Prince Harry took Meghan Markle to Wales for a romantic V-Day weekend

Prince Harry Help for heroes

According to sources familiar with the Suits shooting schedule, Meghan Markle isn’t due back in Canada until April. That’s when she’ll be working for months on the new season of Suits, and she’ll likely need to be in or around Toronto for a solid five months or so, I would think. So that’s why Meghan has basically camped out at Prince Harry’s London shag-pad, Nottingham Cottage, at Kensington Palace. Meghan and Harry are living together, basically, although Meghan maintains a home in Toronto. Will Harry propose to Meghan before she goes back to Canada? Will Meghan ask Suits producers to write her character off the show? Will she marry Harry by the end of the year? Who knows? But we do know that Meghan and Harry spent Valentine’s Day together.

Their first Valentine’s Day! Prince Harry and his girlfriend, Meghan Markle, are spending the holiday together on another getaway, but the high-profile couple are keeping it low-key.

“Harry took her away somewhere in Wales for a romantic weekend,” an insider tells Us. “Tonight, she and Harry are staying in for Valentine’s.”

The Suits star, 35, has been staying at the British royal’s Kensington Palace home, Nottingham Cottage, since late December, except for her five-day mission trip to India in January. The couple most recently stepped out for dinner on Wednesday, February 1, at members-only club Soho House, the same spot where they were first introduced this past June. Other than the occasional under-the-radar date night, Harry, 32, and Markle have been “chilling and enjoying lazy days together,” an insider previously told Us.

[From Us Weekly]

I am amazed that Meghan and Harry are so good at flying under the radar for the most part. If they were in Wales for a romantic weekend and this is the first we’re hearing of it? Well-played. I particularly wonder how Meghan manages to do it – photographers must be staking out the Kensington Palace exits and entrances for a glimpse of Meghan but she’s only been pap’d a few times. That Soho House jaunt a few weeks ago feels more like a set-up photo-op, doesn’t it?

Oh, and a few days ago, Meghan posted her first Instagram in more than two months:

Sending good vibes – always in all ways #nobadenergy #bethechange

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  1. Trixie says:

    Did Meghan bring her two dogs to London or are they in Toronto with someone else?

    • Indiana Joanna says:

      Lol. I’m more interested in the dogs being well cared for than the Harry& Meghan’s trip.

    • Franny Days says:

      I have thought about the dogs too! She seems to really love them judging by her insta. I can’t imagine her leaving them behind. I like to imagine they are running around with the corgis as we speak ;)

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      Pets travelling or moving from UK to Canada and viceversa have less restrictions than say from USA to Canada. That is because of some diseases already eradicated in Canada/UK but not USA.
      (Firsthand experience, because we were reading through regulations on the matter in order to move to Canada from UK with our pets).

      • Susan says:

        It’s relatively easy to move pets to the UK from USA now if you are organized and can handle a bit of paperwork. I’ve done it and will be doing it again this year. You just need to have your pet microchipped and vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days prior to going, then have a health check no more than 10 days before going, and a flea/tick treatment no more than five days before going. All of which has to be documented on a particular form of course, and that form signed and certified by a regional USDA office.

        The real issue with the UK is you can’t fly with pets in the cabin or in a private plane, pets must fly as cargo or excess baggage down below in the hold. If you have a small dog though, you can still take advantage of in-cabin flying by flying into France and traveling by land via Eurotunnel. There are even companies who will pick you and your pet up at Paris airports and chauffeur you directly to London. Easy peasy. Oh, and if you have a large dog and absolutely refuse to put them in cargo, you can take a week long cruise on Cunard from NYC to Southampton with your pet in their onboard kennel. It’s a hot ticket to get though.

        PS The rules are the same for Canada and USA which are on a list of approved countries for this process. A continental country like Canada can’t eradicate diseases easily because animals and diseases cross borders so that won’t work.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Even with Cunard, you aren’t allowed to bring your dog out and take them for a stroll. They’re in the kennel and you can visit them, but the ship isn’t “dog-friendly” or welcoming. Dogs aren’t allowed out of the kennel or kennel walking area.

