Did Mark Zuckerberg renew his faith to run for public office?


The last time I covered Mark Zuckerberg, he had completed (and surpassed) his New Year’s Eve resolution for 2016, which was to run 365 miles in a year. In keeping with his dedication to making resolutions, Mark posted 2017’s to his Facebook account on Tuesday. According to Mark, his challenge this year is to meet Americans. Not just any Americans but people in each of the 50 United States.

Is it cheating that he is crediting himself the 20 states he’s already visited? I think he should have to touch down in all 50 – come on Zuck! (I’m kidding) I like this because given Zuck’s bubble, meeting the rest of the country might do him a lot of good. I also find it curious because even though Zuck did not outright condemn Trump last year, he did allude to the fact that he was not in favor of what Trump stands for. (Although, he also defended Facebook Board of Director and outspoken Trump supporter Peter Theil.) So maybe this is just an extension of his belief that the country as a whole has lost sight of each other, in which case – bravo. However, there was a great deal of speculation about Zuck’s motivation for filing legal documents allowing him to remain on Facebook’s board if he runs for public office. If you look at this resolution with that in mind, it kind of sounds like Zuck’s planning a whistle-stop tour to garner support for a run.

Adding fuel to the fire was his response to his holiday wishes post:

When a Facebooker asked on this thread if he was an atheist, Zuck responded,
“No. I was raised Jewish and then I went through a period where I questioned things, but now I believe religion is very important.” I know several parents that changed their views on religion or faith after having kids. In some ways I did too. So it could just be that he reexamined his views after his daughter Max was born. But just to play devil’s advocate, The Independent points out a survey which “found that atheist was the religious category people were least likely to vote for.” I have come to have a respect for Zuck I didn’t once hold. I hope his desire to meet his fellow countrymen is a part of his plan to leave a better world for Max and all children and not a run for office. I can’t imagine he will, he has too much to lose if he does.

However, a Max/Beast ticket I could get on board with.




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  1. Pandy says:

    And I learned mandarin. Oh shut up, billionaire.

  2. Ramona says:

    Lol. Does that dog have dreadlocks on? What breed is this?

  3. QQ says:

    My mom is gonna send me these posts This weekend and THEN she’ll read them out loud to me, Why? cause she STANS for Zuckerberg and his Wife, just like her STAN POWER for Brangelina… Only she really acts like they are her FB friends LOL (Most surprising one of my Mom’s Stan Cycles? : Kylie Minogue… she Showed me Kylie Minogue vids like I was New to that!!)

  4. HappyMom says:

    My takeaway: I never realized how short he is.

  5. African Sun says:

    Mark has come a long way from a media relations standpoint. He used to be very awkward and shy but he has come such a long way. Proud of him.

    No one gets to be at that level without being ruthless but I appreciate how him and Priscilla do try their best to be down to earth and they are trying to do their bit.

    And yes I am here for his holiday message – I like he said Merry Xmas and Happy Hannukkah to reach out to the people who do celebrate this.

    Facebook is his life. He won’t be going into politics but I think it’s great that he has grown so much from a media viewpoint.

    People’s views don’t remain static – people evolve and change. Let him grow as he sees fit.

  6. dodgy says:

    He’d have to be 35 to run for the President of the United States, if I remember your constitution correctly.

  7. mayamae says:

    People may be less likely to vote for an atheist, but they just did. Apparently all you have to do is suddenly claim you’re Christian, even when you’re moronically saying things like, “Two Corinthians”. (I have no issue with atheists, BTW. I find them some of the most intelligent and moral people.)

    We’ve never had a Jewish president, and the political climate has just taken a turn for the worst.

  8. Megan says:

    Zuckerberg has the ultimate treasure trove of data for targeting prospective voters.

  9. Emily C. says:

    This is giving me Citizen Kane vibes. I dunno. He’s still very young.

  10. LadyGreen says:

    Oh dear God I hope not. This is the man responsible for the scourge that is Facebook.

  11. Alma says:

    Happy New Year Facebook.if you’re enjoyed,and embarrassed so happy,really to nice to si.