New cover of US: Kate Gosselin fired 40 staffers in 3 months

US Weekly is sticking with their lucrative formula of covering the rift in reality stars Kate and Jon Gosselin’s marriage. They started with exclusive insider information and photo evidence that Jon was cheating on Kate with a 23 year-old teacher from his parents’ hometown. Now the tide is turning to focus on Kate, her relationship with her bodyguard, and her controlling ways. US features an interview in their upcoming issue with an ex employee of the mother of eight. The former nanny details the crazy demands that Kate made of her staffers, including supposedly firing one woman for washing her hands in the kitchen instead of the bathroom:

Baby nurse Angela Krall, who watched the sextuplets as infants for more than a year, tells Us that the short-fused Kate fired 40 nurses and nurse’s aides in the three months before she was hired. A 2005 AP story reported that a pre-TV Gosselin had petitioned the state to extend payments for Krall, whose fees were first paid by Medicaid (Jon was unemployed; Medicaid provides limited assistance to premature babies). “Kate Gosselin said she feels society has a responsibility to help with the children, since modern medicine promotes the use of fertility drugs, which can lead to multiple births,” the AP reported.

While Kate praised Krall in the same story, Krall reveals that Kate posted “demeaning” signs in every room detailing rules, and fired one woman on the spot for washing her hands in the kitchen instead of the bathroom. “Kate flipped,” says Krall. “She thought it was cross-contamination.”

That level of perfectionism also tore her apart from her father, Kenton Kreider, a pastor, after he gave her cribs donated by his parishioners. “They didn’t match and Kate rejected them,” says a family source. “Things like that caused a rift.” Krall, who says all six babies ended up with matching cribs, tells Us Kate “thought they were owed stuff. The money factor was huge.”

Indeed, a now-famous Gosselin has spent 21 out of the last 30 days on the road at paid speaking engagements; after she made news last week admitting that she might leave Jon, she continued on her book tour for five days as her husband tended to the kids.

For more on Kate’s obsession with her own celebrity and freebies, what she’s really like as a mom, and her rude behavior to locals, pick up the newest issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands today.

[From US Weekly]

I read the story about Kate rejecting hand-me-downs on the website Gosselins Without Pity and it’s possible that’s where US got this news as well. Kate was said to be too proud to accept anything that wasn’t new and this made her father embarrassed when he had to go back to his parish and tell people their donations weren’t wanted.

This all sounds over the top, though. Who fires 40 people in three months, that’s outrageous. This story is likely exaggerated for effect, but it just makes it sound like it’s untrue. Kate is bitchy and controlling on camera and she’s probably very bossy with her staff. Whether she actually fired someone for washing their hands in the kitchen is up to question, though. It’s likely she had several other issues with the woman and the thing with the hand washing was just the last straw.

If she was struggling before she got the reality show deal I don’t blame her for wanting help from Medicaid as US mentions, but to then turn around and reject donations because the stuff isn’t brand new is just haughty. It sounds like Kate is giving Octomom a run for the money when it comes to “most hated mom of multiples.” All that will change when Suleman gets her own reality show, though.

Thanks to CoverAwards for this US Weekly cover. Here’s Kate Gosselin and her daughter Alexis on 5/18, Jon Gosselin is shown riding an ATV on 5/19/09. His alleged mistress Deanna Hummel is shown on 5/18/09. Credit:

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  1. boomchakaboom says:

    I used to watch their TV show and actually liked it, back when I thought it was real. The Kate I watched wouldn’t have taken the huge amount of time away from her kids that even writing a book entails, which means the Kate I watched was fictional. Apparently a lot of that show was fictional.

    I could see her flipping out over the hand washing thing – she flipped out over her kids being barefoot in hotel rooms because the carpets have germs. Talk about a pain the butt…

  2. Amy says:

    I can see rejecting used cribs due to safety issues, but not b/c they didn’t match!

    And no, Kate, I really don’t appreciate people like you and Octo-mommy’s sense of entitlement where my tax money is concerned. Especially since you are aren’t even being sensible with the state’s help!

    Not to mention, you shouldn’t even be getting aid now that you are filthy stinking rich!

