Ireland)
        *Great Britain – largest island in the British Isles


        *UK – sovereign state comprising Great Britain, Northern Ireland and many smaller islands
        *England/Scotland/Wales – constituent countries of the UK
        *Northern Ireland – a province of the UK
        *Republic of Ireland – sovereign state comprising most of the island of Ireland

        Note 1: England, Scotland, Wales are not countries in a legal sense: they are not sovereign states joined together. But they are countries in a linguistic sense and in the sense of a cultural idea of nationhood. Unless, of course, Scotland has a second referendum and votes Yes.

        Note 2: Full name of the UK sovereign state is United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (because Great Britain is the island that is divided into England, Scotland and Wales).

      • Sixer says:

        OOH! If it was Battle of the Builder’s Bum, would Taylor go hors de combat? Or would she fight on?

      • Dippit says:

        “Unless, of course, Scotland has a second referendum and votes Yes” – wheesht Sixer, I’m enjoying today.

        /Fortunately the chances of SNP even wanting one, they know they’d lose, get slimmer by the day (they just have to keep up pretense for the loyal) – much like the odds of people believing Taylor’s ‘privacy’ narrative.

      • Sixer says:

        I thought you might be, Dippit!

      • MI6 says:

        I think it was the 2-day trip to RI, Sixer. They worked all the details out then. He got a good, hard dose of Toxic Barbie reality and pulled the plug.
        Good on Tom to get back to Unicef. That’s when social media is effective, not for these petty celebrity wars.
        I still think he looks tweaked, Lilac. He would have known this was coming.
        By the way, I have a question for the Brits in the group: Why haven’t the 6 counties in the north of Ireland been offered opportunity for referendum, same as Scotland?
        Methinks it’s economics, but I want to hear from actual citizens of the UK.

      • BritAfrica says:


        Pleeease, I need to know who slapped whose face with the glove first too!!

        Did he pull away as men do (really busy, working late, project deadlines…etc…etc), forcing the woman to then say ‘well this is sh!te, no respect here, I’m ending it’ whilst knowing full well that it ended already?

        Or is that just my dating history only??

      • Sixer says:

        LOL @ BritAfrica! I honestly think it was just mutual. They saw the ubiquitous laughter, they wept bitter tears (at the laughter, not themselves or each other), wiped their eyes, opened them again and suddenly saw each other not as snoggee but as Person-To-Run-Away-From-Sharpish. And that was that.

        MI6 – because it’s sectarian. Because of the history of violence and the potential for future violence. A referendum wouldn’t sort things out in Northern Ireland. It could make things worse, not better because identity is all. The point of the peace process is to get the society to a point where sectarianism has declined to point where a peaceful and positive referendum *could* be held. But the grievances (on both sides) run deep. So it will take generations even in the best of conditions. I would say the priority in Northern Ireland is to hold on to the gains made (hard under a Tory government in the UK, I’m afraid).

      • MI6 says:

        Thanks, Sixer.
        My thought was that the violence was an excuse to hold on to the Celtic Tiger, though the northern economy has slowed a bit in the last decade. Don’t you think if Britain pulled out, the reason for the sectarian violence would be eliminated?
        I’m a republican, in case you can’t tell. And most definitely NOT in the American sense.

      • Becky says:

        Sixer, thanks for the explanation. I didn’t realise NI was a province (that’s why that word is used in news reports, doh).

        And the “Great” in GB refers to the larger island (megalis Brettanias), as opposed to the smaller island of Ireland (mikris Brettanis), at the time of Ptolemy before the nations even existed.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        I heartily approve the addition of trebuchets. Sixer, you can supervise tea breaks. Not sure that “archipelago,” “sovereign,” and “constituents” are concepts Taylor understands.

        @MI6, I just think this particular UNICEF topic struck him as not being something for which he had a relatable background and he was going to have to set himself as different with the posh boy being driven by dad instead of walking with a friend. And UNICEF had to review it.

      • Sixer says:

        I think we may have spoken about NI before, MI6? Politically-speaking, I favour reunification also. Mr Sixer is of Irish Catholic heritage and feels the same. But that aspiration doesn’t mean it’s currently possible and you can’t negate the self-determination of the Loyalists just because you want to, you know? Today, it not at all a question of Britain “pulling out” either. It’s just a matter of patience and waiting for new generations, hopefully more free of a sectarian outlook, who will then be able to make a communal decision about which of two nationhoods the province should take on, regardless of religion or history. But that’s not going to happen tomorrow. You have to get to the point where the domestic elections aren’t ONLY seen as plebiscites on the border.

      • Sixer says:

        Becky – exactly. We are used to Great and, say, Lesser, used as geographical terms because we have islands, villages, and all sorts named Great and Lesser. But all the Johnny Foreigners understandably think we’re saying Great means Britain is super-duper.

        Lilac – I’m in my chariot, ready to mow down anyone who tries to interfere in the upcoming Battle of Thirst. I will put a flask of tea on the seat, just for you.

      • Dippit says:

        M16 – as you are no doubt aware, the history of Ireland, and especially the Six Counties, is a troubled one.

        There is no great political will (within any of the Northern Irish communities) for an independent Northern Ireland as a sovereign nation-state in its own right. Rather the issue rests on those in favour of Reunification with the Republic of Ireland, and those in favour of remaining within the nation-state that is the United Kingdom.

        Under the terms of The Good Friday Agreement, Reunification could only take place if the majorities in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland were to vote in two seperate referendum for that to come to pass.

        Despite the Northern Ireland Assembly having a Nationalist Party maj for now, all polling indicates that a majority have no desire beyond maintaining within the UK with devolved powers. There is also no great political desire within the Rep to call for a contemporaneous referendum on Reunification either – and no guarantee that would be a majority Yes vote if held.

        It should also be noted that with younger voters the issue of remaining within the UK or of Reunification are now increasingly less dictated along religious/sectarian lines; although that does still carry some significant sway in many communities.

        Brexit has somewhat agitated matters – particularly over the issue of a potential hard border between North and South. Much of that will play out depending on whether the UK and EU negotiate a soft or hard Brexit when (if?) ART50 is finally triggered.

        In the meantime, The Northern Ireland Assembly have never asked for a referendum to decide on the matter of Northern Ireland becoming a seperate nation-state; there is no desire or political will for THAT particular option.

        Clearly it’s a lot more complex than that but I tried to stream of consciousness nutshell it.

        The position of Scotland is entirely different, both still within Union and in the terms of the aim of Scottish Nationalists. Not least because Scotland has significantly greater devolved matters and competencies by way of its Parliament than that of either the lesser powered Assemblies of Northern Ireland or Wales.

      • MI6 says:

        Sixer, I don’t think we have. I would’ve remembered Mr. Sixer was Irish Catholic, and that you favor reunification. I still believe the continued occupation is exacerbating the problem and is a thinly veiled excuse for hanging on to a lucrative “province.”
        This subject is fascinating to me – I’ve made several research trips to the north and have visited prisons there, including Long Kesh and the Crumlin Road, with ex-IRA soldiers. Quite the journey back from the war zone.
        I am asking because I am finishing my first novel and this serves as the backdrop. As always, I appreciate your wit, knowledge and insight. Cheers to Mr. Sixer.

      • MI6 says:

        Agree, Lilac. But I think Tom’s “walk to school” story is sadder in some ways. You can see the toll it took on him to be boarded and not at home with parents during such tender years and especially if there was conflict between them.
        The poshest environment can still be an emotional war zone.