      • Susan says:

        No, of course Cunard requires that the animals be kept in the onboard kennel. But as you noted, you can visit and play with your dog in the kennel area. It sounds vastly better than putting your animal through the stress of a cargo hold of a plane and also allows you to ensure that your pet is safe and not lost on the entire trip, unlike trusting the airlines (and it’s really not that expensive either for the cruise when you factor in you are getting 7 nights accommodation and a larger luggage allowance for moving). Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of options for moving large dogs (maybe private plane travel to France or other EU country?) and if I were Meghan, I wouldn’t transport my animals if I was only going to return a month or two later for work anyway. It’s far kinder to find alternate arrangements for them for the couple of months you are away.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I was agreeing, just pointing out that Cunard isn’t doggy vacation heaven. Nicer than a lot of options, but it isn’t a bring-your-dog-everywhere cruise. Just in case anyone reading was planning a cruise and thought Cunard qualified as “dog friendly”.

        There are a couple of pet airlines now, where the animals are in cages in the pet-only main cabin. I’ve only seen them for in-country travel, not over an ocean.

    • mary mary says:

      Toronto friend is caring for her dogs per Instagram? post awhile back, can’t find it now.

  2. Odette says:

    Rooting for them, still! (Fingers crossed!)

  3. Becky says:

    This just shows that no matter how high profile you are, you can stay under the radar if you want to (with some security).

  4. Talie says:

    I still have this feeling that an article is going to pop up on the Hollywood Reporter or Deadline saying that she is exiting Suits or being written out.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I don’t think they’d chance the news getting out. Too many people could spill the news, even if everyone was sworn to secrecy. If they ultimately decide to get married, they might wait on the announcement until after this next round of filming is done. That would give the writers time to write out her character during the next hiatus, and for her to do a few more episodes post-engagement to end her character’s story line.

  5. sarri says:

    I still don’t think they will marry.

  6. Khaleesi says:

    She’s still using her IG and Tig account? Okay.

  7. ell says:

    what do you mean week end, v day was like tuesday?

    anyway, i’m just here to say that even though i couldn’t care less about the british royals (in fact they annoy me endlessly since i fund their get aways with my money) and don’t find pasty white men any attractive, it’s nice he’s dating someone who is accomplished and with an actual career.

    • Guest says:

      Don’t worry, more and more people scream for Rexit. Things have changed since Brexit and Trump.

      I really think a lot of things will change for the royals when the Queen is gone.

    • Merry says:

      Same here. That clan leave me with a bad taste, the older ones especially as so self important I want to gag. But this choice for Harry is interesting. Aside from her being her own person, I never understood how it was that two boys who were raised travelling the world and had a mother who dated interracially, were so singular in their tastes. It convinced me that they picked up biases from their dads side once their mum died. All the race related bungles in their teens and twenties which smacked of Phils (and Liz… you dont stay married to a racist for 70 years unless you agree with him) influence just proved that further. Glad to see they outgrew that, Harry anyway.

      • Llamas says:

        So singular in their tastes?

        Maybe they just dated who they wanted (or the only one who would stick around for the job)?

        I don’t get how them dating who they want makes them racist. That’s a bit extreme to say the least. Many people, of ALL races, tend to date within their own races. Dating isn’t a check the box thing: “okay, black person check, white person check etc. That’s ridiculous.

      • Snowflake says:

        It is in the South. I’ve had several GFS tell me they couldn’t date a black guy, their family would kill them. Not literally of course. So taboo here to a lot of people. My hubby and I were eating at outback and this couple kept giving us dirty looks. Lmao, two other mixed couples got seated near us and one had a beautiful mixed baby. I told the lady her baby was beautiful, the White trash couple gave me a really dirty look then. Too bad,so sad, really dont care! But yeah, it is still very taboo. They might not say we don’t care outside our race but if you’re white and you’ve dated only whites, pretty good chance you don’t believe in dating outside your race. Either that or only ever been around white.

    • Sixer says:

      Solid republican here, as you know.

