Angelina Jolie has been ‘discreetly’ looking for a Hollywood publicist

20th Annual Critics Choice Movie Awards in Hollywood

Angelina Jolie has always been sort of famous for how few people she has representing her professionally. Except for a few months in 2006, Jolie has been without an agent for her entire adult career. She had/has a manager and an entertainment lawyer and that’s it. She has never had a publicist for as long as she’s been famous. Magazine editors have talked in the past about what it’s like to get Angelina on their cover – she calls them up, she tells them what she wants, and they say “sure.” Now, I’m sure she’s worked with movie-studio publicists in the past when she’s organized promotional tours, but historically, Angelina has been very self-sufficient when it comes to her media relations. She doesn’t like to employ people to speak on her behalf. But now that she’s going through a bitter divorce, Angelina allegedly wants to finally hire a publicist.

Angelina Jolie — who’s famous in Hollywood for being the rare A-list star who doesn’t have a publicist — has been discreetly reaching out to powerful Hollywood p.r. pros behind the scenes, Page Six has learned, amid her acrimonious divorce from Brad Pitt. Sources tell Page Six that Jolie — who told the Hollywood Reporter in 2014, “I had [a publicist] once, years ago . . . I didn’t like it” — has apparently had a change of heart and is seeking an image overhaul after her divorce battle with Pitt has been waged in the press.

Since her shock divorce filing in September, Jolie’s circle of advisers has not included a traditional celebrity p.r. rep. Instead Jolie retained Washington, DC, crisis specialist Judy Smith, and she also reportedly brought back onboard her former manager Geyer Kosinski, with whom she split in 2013. Page Six further reported that Jolie, a UN special envoy, was also getting advice from Lady Arminka Helic — a former adviser to Britain’s ex-Foreign Secretary William Hague — as well as fellow former Hague aide Chloe Dalton.

But another insider pointed out that Jolie has a film coming out, “First They Killed My Father,” on Netflix. “She’s got a film coming out on Cambodia and will be doing promotion around that,” the source said of why she would seek any p.r. Yet we hear that Jolie’s inner circle has been quietly making calls to find her a showbiz spin doctor. So far, no top Hollywood publicists jumped at the chance.

[From Page Six]

I don’t hate the idea of Angelina getting professional showbiz-publicist help. While Angelina is so smart about public relations and the management of her image and brand, she’s got a lot on her plate and it never hurts to get some outside advice. I dislike how Page Six is making it sound like no Hollywood publicist wants to work with Angelina though – I would imagine any publicist would want to work with her… minus the people associated with CAA, I guess, because they’ve been waging a Cold War against Jolie for more than a decade. But anyone else, of course they’d like to work with Jolie.

Angelina Jolie Takes Her Kids Out For Ice Cream

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  1. Caitlin Bruce says:

    I’m missing something why do the people at CAA hate her? Because they represent Jennifer Anniston?

    • Stacey1 says:

      I don’t know what the story is with Page 6, but they always had it in for Angelina, they always try to discredit her in every possible way, without providing any proof or credibility to their accusations agents her. Any PR firm will bite her hand off for her to have HER on their books even the haters CAA. Sad Brad is the one who had his meltdown on the plane, Brad is the one that his whole family are in therapy , yet he’s coming out smelling like roses and Angelina is the one being vilified for protecting her children and making their needs and health her first and only concern.

      This is BS story from team Brad they are trying to discredit her right at the time her Netflix, First They Killed My Father promotion is going to start on the 18th Febuary.

    • Luca76 says:

      I think she was repped for a very short time by them. I also think half of the Angelina is evil stories come in some shape or form from CAA. I bet if Angelina joined up miraculously Chelsea Handler would stop talking crap about her and her kids for instance.

    • almondmilk says:

      Two lines let you know, that as usual, Page Six is doing a smear job.

      1) Saying that ‘So far, no Hollywood publicists jumped at the chance,’ is called a lie or maybe you could call it an “alternative fact.” it’s a version of gaslighting. Seems very Trump camp-ish on their part. If their whole premise is true about publicist shopping (and even THAT is a big IF) they may not know who she’s selected, or either no decisions may have been made by her camp. Page Six has decided to characterize that as the publicists ‘not jumping at the chance.’ Shyeah…riiiiiight.

