E!: Meghan Markle hopes to be done with ‘Suits’ & ‘acting in general’ this year

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend a dinner during a state visit to Paris

First of all, some of those exclusive photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did come out late last week. LaineyGossip said there were photos of Harry and Meghan frolicking in the ocean and looking kissy-faced on a balcony while they were in Jamaica for his friend’s wedding. While the allegedly sessy balcony photos have not come out yet – perhaps suppressed by Kensington Palace or even Buckingham Palace – the Italian tabloid Chi did publish some of the ocean-frolicking photos, plus Meghan and Harry kissing during the wedding.

Harry and Meghan’s wedding is now being discussed in “when” terms, not “if” terms. It’s pretty clear that Harry really cares for her and I believe we’ll be getting an engagement announcement by autumn, if not sooner. That’s the way it looks now. I think Meghan believes it too, because she’s apparently ready to wind down her acting career:

Will the upcoming seventh season of Suits be Meghan Markle’s last? The 35-year-old actress, who is Prince Harry’s girlfriend, recently returned to Toronto to prepare to film new episodes of the USA Network series but is “ready to be done with Suits” and with “acting in general,” a source told E! News exclusively Friday.

“Even before Harry, she was starting to think about transitioning out of acting,” the source added. “She wants to focus on other worldly endeavors she is passionate about, like her philanthropy.”

Harry is currently in London and has solo engagements in the U.K. throughout the beginning of next week. Meghan remains in Toronto, where she hangs out with close friends and goes to yoga classes and restaurants when she’s not filming Suits. The actress nowadays draws more paparazzi attention than ever due to her relationship with Harry. The source told E! News she’s “just keeping a super low profile right now.”

“Meghan is the darling of Toronto,” the source said. “Locals love her so much and she really engaged herself into the community when she moved here for Suits years ago. The city basically adopted her and she fit right in. She’s just not as accessible now but she’s always been so kind and genuinely so sweet to people around town.”

[From E! News]

Yeah, I like Meghan and I have high hopes for her. But that was one of the most obvious PR plants I’ve seen out of her camp. Meghan Markle is not Amateur Hour like the Cambridges’ press office. Please don’t let this be the beginning of Meghan Is Keen To Subvert Her Ambitions To Marry Harry stories. That being said, even though this story is framed in a twee and obvious way (thanks, Meghan’s publicist!), I think the gist is probably dead-on. She’s hoping this is her last season on Suits. She hopes to be Mrs. Prince Harry by this time next year.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend a dinner during a state visit to Paris

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and PCN.

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  1. Joy says:

    So she’s BEEN planning on transitioning out of acting to be a philanthropist full time? How much $ does she have squirreled away if that was always her plan.

    • Maria says:

      that is what i thought. Unless she expects a different future, i.e. ring, it seems a risky move going from a somewhat BList actress to work non-profit….Her salary would take a rather large dip….

    • QueenB says:

      She will be 36 this year. For an actress thats old. As bad as that is its the reality and she will need to think about the future. If she is smart she thought about all of that way before she met him because she isnt a Meryl Streep that easily will work until she dies. She would have to make plans anyway.
      Apart from age acting is a very fickle business, her career could have been over with 22 or something like that. You cant really plan a long term career in acting.

      • ell says:

        ‘She will be 36 this year. For an actress thats old.’

        oh, be quiet. she’s a tv actor, they have a much longer lifespan. not to mention that film actresses also keep working until they’re in their early 40s.

      • HappyMom says:

        No actress leaves a show unless they have something else lined up. It makes no sense that she’d leave acting preemptively unless she knew there was something else definite. And she’s not independently wealthy-she can’t afford to just do philanthropy and “good works.” They’re getting engaged.

      • GirlPower says:

        36 is not old for an actress. There are so many misconceptions about the acting industry. There are all kinds of characters and there will always be a need for older actresses. Yes, there is in fact a problem where lead roles for big budget films usually tend to go to younger performers, but in the television and stage world, women past the age of 36 (which is still young) are still working.

        I think it’s pretty terrible to view the mid-thirties as being old or being a time of woman’s life where she has to settle down. During the US elections, I had seen so many anti-sexism comments on this site, but I think there is still a long way to go before women are viewed (and view themselves) as equals. I meet women who started their acting careers/began new lives/went back to college at 40 and who are doing just fine.

        Also, many of the women who went back to college later in life to pursue their dreams or changed careers sometimes told me that they were being shamed for their decision… mostly by other women.

        If Ms. Markle did in fact decide to quit acting at a young age, it could be simply because she has other interests that she would like to pursue. That is entirely her right and her decision, and I congratulate her for that.

        You can gawk and make fun of her all you want about her dating a prince, but when you criticize her because of her age, you are in truth putting yourselves down.

      • lunchcoma says:

        Philanthropy isn’t a career! It’s something people do when they have all the money they need already. Nothing about Meghan’s background or career history suggests that she’s made enough money to support herself as a single woman in an unpaid field for the rest of her life.

        This article almost makes it sound like marriage is her retirement plan. I would have found it far more appealing if she’d waited until either she was engaged or she left the show or it ended, and then explained that she obviously couldn’t pursue acting in North America while married to Prince Harry but was delighted about the charitable opportunities her new role would give her.