      I use the royals as a kind of safety valve. I can get out my frustrations being rude about Normal Bill and Katie Bucket, and enjoy myself making them absurd as here, with FLYING ELVI nuptials.

  8. Cakelover says:

    It’s the first time I notice that Harry and Meghan look a bit alike lol

  9. ElleBee says:

    I love Harry and I think this is a cute pairing but I get a case of the Who Cares whenever I see a heading about them. Idk why

    Also…Marry her Harry…make Kate sick

    • Trixie says:

      I honestly don’t understand why people root for Harry to marry women in terms of how those women will affect Kate. People did the same thing with Cressida – they wanted Harry to marry her because her sister would upset Kate. Why does Kate have to be brought into everything even things that have no relevance to her at all? Why can’t we just take Harry’s girlfriends as their own people and not bring Kate into the discussion at all?

  10. oce says:

    Yeeeees #BlackGirlMagic .That is all.

  11. TyrantDestroyed says:

    Ooh I see what you did there Kaiser :D . Anyway I like them as a couple and hope they remain together. They are fun gossip and will keep Kate and Bill busy.

  12. Dani says:

    Romantic weekend in wales? Does anyone watch Archer??

  13. Ruby says:

    How does US Weekly always know the private details of this relationship? She needs to stop leaking stories in the press and be discreet.

    • Fluff says:

      I strongly doubt it’s coming from her.

      • Ruby says:

        Then who is it coming from? No way is Prince Harry leaking stories to the media. They’re coming from her side.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Guess what? Harry and Meghan are on the same side.

        Royals leak stories all the time through courtiers, their favored reporters, or “friends”. See Charles’s re-do of Camilla’s public reputation, a master work in royal PR, leaking, etc.

        I doubt it is coming from her either. There is plenty of speculation, plus people seeing them in person and running to twitter. No one can out PR the BRF, not even MM the evil mastermind as some paint her. If there were leaks not tips from everyday people? If they are coming from anywhere, it is coming from Harry’s press office to keep the anti-Meghan folks at bay.

      • Ruby says:

        Oh I remember the Camilla PR campaign to make her likable. Charles threw his own children under the bus and used them to make himself be seen as a great parent. But I still have a hard time believing Prince Harry and his press office are leaking his private details to the press. That makes the anti-Meghan folks hate her even more.
        Her co stars have talked about her becoming a “princess” during interviews. Her TV show used this relationship for promo.
        She HAD to have approved that right?

      • notasugarhere says:

        She has no say in what the PR for Suits does. She isn’t in charge, she’s a hired employee. If she doesn’t like what they do, she can complain but can’t make them stop doing anything.

        I have absolutely no control over my co-workers, nor should I. If her co-workers choose to answer questions asked them by reporters, instead of refusing to answer questions about someone else’s personal life? That is on those co-workers, not her. If the bosses at Suits tell them to answer those questions, still on the co-workers and the bosses, not her.

        I don’t see private details here, and it isn’t known where that info came from. You keep assuming it is her with no proof. A vague reference to a Valentine’s Day trip to Wales. Could be from twitter sightings, could all be false, could be Harry getting that info out there to dispel the “It is all fake, they broke up in December” crowd.

      • Ruby says:

        Stop being dense. She does have a say. Its HER personal life. She HAD to have approved. The stories about how the Queen approves, how they stayed in for Valentine’s Day, Taking a trip to Wales, how she’s been an KP since December, the trip to Norway, going whale watching. Her co stars talking about her becoming a “princess” and how no one is more suitable ect. It’s plain as day. The leaks keep coming anf not from Harry. Go to YouTube and watch the season promo for Suits. Using the relationship in the tag line. Way too obvious.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Again Ruby, insult the post not the poster. Dislike my posts, but stop calling me “dense” merely because you don’t like what I post.

        She is a contract employee, she isn’t in charge. The PR people at Suits want to make a big deal over whom she is dating? She doesn’t get to stop them. She can ask them not to do it, but ultimately they have the final say not her. She isn’t the boss, they are. What her co-workers say about her is out of her hands. If the bosses tell them to answer questions about their co-worker’s personal life, they answer those questions. She doesn’t get to control them, no matter how desperately you want it all to be Evil Meghan pulling the strings. She just doesn’t have that power.