      2) saying she needs “an image overhaul.” That’s a big sign this is a made up HIT. It’s typical Angelina-hater speak that can be seen a mile away. Why does Angelina need the overhaul? Does the article mention her husband’s “problems?” if not, give much side eye. I can guarantee you if Angelina had lost custody of her kids temporarily, was in therapy, getting drug and alcohol tested, and two of her kids wanted nothing to do with her…do you think that would be dropped from and not mentioned in pieces about her or adjacent to her? Please. They’re still talking about her Oscar appearance in 1999.

      Page Six is long known to be a tool of not just CAA but specifically the Huvanes. Page Six doesn’t write negatives on their clients. Yet HERE they are saying Angelina, special UN Envoy, Oscar winner who typically appears on the World’s Most Admired and Most Influential lists – who can get Op-Eds in the NYT with a phone call….needs an image overhaul and that no publicist wants 10% of her income.

      Bruh. Please.

      Could Angelina have been/or be looking and CAA was completely off the table? Maybe.

      Could be the EXACT reason for this smear job.

      • bap says:

        @Almondmilk You speak the truth!

      • LadyT says:

        I agree this Page Six article is unduly negative. No publicists jumping at the chance? Doubtful. An image overhaul? Too strongly worded.
        I do think re-emerging for her movie press after last year’s business will be intense and in some ways negative. Regardless of Brad’s blame, issues, behavior etc., there are some questions about how she herself handled some of the divorce and children’s custody/visitation matters.

      • GoOnGirl says:

        @Almond milk: You speak the truth. Some people don’t want to hear the truth. It upsets me to hear now that Angie has called off the divorce because she regretted filing in the first place and she doesn’t want to lose Brad? No where does anyone mention Angie filed for her children. Not for Brad, for the children. I’ve also read Brad wants to get “straight” for the sake of his children. And call me cynical, but is there a statement anywhere from Brad admitting his mistakes? I don’t call it wrong for Angie fighting to protect her children. Hell, I’d do the same for my children. And she was wrong for doing this? Brad needs to come clean and issue a public apology to Angie, whether they remain married or not. I still think Angie can do so much better than him. He was so good at pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes, and now that he’s been exposed, why, for whatever reason, he doesn’t like it and it’s all big, bad Angelina’s fault.

      • bap says:

        @GoOnGirl He and his Handlers do not like him being exposed to any wrong doing. Only thing Angelina did wrong over the twelve years is to speak about him in articles as being a real man that was a mistake on her part. He is a whiner and weak man.

    • sophie says:

      Are you saying that someone at CAA wrote this article or forced someone to write it? What does Aniston have to do with it? Also, I believe pitt is also repped by CAA as are many others.

  2. Greata says:

    Sounds like Pitt’s sources are still trying to make her look bad.

    • bap says:

      @Greata You are on to something about pitt.

    • EOA says:

      Oh, for God’s sake. Seeking professional PR help doesn’t make her “look bad.”

      • Greata says:

        @EOA…Go read the article. The language is couched in such a way, so as to make it seem she is now a pariah in Hollywierd.

      • EOA says:

        I read the article. Per usual, people here are reading way too much into it because anything that is just a shade less of full-Angie worship is thought of as an attack. She’s a human being. She needs a little help right now. The end.

      • V4Real says:

        @EOA You couldn’t have said it better.

      • almondmilk says:


        If true (big IF), they (Page 6) could have easily just said ‘Angelina needs a little help right now, ‘ as you put it.

        instead, they said something different:

        That it’s Angelina who needs “an image overhaul,” and that no one in Hollywood was biting.

        Let’s try not to bs, we are all reading the same words. Anything less than acknowledging what we all are reading can also come across as the same old thinly veiled Angelina digs.

      • V4Real says:

        @almondmilk who said

        “If true (big IF), they (Page 6) could have easily just said ‘Angelina needs a little help right now, ‘ as you put it”.

        As I put it? I didn’t put anything. I just said to EOA, she/he couldn’t have said it better. I’m not sure who @eta is. :)

        Anyways I wanted to clear the air with you since you addressed me directly. You claimed that I said I never read any of your post, right? I just wanted to point out how once again you were negligent in telling the truth. The first time I made any statement about not reading your post was when you said that I always comment on Angelina Jolie posts. I had made the comment to someone else that I sometimes don’t comment on AJ’s and Brad post and you said I always did. I told you to produce the receipts that proves that I always post on every AJ/Brad post. I gave you the benefit of the doubt that perhaps you didn’t understand the difference between “sometimes and always. I then said I wouldn’t read the rest of your comment from that particular post because you lost credibility when you said I always comment which wasn’t true.

