Jada Pinkett Smith sort of denies those lesbian/sham marriage rumors


Jada Pinkett Smith is Ebony’s June cover girl (story via Young, Black and Fabulous), and she’s out promoting her new TNT series Hawthorne, where she plays a nurse with a heart of gold. Jada sort of addresses all of those rumors that husband Will Smith is gay, and that Jada herself is gay, and that they have some kind of fraud-tastic open marriage. Jada just sort of says what the rumor is, but doesn’t really deny it. She does call Will a “man of God” and gives credit to their faith for making their marriage work.

Jada is also stepping back from all of those rumors that she and Will are now Scientologists. Regarding the New Village Leadership Academy, the school they have practically made with their funding, Jada says it is not a school built on Scientology conversion – “That is straight evil to think that I would bring families into that educational institution and then try to get them to convert into some religion.”

Jada Pinkett Smith is proof that good things come in small packages. The 5-foot-tall powerhouse is in control and living life to the fullest as she awaits the premiere of her new TNT drama, “Hawthorne”.

The talented actress, producer and rocker was surprisingly forthcoming about her marriage to Will, her views on the Church of Scientology and even the Internet rumors.

“You want people to talk about you, because once they stop talking about you that’s when you’re really in trouble! I’m happy to have people talk about all the craziness they want to talk about, whether it’s things like every year we’re getting divorced or we’re an open family or Will’s gay, or I’m gay.”

On how she makes her marriage work…
“People always ask me, ‘Will, he’s the biggest movie star in the world and we ain’t never heard of him with anybody. How do you keep him from stepping out on you?’” “I’m not that powerful,” she confesses. “I wish I could say it’s because I’m a bad chick. What it has to do with is Will’s relationship with God and who he wants to be as a man for God.”

On rumors about the New Village Leadership Academy…
“All I can say is it is not a Scientology school. Now, If you don’t trust me, and you are questioning my integrity, that’s a whole different matter. That is straight evil to think that I would bring families into that educational institution and then try to get them to convert into some religion.”

On their decision to home school…
“I didn’t want my children around other privileged kids who felt entitled. I didn’t want them to be around just one type of person.”

On spending time with the kids…
“A lot of time, we just sit at home and watch movies together,” she says. “I like to bake with the kids – 7UP cake is our favorite.”

On divorce…
“When Will asked me to get married, I said, ‘Understand this, there will be no divorce. So, you might be in one bedroom and I might be in another, but we’re gonna be under the same roof and we’re gonna be married.’”

On religion…
“I believe the worst thing a human being can do to another human being is to take away their God. At the end of the day all we’re trying to do is figure out how to live this life and be fulfilled.”

[From Young, Black and Fabulous]

I’ve seen the ads for Hawthorne, and it looks pretty awful. It seems like one of those poorly-written series where the writers and producers are trying so hard to make their “star” the hero or heroine of the show, the characters become flat and boring. In the previews, Hawthorne is yelling at a series of doctors because, you know, I guess she’s like the only person in an entire hospital who actually cares about the patients. I’ve never really cared for Jada, and this interview hasn’t really changed my mind.

Here are Jada and Will at Vanity Fair’s Oscar party on February 22nd. Images thanks to WENN.com .
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33 Responses to “Jada Pinkett Smith sort of denies those lesbian/sham marriage rumors”

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  1. audrey says:

    I’m sorry, she bugs the crap out of me– she always comes across as “holier than thou”….

  2. cara says:

    I like her and to me, she comes off as highly evolved. Good for her!

  3. SickofCelebs says:

    I don’t like either one of them, but she does have a “holier than thou” air about her. I swear I think people just go nuts when they get some fame and money under their belts.

  4. J-Lin says:

    Jada doesn’t strike me holier than thou, but rather grounded. She has been that way for years. Stop hating.

  5. ima says:

    I’m not saying that I agree or disagree w/ those sham-marriage rumors, but I have to question one thing. Will is a huge star, so he (not me) may have felt that he needed to stay in the closet but why would Jada need a cover? I mean, she’s an ok actress but I don’t think her career path would have been much different had she come out at the beginning of it.

  6. MmMmMm says:

    If Jada is a lesbian – then sign me up! Girlfriend is HOT. She is a strong woman that remains feminine and nurturing. Their kids are going to be gorgeous and grounded.

  7. hmm says:

    She’s never struck me as holier than thou and I’ve yet to read an article where they have attacked anyone about anything. They live their lives and take care of their family and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

  8. Cinderella says:

    She’s a rocker? I must laugh.

  9. Chicamorena says:

    Whatever works for them. They seem happy and I don’t see why their marriage is anyone else’s business.

  10. Ally says:

    Telling a story about how you were already thinking of separate bedrooms when he proposed is not a great way to put those sham marriage rumors to rest.

  11. Justalark says:

    I agree with everything everyone has said. In interviews where I hear her speak, she does sound holier than thou and kind of off-putting. However, when I read transcripts of her interviews, I really like what she says. (In other words, her voice and tone bug me on some level, but I like her message.) For example, years ago I read an interview where the journalist asked her about her stepson, Trey. She said that she is not a step mother and he is not a step son; she is a BONUS MOTHER and Trey is her bonus son…I just loved that!

  12. Iggles says:

    I think they are both bi……..

