Josh & Anna Duggar are expecting their fifth child, a year after he left ‘rehab’

Angelina Jolie Arrives At LAX With All Of Her Kids

One year ago – almost exactly – Josh Duggar got out of his faith-based sex-rehab. The sex-rehab situation sounded shady as hell. There didn’t seem to be any real, quality therapy to deal with Josh’s profound issues. Instead, it was like “pray away the impure thoughts” and “maybe doing manual labor will make you not want to cheat on your wife or molest little girls.” It was actually almost two years ago when everything about Josh Duggar exploded in the press – he had been investigated for molesting five girls when he was a teenager, and Josh’s parents worked tirelessly to cover up his criminal acts, even when he was abusing his sisters. For a while, Josh tried to ride out the story at home, but then he ended up going to sex rehab in the fall of 2015. As I said, he came out of sex rehab in March 2016.

Throughout it all, we had high hopes that Anna Duggar – Josh’s wife – would rethink everything about her marriage and the entire Duggar lifestyle. We hoped that she would take their kids (they have four kids) and run. But she did not run. She stuck by him. She remained in the Duggarville cult the entire time. And guess what? Now everything is fixed because she’s popping out another baby.

The Duggar family is growing again! Josh and his wife Anna Duggar announced in a blog post on the Duggar family website on Friday that they are expecting a fifth child — a baby boy due later this year.

“For nearly the last two years, we have quietly worked to save our marriage, focus on our children, and rebuild our lives together as a family. Doing so is never easy after a breach of trust,” the blog post begins.

“We’ve learned that a life of faith and rebuilding a life together is simply done one day at a time,” the post continues. “As we continue our journey as a family and rebuild our lives, we are delighted to share with you that we are expecting a new baby boy later this year. Beauty comes from ashes and we cannot wait to see and kiss the face of this sweet new boy!” Josh and Anna signed the post.

Josh, 29, has kept a low profile after returning home from rehab following two personal scandals in 2015. Duggar checked into a faith-based rehab facility in Rockford, Illinois, in August 2015 following a series of scandals, including his public confession to being addicted to pornography and being unfaithful to his wife Anna, which came three months after a 2006 police report surfaced that revealed that Josh had been accused of inappropriately touching five underage girls as a teen. He completed his stint in rehab in March 2016.

[From People]

I have to remind myself that it is a cult and that Anna has been brainwashed. She’s in the machine and she probably has next to no options. There is no birth control in Duggarville. There is no “saying no” to marital relations in Duggarville. There is no divorce in Duggarville. How would she support herself all alone with four kids? But she probably never even got to that mindset. She was told that she needed to forgive Josh so she forgave him. While I know I should be more sympathetic to her situation, I’m still saving my sympathy for Anna and Josh’s daughters. My God I don’t even want to think about it. I mean, it should never be the case where my mind goes to “well, at least she’s having a boy so there’s less of a chance of…” You know.

Angelina Jolie Arrives At LAX With All Of Her Kids

Photos courtesy of Duggars’ Facebook.

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  1. Darkladi says:

    🤢 Ewww…but it’s her life

    • Margo S. says:

      I was just thinking ewww too. This family is so messed up and sick.

    • darya says:

      It’s not just her life when you bring children into the situation.

      • Geekychick says:

        I’d be pitying her if she was childless….but she, quite literaly, pushed her children into this hell. There is just no excuse. None. Brainwashed people break off and escape all kinds of situations for their children, she wouldn’t be the first.
        And who are we kiidding? She could live just fine with her 5 children on interview and book fees alone. Not to mention, she could finance her education and building a better future with that money.
        Now, she’s just producing more boys who’ll never know what it means to be a true man, and girls who will never know who they really are, apart from walking incubators.

      • Radley says:

        Exactly. As a mother, if you put keeping up appearances and outside pressures above the welfare of the children, you are a bad mom. Her husband is an admitted child molester. Game over, honey. I’m appalled that not only did she not leave him, she allowed this pedo to put another baby in her. The mind boggles…

        The whole Duggar clan disgusts me.