      • Sixer says:

        MI6 – I co-sign Dippit’s summary of the constitutional aspects. Also, a great deal has changed since the Good Friday Agreement. Republicanism has greatly diversified and you probably wouldn’t find a majority among the Republican side, let alone the whole province, who would describe the state of affairs as an “occupation”. And, as I said, you can’t just erase all the Loyalists who have NEVER seen it as an occupation just because it doesn’t align with your point of view. I know a good few of the younger generations of Northern Irish people who want to fundamentally change the way politics is aligned there – currently, the Republican side is more the one espousing politics of the left, while the Loyalist side goes with the right. What if you are a Republican who favours the right on the economy? Or a Loyalist socialist? What then? The domestic politics need TIME to mature.

        This is all ridiculously simplified and I feel slightly uncomfortable talking for others, but it’s not ONLY the old imperial story any more, you know? It’s much more complicated than that.

        If Ireland ever reunifies, it will be through a gradual organic process, not a recriminatory upheaval.

      • Becky says:

        MI6, if memory serves NI still has a Protestant/Loyalist majority, that’s how it was created in the first place, although it has Catholic communities (which elect their own MPs). As Sixer and Dippit have said it is sectarian, unlike Scotland there’s no push for a referendum at this point. It would be a divisive after all the work of the Good Friday agreement.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        To add another level to the more serious discussion here, I do believe I have mentioned my “mixed” heritage before – and my English grandmother not accepting that her son married an Irish Catholic and my Irish American grandfather being a supporter of the IRA. Several of my cousins who must travel frequently for work have found themselves on the TSA watch list and No Fly List because their names are similar to members of terrorist groups in Northern Ireland. Even Senator Kennedy was on the list at one point. The peace is still fragile and threatened and yes, it will take at least another generation or two as Sixer says.

      • Smd says:

        Sixer, battle of choice..hmmm..well for Tay it has to be returning to the girl squad with repeated pics of the “girls” engaging in picture perfect empowering activities (eye roll). Tom handing all of the fall out with grace and maturity and quietly seeking out his boys and perhaps a slightly more mature, less well known lovely English lass. Or preferably they reunite and up their Game!!! Do it SWOKI! BRING BACK THE FAIRYTALE. WE NEED HORSEBACK RIDING ON THE BEACH and an engagement soon…puhlease?

      • MI6 says:

        Sixer, Lilac, Dippit and Becky (D&B, are you in the UK too?) – thank you, wonderful ladies! I truly appreciate your time and thoughtful answers. (Lilac, I would love to hear more about your grandfather).
        I’m going to factor these notes into my main character’s soliloquy on the state of independence. (She is a bit of a radical, like me).
        Perhaps your thoughts will help temper her stance and I will thank you all in the liner notes.

      • Lurker says:

        Oh yikes, I really hate to be *that Irish person* but here goes: the term “British Isles” is an outdated term which is not accurate or correct these days. There is nothing British about RoI, so calling it a British Island isn’t right, and hasn’t been for some time. I’ve never met an Irish person who was happy being refered to as being from the British Isles, myself included.


        *feels petty, slinks away*

      • Tina says:

        I’m very late to this discussion as to everything these days (stupid work) but I agree with Sixer, Dippit & the others above. Most English people (in particular, although I don’t imagine Scottish and Welsh people feel differently) don’t want to talk about the NI situation because the Good Friday agreement was so hard-won, and 18+ years of peace is such an achievement, given all that went before. But the imperial view is long gone, no one has any interest in keeping NI in the UK against the will of its people. If the majority of the people of NI decided they want to join the Republic, or become independent themselves, they could make that decision, as Scotland was allowed to make that decision in its referendum.

      • Sixer says:

        Lurker – soz and I do know. The original post was an explanation of terms that non-British and non-Irish people use AND OFTEN WRONGLY. It followed on from previous conversations Lilac and I have had over various commenters here getting all the distinctions wrong. eg LEGS apparently no longer being British because he’s half English, half Scottish, or Fassbender counts as British despite having dual Irish-German citizenship, or England is the same as Britain, or or or. The point was to explain that the term British Isles has nothing to do with any actual sovereign states – so when people say it they do not mean it as a synonym for the UK.

        You’re not petty. Like everything else vis a vis the UK and Ireland, identity is important, not petty.

      • Lurker says:

        Fanks Sixer!

        Maybe petty wasn’t the right word, but I really enjoyed your whole thread and it was only a minor quibble.

        🤓 = me, a nerd.

      • Dippit says:

        No @Lurker, not petty at all as Sixer said. Sense of identity is important and is not necessarily comprehensively allowed for in the ‘technical’ terms as correctly outlined by Sixer in the beginning.

        Having been spat upon (literally) as a “traitor” for believing the best interests of Scotland are to remain within Union, I understand such sensitivities all too well.

        I am, near daily, at pains to explain my pride and understanding of Scotland as a nation (and myself as Scottish), whilst also allowing/differentiating that the UK is the nation-state of which I am a citizen; thereby making me British too.

        It can all get terribly muddled.

        My grandmother was Irish. Came to Scotland aged three never to return. Lived to her 100th year.

        /However, I didn’t know, until Sixer said today, that TH was half Scottish.

      • Tina says:

        MI6, just one thing that you mentioned that hasn’t been addressed yet. NI is not a lucrative province (and was not even when the “Celtic Tiger” was at its height). It has the highest government spending of any region in the UK and its economy faces many challenges: http://www.economist.com/news/britain/21640334-guns-mostly-silent-ulster-can-begin-deal-its-lamentable-economy-new-kind No one in the rest of the UK begrudges this spending for obvious reasons, but it is certainly not the case that the UK is “hanging on” to NI because of its dynamic economy.

  3. Neelyo says:

    When two fame whores collide…

    I think they met their match in terms of thirst and then spontaneously combusted.

  4. AlleyCat says:

    I just would have thought Taylor’s team would try to rebuild her image after the receipt fiasco. Her explanation makes her look like she’s always lying now. Like, her career is based off her insane amount of pap shots and publicity when she’s dating somebody. She could have stayed silent (you know thirsty Tom will too) and looked semi mature. Nope, gotta keep lying.

    • Kitten says:

      I agree…I’m kind of baffled as to why her PR team decided to handled things this way. For someone who is so image-conscious, this could have been a small (emphasis on small) step towards public redemption. But this seems like literally the worst possible approach.

      • Bonzo says:

        Yeah, I would have expected her team to try and revamp her image after it took a beating this summer. Instead she pulls the same stunts that she did in times past. All she had to do was release a statement blaming break up on the challenges of a long distance relationship coupled with the pressures of living in the public eye, blah blah blah.

        She didn’t need to go on the attack to make it look like it was all his fault. Either she’s not listening to her PR team or her PR team are a bunch of idiots.

      • holly hobby says:

        I think her PR team probably wanted to put out the standard break up announcement but Missy is pissed that Tommy broke up with her (I really do think he initiated it) so she is after blood. Ergo the smear campaign.

        She needs to grow up and learn that your first, fifth or sixth boyfriend may not be the one you marry.

      • We Are All Made Of Stars says:

        Right, how hard would it have been to say “Taylor and Tom had a wonderful summer together, and after some calm reflection have decided to part ways.”
        Clearly somebody in her PR office is straight trolling her with this one.

        I agree that he was the one who said ‘never mind.’

    • Anthi says:

      She either needs to fire her pr team for doing a horrible job or start listening to them (it is always probable she doesn’t listen to their advice). I mean damn Tay Tay!!! Just stay silent for once and don’t say anything, don’t feed the gossip, it will only blow up in your face right now!

    • HappyMom says:

      Exactly. She just continues to look ridiculous-dishonest, immature and definitely thirsty.

    • mia girl says:

      OK, so fine, her PR people want to push the story that the breakup was Taylor’s doing.