        The next time I said I didn’t read your post was when I commented to another poster and stated that I wasn’t directing my comment @almondmilk because I didn’t read her post, I think I called it a novel. Nowhere did I ever say I never read any of your posts. But by all means please feel free to produce the receipts or will this be just like waiting for Trump to produce his tax records. I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong, can you do the same?

      • almondmilk says:



        Ok, let’s unpack.

        EOA is who I was addressing. Yes, i made a typo, and said ETA- was unable to edit by the time I realized. I’m pretty sure you know who I’m referring to, as does she, as I quote her exactly and my post is directly under hers.

        As for the rest of your “novel.”

        Yes you so “cleared the air.” lmao.

        It’s Valentine’s Day so i will spread some love and say okey dokie you’re never in Brad and Angelina threads and you certainly never read my posts.


        Honestly lady, i don’t care who reads my posts who reads their threads how many x or how few x — I correct and address misinfo and disinfo when and where I see it, on subjects I believe I know.

        It’s really not about you.

        Sorry this has been eating at you for so long. I literally can barely recall our initial tiff, and what was said.

        It obviously didn’t make as big of an impression on me.

      • V4Real says:

        The comment I don’t know who @eta was a joke, hence the smiley face. But I apologize for expecting someone who doesn’t quite understand the difference between sometimes, never and always to recognize my poor attempt at humor.

        It obviously did make an impression on you because you’re the one who stated I claimed I never read your post. You’re the one following me on every AJ post. That’s the only way you could know that I comment on every post about her.

        Nice try at deflection by saying that you don’t remember our initial tiff when you know you do. If you can so call remember me on every AJ and Brad post (you’re words) of course you remember this. But you continue to hurt your credibility by being dishonest.

        Boo Boo you so made it about me when you made those claims. You made it about me when you addressed me directly today.

        And no this hasn’t been eating at me. I just haven’t paid any attention to your posts lately. That’s pretty much why I said “since you addressed your comment directly to me.”

        And since it is Valentine’s Day why don’t you go ahead and give yourself a big ole Valentines Day gift from me to you and produce those receipts. I hope you enjoyed my novel; it’s a work of non-fiction.

        But if you’re little sarcasm is your shy attempt at an apology I will accept it. @almondjmilk apology accepted. Have a great day.

    • lynn says:

      She doesn’t need anyones help to look bad she does that all by herself She was even worse (if that’s possible) when she was with Billy Bob Angelina is TOXIC can’t blame the men

      • Maya says:

        Always the woman’s fault right? Especially a beautiful, intelligent, strong and honest woman is toxic right?

        And do tell us how she behaved with Billy Bob?

        She never came out drunk from any parties, she was never caught taking drugs, she never attacked anyone in public etc

        She however did wear a small drop of her husband’s blood in a necklace, she kissed her husband on the red carpet, and she gave her brother a peck on his lips.

        So do tell us what was appalling about her behaviour and why she is toxic?

      • almondmilk says:


        Obvious troll is obvious.

        Time for some FACTS: Angelina is thought of warmly and with great affection by both her husbands. Jonny Lee Miller was just in a recent thread here on this site singing her praises.

        Billy Bob Thornton said “she was too beautiful for me, too smart for me and had too much integrity for me.”

        So @lynn, how about you go direct to the sources and believe what those ‘blameless’ men of Angelina’s are telling you? That she doesn’t look bad at all and that she’s not toxic – it’s the opposite, she’s “an angel” (another quote from the oh so important and valued men) and they remain very good friends.

        Brad, as we know, and like many people who have bitter angry exes was called dumb and stupid by Paltrow, and with Aniston..well she wouldn’t even say his name the first 5 years after they split.

        Those are toxic ex relationships, hon…does that mean Brad himself is “TOXIC?” because his exes at one time THOUGHT he was? I’d say no. Maybe you would too- but it’s probably because it doesn’t matter to you what those women thought.

      • GoOnGirl says:

        I’m really curious Lynn, why is it Angie who is toxic and not Billy Bob or Brad? Please explain it to me like I’m a two-year old. Thanks.

    • hogtowngooner says:

      I disagree. Irrespective of peoples’ feelings on Angelina//Brad/The Divorce, she hasn’t come off well in this. If the Sony leak is anything to go by, she’s not hugely liked by the industry like she is with the public, particularly when compared to Brad. Getting some fresh help is a pragmatic approach.

      • almondmilk says:


        We’ll agree to disagree.