      • xo says:

        Either 1) It’s done. They have/expect the approval of his family & it’s what they want, or 2) Together, they’ve decided that she needs to re-position herself (work, image) in preparation for an engagement in the future.

        Personally, I think it’s #1. (I expect the rumored upcoming meeting with the Queen is part of making it official.)

      • Bridget says:

        Lol at the people who are trying to proclaim there’s a ton of acting work for women on the wrong side of 30. It’s not like every single actress themselves are telling us it’s a struggle (oh wait, they are). Meghan is a supporting player on a USA show. This will probably be the biggest job of her career. The only way she’s leaving before the show is done is if she has something else lined up.

      • Sharon Lea says:

        QueenB & Bridget – you are both 100% right. I worked for a major film casting executive, and there aren’t that many parts after the 30s and as a woman, I’m not happy to say it. There will be small parts or big ones, but she wouldn’t be considered for the big ones. This story tells us that Meghan is honest about the business and where she is in it. I believe she enjoys philanthropic work, I would definitely want to do the same thing if I had the opportunity.

      • jessia says:

        Lots of actresses can make it big in their mid 30s. Look at Jessica Chastain.
        Meghan should not give up on acting, that is her source of income.
        She is Harry’s flavor of the month. I highly doubt they will end up married.

    • Crowdhood says:

      She has a lifestyle website/group called The Tig and generally spends her off
      Time with various charities. I assume she could make a living off of those. I don’t really get why everybody questions her motives.

    • Luca76 says:

      Hmm someone on another site who claimed to work with the UN said in effect that celebrity humanitarians are only as valuable to the UN as they are famous. You can’t be a spokesperson if no one knows who you are. I think they’re ‘pre’engaged and this is the beginning of the roll out.

    • lavbb says:

      Team Meghan. I Predict an engagement by September. :)

      I always loved how Grace Kelly wore her engagement ring in her final film?

      • lavbb says:

        p.s. 36 is OLD for an actress in Hollywood, if the actress is not A-list and a character actress. Meghan is smart , she is transitioning to her future with Harry and a future fulltime working Royal. IMO

        Hollywood ageism after 35 is rampant. Look at what so any white actresses have said about being over 30, 35 and being told they were too old.

    • graymatters says:

      I think that was always the point of her blog. Goop is Paltrow’s retirement plan, and the Tig was to be MM’s. Managed well, it could be a nice little earner for her and keep her in the world of freebies, travel, and celebrity connections she enjoyed as a working actor.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Given how much flack Kate Middleton got/gets for not working while waiting for William to cave? I cannot see Meghan Markle quitting Suits unless there was already a secret engagement. If she moved to London without a job, to live with Harry and wait? There would be too much criticism that she’d given up all ambition to land a prince like Kate Middleton.

      She has a career on a 7 season show, her blog, and her World Vision work. I don’t see her walking away from that on the chance that they *might* get married. I could see her auditioning for television work in the UK. Then she’d have a legitimate reason to live and work out of London for a year or two while they figure this relationship out.

    • Anitas says:

      You don’t have to have millions stashed away to be able to afford working in humanitarian organizations. I work in a non-profit for an OK pay. We cut expenses wherever we can and have only essential staff but people need to make a living. I imagine she has enough connections to work on a higher level, through blogging, speaking at conferences etc.

  2. trollontheloose says:

    never sell the bear’s skin before one has killed the beast

  3. sarri says:

    The people on the DM were not amused lol


      A website full of racists, xenophobes and misogynists is displeased about a woman of colour existing, minding her own business? I for one am shockedT!!

    • notasugarhere says:

      There are a handful of ranting, sexist, unhappy fangirls who are all over the Meghan and Harry threads on there. Probably the same two who are leading the anti-Meghan crowd on tumblr. DM is happy to have them driving up their clicks, which is all the more reason to stay away from that site.

      • lavbb says:

        I don’t understand the hate that Harry’s girlfriends get. It’s much of the same fan girls who hated Cressida and even hated Chelsy at one point, but now they are going into overdrive because Harry may actually marry Meghan. I truly don’t understand their hater-aid for Harry’s girlfriends.

      • Sharon Lea says:

        lavbb – good point, I think you are on to something, they sense Harry will actually marry Meghan and they are freaked out. Nobody really saw it with Cressie.

      • lavnbb says:

        I never understood the Cressida hate or Chelsy hate either both ladies were lovely imo, but the press of the fan girls went into rabid hate-mode…..they(the Harry-fangirls) HATE ALL of Harry’s girlfriends, regardless. Even Chelsy, they hated Chelsy while she dated Harry, she was called all kinds of trash by Harry fan girls.

        The only *although FAKE) rumour of someone he fake press-created hooked up with, that .the fangirls seemed to like was rumours of Pippa, because she was a Middleton and Kate’s sister. I think many are Kate fans who see every girlfriend Harry has as competition to Kate’s popularity or a challenge to Kate’s press. JMO

  4. Indira says:

    That’s not her best makeup in the pic with the blue coat.

  5. Goats on the Roof says:

    I have no problem with a Harry/Meghan engagement if that is indeed where their relationship is headed. My only wish is that she truly devotes herself to philanthropy in her role. It would be a refreshing departure from the Duke and Duchess of Do Nothing.