      Wouldn’t a better, more “mature” narrative been something like the rebound narrative? It really doesn’t make either of them look bad and actually could have made her seem like a thoughtful, emotionally evolving human… something like:

      “As great as it was, Taylor realized she needed to take a step back and spend some time alone. Tom swept her off her feet so fast that she didn’t realize she rushed into something without giving her self time after coming out of a one year+ relationship. She and Tom will remain close friends”

      But no, they went with the “look who is the bigger famewh*re” narrative. This leads me to believe that Taylor is pissed at Hiddles and the approach is built on petty anger and revenge,

      I’m with @Kaiser’s assessment above, Tom H panicked and wanted to put the brakes on things. Taylor was pissed. As I said on yesterday’s thread, Hiddleston came down with a bad case of the Gyllenhaals.

      • Naya says:

        I wonder if Jake Gyllenhaal is watching this. She accused him of being a pretentious hipster who dissed her music, dumped her and then tried to get his friend to win her back for him. Then he heard to spend a summer hearing that stupid song playin in every gym and barbershop. I want to believe he is sitting by Maggie, sipping wine while she reads to him these comments.

    • Bonzo says:

      Check out Lainey’s take on it. She actually gives Tom kudos for pre-empting her on the famewhore accusations.

      • Willow says:

        But did anyone listen? And by anyone, I mean outside Tumbler or gossip sites? Those don’t have power or meaning when you have CNN running a ticker tape about Hiddleston openly being called a famewhore. Same with UsWeekly. The average person will look at the cover in the checkout line and the narrative is set. They don’t care what Lainey (who?) has to say about it. His fans can get mad and call her underhanded (which she is), but all that posing with the shirt and family undermines any lamb to the slaughter argument. I mean the man is 35 years old. If he wanted to date her, fine, but do it with the understanding that she controls things and that you are disposable. If I was a guy, I would politely say “hi” and then get away from her if she wanted more than that.

    • lunchcoma says:

      Yeah, this is confusing to me. She could have done a bit to calm people accusing her of being over dramatic by handling this in a lower key way. Chalk it up to distance, lay low for a bit, release a great album. It’s not like she needs this sort of press to hang onto her position in the music world.

    • Poisonous Lookalike says:

      I think it happened pretty reflexively. The victim of love has been her narrative for a while, and I think her PR team still hasn’t comprehended how the Showing of the Receipts has changed how much of the general public views ThirsTay now.

      With all the ridicule her spin is getting, it’ll be interesting to see if the narrative changes any.

    • delorb says:

      Its just as clumsy as their PR notice that they were a couple. That read like it was written by a 12 year old. Now she’s coming out with an explanation that no one believes. Well, no one other than her youngest fans. Nothing she or he says will make those who are following this believe a word they’re saying. Best to not say anything at all.

  5. Lee says:

    She calls him thirsty…that’s a good one!

    • yuck says:

      Is her side suggesting that he called the paps for that ridiculous RI photo shoot? Or that he had that I Love T.S. tank top made up? I get that he’s interested in his career, but there are a lot of safer ways to promote himself than hooking up with someone whose “wronged in love” story line has taken on mythological proportions. Is he really that dumb?

  6. akua says:

    Am I the only one who thinks she in close on breakingdown.

  7. lilacflowers says:

    How DARE he invite her to the Emmys!?!? Acknowledge and support his career? In PUBLIC? No! That is way too much of an intrusion into her personal, most private life. So much more invasive than having paps on call to trail you to and from the gym or recording every second of every beach stroll. What was he thinking?

    • Kai says:

      Seriously, it’s the dumbest narrative they could have come up with.

    • Mgsota says:

      And wasn’t she singing a different tune about Calvin? Wasn’t she upset with him because he wouldn’t come to her events and vice versa?!?! Doesn’t she have great PR people to tell her that she’s playing this all wrong and making herself look like a crazed lunatic? Privacy and Taylor??!? That doesn’t go together. I can recall some of her pap strolls with her past boyfriends. Jake and her strolling through the the park…Harry and her at the Central Park zoo…C’mon! Does she think we are all stupid?????

    • Crox says:

      That makes no sense. It cannot be the reason. I mean, wouldn’t a woman be equally offended if she wasn’t asked to go with him to the Emmys? And isn’t awards show something all celebrities do?

      But anyway, this isn’t good for her PR-wise, why even try it? She’s mocked for changing too many guys too fast, here we go again. She’s mocked for playing the victim (although I still believe she was one in Kanye’s case, most people, at least online, disagree with me), here we go again. She’s mocked for making everything public – here we go again. She’s afraid of overexposure – here we go again.

      But this piece of news did kick Kanye’s good sales and fashion show off the front page, so perhaps she won a piece of battle after all.

    • popup says:

      I started out laughing at this fiasco but now I’m utterly confused by her PR strategy. Who told her it would be a good idea to drag Tom after the summer of receipts and snake emojis? Not only is her rep already damaged but she’s attacking a guy who, despite his thirst, is widely known as a genuinely nice, hard-working guy and one of the “good ones” in the business that the entertainment media establishment actually like. Tom must be seething at how this is playing out.

      I may have to reconsider my position about whether or not she has a diagnosable psychiatric condition.

      • Bonzo says:

        Popup, I was about to say the same thing. While I do believe that Tom is thirsty and enjoyed the attention they got in the beginning (as did she), to drag him in the media as the bad guy is only going to backfire on her. Anyone who looks at his history will see that he’s a nice guy who behaves himself and no one except her diehard stans will buy Tay’s BS story of being the “wronged” one in this scenario.

    • PaschaP says:

      If Tom had taken Taylor to the Emmys she would’ve sideways crab walked all the way down the red carpet!


  8. Donna Martin says:

    When are men going to stop being the villains in goldilocks love stories? So many bad men in her life!

    • nicole says:

      Yeah, a simple, we were excited at first but it didn’t work out would suffice – that’s a pretty typical realization at the 3 month mark.

    • lisa2 says:

      She has been allowed to play the victim. The men in her life are the ones that get called losers and douche bags. She picked them. And to me this is just another example of how some women get away with the Poor Me… I was all his fault or someone else. She has been successful at this for years. I guess for her it becomes why change a strategy that works.

  9. Jegede says:


    Oh I stand corrected on doubting this before.
    I just could not & cannot, believe the Daily Fail was correct (and seemingly first!!) on a story. Wth??

  10. Ra says:

    I think the Thor man could not take her serpentry.
    A sweet escape for the guy…her next toyboy?
    Not gonna be an actor or a musician. A trustfund baby it will be.

  11. als says:

    It would be really smart of him to just ignore the entire situation and let time wash it all away.
    And never do it again.
    As for Taylor, she just doesn’t know when a ‘narrative’ becomes obsolete.

  12. Mia4S says:

    The mutual famewhoring was strong with these two and to be frank? I’m disappointed in both of them. It was amateur hour all the way. Posing for your first photos? Come on! That’s Tom Cruise level lame! You’re supposed to get “caught”! Drop tantalizing hints!

    Well I guess true famewhoring…I mean love…is dead.

  13. Lora says:

    Chica is so exhausting… And I really wonder how any men would come near after all this bullsh1t?

  14. aims says:

    Taylor Swift is a huge famewhore . I’ve been keeping my distance with this romance because it’s so ridiculous . I mean, a grown ass man wearing I ♡ t.s shirt?! When the news hit that their love hit the rocks last night, I thought sure, it makes sense . Taylor Swift has the mental maturity of a 16 year old. My relationships at 16 pretty much ran it’s course by the third month .

  15. lilacflowers says:

    Kaiser, I love that the tab above has been changed to “RIP Tiddles!” Brilliant!