        It’s funny how a man can purportedly go on a drunk rage in public and terrorize his kids, lose physical custody temporarily, have to enter into therapy (which he agrees to) and drug/alcohol testing and YET…

        ..the overwhelming point of discussion from the ‘usual suspects’ is how the woman, (mom and custodial parent) ‘hasnt come off well.’

        I think those kinds of women who believe that, are the problem.

        Also, once again the idea that it was Angelina who didn’t ‘come off well, ‘ in the Sony leak is also preposterous. Almost everyone that matters thought the opposite, that she was poised and professional, and that Scott Rudin was the spoiled sexist misogynist and ranting meglomaniac he usually is – a reputation that has long preceded him and inspired many a film on nightmare bosses from he11.

        Yet you think because Rudin was terrible, as the industry has long said he was, that same industry
        dislikes Angelina?!!

        The same industry that had just awarded her and made her the youngest recipient of the Jean Herscholt Oscar and who is honoring her in the picture on this thread at the Critic’s choice awards?

        I believe many would like to believe this, you know who you are.

        But sadly for them, they’ll remain disappointed in their delusions.

      • sunshine gold says:

        I agree with @hogtowngooner. As the commenter was saying, she has never had a very good rep – and that’s BEFORE the divorce scandal (so you can take the whole drunken rage, losing custody thing out of it). And I don’t think awards she receives has anything to do with if industry insiders like her or want to work with her.

      • hogtowngooner says:

        @almondmilk this story is about Angelina, so I didn’t mention Brad. Interestingly, you seem to take the details of The Incident as gospel without any proof, yet Scott Rudin’s actual emails are dismissed out of hand. You don’t have to like him, and I’ll grant that he came off as rather unsavory in the emails, but he’s a very powerful studio executive so his opinion matters. For someone whose job is to put projects out to the public that will make money, he has to keep a pulse on what the market wants, so if he thinks he can throw those words out from his professional email address, is it not reasonable to think there might be a kernel of truth to them?

        I know you’re an Angelina fan and that’s fine, but I just don’t get how because I don’t think she’s some kind of saint, I’m automatically branded a hater/misogynist/firmly on Brad’s side. Why are those the only options and completely exclusive? Honestly, the amount of comments you put on these stories make it seem like you take all of this WAY too personally.

  3. Fa says:

    Angelina is reps by UTA and the trades are not reporting this, she could ask her manager to get a PR if she want one, but obviously this is bs page six. Her movie is come up in August that to far.

  4. Jeesie says:

    Good, she’s been making a mess of her PR for a while now.

    She did great when she still had a bit of that mysterious, weird image, because it allowed her to ignore a lot of stories most celebrities would address. It just added to the interest and she could look good by doing nothing.

    But as that old image has fully faded, her PR attempts have become increasingly sloppy. Now she actually feels the need to jump in sometimes and leak stories and denials and so on, and she does it poorly.

    • Fa says:

      And you trust page six, did you see who wrote this there is no name it said team page six because the story is false they don’t want to put their name there.

    • KB says:

      Agreed. I think that’s been her biggest flaw pr wise, the need to have the last word. It comes across as petty and obsessive, and it completely goes against what we’ve been led to think about her personality.

    • Shallowwt says:

      Jeesie and KB seem to have it right. I’m just reading back on the Brange divorce from the start and that’s exactly what she’s doing now – always trying to have the last word and too eager to respond. She went from 1000 to 0 overnight with the agreeing to settle divorce privately, within a day of Pitt getting his GG standing ovation. And the recent leaks about how she’s still in demand in HW is in that tone. I think she’s now too active and over zealous and need to practice the less is more thing that Pitt has perfected. She’s trying to control it too much. I think she must spend all her time poring over her own coverage and waiting for the latest google alert to come in.

  5. Sera says:

    Pitts sources are relentless in their smear campaign against Angelina. She needs someone to protect her because if we have learned nothing else, we have learned Brad will do anything to protect his image and his career. I feel bad that Angelina was so blindsided by this man. She was placed in a difficult position by him and chose to protect her children. He chose to protect himself.

    • GoOnGirl says:

      Thank you Sera. I couldn’t have said it better myself. One can only hope that when the children are grown, they will remember which parent actually put them first. I remember Angelina saying how reluctant she was at first to get together with Brad. She should have followed her first mind. Cause she was blindsided by all this. Although Pitt says he is the one blindsided. Guess he thought Angie loved him more than her children.