    • runcmc says:

      Yeah Kate is going to look terrible in contrast no matter what. I have high hopes Meghan will be a good princess (based on absolutely nothing, haha)

    • LAK says:

      Princess Sparkle’s publicists have already sent out a history of her philanthropic endeavours and general keenness to do-gooding. Allegedly it started at a very young age, there was mention of First Lady Hilary Clinton yadayadayada.

      All in all, if we believe her publicists, she’s already looking better than keen Katie Bucket on that front.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I’m thinking we are definitely going to get a Princess Sparkle.(small thrill to see this title used :) )
        There are several things that I think that she brings to the table:
        1. Maturity – she is an adult, a fully realized person
        2. Publically comfortable – as an actress, she has sought out public attention and is, no doubt, comfortable with that i.e. interviews, photoshoots
        3. Philanthropy – Her P.R. may be overdramatizing some of it but I am sure that it is something that she is interested in and passionate about

        Advantages with PHG as a partner as compared to William:
        1. PHG is a people pleaser and I think that transfers to his partner
        2. PHG is more comfortable with the press then William who seems to resent it a great deal more than PHG; although, negative reporting on Princess Sparkle may change him if that happens
        3. PHG does have less pressure, increasingly so as the Cambridge family grows, and I think the formation of his character differs because of this. The work he does may seem more organic as it has been praiseworthy and comes attached with fewer expectations. Ironically, that may have allowed him to quietly flower and bloom above what was required.
        These have been “deep thoughts (not really)” brought to you by Tulip Garden.

      • Can'tRecall says:

        Can someone PLS explain to me the pressure William is under. He will make no life or death decisions. He will be a figure head and it may be galling that his future is not his to decide BUT there is a choice. He has no pressures in life and never will…which may be why is is the man he has become.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I see your point of view and it could well be accurate.
        For me, being “expected” or “having to do” anything is extremely vexing. I would find it a great source of anxiety, self-consciousness, and resentment particularly if I had been hammered on and on about it since childhood. While William may well have a character defect, I do think that some of it may come from what you find to be “no pressure” as opposed to what I view as both limiting and claustrophobia inducing. The older I’ve become the more likely I am to pursue life in the ways that make me happy and opposed to what some arbitrary “society” thinks that I should do.
        Of course, many have truly intolerable lives and I’m not suggesting his has been. I am simply saying that I can see that being left alone to bloom, which I think Harry enjoyed with much more leeway, instead of being constantly evaluated with an eye to public acceptability, fitness for “The Job”, and other such may warp a person in one way or the other.
        Thinking in this vein, I can see why many see Princess Anne as a more capable and better fit as the next monarch then Charles. It may just be that certain positions are more benefitting and less restrictive than others.

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      I don’t know too much about her but I understand she’s been doing philanthropy for a long time and given the intelligent and well delivered speech she gave on menstruation a few weeks ago she is already WAAAAY better than both DoLittles. Compared to Katie Keen, Meghan would be an asset to the BRF.

      The DoLittles should hire her publicist.

    • Sixer says:

      But if Meghan turns effing KEEN, I’m calling off the Flying Elvi.

      No. More. Keen.

      Just turn up to stuff, woman. That’s all it needs.

    • notasugarhere says:

      It would be a nice change. Best for Harry’s spouse (whomever that ends up being) to establish her own non-proft on the side. Something she can put her ambition in to without angering (or publicly outworking) W&K.

  6. runcmc says:

    OOooo I like the pics! They look really into each other (although my total armchair body language expert skills still think she looks more into him).

    I hope they *do* marry. He seems happy.

    • Llamas says:

      I just feel like it’s too soon. They’ve been in a long distance relationship for less than a year.

      • Ange says:

        Yeah, they need to be full time spending lots of time in the same country before they can make it work I think.

        (cue all the ‘we were LD for 27 years and saw each other once a season and we’re sooo happy!’ crowd. Well, which one of you is a British royal?)

    • Sarah says:

      She is holding his face kissing him while his arms are down. Ok. True love on his part. All of the pics show she seems to be way more into him than he is into her. I think this is all fantasyland.

      • Can'tRecall says:

        Nothing about his arms being down is indicative that it’s not reciprocated. He is leaning into her to receive the kiss and from the look on the onlookers face this is some kind of sweet playful gesture. The negative connotation you are transferring onto the picture/pictures is coming entirely from you. Clearly he enjoys her company and wanted her there or she would not have been.

      • Sarah says:

        Ok, Can’t Recall. If you see that, i respect your view. However, in every wedding pic and this one, too, she is doing the affection. Both his arms are down and she had time to grab his face, so he would have had time to put up at least one arm. Between the pics and this story, i think meghan/harry fans are making up a fantasy that they want to see played out, ignoring some pretty obvious flashing signs that he is acting like he is over this and she is really pushing it. I may be wrong, no big deal, my ego isnt involved in this relationship working out or not, except that i think she could do a LOT better if how he acted toward her at the wedding is indicative of how he treats her.

  7. Guest says:

    Maybe it’s just me but I think Harry and Meghan do look a bit alike… ^^

  8. Who says says:

    Well she isn’t giving up acting altogether a lot of what the Royal family does is acting. Making appearances at events, waving from the Palace Balcony and constantly being photographed is a little like show biz.

  9. Talie says:

    If she’s leaving Suits…the deal is probably already done. The studio will probably try to release it as quietly as possible, but when that announcement comes, it will be very big news.