        We aren’t privy to details, although you keep posting that we are. For a couple that has been together for 8 months? We know next to nothing. Nothing has been confirmed about Norway, and the only way it was known he may have been there was because of one twitter post (since deleted) and what everyone chose to spin off of it. No proof either of them were ever there.

        We don’t know they went to Wales, we don’t know they didn’t. We don’t know for certain which members of the family she has met or who likes her. We have press desperately spinning stories because they likely know nothing. And we have loads of speculation online.

        We know the Palace issued a press release confirming they are dating and putting the online racists on the spot. We know she was in London because paps took her picture at the airport – again out of her control. We know she went to India to do her charity work. We know they went to dinner last week, there were photos.

        Otherwise? You’re basing all this on speculation, and assuming 1) it is all true and 2) she is responsible for any info about them that gets out not him and his press office. You have nothing to base that on.

      • Llamas says:

        But anytime there is a Kate article people are so quick to jump on the “she/her mother leaked it!!!!!!!” It can’t go both ways. If MM isn’t leaking them then waity isn’t leaking her stories either. I personally think MM is leaking them just as waity & co. do.

      • Ruby says:

        Its obvious she and her team leak stories. All you have to do is look at what she did throug the summer on Instagram. You can’t have it both ways. Meghan does have a say. She could easily tell her co stars to not talk about her life.

      • Olenna says:

        What is with this leaking to the press business? Who cares? I’ve never accused Katie or QM Carole of leaking anything, but so what if they did. If they or the royals plant or leak “news”, isn’t that a good thing? It gives us something to gossip about, right? What I’m getting from the way some of these comments about Meghan leaking info are worded is that she is doing something terrible, something that is an affront to some people’s sensibilities, something that will tarnish the BRF’s image, and that’s all bullsh*t and faux concern for the royals. I don’t think she’s leaking anything but if she is, what harm is it doing? And, why is it inconceivable that KP, Harry’s friends or someone else connected to the BRF could be giving info to the press?

      • Fluff says:

        I’m so sick of this whole misogynistic conspiracy theory epidemic of “every single vaguely attractive male celeb on the planet is actually a helpless ickle child-man who’s being manipulated into a relationship by some scheming harpy famewhore and needs to be rescued by the only people able to see The Truth: fangirls.”

        Guess what – you don’t know him, you only know the fantasy you’ve created in your own head of him. You have no idea what he thinks or what he wants, so quit with the mind reading nonsense. We have absolutely no way of knowing one way or the other how either of them feel about the privacy about the relationship, we can only judge on the facts. And the facts are he is the only who made the relationship public, and he is the only one who has publicly spoken about it.

        No one forced him to release that statement, no matter how much you try to wangle it.

        And yes TV networks constantly do all kinds of crazy stuff without or against the permission of the mere actors. If Harry does intend to marry her it’s extremely likely his people/the RF are leaking to prepare the public for it.

        Anyway if hypothetically Meghan is releasing the info, Harry obviously doesn’t care or he wouldn’t still be with her. Which he is.

      • kaiC says:

        standing ovations@Fluff

        Seriously!! It’s always the EXACT SAME thing whenever some actor gets a girlfriend. She’s playing games with the press, she’s “baiting” fans, she’s manipulating him, obviously he doesn’t want to be there (OBVIOUSLY), obviously he’s totally miserable and only goes along with it, because he’s too much of a gentleman(!!) or too naive or whatever. And, if all else fails, it’s just PR anyway, but he obviously (OBVIOUSLY) doesn’t love her… Pfff.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Seconding the standing ovation for Fluff.

    • Olenna says:

      @Ruby: Why are you blaming her? I’d really like to know.

