Kate Gosselin’s brother says his sister is cheating, broke up w/ Jon

Kate Gosselin
Radar Online has an exclusive video interview with Kate Gosselin of Jon & Kate Plus 8‘s brother, and he says that his sister’s marriage crisis isn’t as recent or as one-sided as she’s making it out to be. Two weeks ago Kate’s husband Jon was featured on the cover of US Weekly in a car at 2am with another woman. Jon’s supposed mistress was identified last week as a 23 year-old school teacher from his hometown of Reading, Pennsylvania. The upcoming tabloids feature the Jon and Kate split heavily, with cover stories on People, In Touch, Star and The National Enquirer.

Kate did the talkshow circuit to talk about her family problems and promote her new book. She said on The Today Show that she was “hesitant to believe” that Jon was cheating, although she admits in the upcoming issue of People that their relationship is in trouble, saying “I don’t know that we’re in the same place anymore.” It all comes across like Kate is just figuring out that her husband was unfaithful and gradually coming to terms with it. That’s not the case at all, her brother maintains. Kevin Kreider and his wife Jodi told Radar Online that Kate broke up with Jon six months ago and that she’s cheating on him too. Their reality show is a sham, he said, and they would sometimes fight so much “the film crew would have a hard time getting 15 minutes worth of decent coverage out of 8 hours of filming. It was horrible.”

Production crew disturbed by inaccuracy of the show
Kevin said “Some of the production crew came to us and said how they had moral problems with how they acted, and what they were filming with the kids.”

Kate is cheating with the bodyguard
His wife Jodi added “Jon is making some poor choices right now, but all the media attention is going to him. Jon has told us that he feels that Kate is also a… [whispering] cheater.”

Kevin said “Jon came to our door one day, and told Jodi that he suspects it’s Steve the bodyguard and he feels that he’s getting the bad rap, but… Kate’s not being faithful either…

“He has talked to us about how he suspects that Kate has been unfaithful… It paints how bad and how different reality is from the reality show.”

Kevin ended with the plea to the two of them “Please do not trade your marriage and your family for fame and fortune.”

Many other people have similar advice for the Gosselins, with Courtney Hazlett at MSNBC’s The Scoop urging them to cash out and try to live peacefully out of the spotlight. It all seems like it’s too late for these two, and why am I not surprised that even when things fell apart for them they tried to spin into something else? Kate is said to be estranged from many of her family members, and she must have really pissed off her brother and his wife to get them to speak out against her so publicly. It seems like it’s too late for Kate and Jon to save their family, especially considering that they’d rather save their sham public image instead.

Kate Gosselin is shown at a book signing on 4/14/09. Credit: PRPhotos
Kate Gosselin

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  1. lola says:

    Ok am i the only person on the planet to find that hair rediculous and distracting enough that i can’t even focus on the story?

  2. vixenella says:

    This “Aunt” Jodi person had a blog a couple of years ago, and it was an endless rant of how horrible Kate was. I remember her blogging about how she was shut out one day for no reason. I don’t watch the show-the bits of it I have seen I felt sorry for Jon because he was on the end of her verbal attacks.

  3. HEB says:

    I”m actually suprised that Jodi is selling them out, but I believe every single thing she says.

  4. bros says:

    yah vixinella, because TLC had the gall to try and pay them for their babysitting services when kate and jon dumped their brood on them. kate insisted she was the only one who was going to be paid, not her in laws and the last two people who they still talked to in the family were shut out. she’s a twat. over-tanned, her nails are always done, she was shopping at target in some louboutins, she traded way up on her wedding ring, and she has an angry beaver on the back of her head. this b*tch is all about the benjamins-you can see it in her eyes. that and the vicodin.

  5. Ursula says:

    She doesn’t come off like a nice person at all.

  6. bella says:

    the most retarded hair style i’ve ever seen

  7. UrbanRube says:

    I’m not a Kate fan and clearly there’s dysfunction running all through her extended family (would be interested in what the childhood issues were–without details). However, as a mother married to a man who is, um, let’s say “similarly not proactive in his parenting” to Jon, I understand where some of her frustration comes from. Some of the stuff she yells at him about I think she’s right about, although her tone and delivery are too self-righteous.

  8. SixxKitty says:

    What’s with the Thompson Twins hair???
    I watched the show a few times and I have to say that this sounds more like it.

  9. Cowbell says:

    Am I the only one who would never even consider giving an interview selling out a family member? I don’t care how much you’re on the outs with them. That’s bad form.

