Duchess Kate wears McQueen & Jenny Packham for Paris receptions

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Paris

Note: there are so many photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Paris, I’m splitting up the pics in several different posts.

Prince William and Kate knocked out several events as soon as they arrived in Paris on Friday afternoon. They had spent the morning with the Irish Guards, and Kate wore the same bespoke Catherine Walker coatdress in green for the arrival in Paris. She only changed her hairstyle – she took off her hat/fascinator on the trip, and let down her hair. Because in WaityWorld, one must always wear your hair down whenever possible. Here’s the shot of their arrival at the Elysee Palace, being greeted by President Francois Hollande. They also had a private meeting/photo-op with Hollande inside.

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Paris

Next came an late-afternoon reception at the British Embassy to launch Les Voisins, aka The Neighbors, what’s supposed to be a “year-long celebration of UK-French links.” For that, Kate tried to do a tres chic little black dress but… there are issues. The dress itself is okay – it’s Alexander McQueen and it’s actually a decent design overall. I just think it would have been so much better if she had changed up her styling. That clunky watch needs to go. It’s a strictly daytime-wear watch, it shouldn’t be worn with this kind of dress. I also think this would have been great with with a loose, when-in-Paris chignon and very delicate, simple jewelry. Maybe replace the watch and that ridiculous pearl necklace with simple pieces or one big statement piece, like a gorgeous bracelet. Maybe this necklace is pretty, but you can’t see because Kate’s wiglet is in the way.

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Paris

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Paris

And finally, Will and Kate did the big dinner-reception at the British embassy. Kate changed frocks – she wore this “ice blue” Jenny Packham gown. She always wore her hair back partially, a sweet relief, although she should have worn it all up and back. The dress itself is… peculiar. I don’t exactly hate it, but I’m not sure I understand it. It looks like puckered satin, but I’m sure if I was looking at it up close, it would probably look very pretty. Maybe it just doesn’t photograph well? I also think… wrong shoes. At this reception, William tried to make a speech in French but he had to switch over to English pretty quickly. I wonder if he even read his briefing papers for this trip? Also: remember the “dad dancing” to Pharrell’s “Happy” in that video from William’s ski holiday? Yeah, William was confronted with that song during the reception:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend a dinner during a state visit to Paris

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend a dinner during a state visit to Paris

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.


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  1. Jayna says:

    I loved all her looks. I think the ice blue gown is really lovely. I covet the black lace dress.

  2. Jeesie says:

    Lady Anne Llewellyn’s reception dress was gorgeous; simple and elegant. Kate looks so overdone (and tense) next to her.

  3. Nic919 says:

    The woman standing next to Kate in the photos looks way more stylish, has way better makeup and a great hair style and exudes so much more confidence. Kate’s fashion is so basic and boring when compared to women who have real fashion style.

  4. Rocio says:

    She looked good. I like that she’s walking in front of her husband.

  5. Lainey says:

    In some pics the Jenny packham looked lovely. Kp posted a pic of them walking down the stairs and they looked lovely. (So did the staircase I want one like that) it looked really shiny but that might just be because of all the flashes. Would have liked it if it was made of a different material. And girl do something different with your hair. Want her to repeat the hairstyle she wore at the Olympics in that teal dress.nicest one to date.
    The black dress didn’t like at all. Drab, hated the ring and the necklace. Not to mention if you look at everyone else Kate was completely overdressed. The women beside her is the ambassadors wife- they look like they’re heading to two different events. Didn’t read the notes or misunderstood them?
    The green coat-it’s fine like the million and one other green coats she has.
    Did anyone see the posts on tumblr of all the clothes she wasn’t reworn? So many things and there was a couple I could think of that weren’t included too. Such a waste of money. Her wardrobe must be massive to store all those things to collect dust.

  6. Shelley says:

    Sorry Kate looks great by Kate’s standards. She is simply not a good dresser, she dresses 10 years older than her bio age because she lacks self confidence. The ambassador’s wife got it down…simple, chic and elegant!

  7. Nc says:

    I think Kate nai!ed every look. She is so much more attractive than Will….I think she gets prettier as he looks more like Charles

  8. Jb says:

    Why was there no intel by Kate’s people for the black dress event? She looks ridiculous next to the ambassador’s wife – who looks appropriate for the time of event. I love what she wore (Ambassadors wife again) to evening – the back!!!!