      • Ruby says:

        Because it’s obvious. There is no way Prince Harry would be planting stories in the press about his personal life. He didn’t even want this relationship known to the public until he released that statement and didn’t have much of a choice. If not her side, then who? She was also dropping hints about them as a couple on Instagram last summer. Even Suits has been using Prince Harry to boost rating but to no avail. It’s not that hard to figure out Olenna.
        I promise you your head will not hurt if you put it all together ;)

      • Whaaaaaaatttt? says:

        I was really surprised that Suits used her relationship as a promo for the show. Surely she had to approve that, right?

      • Ruby says:

        That’s what I think. She had to approve. You would think after Harry’s statement blasting the press for harassing Meghan and her family, she would not engage with them but she does. It is what it is. Playing games with the media is dangerous. One thing I always wanted to know in Harry’s statement, he said Meghan went through late night legal battles with the press. There was something she did not want the press and the world to know.
        Lawyers were involved.
        Very interesting….

      • notasugarhere says:

        I haven’t seen any ads for Suits that pair Meghan with Prince Harry. Where can I find those?

        She would have no say in how the people who own Suits choose to promote their show. She is a contract employee, not the person in charge. They get to do what they want. She can choose to complain, but ultimately they’re in charge.

      • Olenna says:

        “I promise you your head will not hurt if you put it all together”. No, my head won’t hurt because I see nothing wrong with news getting out about their dates. They are celebrities like George and Amal, etc., the media and public follow what they’re doing whether it’s work or play. They make a cute couple, so most of us just gossip about their dates and appearances then move on. No need to blame anyone IMO.

      • Ruby says:

        In a recent promo, that had a tag line “Royal Wedding” with her in a wedding dress. Everyone knew what they were doing and to say Meghan had no say in that is absurd. You can’t be that dense.

        @Olenna, they are a media, celebrity couple. We all love gossip and to speculate that’s why we are here on CB but the press has way too many details about their relationship so the leaks are definitely coming and not from Harry

      • Tina says:

        It’s not exactly a substantive leak. The only new information is that they spent a weekend “somewhere in Wales.” We have no knowledge of whether that’s true or not, and it makes no difference anyway. I wouldn’t be so quick to jump to the conclusion that she’s leaking to the press.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Ruby, insult the posts not the poster.

        She isn’t in charge of the Suits PR, no matter how hard you try to spin it that way. A contract employee doesn’t get final say over what her employers choose to do. She can complain, but she doesn’t get to stop them. Just like she cannot stop her co-workers from saying whatever they want.

      • mar_time says:

        @Ruby stop calling her dense!! You simply choose to believe it’s Meghan’s side doing the PR but it’s very very possible it’s Harry’s side too…it can be equal parts. I remember Lainey saying he told his staff about her very early on, he sent out a press release to protect her so I doubt he’s trying to keep his love for her a secret.

      • HappyMom says:

        @Ruby-per Lainey Gossip (who’s based in Toronto so she has some actual sources) the leaks about them are coming from HIM. His people are leaking to American press rather than British press.

      • Spiderpig says:

        It’s pretty obvious that “legal battles” refers to their (Harry and Meghan) joint attempt to deal with the press’ racism and harassment. If Meghan was involved in some conspiracy to cover up something dodgy then fairly obviously Harry would not have referred to it in his statement.

        Oh and welcome to CB, Ruby, I see you haven’t posted before. We’ve had a few other new posters recently who are big fans of Harry but sadly Amy and Kitty seem to have abandoned us. :(

      • Spiderpig says:

        Fwiw, years ago when I was still pursuing my doomed acting career (before I moved behind the scenes and found something I wasn’t awful at), I was accidentally papped with one of the guys from the boy band Blue, at a premiere. The PR of the this indie film I was in tried to spread a story that we were dating, without even telling me. So it definitely does happen.

        Suits are probably just having fun with all the media coverage, who cares? It’s only Harry/RF obsessive who think it’s exploiting Harry or the relationship.

    • TakeThat says:

      Definitely not coming from her.If it was,they would have mentioned it

  14. Sassback says:

    If I were her, I wouldn’t have them write me off a show until the marriage contract is signed. Engagements break off all the time. That’s if Suits even runs that long.