  10. Mikasa says:

    Her PR team is planting stories all the time, when it comes to that she’s just like the Middletons. The only difference is that Carole does a better job.

    • ElleBee says:

      I don’t think Ma Midds did it better she just did it first so now we’re weary of these plants

    • Erica says:

      I think Meghan is doing it better, hell she is already declared his official girlfriend.Whereas the Middleton’s planted stories and clung on for dearlife during the waity years . Meghan has pretty much locked it down in less than a year while it took ma and waity years to get William.

      • Olenna says:

        Ha! I can’t argue with that! It boggles my mind, though, why any of them need to plant stories if they’re going about their lives doing the right things and avoiding controversy. In Meghan’s case, maybe her PR team is trying to keep her in the public eye but in a low-way so that people can get used to the idea, whether they like it not, that she’s not going away. I just hope her team is working with PH’s and not being too presumptuous about their future together.

      • Ramona says:

        I think with Meghan the PRing is very necessary. She riles up many virulent factions just by being around Harry. The racial purists, the traditionalists, the slut shamers because she did that one clothed TV sex scene and the jealous women of the world. On top of that she is dating a man whose relatives are comprised of vipers with staff who play out their family politics in tabloids. She is stilll new to this, she’ll learn how to be more sophisticated at the game. Right now I am just glad that she knows that she must be prepared to battle. It took Di awhile to figure that one out.

      • Fluff says:

        The PR leaks are probably part of a combined effort by Harry and Meghan jointly.

        With Katie Keen she and her mother were leaking stories against Will’s knowledge to try to manipulate him, including after they’d broken up. What we’re seeing here is two people working together to control the media, not each other.

      • LucyHoneychurch says:

        Meghan is showing Waity how it’s done.

    • lavbb says:

      The difference is Meghan’s philanthropy is TRUE, whereas Kate’s jobs, charity pr were all just to bull to woo William and to stop the press from calling her Lazy , workshy, girlfriend who spent almost a decade while dating him waiting, partying, vacationing.

      Also a big difference between the Middleton’s and Meghan is that HARRY is pursuing Meghan, whereas the Middleton’s spent ten years on more Pursuing William until he made up his mind. JMO

      • notasugarhere says:

        If Harry ends up engaged to someone within a year or two of first meeting? I cannot see the Middletons being happy about that development. There will always be the Wm vs. Harry, Kate Middleton vs. Princess Henry stories in the press. Won’t decrease if the Middletons and their DM contacts fuel it too.

      • Llamas says:

        KM spent even longer if you consider the stalking before university. Probably more like 15 yrs.

      • nem says:

        @notasugarhere of course.
        the bar with kate is low she has to hate every new married woman in the family.
        you have to be particulary bad to make her look good.
        and worse older meghan is prettier without filter and botox with same brunette hair.
        wills must be jealous of his bro ,i won ‘t be surprised if his week end meltdown is linked to the nice life and pr of harry

      • Bridget says:

        That’S an apples and oranges comparison though. Relationships are vastly different at 30+ than they are at 20. Frankly, with both Harry and Meghan’s ages I’d just expect this to be a fast courtship. Especially if they want kids.

      • nem says:

        @bridget yes to apples and oranges.but not for these reasons.
        william so called courtship has been shameless and humiliating .
        kate and her family have been vily trashed by his snobbish entourage,she has let down her own for him.
        she was living for him only,during her best years,with several separations during which he looked actively for her replacement, shouted free at last.
        she has waited for him almost a decade.he took her as no upperclass woman was idiotic enough to risk her happiness after diana’s cautionnary tale and his frat unfaithful play boy ways.
        this is not a love story. harry an meghan may have one

  11. perplexed says:

    “Meghan is the darling of Toronto,”

    I think it would be interesting to see her get the ring, but is this really true? That part of the story did sound kind of…PR-ish.

    Kate, you’re going to have stiff competition on you if Meghan is this savvy!

  12. ElleBee says:

    That beach pic of Harry in the green pants….Lawd. Go Megan

  13. perplexed says:

    She seems a little more PR shrewd than I would have expected (and I think I liked her better when I thought she was completely unaffected), but maybe this skill set is necessary when going up against the Cambridges, who might try to throw her under the bus to make themselves look good. I suppose there’s no point in being naive.

    • Izzy says:

      Perhaps that was the point of the Toronto comment, a subtle way of saying Meghan is probably going to be better liked by the Commonwealth nations. Though after last weekend it wouldn’t be difficult.

    • Luca76 says:

      Well she’s an actress she already has a team in place. They’re probably thrilled to be getting the opportunity to work with her on this scale.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I think it would be a good thing if Harry ended up married to someone (her or someone else) who understood PR. Someone who won’t let herself or him be thrown under the bus. Best thing he/they could do is move their PR back to Charles and his office.

      • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

        They could get their own PR team but it would be better to go back to his father’s team who know what they are doing. It would be in their best interests to get far away from the Cambridge household as they can. The wheels are beginning to fall of it.

    • G says:

      I think this is why I can’t warm to her. It probably IS a necessary skill set for the change of career that she’s aiming for, but I always find it off-putting, no matter the celebrity (and before Harry I don’t think she qualified as a proper celebrity). Seeming too happy to be papped, planting stories — off-putting. As is thirst in general.