  16. grabbyhands says:

    Man, Taylor-FIRE YOUR PR TEAM.

    How she could possibly think, after everything, that ANYONE but her most committed stans is buying this is beyond belief. She is following the the same exact script she’s followed with every single relationship and still expecting people to buy it. Apparently is near impossible for her to let that America’s Sweetheart perma-victim persona drop.

    I don’t absolve him of responsibility for this mess, but she is clearly trying to fire the first shots in the breakup. Someone on another board posited that in exchange for letting him out of the contract before the Emmys she got to be the one who said she ended it.

    • lilacflowers says:

      They also don’t seem to know what “amicable” means.

    • Birdix says:

      When Kim leaked he receipts, some of the fog must have worn off so he understood either how complicated she is or how complicated it is to be with her. At that point, I can see him slowly backing away, and in not wanting to cross her/draw more attention to it/have a song written about him, letting her control the narrative.

      • What was that says:

        I agree ..I think he first thought it might be fun and did not realise the negative press until he was in Aussi without her influence and Idris and Chris Hemsworth probably ‘ took the piss out of him” ..-a Brit expression for male mocking humour and he came to the conclusion that it was not worth it..coupled with the getting to find out more about her I think the gloss wore off very quickly
        The “lad’s” in Aus would be probably sporting heart t shirts!!..he strikes me as someone who will just let her run it and thus he can exit quickly and hope everyone forgets the T shirt..I thought it might be the Halloween costume of choice this year!
        The 3 of them are in a clip on the BBC website and joking about his winning Night Manager ..so you can imagine the private grief they are giving him now!!!!

      • Naya says:

        Yeah, getting out if the TS bubble may have been the wakeup call. I just checked the RDJ crack about the tshirt and that was about 4 weeks ago. I would bet that this is when the final break happened. That would be right around when she started her gym pap walks. I suspect they were sending Tom that age old breakup message “look how happy and busy and fit I am”.

    • Emily says:

      I’ve always kind of stood up for Taylor (in my head mostly), because my thinking was if she can make money talking about her exes she should, and if she wanted to act like a Pollyanna I don’t care. But this is going a step too far. I mean…who, except for maybe the tweens and young teens who love her, is going to buy that this respectable British actor was the one pushing for make-out photo shoots, wearing a tank top in the ocean with a heart on it, and all the other photo ops with his family. We all know it was Taylor pushing that stuff, so why can’t she just come out and say what any 20-something might say – it was fun but it’s no going to work out long term (she can even say it’s because of their busy schedules)! Doing this just seems like she’s dragging him in the press for no reason.

      • Kitten says:

        Same. It’s all so embarrassing….

      • really says:

        The tank top may have been Taylor’s idea, but the Selena Gomez concert was totally Tom’s 😀 (Those pictures and GIFs will live FOREVER). They are both clearly thirsty PR addicts, but, yeah, her latest “move” seems pointless & petty, but that’s not shocking either.

      • Abby_J says:

        @Emily – No no….This is a misnomer that must be put to rest. While it may be true that she has a lot of fans in the teen/tween set (although my niece, who is 14, swears she knows no one who actually likes her) a LOT of the Swifties are full blown adults living in fantasy land. They track her plane, they stalk her daily gym pap walks, they still believe that it was 100% true love that that Tom was either really a horrible person and broke her heart, or that THIS is the press stunt. Not the relationship, but the break up. In a few months, they will re-unite, once all the stories die down and everyone will finally see that the American Princesses and her British Prince really are in Lourve. I mean, these same adults were gleefully planning the Tiddles wedding and wondering where the Queen would sit, and how thrilled Kate would be to get to be at Taylor’s wedding.

        I’ve seen the dark side of the internet. It’s a terrifying place. :)

        They are the ones buying this mess. Soon she will be saying that she dumped the pretty boy for feminism, and they will lap it up.

      • Marlene says:

        I’m still not convinced this was not a Blank Space re-enactment, LOL. I hope the big reveal is coming soon. :-)

    • paolanqar says:

      I, not for even one second, believed that this was a genuine love story.
      It was clearly a poor PR move that backfired.

    • Naya says:

      I have just realised that she has effectively stolen his Emmy moment. Even if he wins, this is all people will talk about. “Tom Hiddleston wins Emmy following breakup”. “Heart broken Tom carries the day at Emmys”.

  17. Eva says:

    They BOTH clearly loved the attention. Remember Taylor’s smug smiles in all the paparazzi pictures?

    It was too much too soon, you can’t keep a thing like that going and Taylor is clearly on damage control mode with all these “Tom’s so thirsty” stories.

    Once again putting alll the blame on the other person. Not very fair towards Tom when they both clearly enjoyed the media spectacle.

    • spidey says:

      I thought that in most of them Tom looked a little uncomfortable, which would give the lie to what she is saying now. Not that I am trying to make out that he is blameless, he could have put a stop to it earlier.

      • Poisonous Lookalike says:

        @spidey, my thoughts exactly. Those photos in England especially put the lie to Tom enjoying the spectacle as much as Tay did. His clenched jawline rivaled Willnot’s in many of them… and for good reason.

        Tom certainly is much more thirsty than I’d thought, but as others have pointed out, few men would have suggested some of the pap strolls they took. And he seems to be rather an intelligent fellow. I’m thinking the headrush from falling into ThirsTay’s orbit sent his eager inner puppy into overdrive, and when he started to see the backlash and laughter from their antics, the puppy got sent to its crate.

      • Bonzo says:

        Calling a spade a spade: Tom compromised himself in order to keep the peace. He was loving all the attention and thrilled that the high school homecoming queen wanted to bang his nerdy ass. He wasn’t about to jeopardize his perceived “good fortune” by balking at the family pap walks. But he has a transparent poker face, so he couldn’t hide his obvious discomfort.

        His authenticity has been called into question and with good reason.

      • FW says:

        but still he dragged out his mum, sis, niece for pap walk. is there a gun pointing at his head? he may seem a bit discomfortable but hey he’s an actor.

  18. Becky says:

    Those pics from yesterday…what a smug b!tch. Also looks like she’s eaten a whole tub of ice cream.

    Her fanbase is young and/or inexperienced and delusional, so her appeal has a time limit.

  19. Colleen says:

    It feels like only yesterday we were reading how she thought he was the one, lived his English ways and could see herself having a family with him.

  20. Meryl says:

    So in Taylor’s world – her boyfriend of over a year wasn’t public or supportive enough and her globally panned relationship with her rebound boyfriend was too public. Got it. Just want to make sure I understand the spin factor going on here.

  21. Betti says:

    Tay Tay will never change – she’s still lying and plying the same PR crap as she has always done. However, this time the tabs won’t be afraid to turn it on her – am sure there will be a backlash on the narrative this time.

    If she doesn’t make any effort to change her image it will affect her career – we can all be assured that the diss tracks will continue as its all she knows how to do. She’s a one trick show pony.

  22. QueenB says:

    does her PR team really think people will buy this? they could have played a lot of different angles and went with the most obvious fake one.
    of course its a possibility that Taylor did not want to go to the Emmys and Tom wanted but dont spin this into “Taylor is private” and “independent and dont need no man” because thats cleraly BS and you dont ahve to follow gossip regularly to know that.

  23. Fa says:

    Maybe they are playing with us and they show up at the Emmys together

  24. paolanqar says:

    I wonder who would EVER believe this???
    I mean.. seriously!! She’s thirsty of the parched!!! Liar liar pants on fire!

    This all reeks of a 90 days PR contract. No love involved and no feelings whatsoever. Love is over when the contract has expired.
    She got rid of him because her profile didn’t get any better but only worse. Much worse.
    In fact she was able to worsen Tom’ career too and the perception of him through the media.