    Nonetheless, I believe every word. I remember Jodi watching 2 or 3 of the kids. Kate really got pissed because TLC was going to pay them? Christ on a Cracker – she watched 2 little hellions who ate M&Ms like crazy and pooped all over her house and in the midst had cameras and crew? Pay the woman!
    I also remember her brother coming over to help them hang those garage shelves. Kate has always come off like a bitch so I gave two thumbs up to Jon for looking elsewhere.

  10. georgiagrl says:

    She comes off on that show as a complete B!
    Not surprised by any of this!

  11. mel says:

    Not a fan of hers either. I think they would be better off going their separate ways. She treats Jon like crap.

  12. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Yuck, can she please just go away forever?

  13. yadira says:

    bros: Angry beaver on her head! haha classic. Her hair looks good until you look at the top/back part of it and then realize she must have really pissed off that hair stylist

    Never watch this show except maybe once for 2 mins and she was snapping at her sap of a husband so I am assuming most of the time she must be an even bigger ball buster

  14. Moore says:

    This whole mess is sad. I could have done without hearing about who was sleeping with who. The show was cute and harmless now its done for.
    Must be sad that the brother and his wife feel the need to open their mouths. They sound hurt that they didn’t get paid by TLC and now want money from another source. Pathetic if that is their motivation.
    I’m truly confused on Jon and Kate’s part. If they agreed the marriage was over 6 months ago and have a secret marriage contract then maybe the cheating thing isn’t really a huge deal to them and they are playing to the press now that its all out. Making it like yea, he cheated and we’re dealing instead of we’re in a loveless marriage and both cheating but this is how we raise our kids. I don’t know.

  15. just a poster says:

    I just do not understand that hair do.. can someone please explain to me WHY this is a “look” people want..

  16. anna says:

    I find it odd that the brother and “aunt jody” are spilling what Jon, the confirmed cheater, is telling them. hmm… I know they hate kate (can you blame them?) but hearsay from a cheater??

    okay, the gosselins can go away now.

  17. Sauronsarmy says:

    Nice Flock of Seagulls hair cut lady.

  18. eternalcanadian says:

    Dang, seriously, what is up with that hair? When I first saw it on the show I was like, hmm, whatever. But looking at the pictures above, it is one seriously unflattering hair. Looks like a mop in the back. It is like she can’t decide whether she wants a sleek bob or a punk cut. Time to switch salons Kate.

  19. Jen says:

    Her hair is f’n retarded.

  20. Annie says:

    The poor kids. :(

    Those two are so unbelievably selfish.

  21. n says:

    her hair is a little scary, but the color’s great.

    and she has a perpetual tan. guess she’s pretty well off now — but who’s taking care of the kiddies? hope it’s not dad — he seems like a self-involved loser by the looks of him. of course i wouldn’t really know, i haven’t dated him. but all his other girlfriends say he’s a player.

  22. Ggirl says:

    That hair reminds me of Woody Woodpecker!! All that is missing is a beak and a tree

  23. larawinn says:

    I’m so glad her hair is pissing other people off just as much as me. I CAN’T STAND IT!!! ahhh…I want to rip it out of her head. how can the producers let her have hair like that??? Her hair plus how terrible I feel for her children…I seriously need to walk away.

  24. Mel says:

    It looks like one of her many children attacked the crown of her head with a FLO-BEE set on crew cut in her sleep! LOL

  25. emma says:

    and she thinks everyone wants her hair? lmao!!!

  26. Chica says:

    That’s right, she thinks everybody WANTS her hair!! I read one of her interviews where she said basically that it was HER creation because it reflected HER attitude – yup, that mess of a ‘do’ surely does reflect ‘BITCH’
    I totally support everything that Kevin and Jodi are revealing. Come on, they just confirmed what we all knew.

  27. Cinderella says:

    Why does she even have fans? People are actually still showing up for her events? Just stop, and maybe her butt will go home and take care of her clan.

  28. the original kate says:

    maybe if jon & kate had stopped the show when they started having marriage problems they could have worked it out. but i guess they wanted to milk their 8 little cash cows for all they’re worth.

  29. Ginny says:

    Whether Jon has cheated or not, if you’ve ever watched the show he does more work taking care of those kids than she does. She treats him terrible, but he does more to help her out than my dad ever did for my mom. She just sits on her butt and barks out orders to everyone, and then rips them a new one if it’s not the way she wants it. I can’t tell you how many times she’s in the kitchen drinking coffee complaining about the noise and being “so exhausted” and then turning around and screeching at Jon because he didn’t pick out the right pair of shoes for the kids, after he’s spent half an hour getting all six of the sextuplets dressed. He is also the one (at least until they got rich and got a nanny) who bathed all six of them and put them to bed at night.