  14. Pix says:

    Am I the only one upset that this might be the last season of Suits? I just started watching it on Amazon prime this year and it’s so good!

  15. Mara says:

    I really hope we get a day off but they’ll probably hold the wedding on a Saturday because Harry is not the heir.

  16. QueenB says:

    Makes sense she isnt even the star in her run of the mill tv show. Its not like she would throw away a great career or was so close to breaking through. If she wants to to do good this will make sense and she will easily look better than Kate and William. Harry is also very well liked despite some things in his past

    • seesittellsit says:

      This . . . it’s what I’ve thought from the beginning. D-List actress, already 35, very pretty yes, but very pretty women in her business are a dime a dozen, and there’s always a horde of same who are much fresher, and she’s no great shakes an actress.

      While I automatically check credibility at the door at the phrase “a source close to [fill in the blank] told E!” to me this scenario makes sense. It’s what I would do in her place. It’s logic. Can’t speak for Harry’s point of view, but were I Markle, it’s how I would be thinking.

  17. wow says:

    Markle’s pr has always been obvious. LaineyGossip is only too happy to shill for her.

  18. Neverwintersand says:

    Nope, Lilly Singh is the “darling of Toronto”, i would say! ;)

  19. Ayra. says:

    I hate her character on Suits anyway *shrugs*

  20. HappyMom says:

    Clearly an engagement is coming. No actress leaves a gig unless she has something else lined up. Bring it. I can totally get behind a royal wedding. She has great style and they’re totally into each other. I can’t wait to see her outfits.

  21. perplexed says:

    I’m kind of curious to see how her wardrobe will change if she marries Harry. I’ve never seen a British princess dress like an actress.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Kate Middleton dresses like a celebrity at times, with her OTT clothing expenses, altered runway outfits to make sure no one can copy her, and the silly choices like the blue dress with high-slit and flashing mini-skirt underneath.

      Hopefully whomever Harry marries would wear low-cost British gear, lots of suits and mix-and-match. A functional working wardrobe instead of 70+ coatdresses like Kate Middleton. Save the splurging for the ballgowns.

    • mary mary says:

      We have seen an American actress dress like a princess: Grace Kelly.

      Meghan’s Tig blog reveals good taste and fashion sense.

  22. Anon says:

    I give her a pass on this one. Ok, the real story is that she expects to be engaged soon and that’s why she’s giving up the TV show to focus on her philanthropy. But at least she *has* well established philanthropic activities to focus on. What did Waity Katie do for good causes while she was waiting for the ring? Nothing. And what has she done since? Precious little. I think there is a real chance that MM will do the role well and will enjoy it. If she wants to get in ahead of the Duchess of B-tchface in the publicity war, good luck to her.

  23. SM says:

    Oh man. Publicising your future plans for happily ever after before the ring is on yoir hand is a bad, bad move. Unless they are doing it intentionally to prepare the public for the big announcement. While I have to side eye the narrative of giving up acting for marriage but of she is passionate about charity work them marrying a prince is the best way to do that. I am rooting for this scenatio only so we all could see the difference between two princes’ families. If will and Kate look lazy now they will be a laughti g matter when these two get married. I hope Meghan shows Kate what actually can be done when you are in such a privilleged possition as she is. That would be enough for me

  24. ell says:

    lol i knew it. as a brit obviously i want to see harry and his lot stop stealing my money, but i was somewhat impressed by him choosing someone with a career and her own thing going on. now i’m gonna have to fund her ‘charity work’, too. happy days.

    • SM says:

      The whole monarchy thing is outdated in my view. But then, maybe it is better to know that something is done witht the simple people’s tax money rather just to fund their existence. Yes, I am looming at Kate and Will now

    • addie says:

      Mmm… not so sure that lots of work will happen. Harry is not one of life’s workers – he dabbles here and there but his numbers are consistently low, and he hasn’t moved to full-time royal work since leaving the army almost two years ago. Plus he uses the ‘not outworking William’ excuse. The Wales boys have more in common than not; Harry is wrapped up in a more palatable PR package.

      If Meghan is the philanthropist her PR claims ie totally dedicated, then she will want to get Harry to up his workload, a lot. This would be a good thing but the Cambridge’s will not like it. And it would be a shock to Harry’s under the radar good life. And where would it leave the not outworking William narrative? My concern is that her PR company (the British one that also represents Fergie) has also exaggerated this aspect of her life too as linking celebrities to charitable work has been a popular gambit for a while now. Should they marry, I’m expecting Meghan will fit into his dabbling lifestyle (a life of privilege funded by stealing UK people’s money) rather than Harry changing. He’s too used to the good life. However, I’d love to be wrong and Meghan would shake them all up. It would not be a life I’d choose – to be tamped down so much, have no personal voice. It would be suffocating plus the BRF is awful.

      • nem says:

        i don’ t expect much from her.
        they are stealing and wasting money from british struggling people.
        but my hope is in her ability to outshine kate in clothing areas. the duchess is a snooze fest and worst in comparison to others eurotrash royals.
        when you have that money and access and no will to assume your charity work,you just could show off some good expensive fashion.

      • Llamas says:

        A lot of his work isn’t included because then he would outshine will and Kate. It’s intentional. They make him look bad to prop up the buckets.