    • notasugarhere says:

      I’m sure there was plenty of intel. Instead of following the dress code, she decided to wear yet another expensive custom McBurton.

      • Megan says:

        If you see other photos from the reception, Kate was not overdressed.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Have seen the photos and to me, she is overdressed. Was this a 1930s theme dressing event for her?

      • Amber says:

        I agree with @Nota, she’s completely overdressed by overdoing it really. The sparkly, floral, OTT dress is more than enough. But add the shimmering earrings and the not-quite matching blinged-out clutch and sparkly shoes. It’s too much. I don’t like it anyway. But it’s also not a film premiere. (It’s so cloying, and fussy, and frumpy.) Same goes for the Chanel ensemble. First of all, you might see a little Prada label on a clutch or something, but otherwise Kate rarely wears labels. I don’t really think that’s her doing. It’s mostly because that era of designing with advertisement ended almost a decade ago. So why she wore a logo’d Chanel belt with a logo’d handbag that matches her shoes even when there’s no burgundy in the coat dress itself… She just has no imagination. But speaking of Chanel–Take one thing off. Take two! Take three if she would ever leave Di’s ring home for a day–Which I’ve never liked, isn’t Kate’s style, and rarely ever goes with anything she wears. I hated those chunky, costume-y Balenciaga pearl earrings the first time she wore them. But now seeing their matching cousins the earrings seem almost elegant. And by “see” I mean you can’t because her damn hair is in the way. Always in the way. Perhaps I wouldn’t mind one pearl thing. One would pop. But it overwhelms her and the dress. How fussy can you get? All the oversized pearls together, meeting her hair, plus the belt bow, plus the watch. Did I mention the watch? See that’s how you know she’s overdressed. If you’re wearing a day watch, wear daywear. Something’s wrong. You got a 2+2=5 situation happening.

      • vava says:

        Yes, Amber, you are spot on.

  9. xo says:

    eh. i wish i could respect these two.

  10. Eleonor says:

    I think both women looked great.
    If Kate wore the other Lady’s gown people here would have commented “another sack dress”.

  11. Agnes's Mom says:

    I swear this girl can do nothing right. Perhaps the CB bloggers should quit and become stylists since you all find something wrong with every outfit.

    • Olenna says:

      That’s rich. Criticizing people on a celebrity gossip site for critiquing some basic celebrity’s fashion choices. And, yes, I do mean she is basic.

      • Olenna says:

        From one anonymous blog poster to another, you have your opinion about this celebrity and I have mine. And, no, she gets no deference from me. This particular blog is about her fashion choices, not her “work”, but people are free to comment on whatever they choose. If the comments about this celebrity are regularly offensive to you, I would think you could exercise your free will and not continue to read blogs that upset you.

      • Nic919 says:

        It’s not like Kate actually does any real work to comment on. How many times did she even speak during this trip to Paris? The woman is a public figure and virtually silent. It is bizarre and regressive to pre Victorian times.

    • HappyMom says:

      Cele BITCHY. Head on over to one of those royalty sites if you want to talk about how wonderful you think they are.

    • Sam says:

      I agree. Gets tiresome, even for a site that delights me in general with its criticism. I think much of what Kate does (or rather, doesn’t do) is rightfully critiqued. She does NOT pull her weight by standard expectations. But what she’s wearing really isn’t relevant. Diana frequently wore MUCH shorter skirts, for which Kate always gets ragged on, but she’s still hailed as a fashion icon (gag). I loved the back dress Kate just wore, AND the chunky pearls. It IS 80s, and it’s awesomely pulled off. Didn’t love the evening look, but I’m not wearing it, so I don’t haveto love it! And wtf is with the constant fretting about her hair? She has glorious hair, and no one else had their hair up or back in these shots. AND the bitching about her expressiveness is SO sexist!!! Why the hell should any woman, even if she is a duchess, NOT smile or laugh, even if it is big and boisterous? I grew up in a religion that says women should not laugh loudly, so every time I see commentary saying Kate should “control” her expressions I feel sick with rage.

      • amalia says:

        Sounds like you should go to People Mag or another website where people worship and never criticize her because she’s so perfect in their eyes. I don’t think CB is the right website for you.