    Jodi and Kevin are terribly sweet people if you’ve ever seen the show, and you can see how uncomfortable it is for them. I don’t think it has anything to do with the money — Jodi never asked for any money for what she did, and when the producers realized that Kate wasn’t relaying the message about payment for the segments shot at their house, they asked her directly, and that’s when Kate cut them off. I think they are worried about their nieces and nephews, not about money. You can tell how much she cared for them from the parts of the show she was in — she was so much sweeter to those children than Kate was. Jodi’s blog was about being cut off and how the children were being exploited, and I think that’s why they’re coming forward now that all this stuff is coming out in the tabloids.

    Anyway. Her hair is really ugly, and she’s so orange.

  30. hossa says:

    Glad i am not the only who thinks her hairdo is ridiculous. She looked much better when she was pretending to be a mom. Saw pics of her on her way to Baltimore and she was dressed like a hooker. Good luck jon yur going to need it when the divoce lawyer comes knocking,cant’ imagine the amount of chidsupport that will be coming out of your pocket..yikes

  31. Connie says:

    I think Kate(nasty greedy one) hurt Aunt Jodi and the rest of her family. I can understand Kate’s brother telling all. Him and the rest of the family have been burnt bad by this ugly witch. And I mean ugly. What the hell is up with the streaks in her hair and the style????? Jon is better off with out her. She’s a Greedy Selfish witch….

  32. laurarenee says:

    The bitches’ hair cut is RIDICULOUS. Seriously?! BUT on her it looks fabulous. It’s effed up, ridiculous, and ugly just like she is. Suits her orange a$$ perfect. Just sayin’!!!

  33. Caroline says:

    Her hair looks like a toilet brush. The look on her face is scary. I wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley.

  34. TinaWithPom says:

    Saw her signing her books at the bookstore. This woman totally gives off a holier-than-thou bitchy vibe. Acted as if she were celebrity royalty and screamed “Excuse you!” at a teenage girl who accidentally bumped into her as she was getting up from her book-signing table to use the restroom, which the bookstore people had to totally evacuate and “spruce up” for her Highness. I cannot, for the life of me, see how this woman is the mother of eight children and a Christian to boot. A perpetual sneer on her orange face. Ugh.

  35. Jaclyn says:

    I am so sick of hearing about Jon and Kate. I could never stand them and their stupid show.
    Her hair looks ridiculous, btw!

  36. whatevs says:

    I believe Kevin and Jodie finally spoke up about all the lies and fraud going on because they want the children to stop being filmed. It’s exploitation and that’s been their thing this whole time, it’s not about the money or their hatred for Kate. By letting the world know that what you see isn’t what you get, maybe people will wake up and stop buying into their bullshit.

    I hope it works but highly doubt it. Kate’s got some of the most insane fans out there that really believe she shits gold. She’ll continue on in the spotlight, on the cover of People, no matter what nasty dirt comes out. They’ll find a way to spin it and the crazies will eat it up.

  37. Chica says:

    Treating her fans like crap??!! Somebody needs to taser this porcupine once and for all

  38. b says:


  39. czarina says:

    Holy hell, what is the deal with you people and a person’s personal choice of hairstyle????
    For goodness’ sake, so what if you don’t like it? If SHE is happy with her hair, what is it to you?
    Talk about unbelievably judgmental!
    I have no idea what Kate’s relationship is with her family. If her own brother was willing to sell her out, obviously he dislikes her.
    Despite the assurances of several posters here (obviously all of whom are intimately aquainted with everyone in this family, as well as being psychologists to boot!), I highly doubt the relationships are as black and white as Kate being the “bad” one and the brother and Jodi being “sweet” and “good”…this isn’t a movie…real life rarely tends to be that simplistic.
    There was only one poster who showed any real sense by pointing out that they (the brother and his wife) were only restating what Jon had told them that he THINKS (i.e. not that he had seen or caught her cheating).
    Who knows, it could be true…but treating this rumor started by her cheating husband and perpetuated by a family member with an obvious grudge as if it were gospel is slightly ridiculous.

  40. ChristinaT says:

    every time this guy comes out talking shit about his sister, i want to puke… obviously he feels strong familiar ties… jackass!

  41. Andrea says:

    I hate to say it czarina…cuz I can’t stand Kate, but you are probably right…nothing is black and white…its a whole lot of losers from what I can see…those poor kids.

  42. momof3 says:

    I just hope that everyone can stop to think about the most important thing being effected in this whole drama. It’s not Kate’s hair, Jodi and Kevin, Jon, or any of the other “adults” involved in the scandal! Those poor, beautiful children could have life long problems because of this. Mady already has some anger issues, and it is bound to cause more problems for all of the children. I hope everyone can put their judgments for all of the adults aside, and say a prayer for those sweet children!