  3. photo jojo says:

    “Kate Gosselin said she feels society has a responsibility to help with the children, since modern medicine promotes the use of fertility drugs, which can lead to multiple births,” the AP reported.’
    Oh this makes my blood boil. I absolutely hate hearing this woman talk about how her babies are from God… no, sweet cheeks, it’s from follicle stimulating drugs. God never intended for any human woman to have a litter!

  4. HEB says:

    God is Kate’s excuse for everything! Get used to it!

  5. Darya says:

    Old cribs can have safety issues but the matching thing is ridiculous. A thank you to her dad and a polite decline would have been so much better. This marriage doesn’t seem likely to survive. Both of them harbour a lot of resentment for each other and it does look like Jon’s sticking around for the kids. I can see them groaning through another season or two for the money and then they split on paper, probably already done or close to it in person.

  6. yadira says:

    LOL @ photo jojo. True dat!

  7. j. ferber says:

    I don’t see why she needed fertility drugs after heaving a healthy set of twins. I had to undergo six treatments before having one beautiful baby girl. She chose to have the fertility drugs (if she didn’t outright have the embryos transferred to her womb, as Octomom did). I don’t see why society must foot the bill for her. And why was her husband unemployed during all this? Another crappy choice, to add six more to your brood with no visible source of income. The stupidity is their decision, not society’s.

  8. dingaling says:

    why should others have to pay because she became a baby factory. this woman is repulsive.

  9. KelBear says:

    @J.ferber- She had the fertility treatments to have the twins also. She just wanted one more but ended up with six.

  10. kiki says:

    I am sick and tired of women having litters and expecting the taxpayer to pay for them. at least Kate was Married but I get the feeling not for long

  11. luna says:

    I can imagine most of the information in the article being true, if exaggerated for effect. I don’t, however, believe that Jon was unemployed at the time the article is suggesting he was. From past sources (way before all of this turned into a media freny), Jon only quit his job once the show had become very successful.

    I don’t have a problem with people taking different routes to have their children, even if it means a chance for multiples, and I don’t believe they intentionally got pregnant for the fame, like Nadya Suleman. If in your heart of hearts, that’s what you really want and modern science enables you to fulfill that, as long as you can responsibly take care of the children, then I don’t see a problem with that.

    Which is why this is all very sad. I believe that they were just an ordinary couple who wanted children. By all previous accounts, when they got pregnant with the sextuplets, they were only hoping for one more child. At the time, Jon was an IT tech and Kate was a nurse. That could equate to a combined annual house salary of $100,000, which would be enough for the necesseties for 3 children, maybe even 4 if they were to get twins again.

    I think that when they were offered the show, they took it as a way to earnestly make sure their children were taken care of. And as long as it didn’t last more than a couple years (depending on the ages and schooling situations of their children), I don’t think it would’ve hurt the children. Sometimes, you got to do what you got to do. They could’ve just saved the money and moved on with their lives after.

    The problem is that they got greedy and spoiled. I’m pretty sure that after the first 3 seasons, they had made enough money that they could just quit the show and go back to work. If it would’ve been too weird with all their fame to go back to a normal working environment, Jon had experience working from home and Kate could’ve just written a book or done some speaking arrangements from time to time. They also would’ve continued to get royalities from the books already published, and their DVDs.

    It seems like this is just a case of normal people that got corrupted by their own fame. They’re human. Although that’s not an excuse for their actions. It’s as if all of their own personal flaws (Kate’s controlling, obsessive-compulsive behavior, Jon’s passive aggressiveness, and the general friction between them) got exacerbated as they became more and more enabled by the show and richer and richer. Even though I think it’s misplaced to put such a focus on reality stars when they are not real celebrities, a lot of this is of their own making. Even if they never intended for the show to get them this far, they still kept on with it.
    Just those poor, poor kids. Even though Jon and Kate are grown ups and had a lot of this coming, I wish the media would back off this story, if just for the sake of the children.

  12. Linda says:

    I can see where Kate would have fired 40 people – I used to watch the show as well and then I started feeling sorry for the poor kids. Kate was interviewing for housekeepers and interviewed like 10 of them and hired one and fired her after one day because she didn’t clean according to Kate’s standards – the same thing happened when she was looking for someone to help watch the kids.