    • Nicole says:

      She had options her brother offered to take her and the kids in. But yea I’ll save my sympathy for her kids because who knows if he hasn’t already molested them. If he did we all know they would cover it up. Those poor kids.

  2. virginfangirl2 says:

    I personally see the Duggars as “radical Christians” where the oppression of women is seen as normal. I wish she would find the strength to look out for herself & more importantly her children rather than always sticking by her man.

  3. Joy says:

    I hate him with a fervor I can’t even put into words.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      @Joy Me too. He is a repellent smarmy entitled slug, A criminal serial molester who should be behind bars. The “family values” hahaha hypocrisy churns my stomach, as does the anti-LGBTQ sh*t. He is never going to be normal and his girls will never be safe, and when something happens they will be told it is THEIR fault and to pray away their sins of being little girls who wear underpants. I LOATHE these people.

    • minx says:

      Same. I had hopes that she would break free if the cult but I should have known. She couldn’t resist more breeding, even with that scummy freak.

    • Shambles says:

      And I hate the fact that the internet and mommy blogs are actively working to reframe this as “he cheated and he repents,” when in fact he is a f*cking child molester. It’s disgusting. Beyond.

      • Matomeda says:

        I can understand how she got duped into it. I highly doubt she fully knew and I’m sure her parents coached her. But she for sure knows it all now. I know she feels really stuck, but I personally would be having nonstop panic attacks. I would feel soooooo grossed out for myself, like a million bleach baths wouldn’t fix it, and concurrently I would feel so terrified for my kids and what they may have already been/could be experiencing. I would HAVE to go

  4. Millennial says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he molests the boys. He may have molested his younger brothers, too, but I’d have to guess in that culture it would be considered even more shameful to come forward about male/male abuse than male/female abuse. So I’m under no allusion that it was just the sisters.

    None of his kids are safe. I really wish an adult in either of their families cared enough about the children to do something about it. But, all we’ll get is denial and lines about God’s healing forgiveness (barf).

  5. detritus says:

    Well, theres nothing good here, but at least we’ve found Jen Garners style twin.

  6. Goats on the Roof says:

    I have sympathy for their children above all but for Anna as well. I witnessed some of these religious cults when I was living in the deep south. Her parents, Josh’s parents, their church community, everyone she knows has filled her head with the nonsense that Josh was “led astray,” in no small part due to her failing to be loyal enough to God or not performing her wifely duties in the way she was meant to. I know people say she’s a grown woman, but her life has been incredibly sheltered and she has been kept away from most television and internet. Anna didn’t even know what sex was right up until she was married! She really knows no other way, and to even consider divorce would be to let Satan win.

    • INeedANap says:

      There’s a reason extremely religious people, especially the women in those groups, receive such poor education (if at all). Having no context or other points of view she has nothing else to think but what she is told. It’s a shame.

    • squee says:

      Agree, it’s like a bizarre institutionalised abusive massiage, in that not only does he blame her for his horrible actions (by that I’m referring the ashley madison thing) and everyone in the cult backs him up. You just weren’t a good wife! Not enough sex on tap! Poor Josh he’s having a hard time! You can’t leave him you’ll go to hell!

  7. RussianBlueCat says:

    So what exactly does Josh do for a living to support his growing family? The eldest daughter and son look so much like their grandparents, Michelle and Jim Bob.

  8. Sixer says:

    The whole thing just makes me shudder and beyond that, I’m honestly lost for words.

    • Betsy says:

      I was just going shout “run Anna!” into the abyss, but yours makes better sense.

      • Sixer says:

        As others have said, there’s no point condemning the women in this cult, is there? And perhaps, even, some of the men.

        It’s the WHOLE THING. It should be taken down from the outside and not left to individual members to find the superhuman strength required to break away. But then again, no free society could really do that and not create a dangerous precedent.

        So I don’t know. There is no answer. Only sadness and a good sized dollop of revulsion.