      • Sarah says:

        Yes, the more i see of Harry, the less I like him. Shades of the Trumps, flying off to vacations, security always at the taxpayers’ expense. His threats to the media a few months back, just like brother Will. Lack of a work ethic, besides from a few weeks a year at his charities. Yes, he is mich more charming and engaged than Wills, but I dont think he is the workhorse his father is.
        And the way he seemed to treat Meghan at the wedding – either he is over her, or he was angry at the press/paps, and she was trying to soothe him. Not a good future for a smart, sophisticated woman, soothing a spoiled brat.
        Ive said since the beginning – “Run, Meghan!!!!”

  25. Kitty says:

    Wow just because there is a rumor of her leaving doesn’t mean there is an engagement.

  26. Elaine says:

    “Darling of Toronto!”


    That’s almost as good as

    “Terribly Rich James Matthews”

    Whatever. I’m fully on board with Princess Sparkle. Just cool it a bit PR peeps. Don’t show yer arse. Don’t be thirsty. The Queen, she sips her tea. She don’t guzzle.

  27. jerkface says:

    I look forward to less reports on her and the royals hahahahahaha no but seriously can this not be toned down?

  28. Francesca says:

    All this fuss about nothing!
    I don’t believe he will be marrying anytime soon.
    She will not be accepted by the Royals.
    She should hang on to her acting career.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Who knows if they will marry, or if he ever will?

      If they want to marry, she will be accepted by the royals. Just like Camilla Parker-Bowles, Tim Laurence, Autumn Kelly, Mike Tindal, Gary Lewis, Sophie Winkleman (gasp a television actress with bedroom scenes!), etc.

      She’d be smart to continue her career path without curtailing things for a possible marriage. If they end up married that’s fine, but she’d need to keep working until an engagement is announced and not look like a Waity-in-waiting.

  29. Francesca says:

    All this fuss, about nothing.
    There won’t be a wedding between these two.
    The Queen, will not approve of an unknown American Divorcee, Actress.

    • notasugarhere says:

      See above. It was already leaked from royal sources around Nov/Dec that Harry’s happiness is paramount. There may be concerns from some (ie. the unhappy fangirls and the traditionalists), but if Harry wants to marry her the Queen will approve the match.

      She’s already accepted the divorce of three of her kids, plus the remarriage of two of them (one to a divorcee, both to the people with whom they had extra-marital affairs). Plenty of non-Brits in the royal family too. Autumn Kelly, Gary Lewis, Princess Michael of Kent, Duchess of Gloucester, Sophie Winkleman.

    • xo says:

      prepare to have that assumption challenged. otherwise, it may come as quite a shock.

  30. Marie Sharkey says:

    I will be so mortified if he marries her. I can’t bear to think that there will be a member of the Royal Family who has pretended to have sex acts on film. ::shudder::

    • nem says:

      the new swedish princess sophia has made softcore porn photos and other shady things if rumours are too be believed.but it looks like she is doing ok.
      norwegian crown princess was a drug addict but seems to be ok too.
      all they risk is having lot of jealous women for him and envious men for her.
      windsors have done a lot more freaky stuff behind royal walls.it s really quite tame for a member of this family

    • graymatters says:

      Is that really a barrier now? They were pretty tame by today’s standards, much like Grace Kelly’s were in hers.

      It doesn’t mean that she’d do the same on the palace balcony, anyway.

      • nem says:

        grace kelly had some homewrecking scandals under her belt before becoming princess,lol.
        meghan doesn’t even flash bum in public.

      • perplexed says:

        I think of the British monarchy as being much stuffier than Monaco’s. I feel as though comparing Monaco’s monarchy with Britain’s is like comparing apples to oranges. Yeah, I know a lot of the Queen’s kids messed up their marital lives, but because theQueen has such a stiff upper lip and has carried herself with a certain measure of dignity, I guess I think that carries over into how I view the British monarchy. She IS the monarchy, and she’s done a good job of seeming fairly dignified, even if everybody else in her family is a mess. I suppose even with all her scandals, Diana never seemed as trashy as Prince Albert or his siblings. In a bizarre way, I think Diana and Charle’s trashy moments seemed classier than how the Monaco royals carry themselves. A lot of their messes were caught on tape in private conversations, which is more of an invasion of privacy rather than either of them actually gallivanting around in public like idiots. In the actual public realm of diplomacy they both seemed to carry on their roles they way you’d expect royals to look and act, imo. We weren’t likely to find Diana or Charles making out with a circus performer or trying for a singing career.

        That said, I do think the monarchy may relax rules for Harry and Meghan. And it doesn’t seem like there will be any obstacles for their marriage to take place. The only thing is if the British royals end up seeming the same as regular people or have no mystique whatsoever, I have no idea what really sets them apart and why a monarchy would be needed in the first place. I thought the purpose of the monarchy was because they’re supposedly supposed to be “better” or “different” than the rest of us (even if it’s not really true), but if they appear too similar to regular everyday people, I think some of the reasons as to why you’d have a monarchy in the first place might be lost.

    • Jessica says:

      There is no allure or mystique associated with any Royal family thanks to media, technology, etc. Even squeaky clean couples like Victoria and Daniel (possibly Mary and Fred) aren’t looked at as anything other than a distraction and a continuation of history. Trust me very monarchies will make it to 2100.