    • KB says:

      I’d put Page Six on par with E! News, in terms of their exclusives. When it comes to Brangelina they know jack sh!t. E had the kids in khakis or white linens or something at the Brangelina wedding and Page Six had Brad cheating with Russian hookers. Sometimes they’re fantasy and sometimes publicists leak information to them. People do go to Page Six for hit jobs, but I don’t think this is a hit job from a specific person. My guess is they heard she wanted a publicist and they added their snarky spin as they always do to make it actual gossip.

      • Shallowwt says:

        Celebs don’t seem to go to Page Six to leak so they come up with their own snarky stories that are great clickbait. Very trashy, like DM, but definitely better quality writing in terms of grammar, spelling, research, and syntax (though that’s not saying much).

  6. bap says:

    This is not true. If Dame Angelina wanted PR Rep she would have one.

  7. Maya says:

    Angelina has always managed to handle her media and PR for her projects.

    But this time around she is up against Brad and his very powerful agency. I want her to use a professional and fight back not only for herself but also for her children’s sake.

    While it was only Jennifer/CAA against Angelina, CAA didn’t go full war against Angelina due to Brad. But now they are going nuclear with Brad’s blessing.

    Such a shame that Brad is doing this to a woman who has done nothing wrong and also the mother of his children. Is Brad not seeing how all this will backfire on him when his children grows up and reads about how their own dad used the media against their mother? Against the very same mother who took them away from a toxic environment not caring about what the world will accuse her of?

    Anyways – the truth always comes out and the public will see what a true mother Angelina was/is.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Angelina, by choice, has had a smaller acting footprint for years. She chose to focus on directing, her causes, and voice work. For whatever reason, maybe, she wants ti dip back into acting and with so much on her plate, she needs help with that.
      I don’t see how Brad or CAA is responsible for the state of her career or reputation. One nasty divorce that doesn’t make anyone look good isn’t going to kill either of their careers. Plus, I doubt either would actually wish I’ll will on the other after the initial bitter storm has passed.
      Everyone knows that Jolie is a mother. It’s a little like asking if Beyoncé is pregnant!

    • bap says:

      @Maya The truth will eventually come out.

    • GoOnGirl says:

      @ Maya: I’m still perplexed how he proclaimed he “found the love of his life” and treats her and the mother of his children like this. If this is love, I’d prefer his hate.

    • Carmen says:

      He’s hurt and angry and obviously is not used to being dumped. If he was smart he’d move on with his life and tell his lawyers and publicist to back off any mention of Angie. Sooner or later this is going to backfire all over him.

  8. bap says:

    @Maya Your comments are very true.

  9. Ramona says:

    She didnt have a formal publicist but she did get media help from people around her. I’m too lazy google but there were at least two major mainstream articles about her PR strategies. Even publicly presenting yourself as not having a personal PR agent is itself a PR move. It creates the impression of authenticity and simpleness. I’m quite sure lots of celebs dont maintain a personal PR agent but we dont know who they are because they dont incorporate that into their brand. I said the same thing about Blake Lively and telling us that she doesnt have a stylist. Its an aint-I-great PR move.

  10. Giulia says:

    I don’t believe she’s never used a publicist, that in itself is just the image that’s been projected of her. It’s a good one though.

    • Fa says:

      If you read interviewers who interviewed her can tell you there is not publicity person with her or any big entourage around only her assistant is always with her. The people in the industry know that any actor has big entourage when they are doing interviews

    • lucy2 says:

      I think she probably used whoever was provided by a studio when promoting a film, but never had a personal one for use during non-promotional times. I also don’t think it’s that uncommon, there are lots of actors you don’t hear from unless they’re selling a movie, and others who are all over the place for publicity.

  11. Ramy says:

    Who would really believe Page Six . Angelina jolie reminds the biggest name in the industry no divorce would change that

  12. Talie says:

    In the end, she lost the initial PR battle with Pitt…she was in the lead, but he came out on top because using the traditional methods still work. So she definitely could use some image rehab. I’ve been predicting that she will present Best Picture at The Oscars.

    • bap says:

      @Talie Angelina did not lose the PR battle. What came out about pitt did not help his image.

    • Fa says:

      Also she doesn’t need to win a PR battle when he is doing what she was expecting him to do, which is getting help with his problems, he get test 4 times a month and therapy and he is doing all this so he can have healthy relationship with his kids. She always say she is doing for the health of the family she never said she was doing for a PR battle as you are saying .