      • pinetree13 says:

        Spot-on Sixer :(

        Also her smiles always seem like there’s pain behind them to me. They don’t reach her eyes. How hard it must be to have so many children and be expected to be the only one to do the bulk of the work with the kids and house.

  9. Jess says:

    I’m not surprised at all, but I do feel bad for her. She was raised to think her life revolves around men and babies, she has no real job skills to support herself and 4 kids, and divorce is probably the ultimate sin, in her mind She has no other option. It’s easy for us to look in from the outside, but most of us were taught differently. My hope is that the media attention will keep him from ever touching another child, as for the cheating he won’t be able to pray those urges away for long and it wouldn’t shock me if he ends up leaving his family one day.

  10. Giddy says:

    Anna is a lost cause and Josh gives me the creeps. I’ll save my sympathy for their beautiful children, and hope they will be safe.

    • Pandy says:

      Me too Giddy. She had a chance to get out but didn’t so … good luck and go away now please.

    • RebbyRose says:

      The thing about the kids is that they are all 100% in this cult, born into it and will be molded by it. The ones that were abused have such a very high chance of becoming the abuser themselves as they get older.

      These kids will be carbon copies of every other member of the cult and I know it sounds super angsty but from the looks of it there is no/very little hope of separating from this cult for ANY of these people, children and future offspring.

      The adults and older teens have the best chance I believe. The teens because although they’d lose their family they don’t have kids and a spouse yet plus the strength and headstrong rebellious attitude teenagers have that would be essential in sticking to their resolve.. The adults because they ave the means and strength to take more than just themselves if they chose to separate.

  11. Louise177 says:

    I do feel bad for Anna. I’m sure part of her does want her to stay but she also probably doesn’t have other options. Or at least don’t know what they are. Most likely all of her friends and family are of like mind (forgive Josh) and wouldn’t help and support her if she left. She probably has no money and skills so it would be difficult to support herself and the kids. Anna probably is making herself believe that the abuse is teenage experimentation and he got “therapy” for his cheating. I’m also a little annoyed that People Mag is in Josh’s corner. Their reporting is too happy.

    • yuck says:

      People mag writes that Josh “had been accused of” molesting five girls, which is an outright falsehood. No one accused him of anything. His parents found out what he was doing and he then confessed to it. And then they kept it a secret even as he continued this criminal behavior for an additional year or so.

      People and the TLC/Discovery network are hand-in-glove. It won’t be long before Josh is smugly front and center again on their lame-ass TV show.

  12. LaBlah says:

    Anything relating to this human excrement should refer to what he is, ie: multiple child sex offender, misogynist cult member, cheating spouse & porn addict and wife expecting their fifth child.

    I’d be OK with jettisoning the cheating/porn addiction because even though the religious beliefs he keeps wants to see legislatively foisted on the rest of us disapprove of those things I don’t particularly, but the sex offender description needs to be used EVERY TIME. Everything else normalises his behaviour. The entire family needs to be referred to in terms of their virulently misogynist cult for the same reasons. They should not be remotely normalised.

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      Lets not forget that the porn star said he liked to be rough – people like him are raised to think that you don’t do ‘that’ kind of thing with your wife even if she wanted to.

      He won’t change as he’s gotten away with it his whole life. If anything it will get worse and he will turn inward with his predilections putting the children at risk. He has pedeo tendencies and no amount of prayer will make it go away.

  13. honey says:

    yeah not really surprising. she never was going to leave the Duggers (Jim Bob) seem very controlling. Finical abuse , emotional abuse the list could go on and on….. there was no hope she would leave. I feel sorry for her and the children. I don’t understand how she could even want him in the same house has her children.

  14. trollontheloose says:

    I don’t think they worked on him but rather focused on her so she is made to stay in this marriage. Both from her parents and his. Guilty tripping her in “about the kids and forgiveness” and to procreate until they flood the world with Jesus and Johns.They don’t believe in divorce if the man has commited sins because “God forgives his children (men of course, women have to be obedient and pure so she can reunite with her husband in heaven provided that her husband agrees to). She’s brainwashed in “the world out there is bad and sin” when her own husband is a pedo. How can you share the same bed as a pedophile? that’s the question I ask when I see some women staying with this type of husband. cheating is something going after kids is another. But in her case I have to remember that 18 is just a government age. They would marry a 13 year old if they could.