  15. Nilber says:

    Her storyline on Suits is set up to be rather flexible. My hubby watches and I occasionally watch but I know enough about it to see how they have kept it open for her character to have more than a few ways to go…

  16. Ollie says:

    When this couple started i was all “how cool” now I’m “Oh they’re still together?” What a boring couple…

    They are soo boring :( The only cool thing about them is Meghan’s background and even that was only interesting in the beginning.

    It was the same with “aristo actress” Cressida. A very undercover relationship which ist good for them but boring gossip. They dated, partied, went on vacation, he called her from the arctic etc., big speculation about marriage with an actress. Then 2 years later ist was over as it started: silently without good gossip.

    His new relationship may run its course the same way.

    Meghan looks more and more like Pippa… With better eyebrows and overall prettier but still Pippa-lish.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I’ll bet they’d love to be boring to everyone. So if you think they’re boring, more power to them.

      • Piegwel says:

        notasugarhere: I admire your tenacity and commonsense. What are being published as facts in the various media outlets, are only speculation which those persons who are attacking you and Meghan, have foolishly swallowed. They use inflammatory language when attacking you and Meghan while they are being duped by the media. You are not the one with a “one track mind” since you are capable of assimilating, assessing and separating facts from fiction. The thing to do is to remove the oxygen that gives life to the lie and speculation by ignoring their ignorance and foolishness. You will never be able to persuade simpleminded haters once they have “bee in their bonnet”, i.e. the equivalent of the old adage counselling against “beating one’s head against a brick wall”. It is a total waste of time for the ignorant is never in any doubt: they always know it all.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The tumblr fangirl brick wall is strong, isn’t it?

    • Can'tRecall says:

      Boring is good and it shows neither want a high profile public relationship.

      It will run it’s course may or may not end the same way.

      Err…NO. Unless by look alike you mean they both have brown hair and eyes. The resemblance ends there.

    • Merritt says:

      I shudder to think what a couple has to do to be considered interesting.

    • graymatters says:

      I remember the Cressida gossip. The gossip at the beginning wasn’t much — she sat on his lap in a restaurant, he hugged her on the slopes — but the end was spectacular. Family meetings to bring Harry to heel, she’s needy, she’s independent, he’s heartbroken, he can’t cut the mustard as a boyfriend, she’s over him for good, she’ll take him back if he proposes, and finally… she’s a hardworking professional actress who is making it in the harsh world of Hollywood in spite of her connection to royalty. Meghan gossip is comparatively boring.

      I suspect the instagram “leaks” were Meghan coyly communicating with Harry. Posting the elephant tea pot pic, for instance, could be “I miss you and am thinking about when you made me tea and talked about working with elephants in Africa. Next time we’ll go together.” Etc. I think the fangirl interpretation took her by surprise. She hasn’t posted anything else in that vein since the bananas.

      I heard that the picture of H&M on the way to the theater netted the photographer $50,000. I don’t know how true that is, but I’d be willing to bet that there’s enough of a financial incentive for someone not on anyone’s “side” to tip off the press now and then. And, as we all know, sometimes reporters just make up stuff. I don’t buy that M leaks info about her relationship — not even as some sort of Machiavellian PR move. She’s well-spoken and has a history of networking and providing open interviews with various members of the press. She might be quietly playing around with possible q and a for her next one, but I don’t think she’ll drop clues for the public to find and (probably) misinterpret.

  17. LO says:

    Where did the Wales thing come from? This Us Weekly link doesn’t say anything about them being in Wales. It says they spent V Day at KP. I’m confused.

  18. seesittellsit says:

    I hate waiting. Just DO it, kids – we need distraction.

    • HappyMom says:

      Yes-please something happy to block the stench of Trump’s shenanigans.