    • Ramona says:

      Presenting best pic at the Oscars would be an awful move for her. First, that position either goes to a recent big winner or an aging legacy player, her presence would seem forced. Furthermore If Moonlight wins then its an awkward moment and it reads as Angie trying to insert herself in Brads moment. If Moonlight doesnt win then any facial movement would be read as her gloating. She needs to stay away from the Oscars and focus on promoting her film as far away from Brad as possible.

    • sage says:

      She never lead the PR battle. She came in as the home-wrecker, master manipulating, evil seductress….she had an uphill battle to climb. She then became the vindictive ex-wife keeping the kids away from their daddy. No one mentions Brad went nose to nose with his kids anymore, only that Jolie did not do what was best for her ex-husband..

  13. Adorable says:

    I actually don’t think “she’s lost”any battle!…I feel if Angelina Truly wanted a Fight she would have Unleashed anything & everything at this point..This Is Angelina Jolie we’re taking about!not some up & coming Actress…She knows throwing mud at the pig(Brad)will make her dirty…so like some one said at the end the truth will come out

    • Ramona says:

      The mud would have stuck on her. We discussed this when it went down. Her only available move was to talk about not talking about it. If she had discussed it she probably would not have been believed, it would simply have fed the already entrenched ideas of her as vindictive and a manipulator. Even if she were believed and brought receipts, she would be excoriated for publicly playing out something that concerns children. Brad won that PR battle hands down, thats probably why she moved from issuing public statements about “family health” to a private judge and a 100% lock down.

      • Maya says:

        I agree that Brad won the PR battle but he lost in life.

        His children will one day read about how he choose his image and smeared their mothers and most importantly, they will also read how he did not stand up for them.

        Angelina knows that the truth will always come out and that is why she didn’t attack Brad back.

        If Brad has behaved honourable and just released a single statement then all would have been done. But alas he choose his image and let’s see how long that will keep him warm.

      • LadyT says:

        I looked thru the posts on this article and I found no less than 6 commenters who allude to Jolie never attacking Pitt in the press. Of course she did. Many times. In her lawyer’s final statement, as the case was literally being sealed in January, it’s thrown in that Brad is “terrified of the public learning the truth”…”given the detailed investigation by DCSF and the FBI into allegations of abuse.” Is that not one final big old bucket of mud?!?

      • oliphant says:

        @ladyT the crazed stans will never let it stand that she is a human being, capable of both good and bad like the rest of us. I’m sure you’ll get a half crazed 5 paragraph response like other commenters have been getting.

      • sage says:

        IA, the mud will always stick to her. She was in a lose/lose situation.

        The last bucket of mud she flung in the document was because she will now not be able to defend her actions and explain why she filed the way she did.

  14. Vienna says:

    Both will be fine at the end, it’s just sad – because of the kids – how they handled this divorce. I’m glad we don’t hear any stories about their lawyers, court documents etc. anymore.

  15. Ramy says:

    Tommy hilfiger on Angie
    “an A-list attraction like Angelina Jolie could command close to $1 million, Mr. Hilfiger said.”

  16. kimbers says:

    She looked like a really old mandy moore in that pic

    • almondmilk says:

      Who’s Mandy Moore?

      Is she a child actress?

      The “really old” is confusing me. What picture are you looking at? If it’s the one up top what hope do the rest of us have if we’re deemed disposable and obsolete even if we’re breathtaking 37 year old actresses?

      By our own gender no less! That’s pretty foul. Let’s all cut our noses off together shall we? Ugh.

      I could see maybe saying that if you’re saying she looks like an older version of some kid on disney.

      Still, it was phrased terribly.

      Who looks at a beautiful woman in her late 30s and calls her “really old,” except for bitter misogynists who still aren’t over it?

      • LadyT says:

        *She looks like an older Mandy Moore in that pic.* That better? Escalating a simple post to sinister words like disposable and obsolete? Calling Kimber a bitter misogynist? Hmmm.

      • almondmilk says:


        Unless English is her second language (in which case she could be excused) her comment comes off as denigrating and ageist. It’s apparent to most who don’t have a 12-13 year old Angelina axe to grind. I’m sure you know this.

        I didn’t call her “sinister,” that’s your word. Women being considered disposable and obsolete is something that happens every minute on the hour. The culprits are not just men, but women as well. Just go in any celebrity thread here or talk to any of your friends, the worst thing many basic women can think to say about another woman they don’t like and/or are envious of, is that she looks old.

        Are the women here sinister?

        I wouldn’t know. I know they come across as quite nasty and misogynist.