    • Amanduh says:

      Holy fak…
      are you…are you actually serious??!! Like, you have nothing else going on in your life that this is a legit concern??!!! And why do you care…?

  31. TheOtherSam says:

    I think they’re moving towards an engagement at this point. Hope so as she’s a breath of fresh air. But I don’t think it’s coming this summer. She’ll likely wrap her show and move from Toronto to London, where she and Harry will continue their relationship. Maybe even live together? It’s not like there isn’t precedent (Edward/Sophie).

    A year of pre-engagement dating is fine for civilians but imo isn’t long enough to fit into the British royal fam, esp marrying someone so close to the throne. There’s so much involved. And with the current issues surrounding W&K, and the spotlight moving possibly to Harry (or at least using him to chide his brother into some sense of responsibility) there is a lot to consider. Meghan would need preparation – it’s a huge job, to be married into that family.

    She’s bright and smart, but that alone won’t prepare her. I’m predicting another year before an engagement.

    • xo says:

      I hope you’re right. I think an announcement is coming quickly and I think it is too soon.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Depends on the individuals. Future rulers (now kings) of Jordan and Spain married their mates within a year of meeting, and both marriages are going strong.

      An announcement might come after the Balmoral test in August, if they get to that point. Then a small Flying Elvi Christmas wedding might just make it in this year. If MM moved to London without a job and without an engagement ring? Too much additional criticism and unwanted attention.

      • TheOtherSam says:

        Possibly, but Jordan and Spain are different monarchies. In Abdullah’s case he wasn’t anywhere near heir when he married, his younger brothers (Noor’s boys) were fully expected to succeed – Hamzeh then Hashim as backup, with their uncle also in the mix. It was only at Hussein’s deathbed that Abdullah emerged as successor – there was no real pressure on him when he chose his wife or married. They tend to have arranged or quick marriages in the Jordan royal fam as well (Abdullah/Rania not being arranged obviously).

        Felipe got Letizia because he insisted because his parents had torpedoed some many of his prior relationships, they’d already managed to send Isabel Sartorious and Eva Sannum packing, he was tired of the interference – he’d allegedly really been in love with Eva. They were also opposed to Letty (divorced, commoner) but he put his (big) foot down and told them ‘this is it’ otherwise prepare for Queen Elena (I have close friends in Spain who gave me daily updates on that sitch at the time).

        There’s no monarchy like the British in terms of profile and exposure. Meghan has a great foundation with her public career, it helps, but she’d still need a lot of time and training and I think Charles and TQ would insist on it. And with things with W&K being a bit dicey, I think they’d plead caution; Harry is dutiful enough to comply plus would want to be sure she’d be fully comfortable and ‘backed’ before bringing her into The Firm.

      • LAK says:

        I don’t know about Noor’s kids, but until Abdullah was announced as the heir, King Hussein’s brother Hassan was the expected heir and official crown prince.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Both marriages were controversial, esp as Abdullah was marrying a woman of Palestinian descent. Felipe put his foot down and they rode it out, just as they did in Norway. Spain still a bastion of old-school royal ideas of “royal blood” and arranged loveless marriages.

        They aren’t going to force MM into any kind of royal training until if/when they are engaged. I also doubt they’d make these two wait to marry, esp with their ages and wanting kids. I don’t think MM needs that much training, honestly. Basics of royal protocol, keep your mouth shut on political issues, then show up and act interested. She is a professional who knows how to work. She isn’t someone in extended adolescence who cannot dress herself appropriately or string two words together in her native language.

  32. Anilehcim says:

    All I can say is that in all of the pics I’ve seen of her and Harry, their body language seems telling. He doesn’t seem all that into it, and she seems like she’s all over him trying to overcompensate. Just saying.

    • nem says:

      i agree.i hope she doesn’t push too much her pr like cressida one who was overwelming,so the failure was hard to take.
      it is funny that miss bonas and her calthorpe sister pr riding the windsor boys coattails didn’t work for their acting career for now.at least the married one has this big branson trust fund money cute husband.

      • graymatters says:

        Cressida got several photoshoots, a lot of publicity for her theater work, and at least two bit parts in film (she probably got the horror-film role on her own merits) out of the royal relationship. Maybe not as much as she’d hoped for, though.

      • nem says:

        @graymatters after being forced to be bosom buddies with weinstein for photo op , i would need and demand much more compensation,lol.
        i think she was really aiming at being a rich aristocrat wife like isabella calthorpe branson( the one will was craving for)
        there are real actresses in her family who have serious gigs and meatier filmography without princely connexions

    • artistsnow says:

      I keep reading this over and over and I have to say something.

      Leaning AWAY from someone is not necessarily an indication of dislike!

      These are photos taking in a split second. The images we see are ones culled from THOUSANDS. They are picked by the photo editors.

      If I in public with a new love, someone I am really into, still in the honeymoon stage, I will absolutely be nervous and a bit distant and a mix of affection and withholding. Everything is topsy turvy. My body language is completely different than it is now with hubs (or rather now ex-hubs).

      If Harry was NOT into Meghan, she would not be there at all. Period. Stop. He is always the one leading the way. Does it now occur to you he might get OFF on a strong female type?