    • Lucy says:

      Not only that but they probably brainwashed her to think his cheating was her fault, she didn’t perform her wifely duties and didn’t make herself available to him enough so he was led astray.

      • paddyjr says:

        +1000. I think it is a very abusive situation (at least mentally and emotionally) for Anna and her children. Yes, her brother offered her an out, but, if she had left, it would mean walking away from everything she had been taught and believed, which may crush her. I really feel for Anna and her children; hopefully, she or one of the children may one day break free.

  15. grabbyhands says:

    Unfortunately, this was probably always going to be the result. She doesn’t have any way to support herself, let alone four little kids

    It’s sick because it isn’t just a side result of being in this cult, it is deliberate. Keep the women pregnant and without options, tell them everything is their fault if the man strays and don’t let them have access to their own money or education outside of what the church considers acceptable.

    The thing I wonder about this is if we’re not going to open the paper one day to find out that she has gunned him down and then taken the kids and driven into a river somewhere. The look on her face always strikes me as being really forced and even manic. She seems like she’s near the breaking point.

  16. Nancy says:

    So he isn’t welcome on TLC anymore, who is going to support five kids. Not much pity for Anna. What is she thinking when he’s making a baby with her. She knows she’s not his one and only the way it’s “supposed” to be. He took money from her cookie jar to pay to get laid. This creepy dude lost a job that gave them a great lifestyle away from Jim Bob and Mama. Oh what a tangled web we weave…….something like that.

  17. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    That top spot give me the creepy creeps – Anna looks just like his sisters styled like that. Esp, Jessa – her makeup is almost identical.

  18. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    Duplicate post -sorry!

  19. ElleBee says:

    My skin doesn’t crawl it LEAPS when I read Duggar stories. They break my creep-o-metre for sure. Anna looks like his sister

  20. Deedee says:

    Quiverful Cult people doing cult things.

  21. Cee says:

    My mind went there too, Kaiser.

    Also, EW.

  22. Tig says:

    There is no amt of brainwashing that could have “convinced” her to have baby 5 with this perv. Let’s be real- they were prob together in the Biblical (😁) sense while he was in rehab. Save the pity for the children- they will need it.

  23. Anna says:

    Please, please don’t post about this man anymore.
    I was horrified when I saw his comeback article in People. I know the tone here is very different, but this man and this family sicken me, and their star needs to be extinguished.

  24. S says:

    It should make the news when these dingleberries AREN’T pregnant, as that’s the only shocking thing here.

    The best comment I saw was on Twitter from former child-star turned smart, funny essayist Quinn Cummings when discussing the new baby’s sex … ” I wonder if it’s going to be a predator or a prey”

  25. Merritt says:

    I feel really bad for those kids.

  26. Beckysuz says:

    Given the total lack of agency these women have over their lives and bodies, none of this surprises me. It makes me deeply sad for those poor babies though

  27. Char says:

    I felt sick when I saw this story this weekend, although I knew the chances of Anna actually leaving him were pretty slim. I grew up very conservatively, although not Duggar conservative, & I know way too many people who want to defend him. If he had just cheated on his wife, sure, let her stay with him if she wants, but I don’t believe by any means that he has been cured of being a child molester. & I will judge Anna to a point, because she is responsible for keeping her children safe if her husband is not going to do it. & far as her religion goes, she will also be judged by God for not protecting them.

  28. arock says:

    Every time i hear the words “family values” i immediately assume theres a molester, serial cheater, hypocrite, or professional apologist speaking. This far Ive not been wrong. How a mother would allow him around children much less in your home is beyond.

  29. HappyMom says:

    He’s sublimating his creepy urges with food-he’s gotten really chubby. And no-I am not fat shaming-he’s disgusting apart from that.