        Which was the point of the post I responded to. It was a back handed compliment. I call ‘em as I see em. Why would that bother you? Was it worth your energy to attack me for questioning why a poster wants to call a 38yo “really old?”

        Strange. But ok, I’ll be your punching bag.

        Sorry my doing that bothers you more than women being ageist and ugly to women for no reason, except bitterness.

      • lucy2 says:

        I can’t speak for kimber, but maybe she worded it that way because Mandy Moore was most famous in her teenage years?
        BTW, Angelina is 41.

      • almondmilk says:


        I can’t speak for kimber either, which is why i don’t try. I just read her post and let it speak for itself.

        You, seem to be trying to guess her motivation or give a reason why she might be so tactless and mean.

        That’s nice of you to try and make a person saying something nasty into a nice person at heart- but why do that? Seems a waste of time unless you know them personally.

        Yes, i know Angelina is 41. I said it upstream.

        Mandy Moore who has been a grown up for quite some time, and is on the very popular (and great) tv show ‘This is Us,’ is early/mid 30s I’m guessing. Not exactly that far apart in age at all from Angelina – making the comment even more weird, ageist, and snarky.

      • Jeesie says:

        Uh, no, you said she was 37 then 38 then late 30′s.

      • Dolphin7 says:

        Ironic that such a fan of Angelina’s doesn’t know her age? Why state the wrong age when you know she is 41? And nothing wrong with being 41 either!!!! Women of all ages are beautiful.

  17. Mildred Pierce says:

    Brad was always going to win in the PR department with or without his help. Unfortunately that’s what happens when the media loves you. Remember Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards?

    • Maya says:

      Men especially white men always wins the media game.

    • CF98 says:

      The media loves Charlie Sheen? Not really.

      People turned on Denise because she was hooking up with her best friend(Heather Locklear’s) soon to be ex husband at the time.

      Heather Locklear is loved by the media

    • pwal says:

      Denise Richards lost the PR game, initially, because she dated Richie Sambora, which was deemed a violation of ‘girl code’, according to dopey, tabloid-reading hens. Since then, she ‘redeemed’ herself by going above and beyond caring for Charlie’s sons.

      While I don’t like breaking the divorce down in terms or winning and losing a game, IMO, Angelina did lose and it wasn’t because Brad is a White man. She lost it due to the lack of continuity. Despite claiming for the last 12 years that Brad was her ‘love’ and her ‘best friend’, her tactics, whether directly or indirectly, said the complete opposite. And yeah, while it was ‘about the health of the family’, it did not come across that way at all. It came across as an overly excessive, out of place power play designed to destroy the ‘Brangelina’ brand, a brand she spearheaded and profited from the most. Instead of scorching earth, she should’ve just let it wither and die on the vine like Bruce and Demi, Alec and Kim, Tom and Nicole, etc.

      When Bert Fields joined Angelina’s team and I speculated that that this move was for her entertainment career, many here scoffed at the thought… it’s interesting that some here are now receptive to the concept. She signed with an agency that was supposed to help get her roles in small, indie movies a couple of years ago, but nothing came of it. Her personal life was stable at that time, so bad PR really can’t be used as an excuse. IMO, she relied on her magnetic persona that has made up for some of her dubious film choices for much too long. Plus, she became the ‘whole show’ versus showing that she was capable of using her shine to shine light on the other talent working on the movie(s).

      Brad has mastered ‘sharing his shine’, whether it was doing that Wired photoshoot with the Inglourious Basterds cast or drawing additional attention to Taraji in Benjamin Button or Jonah in Moneyball during awards season. Unfortunately, Angelina seemed to be sharing shine with the JP kids, who work on her films in some capacity, which is yet another reference to Angelina. Miyavi and Jack O’Connell got some shine due to Angelina, but the focal point remained Angelina. Some of this is beyond her control, but for someone who supposedly ‘in control’ all the time, she definitely need some help maximizing her star power in a way that will open up some acting opportunities.

  18. Joannie says:

    Angelina’s career is tanking and she probably needs some cash to keep up her lifestyle. When was the last time she made a decent movie if ever? This has zero to do with her marriage breakup. I just think she’s old news and others have replaced her.

    • nem says:

      this going to be really hard.the move to direct was a good idea but the by the sea disaster may have cost her future projects.
      the battle between actresses from her age rank is hard or already lost.only the spectators or critics darlings can go through it.she is no cate blanchett or sandra bullock and doesn’t have the perseverance of kidman.
      she will miss that brad pitt money .