  13. Tess says:

    Can’t decide if the look on her face is indescribably comehither—

    or just plain ol’ shouts: “Hey, I like to munch carpet.”

  14. KateNonymous says:

    “On their decision to home school…
    “I didn’t want my children around other privileged kids who felt entitled. I didn’t want them to be around just one type of person.””


  15. Tess says:

    @ Justalark

    Very interesting points, esp about the Bonus Mother and Son.

  16. Zoe says:

    Well, Will Smith was the one who claimed they had an ‘open marriage’. Somebody’s lying.

  17. Autumm Leaves says:

    Both are bi. There’s gay and then there’s bi. I’ve heard the rumors of their marriage for years and where there’s smoke…….

  18. kiki says:

    yummm 7-up cake ( she and the kids make it)
    whatever works in their marriage I do think they have an arrangement but it works for them Plus I think at 5′ feet she terrorizes Will. and hes scared of her, heck she scares me too.

  19. Tia says:

    Tess, wow you are a class act… NOT !! Wierdo

  20. AC says:

    @ Cinderella,

    Before you judge her on her music, why don’t you give her band Wicked Wisdom a try?

    She makes great metal music and proves that a multi-talented and mutlifaceted actress, singer, wife and mom can make great rock music.

    And Jada is not “holier than thou”. She’s a down to earth woman, great mother and someone alot of women look up to and admire.

    Why does it seem that confidence on a woman scares some people or turns them off?

    And as for their marriage: if open marriage works for them, why should anyone else be bothered by it?

  21. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    It’s kind of hard to swallow that jazz about not wanting her children to feel entitled, when the middle son is starring in the imminent Will Smith’s Kid. Look, he’s probably a great boy, I’m sure it takes a lot of discipline to be a working child actor, and his skill will develop with time and practice. But as it stands, our little friend’s career is based on line-cutting nepotism, and nothing else. I want to enjoy all of the performances I see, so I wasn’t exactly relishing in my absolute non-relish. Who cares? His haircuts probably cost more than my rent.

  22. Sarto says:

    Notice how she says “open family” and not “open marriage.” Freudian slip. Who has ever even used the term “open family”? Only someone who is part of one, that’s who!

    If I had to guess, I’d say that in her mind she is trying to make it seem like sexual experimentation is compatible with a family structure and motherhood — hence, “open family.”

  23. Ned says:

    I like her, but he has ruined her.

    He likes to f around, so he “convinced” her that in order to save the marriage, they need to “open” it up.

    So she needs to put up with him sleeping with others, and also pretend like it’s a cool thing that she can explore her options.

    It’s pretty sad her children don’t get to be social and learn to interact with other children and live with adults all the time (a movie set is hardly a healthy place for a kid).

    School and a community center is much more better for her children than having the pressure of carrying a movie and working as if they are adults.

    Let them be kids.

  24. barneslr says:

    Don’t they make up the same exact rumors about every acting couple that dares to seem happy together?

  25. lb says:

    On their decision to home school…
    “I didn’t want my children around other privileged kids who felt entitled. I didn’t want them to be around just one type of person.”

    So when are they around a diverse group of children? When they are working on movie sets and going to movie premieres? What actors are really saying when they pull out such comments is that they in fact are doing the opposite. Do Jada and Will drive to the inner city or the hinterland to introduce their kids to children who are not privileged? Home schooling is a way to keep your kids from being in the mix Jada!!

  26. paranel says:

    Who are we to say people should or should not change when they come to a lot of money and fame. Naturally when your life changes, you change with it. That’s adapting to life and not necessarily bad. I think she is at least trying to do good. Are you sure you would if you were in her shoes?

  27. missy says:

    RE how she keeps him “from stepping out” on her: “I’m not that powerful,” she confesses. “I wish I could say it’s because I’m a bad chick. What it has to do with is Will’s relationship with God and who he wants to be as a man for God.”

    very strange, very telling answer.

  28. lola lola says:

    Why does she always come across as pushy and obnoxious? I don’t get it. Part of me thinks ‘she’s a strong woman in Hollywood’ and I should like her for that but she can’t seem to say much without sounding condescending…and P.S. That cover is horrid! Jada is quite pretty and that cover makes her look like Beyonce’s bimbo sister.

  29. trisha says:

    Well…Jada is putting out her movie and new show. So she need to publicize herself and her projects. We all know she can be ignorant when she is ready to get her point out. Why do you think Will does not get involve in her interview as much. He adds one or two sentences. Yes, he has slept in a seperate room as she stated in an interview when she was directing her new movie because they could not get along. But I am sure he is trying to keep his money. After 10 years of marriage she will have half. Better live with it than loose it.

  30. trisha says:

    Oh by the way…Jada still looks good in pictures when she is all made up but it is the inner that counts. Give them 15 years of marriage then people can look for divorce when secrets are reveal about infidelity. People on the set is aready talking about Will having men visiting him at his trailer and giving them trips and gifts. I’m just saying…

  31. stillandre says:

    It’s amazing that anyone still cares about another’s sexuality. But then, here I am same as you all…. To me, Will is like Eddie Murphy, happy being a straight dude, but has a split personality. I have a straight guy’s bias about women – yes, all women, being “feline”, having a lesbo predilection. Their marriage lasted about as long as anyone can expect, celebrity or not. Beyond that, most folks just give up and stay pat because it’s easier.