    Now that pic with Taylor, Tom, Blake and Ryan looks even more ridicoulous. Hysterical!

    Get a new PR team Taylor, this one is obviously not working.

  25. yellowrose says:

    I wonder if that I LOVE T.S. shirt is available now on EBAY?

  26. Fifi says:

    Ugh. She is so vanilla tapioca.

  27. Dippit says:

    I feel sorry for her younger fans who still believe in her false (and calculated) images of ‘love’, her as a credible role model, and as an exemplar of feminism (with the then resort to victimhood).

    She sets herself up as the ultimate special snowflake and encourages young and impressionable fans to think they can/should walk through life as special snowflakes too. She is arresting their development with her own arrested (however naturally cunning) development.

    And all the while she (her machine) is merely monetising these young people.

    I’m glad people are now calling BS on her in Comments internet-wide, and that the media are no longer in her PR thrall and are not pulling punches now. Maybe that will help a few of her younger fans wake up to manipulative media mistress that Taylor Swift actually is.

    • Sixer says:

      Yes. I wouldn’t mind the person-as-product thing so much if the product wasn’t quite so… so… well, bloody unethical. I don’t like person-as-product on principle really, what with being a bit of a hippie an’ all but y’know. Compare Beyonce. This one does not come off well, does she?

    • Christin says:

      Just weeks ago, anyone suggesting she’s in it for the money (whatever it takes to keep those kids spending money) would have been shredded in a comments section.

      I hope parents wake up to how she and others use very young consumers (and snow the adults in some cases) to keep their private jets fueled and ready. Taylor tosses in a fan visit every now and then, or gives what is a small portion of her massive wealth (leaked to the press), and she’s an untouchable saint.

      It’s been amazing to watch the wool slowly lift from the public’s eye.

    • Bonzo says:

      Dippit as the mom of two kids that are age appropriate to her fanbase, I have actually thought about this. My kids have enjoyed listening to “Shake it Off” and “Mean” which I had downloaded into music playlist. Once I started getting seeing what a horrible example she is to young people, I had to pull both songs out. I won’t voluntarily offer to play her music to them anymore and I surely won’t be buying any of her albums for my kids.

      Can’t say I’d be upset if her next album is a disappointment both critically and commercially. That would be some good karma, methinks.

      • OhDear says:

        Yeah, she’s always been a terrible role model – “Mean” is – by her own admission – about a critic who wrote a negative review about one of her performances. Instead of using that criticism to improve, she writes a targeted, nasty song about someone who’s just doing his job. I’m glad that more people are seeing how terrible she and her public image are!

      • Bonzo says:

        I wish a few influential mommy bloggers would write about the problem of holding up Taylor as a good role model for tween and teenage girls. The fact that they believe her sweet, innocent girl image and fail to hear the nastiness in her lyrics is unfortunately.

  28. Guesto says:

    Well I’m kind of sad it’s over (purely on the mocking front) but on the plus side, I’ll never have to read another word about the infantile Swift ever again so… swings and roundabouts.

    And on another plus side, I do think Tom’s ridiculous summer of famewhoring will follow him for a while yet so there’s still plenty of mockage potential to be had.

  29. Rachel says:

    I suspect that the contract between their PR firms means that Tom won’t be sung about in a blind item song – if she had even wanted to do so, knowing she’ll be torn apart for it – but that in return Taylor gets to be the one who ends it. Even if it’s such an implausible suggestion as ‘he was too fame-hungry for little old me’.

    • Naya says:

      I think if there was a contract, Toms side would at a minimum have had a clause protecting him from post-breakup spin. He did get with her right at the height of Calvins fight back. His people must have been wary that she would bury him like she had Calvin

  30. AgeofBellendia says:

    Here, Taylor, free of charge:

    “Regretfully, sometimes things just don’t work out, or just aren’t meant to be long term but we both had a great time and will remain friends.”


    Now use that, and go get help for your obvious mental health problems.

  31. OhDear says:

    As I said yesterday, I’m surprised and quite frankly baffled* as to why she couldn’t just have it end on a “we couldn’t make it work because of career and scheduling issues” note. It would have helped her image by making her appear to have matured. Throwing Tom under the bus just makes her look more snake-like, untrustworthy, and bratty (at best).

    * though having been around those types, not really

  32. ds says:

    Way to throw someone you paint in public as the biggest love ever, under the bus. I get he must have liked it while it lasted but it’s just yuck. She really sees noone but herself in the picture. I mean why not say it’s over; it was too much and move on but make it seem like she’s a poor little thing? It’s about time she starts acting like a woman not a girl.

  33. I Choose Me says:

    Well the glorious Tiddlescringe of 2016 is over. Thank goodness. It’s kinda ridiculous though the narrative her team is throwing out there. Sure Tom showed his thirst but the idea of Swifty shirking publicity is laughable.

    And now I see there was a whole post about it yesterday and that Kaiser and most commenters are indeed laughing at her shenanigans.

  34. Londerland says:

    FWIW, I do believe that she didn’t like the attention – *in this case*. Her public image (among non-stans anyway) is not great at the moment. She’s not a snowflake and she’s not a she-devil – she is just being laughed at. Whatever she’s selling, nobody’s buying. This whole thing didn’t pan out as she planned – Kim showed the receipts, Calvin wouldn’t let Taylor have sole control of their break-up narrative, and the love story between this respected thesp and his fragile poet turned into a joke (whether the relationship was real or not, they are both too image obsessed NOT to have been disturbed by how they were being seen). Nobody even believes her tits are real.

    I totally believe she would throw Tom and their relationship/contract under the bus if she didn’t like the coverage. She’s doing damage control. Trouble is, she doesn’t realise the only way she can get any respect back is by not trying to control the narrative anymore. No more calculated pap walks, no new hairstyle, no new boyfriend, no “leaks” to the tabloids, just stop – let people think what they want to think. You can’t stop people thinking you’re a control freak by being more controlling…!

  35. Grace says:

    She is starting to sound like a cult leader talking to her followers who’d believe anything through mass media channels. If this had been any other women I’d say you write revenge porn songs about the guys you dated and make millions from junvenile, forgettable songs and get called an artist, that’s not bad going, all things considered, so stop whining. But I guess she will never understand why it’s off-putting. I can’t even gather the energy to roll both eyes with this one.

    Well, poor lass, I hope your fans never grow up. There.

  36. serena says:

    God she’s so petty. Why does she always feel the need to tear others down? Why couldn’t it just be ‘they no longer got along’ or something like that?
    I know Tom enjoy the attention but I’m also quite sure he realized his mistake (Taylor), since he never acted like that before her -nor I think he will ever again, lesson learned (I hope).

  37. Bex says:

    She and/or her PR have seemingly learned NOTHING from the last few months. They both seem super thirsty but I don’t know anyone who’s buying that she’s just so private that she couldn’t deal with Tom wanting to be public. She might be in control of the narrative, but IMO it was the stupidest one she could’ve gone with. Would’ve just been better to say it was amicable and leave it there.

  38. Barrett says:

    This is actually getting old and boring to me. Over the media scrutiny!

  39. seesittellsit says:

    Note to Tom Hiddleston: If you lie down with dogs, you shall get up with fleas.

  40. M.A.F. says:

    How many songs can she get out this? With Jake Gyllenhaal it was a whole album. Is there enough material here?