    • almondmilk says:


      Angelina is an icon, of beauty, fame and talent. She doesn’t need you to legitamize her esteemed career, nor does she need your approval when she’s gotten that already from our greatest film critics and her industry peers with closets full of hardware.

      If she doesn’t want or need any more acting hardware and would like to transition from an actress to a director/producer and UN policy wonk, she should be able to do that without the ‘usual suspects’ (misogynistic bitter hateful women) chomping at the bit to gleefully announce that, ‘Nah nah nah nah nah, Angelina actually has no choice and she is not deciding anything about her own destiny and life paths others are doing it for her, so there…we here thumbing through In Touch in Walmart, have won the war! Angelina is no longer wanted! She’s aged out. We can’t prove it, but we’ll say it because…40.’

      We get it. No really, her fans have seen these attacks since Angie was 31 let alone 41. It was supposed to happen after she ‘got fat while pregnant with Shiloh’ first Brad would dump her because fat and then she was ‘over 30,’ so old.

      It makes the worst of us women happy when we can decree that other women who have long made us feel inadequate are ‘over.’ We especially love to hit other women with the aging card.

      If you want to think a silly movie like a female Oceans 11, or some dumb comedy, or some other prime part – wouldn’t get made with Angelina Jolie, you’re delusional.

      How to say this: she *chooses* NOT TO DO THAT. SHE has not wanted that for herself she has wanted something different. She gets to do that you know? Make choices and fulfill her own destiny. She doesn’t have to wait for a man to give the ok.

      Why these bitter ‘usual suspects’ have a deep desire to believe a beautiful 40yo movie star and 2x Oscar nominee and winner, who’s been honored by her industry time & again and who’s last wide releasing film in 2014 grossed almost 800 million WW , who is a humanitarian and philanthropist and mother (literally someone who gives back way more than her fair share) is always amazing to me.

      Even IF, what you posted was true – so what? If anyone deserves a career extension into middle age and beyond, I would say it’s a performer known for her influential humanitarianism, who contributes and gives back to the world out of her own pocket (education, schools, health clinics, etc) rather than sipping margaritas and buying islands.

      I don’t think women need to go around gleefully or not gleefully speculating about the imminent demise of such a person. How does she not having the $ to build schools for girls, or give less refugee attention, help?

      What good does that do the world?

      If you’re right and it’s true – does pointing that out make you happy?

      Dear Lord.

      It brings home why we sit here on the verge of democratic collapse. Because it’s my belief many women can’t help but contribute and in some cases take the lead on destroying other women.

      We can be the worst misogynists of all.

    • Maya says:

      King fu panda franchise = more than 1 billion
      Unbroken – &165 million
      Maleficent – £750 million
      The Tourist – almost £300 million
      Salt – almost £300 million
      Wanted – £340 million
      Changeling £113 million

      All these movies are hits because of her and her only (except for the kong fu panda ones which I think is group success).

      The only flops she has had are By the Sea in the last 10 years.

      Anything else?

      Next time when you try to put down someone’s career, try and get the facts rights and not alternative facts…

    • bap says:

      @joanne Angelina signed a deal with netflix to make FTKMF, it will be seen in millions of homes on netflix and theatres.

  19. bap says:

    The King and Queen of Cambodia will be attending the Premiere of Angelina new film FTKMF.

  20. happinessinme says:

    I love Angelina’s activism and dedication to family. I am probably in the minority of people that believe she is actually very controlling about her image and wanting to be seen as uncontrolling. She also seems to cut ties very quickly with people who don’t give her her way. That being said, she is a great actress and will be a legend.

  21. Wyatt says:

    What about Salt, she promoted that movie in 3 countries with 4 of their 6 childrens, the movie was a hit at the box office.

  22. molly says:

    If Angelina isn’t liked & respected in the industry? That is a huge compliment. Why would you want to be in with your peers who are a bunch of tyrants, sexual perverts, pedophiles, drug addicts, alcoholics, in the closet, bunch of narcisstic hypocrites. She wants their friendship & respect? Angie is very well liked & respected in her activsm work. I think that is where her true passion & future lies. She is so loved by her kids,her family & friends & i think that is what is most important to her. As for hollywood? Think she does work that interests her; not what the audience wants or where big money is? I think she’s past all the bullshit of the business & doing what makes her happy. I respect that!!!

  23. bap says:

    Brad talks a game about his love of his family. Always watch a persons actions not their words.