  43. Chica says:

    oh crap, another goody two-shoes sheeple speaketh

  44. b says:

    Ohhhh, now I get it CZARINA…thank you so much for setting us all straight. Your ability to put youself on a ‘high horse’ was so enlightening.

    PS Interesting how you were able to call the rest of us judgemental while you sit and judge the other posters. Hmmm.

  45. asdf1234 says:

    this is absolutely crazy, how could she do something so self centered and cruel!! those poor kids!!!

    and i agree, her hair is terrible!!!

  46. Wow! Why so many comments about Kate’s hair. She’s a little punked out, but what’s wrong with that. Maybe she should grow it out because I heard Jon say he liked it long like when they married. This goes to show you, money does not make you happy. First, they have professed to be Christians. And Jon has let Kate take the leadership role. He needs to be the one running the family and then maybe he wouldn’t be so bored. She needs to step back and stop wearing the pants in family. I don’t condone cheating at all, but, I think they can still save their marriage if they come to realize that they both desperately need to make some changes and get some good Christian counseling and pray pray pray. God will not allow them to make a show that is a disgrace to His name. Look at Dog the Bounty Hunter and Hulk Hogan. Both professed to be Christians and God stopped them both dead in their tracks. Dog has changed a lot and hopefully cleaned up the profanity. But they need to make their marriage the priority. God can help them if they ask Him to. They have to persue righteousness. The Lord is waiting patiently. They better ask for help soon.

  47. Chica says:

    Kate Gosselin is doing the EXACT same thing that Octomom is doing except that she’s marketing herself much more strategically. That’s the only difference…
    TLC needs to cut its ties with this bleached out grifter

  48. I don’t think that was her intention when having the babies. They wanted one more, or so they said. There are a lot of these reality shows. Maybe they need to watch 18 and Counting and get some good examples of how to run the household. I still say, let’s pray for them and not bash them. We all sin everyday. Let’s not cast stones, let’s love them through their pain. The children are the ones that will suffer the most and I don’t see how they could consider divorcing. They need to think of the end results and stop living in the moment.

  49. Maria says:

    I truly believe that Kates focus shifted at one point from her Babies to her MONEY!! they are cursed by the reality TV DIVORCE COURSE!! everyone that is married and does reality tv,..what ever that means..ends up in a divorce..Kate if you ever read this…QUIT,.before all your kids are CRAZY and start to act out like all those CRAZY celebrities!..REALLY GO BACK TO YOUR KIDS

  50. Carol says:

    I can’t imagine how a woman with 8 kids can manage the time to a) get that tan, b) have her nails done let alone keep them intact c) go on a book tour and d) have an affair. I only had 2 small ones at one time and I never managed to have any of those things. I feel sorry for the kids, but this was a train wreck you could see coming from miles away.

  51. Keith says:

    I love how she goes around to churches and preaches her values and family life!! For a fee of course.

  52. jossta says:

    While everyone of us here is bashing Jon & Kate, their show will continue to thrive. I for one will not watch it, but so many others will. I don’t feel sorry one bit for either of them, but those kids are left out in the cold. I don’t care how much Jon is an on-hands dad, kids always, always want their mother. And she ain’t there. They will always strive to please her, and they never will. I hope the Gosselins are socking away some money for all the therapy these kids are going to need. Mady already needs it, you can see that on the show. Maybe TLC or some shrink will offer more freebies to the Gosselins.

    I myself as a single (not by choice) mother of two, recently unemployed, find it sickening to have things freely handed to people who can well afford it. I’ve only been able to take my kids on one vacation. Can’t count how many the Gosselins take in one season alone. Call me jealous…maybe I am…but even when I was employed and married, I could never do the things Kate does, such as tanning, manicures, shopping sprees, and trips. My ex couldn’t go skiing in Utah or anywhere else. If these things were offered to me, yea, I’d probably take it, but I would at least show my gratitude and wouldn’t be so high and mighty about it and act like I deserved it and it was hard work.

    I hope they work out their differences, but I hope their show is cancelled so I can stop hearing about them.

  53. Maritza says:

    I feel sorry for Jon, if they get divorced he’s really going to get screwed with all that child support he’ll have to pay.

  54. drm says:

    Bad hair and a singularly bad attitude. Those poor babies…

  55. cyiera says:

    It really is a shame that these two “adults” cannot put their eight beautiful and wonderful kids before their own selfishness. Those poor children are going to suffer from their parents infidelity for years to come. Jon and Kate are both more worried about making money from their show and trying not to look like the bad guy rather than focusing on what really matters, which is protecting those kids.