    • Piegwel says:

      seesittellsit: I totally agree about the distraction. But I fear that if an engagement is to be announced it is likely to be the later of (and I hope I am wrong) Suits Season 7 filming having ended, or the earlier date of Eastertime (Monday 17 April). I think this couple intends to go the distance and is serious, which means the subject of marriage will have already been broached . I can imagine a situation where the Queen, having given her consent to Prince Harry, discussions with Her Majesty and His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales about arrangements and dates may have now begun. It is likely to come together as quickly as Prince Charles proposal/marrying Diana. One thing we have learnt over the years with subsequent marriages, the most recent being that of Prince William to Catherine that, long before we the public were informed, William and Catherine had already been engaged and the planning had begun in secret. On hindsight, there were signs that the relationship between them had changed (e.g. William and Catherine travelling to one of the Queen’s Estates and also caught shopping together for food/household items like a proper couple, for the first time. Catherine had begun spending time as part of the inner circle/family too. Their engagement was on 20/10/2010 but only revealed to the world on 16/11/2010 and the wedding on 29 April 2011). It has been said that the 2 past serious relationships which Prince Harry had (with Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas) failed because, at decision time, the young ladies decided the Royal life was not for them. Meghan and Harry spending much time together still, suggests that she may have made up her mind about the future and is prepared to stay the course, since she is not the frivolous type.

      Furthermore, both are in their 30s and Harry has said he is looking forward to having children. If they do marry, the pattern of behaviour seems to be pregnancy occurring at the end of the first year of marriage, meaning any first child of this couple could be born when Meghan is approximately 37/38. A year’s break before providing “a spare with the heir” means a second child between 39-41 (as in the case of Harry’s uncle, Prince Edward The Earl of Wessex who married “later” Sophie Rhys-Jones in 1999 but children being born to Sophie at age 38 and 42 years – Her Majesty the Queen was also 38 years old when she bore Prince Edward). In the circumstances, if Prince Harry and Meghan are serious, there is likely to be an announcement pretty soon and when we least expect to hear it.

      Finally, there is not likely to be such a confirmation of any fact, but it has been alleged that Princess Eugenie’s own engagement announcement has been delayed and one wonders whether, if true, this is to allow both cousins (Harry and Eugenie) time for the Palace to sort out appropriate dates and housing at Kensington Palace and at other Royal houses?

      So, like you, many are impatiently saying “Just DO it” Harry and Meghan; make that announcement.

  19. Kaz says:

    Am feeling quite close to Royalty this week as I’m on holidays visiting London. Walked past Kensington Palace today and saw where all the new ‘security screen’ trees have been planted. Most peculiar position. Although, given the fact that I was peering through a convenient hole in the fence on Kensington Palace Gardens Road – perhaps they feel the need to put up some obstacles to deter photographers with long lens….

  20. starkiller says:

    Unless this woman is one hundred per cent aware that this dalliance is not serious, can never be serious, and is simply enjoying travelling around the world with rich royalty (which is certainly possible), I certainly hope Harry has the basic decency to cut her loose sooner rather than later. Unless he’s prepared to suffer the same fate as his great-uncle, he’ll never be allowed to marry this woman, and it would be almost unthinkably cruel of him to continue leading her on.

    • Tina says:

      Oh my God. He’s fifth in line to the throne, he’s never going to be King/head of the Church of England. Even if he was, he’d probably still be able to marry her. As it is, there is nothing preventing it. This isn’t 1936.

      • delorb says:

        LMAO! That’s such a reach, right? Going all the way back to 1936!

      • Tina says:

        Well, as much as it may be 1936 Germany in the United States politically, we’ve moved on in terms of social values here in the UK. The fifth in line to the throne marrying a divorcee is not going to be a problem.

      • notasugarhere says:

        And really, the future Head of the Church of England, Charles? A divorced-then-widowed adulterer who married one of the women with whom he had an affair. And his bride was a divorcee.

        I’m surprised at the people (the anti-fangirls) who take the moral high ground about remarriage of divorcees in CoE. They do know the CoE was founded by an adulterous murderer who created a new church so he could dump his first wife and marry his mistress, don’t they? HenryVIII either divorced or killed 5 of his 6 wives. That’s the founder of the faith right there. Moral high ground indeed.