    Like I said, I feel so sorry for these kids – they look so miserable – much like Denise Richard’s daughters. I hated that Denise subjected those kids to her reality show and I’m glad that Charlie stepped in to protect them. I wish Jon would do the same for his kids.

  13. Cinderella says:

    Heaven forbid she’d have to take care of those kids herself. There is no amount of money worth working for that witch.

    Good job, TLC. Let’s see what other monsters you can help create.

  14. bella mama says:

    you know, i “fired” 4 nurses in a month when my infants came home. they come from an agency and sometimes they may not be the best nurses or personality conflicts deem it necessary to get them out of the house. to have someone practically living in your house 8 or 9 hours a day, day after day, you tend to want someone you like there. and trust.

  15. Donna says:

    Jon needs to divorce her and take seven of the kids. Let her have Mady so she can know what it’s like to live with herself. They seem to be just a like.

  16. bagladey says:

    When I was growing up in a family of six kids, our neighbours had eight kids and we all had food and shelter, and education, and fun. And nobody had help from the state, or expensive holidays – or matching cribs. Kate needs to resume the “job” of taking care of her children herself, and if they are deserving of it, they will get their education paid through scolarships and grants like every other US citizen who can’t afford to pay upfront for their education.

  17. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Have you ever watched her on the show? I can totally believe she fired 40 staff members in three months. That’s only 13 people a month or so. Totally within the realm of Kate World.

    Girlfriend is a narcissistic loon. I’m sick of baby-greedy freaks.

  18. Mandy says:

    Joan Crawford reincarnate? NO…WIRE…HANGERS! Now get down there and scrub that floor until it’s CLEAN…AS…A…WHISTLE!

  19. Magsy says:

    And you wonder why Jon strayed…. to get away from her.

  20. b says:

    HAHA Donna! That is hilarious! I agree.

  21. SixxKitty says:

    “It sounds like Kate is giving Octomom a run for the money when it comes to “most hated mom of multiples.””
    Brillant! :D

  22. D. says:

    She does dominate and humiliate her husband on the show. But I also feel Jon needs to grow a backbone. What kind of role model is he for his boys? You don’t have to physically abuse or hurt your partner to be assertive and STAND YOUR GROUND. Infidelity has NO excuse, so if someone is cheating SHAME ON YOU. In the end, the children are afflicted. They are innocent and suffer the consequences of their parents actions, that is the worst part. My parents are still together after 30+ years (thick & thin), and there have been thin times, but they are still together. Just remember the words promised, for BETTER OR WORSE, remember those words. It is IMO that the camera has caused this families demise, my conscience would not be able to rest knowing that I contributed to the break-up of a family. I feel the producers of the show (the people who put this family on the air) have a moral & ethical obligation to correct the damage caused by show (to this family). I wonder if throughout the filming of this show, did the family receive counseling or therapy to monitor for problems / changes occuring as a result of the stress of fame, brought on by the show? Poor Kids!!!

  23. liza says:

    To every one who is still standing by that bitches side {A bitch is a female dog and since she has litters..} When was the last time someone gave you a free vacation and bought you a million dollar home!!!Kate is laughing at you all the way to the bank!!!

  24. Kelly says:

    I am one of 8 kids. I grew up with a Dad who worked outside the home, a mother who tended to the family and all without the aid of nurses, neighbors and state assistance. My mother hung the cloths out on a clothsline in the dead of winter till her skin cracked and bleed due to the cold. She cooked home cooked meals everynight of the week and none of us suffered. We didn’t have donations, matching cribs, matching cloths and most of the cloths were hand me downs from the oldest to the youngest. We had one car and my father had it for work. We walked to the foodstore, the library, the toy store during the day and we went to catholic schools with no tuition assistance. My mother didn’t get a tv show, a book tour or a tummy tuck. She didn’t have a body guard, a trainer or speaking engagements 21 days out of the month. Both she and my Dad showed up for every parent teacher conference for all 8 of us, they took us to church every Sunday and we took up an entire pew.

    Who is this shrill of a woman who demands what she does and expects the world to understand her plight? She’s an insult to good mothers and her 15 minutes area almost up. Those poor kids. If only they had parents like mine.