  30. jerkface says:

    Radical Christian cultists are just as dangerous to our country as the radical foreign cultists that the political nimrods are so keen on keeping out with walls and travel bans.
    When you think white female conservative voter you should keep in mind these people and the type of brainwashing that is glorified and encouraged in our society.
    Woman make food, woman service man, woman make baby, woman live like caveman.

  31. K2 says:

    I am hugely sympathetic to her as she’s the victim of a cult. But I never bought the whole, ‘How could she support the kids?’ line. Because she would have had a guaranteed best-seller for a tell-all book about her time with the Duggars, and a Counting On series showing her acclimatising to a cult-free life with her kids, complete with secular schools and lifestyle and a more normal church membership would have been watched by a lot of people. She could easily have set herself and her kids up for life. I’d usually deplore anyone selling their kids’ personal lives to secure their finances, but that ship has sailed so long ago, what did she have to lose?

  32. Cupcake says:

    This news makes me sick. Just think how many more children they will have?

  33. Moon says:

    Let’s please not victim blame here, who knows what Anna is going through? And when someone is threatening you with hell and God, that’s scary. Maybe she loves Josh against her better judgement. Some of us have made mistakes and held on too long in abusive relationships. Do not mummy blame her for the kids – it takes two to clap and there are two parents here. It sounds to me like she was probably forced to be a part of his rehab, some oh girl you have to spread your legs and let your husband do whatever he wants cause crazy cult believes that’s the only way to cure him. She’s clearly a sex victim who has been brainwashed and is surrounded by people who harm her, she needs help not condemnation.

  34. anonymous says:

    smdh, She ain’t shit.

  35. Lucy says:

    UGH. And no, this is not “her” life. It has never been her life. All she has is her ability to make babies, which obviously won’t last forever.

  36. corporate stepsister says:

    Here’s my view:

    A lot of women who seek to be supported by men often do it to abdicate all responsibility for their lives, they seek to avoid taking control of their lives and seek to basically be as much of a child bride as possible for as long as possible. She doe not want to be an in-control, mature adult. As long as she has a man to control her life, she can avoid adulthood.

    Deep down, she must know that God isn’t going to send her to Hell if she leaves her husband, but she shies away from it mainly since she wants to avoid facing facts and facing a world that is not some demon loaded place, but is in fact filled with a lot of positivity and growth. She doesn’t want to be a mature responsible adult, she prefers to remain a brainless snowflake.

    Her brother offered to take her in and help her take care of the kids while she gets on her feet, which is so much more than most women have and frankly I believe that she has no business moaning if her husband molests another child. WHY he isn’t in prison I do not know. All in all, she only seeks to be indulged and petted and ‘guided’ like a child, not like an adult.

    • Lalu says:

      You could be right…those people no doubt exist. But I think it could also be that she doesn’t know anything else. It’s hard to break out when you don’t know anything else. Some people are just stronger.
      I am a conservative Christian woman… Only had one child and work. Because… I do not ever want to be at a man’s mercy. But I was brought up to be strong. This girl was groomed to be a life long victim.

      • corporate stepsister says:

        She still should be facing hard facts about her husband and facing it square like an adult. She isn’t some child and as for life long grooming, at some point a moment of clarity should rip through. She is choosing to be a victim. It’s like women who get beaten, some did grow up in dysfunction and now decide to break the cycle and strike out on their own. Deep down she surely knows that this is wrong and frankly she has no business subjecting her kids to this vicious cycle. She has a brother who has openly offered to take her in, but the twit refuses.

  37. Jeesie says:

    I don’t understand how they still have custody of their children. He’s a known molester, who thinks his behaviour was normal and natural. And she’s a woman who married him knowing this, and set out to provide him with potential victims.

    It should be a basic part of child protection laws. Have children with or hook up with a known child molester, you don’t get to keep your children.

  38. britt mezher says:

    Gross. Gross. Gross.

  39. what's inside says:

    I will not watch a thing on TLC- they support the normalization of sexual deviants.