    • Spiderpig says:

      There’s absolutely no reason he can’t marry her if he wants to, jealous Harry stans need to get over it. He’s a total stranger, and he’s obviously happy in his relationship with her – stop obsessing over what he does with his penis! It’s super creepy.

      Besides Edward VIII was shoved off the throne because he was deeply unfit to rule and, ya know, a Nazi sympathiser. Not because the RF has some sekrit “no Yanks” rule. And he was actually going to be King, which Harry obviously has no chance of ever being barring unprecedented mass tragedy.

    • Piegwel says:

      Starkiller: I agree that it would be “unthinkably cruel” of both Harry and Meghan to lead each other on, if each is not serious about the other. In your assertion that Harry will never be allowed to marry Meghan, her unsuitability is implied. Since being a divorcee is not prohibitive and would not be so, even if Harry were heir presumptive (his father the heir is married to a divorcee who will be Queen Consort according to the laws of England upon Charles assending the throne), what is there of Meghan to make her unsuitable, prey tell us? If it is Meghan’s family’s relatively poor background, that does not make her unsuitable; if it is her job as an actress, again, that does not disqualify her; and at least she has always worked and given back to the world, which is exemplary and would be top of this particular job qualification, so why is she unsuitable? Moreover, Prince William married Catherine whose family is descended from a long line of coal miners, and not so long ago, and Catherine’s parents’ jobs were that of dispatcher/air stewardess, yet Catherine is married to the 2nd in line to the throne and may one day be Queen Consort. Meghan has always behaved herself – and trust me, you saw how she was badly treated by the media when her association with Prince Harry was first revealed. Imagine what the media would have done had they found any salacious material! Yes, his great uncle King Edward the VIII abdicated the throne rather than be forced to abandon the woman he loved who was a divorcee, but even Wallace Simpson’s status as a divorcee was not in itself a prohibiting factor, were it not for the fact that King Edward himself was looked upon as an unsuitable king by the government of the day (his laziness and association with nazis, etc. And when the 1939-45 war began, the British Royal family was forced to change its surname from Saxe-Coburg Gotha, adopting the current surname of Mountbatten Windsor to disguise its German roots). Therefore, if Catherine, Sophie, Sarah and Lady Diana (having the title of “Lady” does not in itself make one suitable) were thought suitable, I am certain Meghan is more than suitable. So, what am I overlooking?

    • notasugarhere says:

      To recap.

      Anne divorced her husband and married the man with whom she was caught having an extra-marital affair. You know, Anne, the working royal who does around 600 engagements a year? Still in the line of succession, as are her children from her first marriage.

      The future Head of the Church of England? Charles was divorced (and later widowed), and married a divorced person with whom he had an extra-marital affair. The Crown Prince-now-King of Catholic Spain married a (likely Republican) divorcee in a giant Catholic ceremony.

      Next you’ll be telling us they cannot marry in a religious ceremony because she is divorced. With permission of the officiant, divorced people have been allowed to marry in the Church of England since 2002.

      If these two decide to marry, they will. There would be a church wedding, he and their children would be in the line of succession, he would get a ducal title, she would become a royal duchess, and they would both work for the Family Firm.

      Feel free to start obsessing over the Crown Prince of the UAE, or the Jordanian, Liechtenstein, Thurn und Taxis princes/heirs. This UK prince appears to be off the market.

  21. cate says:

    USWeekly started out with the romantic trip to Wales and then realized Harry was not in Wales and was in London so story rapidly changed to cozy night together at Nott Cott. Apparently the memo did not arrive here. And now the debunking starts – Gossip Cop has said it is not true she is living at Nott Cott (no kidding).

    Harry is single – there is no affair and sorry to break the bubble for the dreamers. The leaking to the tabloids non stop is your first clue.

  22. TakeThat says:

    @Cate. Loool.sure….the gossip cop article was debunking an OK article that said she’s moved in with him when she hasn’t ,it never said she isnt at Nott Cott.Can’t you read? And someone on twitter saw Harry in a car in Wales but we don’t know if its true or not and we occasionally get leaks about them not constantly.