  41. AfricanGirl254 says:

    So am curious. did Tom actually love her(t shirt) or was he just like any other guy trying to get laid? Occam’s Razor…

  42. AfricanGirl254 says:

    @Celebitchy @Kaiser great site by the way. the Tea is so salacious!!! Big fan from Nairobi

  43. Chef Grace says:

    Why did my internet crash last night and just now go back up?!? WHY?
    I missed the fun.
    I missed the stinking of the Taytanic hitting a Hiddlesburg.

  44. Madpoe says:

    Thirst has been officially quenched.
    Carry one World.

  45. Joanie says:

    I used to think she was a young woman who wanted control of her image in a misogynistic industry, but now I’m starting to think she’s just awful.

    I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again – he always looked pained when he was papped with her (after the original reveal + Taymerica), and he knew he could hightail it out of there once the Broccolis decided to publicly pursue Daniel Craig for Bond again.

  46. Nancy says:

    She has more break ups than a clumsy dishwasher. However she is currently acting with her exes, I’d suggest she try doing the opposite. Just saying…

  47. Jayna says:

    I just don’t get releasing comments through sources trying to demean him. She was the thirstiest one, with him not far behind. She looks like a fool doing this attack on him, through sources, that it’s Poor Little Innocent Taylor Time.

    I do believe she dumped him, though.

  48. Twinkle says:

    That excuse is such bullshit. Not wanting more publicity? Ha! From day one they’ve let the cameras capture their kissing and globe trotting without one clue of discomfort.They’re laughing and kissing with the cameras right in front of their faces. Something else went wrong. I’ll put money on it.

  49. Luca76 says:

    If it was purely PR both of them have publicists with the combined impulse control of a 12 year old. TH has in effect come out as a gay man (I don’t necessarily believe he is gay but the Internet will now see him as a Jake Gyllenhal/Ken Spacey closeted type now). The only positive thing for him is even as thirsty as he is he can disappear for a few weeks down under. Swift can’t help herself she’s literally turning herself into a cartoon snake emoji she might as well start wearing green foundation.

  50. Christin says:

    So I guess HE was the one who booked a ‘private’ table at that Nashville restaurant — right by a window.

    Both liked the attention — at first. Judging by those gym photos from yesterday, she thinks she’s won. Methinks the battles are just starting, since the public doesn’t seem to be buying her side.

  51. paranormalgirl says:

    God, she’s exhausting. Just state that you are no longer seeing each other and move the heck on already. No one needs to be the bad guy.

  52. Grace says:

    @ Benzo Just want to drop you a reply without barging into the comments upthread. I did read the other thread later. ‘Now I see you cuz you let it be. Wanna find the key I gotta follow the crumbs.’ I love the way you left breadcrumbs and the ladies picked right up. Hugs. Now we all live to snark another day! :)

  53. Fa says:

    Why team TS the break up exclusive to US weekly but not to people magazine?

  54. moon says:

    She needs to fire her PR person. This is the stupidest thing any PR person could’ve done, given how the world is now over Taytay’s repeated poor little victim narratives. It would’ve been smarter to play the whole thing like an adult, throw a bone about work commitments, both parties deciding to take a break and then keep it quiet.

    Or maybe I shouldn’t throw the PR person under the bus. Taytay probably insisted on controlling this narrative, HER way because she genuinely sees this as a rational, adult choice – ‘Taylor has grown up, she’s more wary of men using her, she doesn’t fall head over heels unlike her younger self blah blah blah’. Perhaps Taytay’s ego has gotten so big, she actually buys her own BS.

  55. shelly* says:

    I still think the newzoid puppets were the tipping point Ha.
    Her daily fail smug face today is quite tremendous, why so nasty princess ?

    Fun times over I was hoping for Xmas cards with the pair of them posing in Christmas jumpers….sigh.

  56. K says:

    Oh I think Tom is so incredibly thirsty that he went hard core on after the attention. What I don’t think he liked was the narrative that was being spun, so he wanted to change it with the Emmys. Taylor doesn’t do the red carpet thing (makes it appear like she values her privacy in her mind personal theory) and was like no to public. Leading Tom to realize he’d never control the narrative.

    I don’t think Taylor minds the attention but she wants it specific, and in her mind the fact that she isn’t doing red carpets and public events together she is private. Delusional but Taylor. So when he wanted to be more adult and professional and attend work events like 30 year old couples do she was like no it’s to public.

    Basically I think both sides are full of crap and yet in their own sad delusional way telling the truth.

    • Tara says:

      That could very well be. But she should have kept her mouth shut. There’s no need to embarrass him like this. What is wrong with people? You were JUST in a physical romantic relationship with this man. Like isn’t there any residual gentleness? I don’t get it.

      • Crux of Seven says:

        It is Swifty. She has a mean backstabbing streak. And poor judgement. What did she think this would look like to gossip mag readers?

      • K says:

        Oh nope sorry Tom embarrassed himself, she didn’t do anything to him!! He did it all by himself with the tank top and the Taymerica, that is on HIM!! Taylor doesn’t deserve the blame for the fact that HE exposed himself as a fame obsessed thirsty loser! Sorry but you can’t blame Taylor for HIS behavior that is just misogynistic.

        The only person Taylor embarrassed with these dropped stories and this Tom is thirsty thing was herself, we all already knew that about tom he showed us. But Taylor played into the negative image of herself, made herself look imature and sad.

        No one in this is a victim! They both damaged their image and possibly careers but they did it to THEMSELVES!!

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @K, there has been no damage to any careers.

      • K says:

        @lilacflowers if he was ever really in the running for bond he isn’t now.

        And regardless he did this to himself and she did it to herself.

    • OhDear says:

      Oh Tom is thirsty, but this was supposed to be a mutually beneficial ‘relationship,’ I don’t know if he knew about Receipt-gate before it happened, but they *both* knew that they were using each other.

      Like all Speshul Snowflakes, Taylor likes attention only if it’s praise and worship.

      • K says:

        And so does Tom, if receipt gate hadn’t happened he would still be going strong because her image would be positive.

        They are both pathetic and gross- sorry neither gets a pass IMO.

      • Lynn says:

        I don’t have anything against celebs doing stunts for fame, so I wouldn’t call them gross for it, but yes some of his fans need to drop the “he was just an innocent man in love and the evil woman used him” shtick. That IS gross and just unrealistic.

        He’s 35 year old man who isn’t new to the industry and is smart enough. Even if he was completely unaware of how Swift worked in the media, his PR wouldn’t have been. He was clearly fine with being in the tabs and with the paps, even donning a shirt he knew would get him splashed all over the place.

        It’s possible he got frustrated with it, especially because of the backlash, or underestimated it in some ways, but he absolutely is not above it.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      @K, he was never in the running for Bond. Nobody is in the running for Bond. The job is not available. And who one dates does not affect casting, unless you are dating the producer or director. No career damage to anyone.

  57. Londongal says:

    No one comes out of this not looking a dick. He has been exposed as thirsty with terrible judgment (VESTGATE) and she is a of course a lying, mental snake emoji user. Gah. What an exercise in BAD PR all round.

    • Crux of Seven says:

      Tom has come out of this looking slightly thirsty and slightly bad judgement as in “bad judgement in fashion”. Actors and Singers do all have to beat the drums a bit and sometimes they miss a beat or they miss the drum. Whatever.

      But Swifty looks worse: with her it doesn’t just seem to be bad judgement it seems that there is something utterly dislikeable in her personality.

  58. Tara says:

    I don’t think we’ll ever know who really broke up with whom. And certainly I could believe Hiddles is a bit fame whorey. But she certainly got a lot of use out of that publicity considering the timing. I really think it’s in poor taste of her to do this. I’m disappointed, I usually defend her.

    I hope Hiddles keeps up what he is doing. It’s best that he says nothing because you know what? That’s classy. And eventually people will start noticing that. And that’s when this will backfire on her big time.