  33. Neners says:

    Don’t mind me. Just here for that shirtless pic of Harry! *drools*

  34. phatypopo says:

    I’m saying this as someone who loves the show and the cast dearly – Suits needs to come to an end, anyways. It’s kind of reached its natural conclusion.

  35. Anna says:

    This may sound strange but I’ve read comments etc claiming she is just another in a line of his beards. And ever since I read that, it seems to fit. He shows not one iota of affection in any pics. It’s like she’s there and she acts like she’s playing a role. And he shaved his chest. And then when a read and saw pics that he shaved his chest hair off…I’ve never know a straight man who did that. I dunno

  36. Amelie says:

    Why are we calling Meghan Princess Sparkle? I associate Sparkles with Robert Pattinson. Not to mention it sounds really stupid, like some My Little Pony toy and really demeaning.

    In any case, her body language is very self-assured and confident, compared to Kate who always seems so tentative and unsure when doing public engagements unless sports are involved. I wouldn’t be surprised if we got an engagement announcement in the next year or so. They aren’t going to get married before the end of the summer. She has to work on Suits and they probably have to be engaged at least 6 months. W&K did it that way after their official engagement announcement and while Harry is not the heir, his wedding will probably be televised too. Wasn’t Andrew and Fergie’s wedding televised as well? You just don’t throw together a royal wedding n 3 months.

    • Goose says:

      Way back I just had to start calling her Meghan Markle Princess Sparkle. Cause it rhymes. *shakes head ruefully* Look, I don’t make the rules. I just comment here :-)

    • TheOtherSam says:

      Andrew & Fergie’s wedding was televised (remember watching it). They were married at the Abbey I believe and it was smaller than Charles & Diana’s but still lavish. He was the 2nd son of the sitting monarch and there was still a lot of build-up.

      If Harry and Meghan marry I predict St. Georges at Windsor, where Charles and Camilla had their ceremony – and I think Edward and Sophie?. A dignified space, still royal but ‘out of town’ and a bit more subdued. She will still have a lavish gown, jewels, flowers etc just more low-key than Kate. It will be televised and there will likely be huge interest and a big audience, esp here in the US where she’s from.

      • Princess says:

        I would be disappointed if they get married at Windsor, that would mean no balcony appearance at Buckingham Palace. Also it would make it look as if Harry has done something wrong by marrying a divorcee. Divorced people CAN get married in church these days. I want to see them married in Westminster Abbey at least, with coaches and horses and all the trimmings and not banished to Windsor.

    • graymatters says:

      I’m having a problem with her name, though. Apparently Megan is her middle name that she uses professionally. So if she married, would we have to get used to using the name Rachel? It would be an even greater disconnect than between Kate and Catherine.

  37. Jessica says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Catherine and Meghan will get along just fine. It’ll take some of the focus off of W&C, especially with them moving back to London. Then they’ll be a new Duchess and Catherine gets a bit of seniority and it’s not like Meghan will ever be PoW or QC now that George and Charlotte are around.

  38. Anya says:

    She could definitely retire if she wanted to. Say she has 5 million stashed away. And let’s assume a modest return on that at 6 percent….. That is $300 000 per year; so she could definitely able to live off the return of her nest egg very comfortably without even touching the principle. It wouldn’t be as luxurious as she is used to, probably, but it would still be enough to be better off then most….

  39. newmansown says:

    Just saw over on JJ that Harry and Megan had date weekend in London.

    I am guessing they spend a lot more time together than is publicly known

    Me thinks Harry and Megan are just fine with the PR being put out there from both camps.

    And also think engagement is on the table because seriously would you continue to date someone that puts a story like this out there without your agreement? ( that goes both ways)

    Just read in the Sun that she flew in to London on Thursday

  40. RiotAct says:

    Big suits fan here. Remember Meghan mention in one of her old interviews that she is not a big gambler or risk taker, so I concur with those who think that wedding bells will follow.

  41. Lilac says:

    Secret late-night visit to the Natural History Museum = great engagement story. I wonder if he just popped the question.

    … now I’m wondering if her awful “darling of Toronto” blurb was a weird way of saying bye bye thanking Torontonians for their hospitality. hmm..

    • Fluff says:

      Oh shut the front door, my partner and a bunch of our friends work there. Will go digging for gossip.

      • Fluff says:

        I don’t think he proposed there but I have to defend my beloved NHM!!

        Yes, I made a comment about digging for gossip but that was light-hearted and when I say gossip I mean along the lines of “her hair looked great and she jumped when the T Rex roared.”

        They would have been accompanied by ONE staff member who is very well trained and experienced in handling VIPs, and I can 100000000% promise absolutely no one who works here would ever, under any circumstance, tell the press. Apart from the fact they’d be fired and blacklisted from the entire museum industry instantly, it’s just not something any of us would do. Unthinkable.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Would he propose in a public place where the staff could immediately run to the press and give details? I’d doubt that.

  42. Dana says:

    I think Meghan and her team have been leaking ALOT. We know when and where she is too many times for it not to be her side and if there is one thing the Royals hate is that kind of thing. Harry won’t rush into marriage and you look at the pictures she REALLY wants the ring and he doesn’t seem too much in a rush. Also don’t expect a big wedding it won’t happen it can’t because she is divorced which means no church wedding and the Queen couldn’t attend. I think things as usual are going out of control they did they same with Cressida another actress.