  56. lisa says:

    Can someone just tie her down and shave off that damn hairdo? There should be a law against that crap.

  57. I really like the show I admire her as a mother. Jon as a father he is great. Love does not work out for some people. I say they are the only who will decide what will happen. I just hope that what ever happens it’s for the best of the children even if that means getting a divorce. Stay Strong and Good Luck
    And to those people who are commenting on the Hair put your picture to see how good you look.

  58. czarina says:

    B MAY–wow, you have a real gift for judging and definig people in five words or less. Bet that’s a gift that keeps on giving….

  59. AMANDA tAYLOR says:


  60. Scott says:

    Can you imagine the child support he will have to pay if they get divorced?

  61. Rebecca says:

    This is so sad. It appears that this woman has become so full of herself that she has lost sight of what is most important in life…her family. Not surprised they are having marital problems though. She doesn’t treat her husband with any respect.

  62. BJM says:

    Where are all those people that were so helpful to them at the beginning of the show? Did Kate scare them away? Funny how her own Mother is not included in her life and the childrens. Is this a clue???? She runs that house like a dictator. Time to chill and just enjoy her family, and not run them! I have had enough, but would like a update of all 8 in 8. Now that would be a show!!!

  63. sherry esser says:

    Jon and Kate: I pray for you both, I had four kids and my husband left me for another woman, It is a hurtful life, and the kids become so messed up. Please, pray together, and think back on what made the two of you cometogether for in the first place.

  64. JUSTINE says:

    HEB; dont believe everything she says and definitely dont believe wat cele bitchy says cause they lie alot but there are some things this site lies about. like this report about Kate Gosselins brother’s sister is cheating u dont know that for sure. for all u know they could be lying. now im not saying this report isnt true all im saying is dont believe wat hear cause half of wat u hear is a lie cause4 this is just a computer. anybody can just make up a report put it on here and make ppl think its a true thing that happened but u dont hear it on the news so u dont know if wat u see on here is true or not

  65. Lem says:

    justine: your post makes me weep for our youth

  66. nony says:

    oh man Lem… why didn’t we listen to Whitney Houston?

  67. teresita says:

    “And to those people who are commenting on the Hair put your picture to see how good you look.”

    None of us have our picture taken by paparazzi and we don’t have to show our face on TV…she does.

  68. Matty says:

    What does it matter about her hair or his girlfriend. They are 2 sad selfish adults who are ruining (with the reality show and their antics) the lives of EIGHT children. That is and makes them pathetic and losers. They got so caught up in celebrity they forgot they were parents first.

  69. boomchakaboom says:

    I used to watch the show and actually liked it. Of course I thought they were being real at the time. The Kate I was watching wouldn’t have taken the enormous amount of time that writing a book entails away from her children. That alone is enough for me to deduce that all is not as their show makes it appear.

  70. truth says:

    Kate is in SPIN CITY, trying to do damage control so she can make the most of everything for herself. Poor Jon taking it all on the chin because he is a bit slower on the draw at times. Kate is obviously looking for and working the cash cow. Kate’s looks have gone from plain momish to glam, while Jon looks beat to hell. I write this while watching episode 1 of season 5. God that ring is now huge.

  71. Jackie Newly says:

    I am sure Kate has OC!! The episode where she spent 4 hours cleaning the fridge in the new house, even with toothpicks, is one example of thousands! She grew worse and worse each season. And the nastiness towards Jon also continued to progress over the seasons. I do believe Jody! She was on so many episodes and was so good to those kids. She pitched in often and has kids of her own!! I think Kate’s brother and SIL spoke out about her because they saw exactly what was going on, and couldn’t take Kate’s dishonesty anymore. I must say though, Jon doesn’t seem very bright and often seemed very uninterested in what was going on. Really gruff a lot of the time with the kids. The show should end, it is all a sham, and Kate needs a hairdresser that doesn’t use a buzz saw!!

  72. Robin says:

    astro-matchmaker.com says they will split up. famouscouples.asp

  73. Jazz says:

    I don’t really think Kevin and Jodi are sharing inside info to make money, I think that they are just sick of watching her be somewhat fake on tv and very controlling and just mean behind the scenes. I’m sure that there are other stories they could share that they aren’t–especially with the relationship between she and her her parents and she and her other siblings. Since neighbors and church members have even reported stories about her..and yes, that haircut is something else. I used to think it was cute, but then the back got shorter and front got longer to create her horrible backwards lady mullett.