      • MinnFinn says:

        I agree that someone will always criticize her. But much of the critique on this site is relevant. It is very naive to claim her clothes are irrelevant because attire is a very powerful form of communication. Kate can redirect focus from her attire to her charities and diplomatic efforts by adopting a work uniform similar to a man for daytime engagements and simple black dresses and gowns for formal wear. Simple suits and a plain blouse for daytime appearances would give her instant gravitas.

        Criticizing Kate’s ridiculous expressions is not sexist because any man would be equally criticized for doing the same thing. Kate behaves like a college-age party girl.

        You are flat wrong about Diana versus Kate’s short skirts. Diana’s were never mid-thigh short like some of Kate’s.

      • Megan says:

        @amalia there is plenty of room for differing opinions here. There is no need for CB to be a feedback loop that affirms everything you believe.

      • graymatters says:

        I understand your point about critiquing Kate’s laughter. But I think it’s not that she shouldn’t enjoy herself, or feel free to express it if she does, it’s that it so often seems so fake. For instance, in many photo/video comparisons, she’s wearing a huge grin aaannnd… no one else is, or often even talking to her.

        In high school I had a cheerleader friend who said she had been encouraged to practice crazy big smiles that would inspire people sitting in the bleachers to also smile. Perhaps that’s Kate’s rationale, but it looks odd on film.

      • Olenna says:

        @Sam, my response to your initial comment is above.

      • LAK says:

        Diana started wearing short skirts AFTER her official separation from Charles in 1992.

        Separation = no longer a royal despite her visibility. At that point, the skirts went UP, sge started painting her nails bright red, wore sky high heels and plunging necklines.

      • Beth says:

        The way Diana dressed would also be different because it was decades ago. Not even this century. Styles change

        @graymatters, that huge grin always right in peoples faces is bizarre and definitely fake! Creepy

    • cindyp says:

      Perhaps you should stop reading the comments if they offend you so much. Thank you

    • Alexandria says:

      That’s not true. Most of the time I find her dressing ok and I think she is pretty. Plenty of room for differing opinions and sometimes I actually learn about fashion trends. I also don’t comment on her facial expressions, her height and her face. Dress code during work functions, unkempt hair if any, her workload and preparedness are fair game because she is a representative of the people and funded by them. I just agree to disagree.

      Yes, it is pressurising to have every move captured on camera. But this is the life she claimed she was prepared for and could hit the ground running. There are immediate mentors to help her out, like Sophie and HM, to help build her confidence. There are resources and royal advisors with years of experience instead of her inexperienced team. Are both William and Kate trying? There are female royals (outside of the UK and being subjected to the same press scrutiny domestically) prepared for this game. At her age, most ladies with a career (with or without kids) have to figure the workplace and their workload on their own, some without domestic help. As long as she’s dressed appropriately and no flashing, I think Kate shouldn’t bother about pleasing everyone. ALL of us can’t go around life pleasing everyone anyway. It’s her work ethic that she is better off focusing on. No excuses for William either.

    • vava says:

      Kate is in desperate need of a professional stylist. Plus, there are plenty of Celebitchy People here with great taste and they could help this “princess” dial things up a bit. Kate is listening to her mother, that’s why she is so ………… lackluster. All she needs to do is show up, look fabulous – and she fails every single time. Often it’s because she has a very untalented hairstylist, that ruins the look more often than not. But her “girly” clothing that she continues to pick —- this is just not working for someone in her position. She needs to get some help with her fashion, her hair, and her choice of accessories.

      • addie says:

        Kate needs to accept that she is no longer a girl and leave the ‘girly’/ uni student behind her. She needs a professional stylist with a very firm hand. I doubt Kate would listen to anyone but her nut case mother so it would be throwing good money after bad. She probably never sees any critical press, so swans along thinking she’s fantastic.

  12. Alix says:

    The McQueen dress is a weird length — would’ve been better tea length. Also, the Packham gown could’ve been hemmed an inch or two — it looks like she could’ve stepped on it.

  13. Prairiegirl says:

    Props for the green coats dress, Kate.

  14. Starlight says:

    Ice queen blue very appropriate after the last few days. The DM picked up on some great photographs of her looking at Wills in a way of trying to attract his attention. For a husband who had been a wildling in a night club he wasn’t very tactile

  15. tw says:

    Her posture is terrible and the wiglet screams junior prom. The dresses are beautiful but I agree the length is off on both. It is amazing to see her next to a woman with genuine style and confidence.