  59. Chef Grace says:

    So my inquiry for the board today:
    do you think if they had been well received as a couple and no snarking, (yes even with THAT tee) would they have gone the distance? Maybe not marriage, but engagement?
    I needed my Skittle farting unicorn marriage on the beach with them riding off into the sunset wearing strappy tees with hearts and those paper boxers..and I am just in a pissy mood now that is not happening..

    • Lilacflowers says:

      No. Once the infatuation wore off, they would have to deal with logistics. While long-distance separations aren’t always a death knell, military families work through them all the time, the couple must have a shared base. Where would that be? Aside from just a few scenes, none of his films have filmed primarily in Hollywood. He has done more work in Northern Ireland and Morocco and Australia. London works best for him. Nashville works best for her. New York might be a compromise but? Then there is the question of, outside the infatuation, do they have any common interests? I think they just answered that with “NO!” There are no more Selena Gomez concerts in his future

    • Christin says:

      I think both were smug and proud (think throat baring laughter at scenic spots). He defended their love while she was in Oz.

      The public ridicule plus the bloom fading likely led to a mutual parting. My gut feeling is that she’s exhausting to be around (his over the top ‘English’ charm probably wears thin as well).

      Therefore, I’m not sure better public perception would have gotten them past September, unless both had significant work commitments at the same time.

    • lunchcoma says:

      Nah. I think they may have dated for six months or so with better press, but she’s been in one serious relationship (and is on the rebound from that) and he hasn’t dated seriously in years. I suspect there are reasons for both those things. Add in that they’re based on different continents and that she doesn’t seem content to follow him around when he’s filming (it’s less clear to me if he’d tag along with her on tour), and it’s a relationship with an end point regardless of public reception.

    • Bonzo says:

      No, for the reasons listed above. The biggest being that there careers dictate that they live on separate continents. She has no reason to live in London (other than him) and he has no reason to live in Nashville, NY or LA. His career takes him to faraway places for months at a time, hers only does so when she’s touring every couple of years.

      Basically, the writing was on the wall from the get go. They had a 6 week fling that unraveled pretty quickly once he started filming THOR. The mockery they got only made their split easier.

      Oh, and lets not forget that they have NOTHING in common outside of their big egos, thirst for being the center of attention and being entertainers. There was no way in hell it was going to last longer than a few months. I think it was pretty much over by late July — 8 weeks tops if you believe it started when he flew out the LA at the end of May.

      • third ginger says:

        I hope I do not sound snobby. Believe me, I come from very humble beginnings. Tom and Swift would likely not have made it , in part, because of the difference in education and age. Also, Swift has been a star virtually since childhood. It’s the LIZ TAYLOR SYNDROME. I loved Liz, but she never learned to live outside the bubble. Finally, British celebrities are used to being bashed in their culture if they get too full of themselves [especially those with a theatrical background]. Hiddleston, however silly he may have been, would eventually see the ridiculous situation. I think he actually did already. For Taylor, the dream of love gone wrong has to stay alive. I invite the delightful SIXER to correct any wrong impressions this Yank may have.

      • Sixer says:

        You don’t sound snobby!

        I think that they wouldn’t have lasted because they are both attention-seekers, even regardless of the logistics and the cultural and age differences. Attention-seekers need to be with people who aren’t interested in the limelight because otherwise, the relationship just becomes a competition.

      • Bonzo says:

        Yep, neither of them will find an appropriate mate until they meet someone willing to stand in their shadow. That’s hard to find among other entertainers.

        We have wondered in posts past what they even talk about because they do seem to have different interests and intellectual capabilities. I can’t see TayTay discoursing on Shakespeare or sports with Tom, who has confessed to a love of both. I’d expect him to grow bored with someone who is not his intellectual equal.

      • lilacflowers says:

        @Bonzo, and I suspect he did become bored right around SDCC. That and the realization that she was calling the paps on him every time he stepped outside, partially as a way of checking on where he was.

  60. Crux of Seven says:

    Swifty disappointed about thirsty Hiddleston? Jesus, does she really believe that is a realistic claim?

    Does Swifty believe that s/he who gets out the accusations first will be believed? tragic.

    Tom remains silent like a gentleman. Swifty by her actions just looks like a spoiled sulky teenager.

  61. Cee says:

    Taylor runs to the media to spin this for her, and Tom posts about UNICEF in his social media.

    In my book, he WINS by a mile. Taylor will always come across as petty, vindictive and somewhat desperate. She keeps making the same mistake over and over and over.

  62. Dara says:

    I’m going to put on my rather crumpled tinfoil conspiracy hat for one last go before retiring it for good, but my personal opinion is that Team Taylor absolutely thought they could sell the “Tom is too spotlight hungry” narrative. Tom has been getting mocked and basically ripped to shreds for months by his fans, by the tabloids, and even by the mainstream press, for that very reason. When the time came to announce the breakup/end of contract, Taylor’s PR geniuses probably hit the interwebs looking for a likely scenario they could sell to the masses and landed on that one.

    Trouble is, her PR team miscalculated just how much the general public loathes a hypocrite. You can’t call someone out on their famewhore tendencies if you are in fact a very large famewhore yourself, and have a decade-long history to prove it. Tom may have gone overboard in the last few months, but Taylor has been doing it for years. People were dragging Tom for his behavior because it was out of character (sort of), while Taylor mostly got a free pass – but only because with her that sort of thing is practically a given and no longer worth mentioning. Silence doesn’t necessarily mean approval, it usually just means apathy.

  63. aqdgsbh says:

    Now she’s throwing Tom Hiddleston under the bus! Let us all bow down to the ultimate player of our time; I’m not sure whether to be impressed or horrified.

    • Poisonous Lookalike says:

      Well, she’s sure trying, but it doesn’t seem to be working this time. The tide has turned on her, and she and her PR team haven’t realized it yet.

    • Bonzo says:

      Yeah, Tom has such a nice, good ole boy rep that there’s no way in hell she’s going to win the PR game trying to villainize him.

      • Cranberry says:

        Yeah her team had better be careful. Tom may not be as famous as her, but anyone that knows anything about him knows that he’s universally considered very nice and generous person. And Loki’s Army is still out there in tumblr land probably foaming at the mouth. Watch out Swifties! This coupled with the general consensus that everyone is sick of her and her school girl MO. That’s probably why her “source” also said they’re still friends and are ending on good terms, or something to that effect. They’re trying to give her a safety net.

  64. anonymous says:

    I have always liked and defended taylor but now i can see why everyone thinks she is evil.

  65. Heather says:

    You can’t break up with someone you only knew for 3 months. This is more like a relationship that never really got started, though maybe they were both excited that something might spark.

  66. PaschaP says:

    “Tom wanted the relationship to be more public than she was comfortable with. Taylor knew the backlash that comes with public displays of affection…”

    I always assumed Swift was happy to be seen w/ Hiddleston b/c their pap walks/pap PDA was her big F.U. to Calvin post Tayvin split. It’s funny that pap PDA is suddenly now a huge issue to Swift… especially since she was instagramming personal photos of her and Calvin a few months before she started dating Hiddleston…


    Not only did Taylor post a PDA filled pic /w Calvin to her instagram, she also posted a pic of ’TS + AW’ (the initials of Calvin’s real name) in the sand–something eerily reminiscent of that cringey I <3 TS top and <3 T fake tattoo).

    Does she seriously want the public to believe that the various restaurant PDA/Colosseum PDA/various beach PDA she shared with Hiddles was conducted under duress? Did Hiddles force Taymerica’s 4th of July squad to instagram/tweet those polaroids/professional couple shots? Were Ryan Reynolds dead eyes a sign that Hiddles threatened to put a hit on him?

