“Cara Delevingne’s green sweatsuit is pretty hideous & dated” links


Cara Delevingne had a really rough night (and even worse morning). [Moe Jackson]
Tom Cruise is promoting a movie but you wouldn’t even know it. [LaineyGossip]
Donald Glover had a secret baby! I didn’t even know he was secretly preggo. [Dlisted]
Anna Kendrick in Moschino… not bad. [Go Fug Yourself]
I watched this interview on All In last night. Profoundly disturbing. [Pajiba]
Theory about why NBC was holding on to the Trump Tape. [TMZ]
Some Real Housewives got really ugly in Ireland. [Reality Tea]
Sen. Deb Fischer needs to not be re-elected. [Jezebel]
This Kim Kardashian Halloween costume is disgusting. [The Blemish]
Amber Portwood’s boyfriend really did play baseball. [Starcasm]
Celebslam is undergoing a redesign! [Celebslam]


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  1. Lucy says:

    I saw a picture of Kylie Jenner wearing the same one in pale pink today. I like that shade of green.

  2. I’m always looking for things in green. I love all shades of green, but it’s so hard to find stuff. I really love the colour, but not the design.

  3. Bitchy architect says:

    She is looking very rough indeed. Looks like she’s taking the st. Vincent break up hard.
    Does anyone have any intel o. Their break up?

  4. Bobo says:

    I wish I looked that ‘rough’ on my rough days. She’s wearing sweat pants. Big deal.

  5. Jessie says:

    Didn’t she just split up with her long term girlfriend and then her girlfriend immediately took up with Kirsten Stewart. No wonder she’s looking rough. It was only a couple of months ago when she was gushing about how in love she was.

  6. K37745 says:

    Wow! Her bone structure and skin is flawless! You can see why she looks stunning in modeling shots.

    If I walked out the door with no makeup/hair in that getup, someone would call animal control.

  7. lucy says:

    Is that David Lee Roth with botox?

  8. Eve says:

    I wish this was an open post. Don’t want to threadjack anything.

    But I have a confession to make: after rooting for his demise during every single GoT episode he was in…recently I’ve been crushing on Ramsay Bolton! No, not Iwan Rheon, the actor who played him. RAMSAY BOLTON the Baby Killer, people!

    I must be losing my mind. Somebody help me!!!

  9. Guesto says:

    Oh my.

    I like this site, I really do, but the writers come across as clueless and arrogantly so when it comes to anything non-American.

    Cara looks fine. She really does.

  10. Ann says:

    She looks very comfy. Love it!

  11. Keats says:

    “I’d consider it.” don’t ever ever tell me the GOP cares about women.

  12. AuntSass says:

    I do not think one ounce of this girl is pretty. I don’t get the hype.

  13. stephka says:

    She looks like her own great-grandfather in that last shot.

  14. Micki says:

    “….Pretty hideous, dated…” and comfotable I may add. The last thing I need in my free time is licra/ spandex/tight outfit. As a model she has enough opportunity to show body. No need to do it all the time.

  15. Little Choplette says:

    Ugh, who cares…looks like she’s running out for a cup of coffee or a quick errand.

  16. Alexi says:

    Love her….so stunning. Love the green sweats! She looks a bit hung over and like one of those little troll dolls that has it’s hair standing up. But in a gorgeous way. Seriously. She’s too pretty and privildged damn her but I adore her! Good for her screw it attitude. We all want to wear sweats to run to the store at times!

  17. Sarah says:

    Nothing wrong with looking rough although I think she looks really beautiful. Like y’all are saying…none structure, hair…damn!

  18. Gia says:

    If it wasn’t for nepotism she would be no one. Surrounding yourself with Taylor & KStew & Karlie & Sukie & Vincent makes them all look like the empty vessels they are. It’s all about how the public perceives them nothing really to do with who they are. And yet so many idolize them for their limited talent like a great voice or plastic beauty or some crap like that. All image no substance. Once they’re old no one will give them attention and by then they’ll be damaged goods, desperate for any recognition, medicating with even more alcohol & drugs, contributing no talent and no good to society.