  67. Smd says:

    Shelly, Agreed!! Ever since Sixer brought up build-a-bear my need for unicorns, rainbows, English castle engagement parties has not been met. Swan pastries, I heart TS t-shirt and meeting parents were cruel teases. I am thoroughly underwhelmed and put out (pouting)! Thank goodness the snark veranda is still open with wonderful company and we can continue toasting with our beverages of choice..

  68. Em says:

    I have only two things to add:

    1) B*tch, please!

    2) Can we PLEASE retire the word “receipts” now?

  69. Bliss51 says:

    Two things I come away with from all this. Did they ever get jet lag? My 65 year old body couldn’t take all that flying. And Swift looks awfully silly in those pictures of her leaving the gym with her nose in the air and carefree swinging of the arms. Its provided me with much laughter. I’m sad to see it all end.

  70. Izzy says:

    The only thing that could top all this now – and I do mean the ONLY thing – is if Robert Downey Jr. were to come out with some snarky meme, comment or Tweet aimed in Swifty’s direction. Let Tom keep doing his UNICEF posts while he films Ragnarok, and let RDJ do what he does best – snark. I think he might actually be able to get away with it, and I think most people would by then agree that she’s earned it.

    I know I would laugh for DAYS about it.

  71. CarolinaBelle says:

    Lol, poor Tom. So much fallout for just a 3 month “romance.” Definitely a case of “be careful what you wish for.” He’s received a lot of media attention (as he likely hoped for), but it certainly hasn’t been positive attention!

  72. Erica_V says:

    I know this is an unpopular opinion around here but I don’t get the assertion that Taylor does everything in public and keeps nothing private. I think we actually see a very small amount of her real/private life compared to other celebrities. We only see what she wants us to see – what she puts out herself.

  73. Lola Lola says:

    It occurred to me today that Tom is going for the next 007 role and he needs to appear a bit of a Lothario. I thought at the beginning that all the prearranged photo-ops were weird but I couldn’t think of why he would agree to it. He’s a very well respected actor but then….BOND. Yeah, he needs the “I’m straight and a skirt chaser” P.R. Bad.
    Run, Taylor, run.

    • lunchcoma says:

      Does he really? I knew almost nothing about Daniel Craig before he took on the Bond role, and Pierce Brosnan’s reputation wasn’t as a skirt chaser but rather as a widowed/recently remarried father and general stand up guy.

      I think it’s pretty clear that Tom can be thirsty and that he was hustling for name recognition, but I think it’s more realistic to guess that he was trying to raise his profile overall rather than chasing after one particular role.

  74. Verdant33 says:

    At first Tom was the perfect English gentleman and then a few weeks now of Tom maybe “not being with her for the right reasons” rumors. Tom got to know her a little better and started to pull away. At least woke up sooner then most. Taylor’s publicists are working over time to once again make her out to be the innocent country girl.
    Guys end up liking her at first because she seems down to earth and sweet, but then they really get to know her and her self-obsession then bail.
    I’m sure Tom has been involved with people we don’t even know about. Taylor is the one that has the tendency to have paparazzi conveniently show up, but Tom is going to be thrown under the bus hard and might not even fight back because he doesn’t want to engage her anymore.

  75. Bonzo says:

    We were saying *now* would be a good time for Tom to announce a theater project. The theater critic for the Telegraph said Tom’s Hamlet could help restore his lost credibility:


  76. Jeanette says:

    DM has pics of him looking sad and kind of embarrassed. I want to give him a hug.

  77. browniecakes says:

    When are the UNFOLLOWS happening?

  78. Marcy says:

    But how do any of us really know what Taylor’s or Toms PR said unless they directly said it. Same stories been going around for months. I think in the beginning they thought they were being funny and cute with the PR stunts it backfired he was seen as thirsty from the get go but no one forced him to wear the I Love TS Shirt he as well as she were cohorts. I’m sure he was not privy to receipts etc and wanted out of the other drama. At least she will save money on trips flying him all over and driver pick ups he’s a kept man no more. Check please!

  79. verdant says:

    I think that this imploded some time ago. Those pics of him looking pensive are him realizing Taylor’s pr team are doing everything they can to project her crappiness onto him.
    But I think he is talented enough to survive this. Taylor will always be a snake.

  80. Tara says:

    @Chef Grace: “skittles farting unicorn.” I want one! (Laughing really loud in my head)

  81. Lec0891 says:

    Taylor just needs to go find a successful businessman/hedge fund guy and call it a day, a la Pippa Middleton. Someone who doesn’t care about his own fame but has the ambition and drive to understand and respect hers. And to help her with some common sense when it comes to all this PR nonsense. There’s another dating pool out there, Taylor! Quit it with the industry guys!

  82. Cricket says:

    Does anyone think the reason we saw TH in the same clothes and gray shoes was his subtle way of showing he was trapped and it was like his prison uniform? lol..

    Also.. remember when TS had a twitter war or something with someone and Calvin came to her rescue and got in the middle of it guns a blazing? Maybe TS got totally pissed TH wouldn’t go to war for her against Kayne and that is when things started to fall apart? TH said nothing and avoided the whole thing like the plague right? She seems like the type that wants her prince to defend her to the very end and what kind of prince was TH if he didn’t get into the muck with Kayne?

    Oh and one last thing and I’m done on this.. didn’t we also hear how TS was so upset and disappointed that CH refused to support her publicly and go to the Grammys as her +1 to support her? And now, she is all in a tether and broke up with TH because he had the audacity to ask her to be his +1 to the Emmys to support him? Nope.. not buying any of it.

  83. Paris says:

    Do you know what does it mean? TWO NEW Break-up SONG! Or albums. Ohhhhh….

  84. Chaz says:

    Her PR team is so predictable. Let’s badmouth the guy and make her look like a poor little girl again. Puuhlease once or twice is one thing, but every time she breaks up. Put a new record on.
    The whole thing was a farce. He has probably realised what a negative impact this charade is having on his image.
    She needs to date someone who isn’t as busy as she is, but then her game has always been the more famous and the more of a girl magnet, the more likely she is to want the guy.

    The real question who will she or the PR team have in store next?

  85. shelly* says:

    The Fail are now pushing the Tom H is a player narrative. Apparently even his Sisters rib him about his lack of commitment when dating. 3 Months is the max it seems.

    He is trying to regain some cred after t-shirt gate, and coming across as a lothario who can’t be tamed seems to be his tack.

    Over to you Taylor.

  86. spidey says:

    Check Bette Midler’s twitter comment!

  87. shelly* says:

    You sound as though you have just come on here to say something vile and not really relevant to this thread, just because the Kardashian’s got one over on Swift. Trying to dress it up as concern does you no credit either.

    In fact you sound unhinged. And if you really work in relation to child protection, you should know better than to use a light hearted gossip site, to make accusations against a child’s parents.

  88. Sixer says:

    You know there are no such things as demons, right?

  89. Crox says:

    That was offtopic. Plenty topics of Kim and North this week, some of us even complained about the clothes North is made to wear, you should visit those.

    While I agree that North is dressed all wrong, I don’t think KIm is getting a pass because the child is black – which is what you are implying, no? – I mean Toddlers in Tiaras are completely legal and that sh!t is completely wrong too. It’s inappropriate clothes (in the eyes of some, but clearly not others), which is still legal.

  90. Becky says:

    Taylor stan coming onto a Taylor thread – where she’s being dragged – to go on a rant about the Kardashians.


    Btw Taylor Swift is a lying, manipulative 🐍

  91. lilacflowers says:

    Is Demonic Crew a new band?