  16. notasugarhere says:

    IMO the Packham is as boring as most Packhams, basic style covered up with beads. Too frilly to suit her. Twee is the word that comes to mind, especially with the stand-up flower details around the neck, waist, and all around the hem. I expect it from a 4 year old’s Easter dress, not an evening gown.

    Overly-shiny satin dress, all over sparkly beading, sparkly clutch, sparkly shoes, sparkly jewelry. It is another example of her matchy matchy – everything being the same texture doesn’t work.

    The straight skirt is clearly hobbling her. You can see how tightly she’s pulling against the skirt when she tries to walk. Wear a looser skirt, have a walking slit put in the back, or learn to take littler steps. Another example of dysfunctional design from JennyP.

    So much for all the fan talk that William is fluent in French, eh? Proved it in Canada the first time, but some people insist he speaks it. He should stop with the half-assed efforts and either 1) learn the language or 2) stop insulting people with his attempts. His grandmother, grandfather, and father are all fluent in it. If he spent any time with them, he might pick up a few more words.

  17. Danielle says:

    I really like the McQueen, but why wear a statement necklace then cover it up with your hair?

  18. Llamas says:

    I liked the blue dress from far away but when I saw it up close I decided Irving looked like something from the 80′s with the cheap looking satin and beads.

    The black dress is styled pretty badly.

    I can’t believe she got this many new clothes for such a short trip. I mean, a different outfit for every event?! I’m surprised we haven’t go to the total cost for the trip.. probably because it’s ridiculously OTT. Sigh.

  19. Citresse says:

    When Kate wears her hair down it’s harder to see her necklace. I thought the black dress was nice but ruined by the hair worn down. She looked her best on arrival…The Best photos were taken on the steps when she was still in her outfit from the Irish Guards engagement.

  20. justsaying says:

    In the end this trip was pointless. They only went to France because of this rugby match, no wonder more and more peopel are tired of them and demand a Rexit referendum after the Queen is gone.

  21. carolind says:

    Absolutely loved the whole ice blue dress look. Liked the shoes with the dress.

    Also really liked the black dress and its length and in particular the shoes and necklace. Any smaller jewellery would have made the whole outfit too sweety dainty. A bit much though for the time of day.

  22. Sarah says:

    I don’t like the blue dress, way too long.

  23. Beth says:

    She usually dresses dull, drab, and boring. These are good looks. Nice and pretty for a change

  24. alfaQ says:

    As a Rebuplican I only see unemployed celebrities who love to spend other people’s $$$.

    • LA Elle says:

      I’ve actually had the thought the UK should do away with the royal family and instead have beloved British actors be non-political spokespeople and ambassadors for two-year terms.

      • Eye rolling every day here says:

        That is frankly the oddest thing I have ever heard. Not everyone worships celebs and why trash a thousand plus years of history and tradition for actors? I couldn’t think of anything more depressing than having to look at actors more often. They’re already shoved in our faces over real news incessantly. Please no more!

  25. Lightpurple says:

    She has shaken up her shoe game! Three different pairs of shoes and not a wedge or a nude pump in sight! Are those green suede pumps in the first picture?

  26. Anitas says:

    I like the black dress and the strappy shoes are a nice change.

    Don’t like the sparkly gown – I think it would be nicer without the top mesh part. And I wish she’d done a different hairstyle, I really don’t like this half-up half-down thing.

  27. noodle says:

    Lady Anne looks tres chic.
    Princess Katherine looks ok I guess but the black lace dress does not fit the occasion and just is too something or another. I find that I don’t like her shoulders exposed like that. Her top looks too small compared to the bottom of the dress. Just throws the whole look off. The little ribbon belt is so childish as well.
    The ice blue dress is too figure skater for me. And too tight as somebody already mentioned. With all the bespo(ea)king they do for her, they could have just slit the back so she can walk in a civilised manner not trying to trip over herself. (Love lady Annes sack dress)
    ETA I just wish Kate was really something more. She dresses sooooooo blah that it’s sad. Why can’t she have more flair and all. Cambridges truly are a boring couple

    • spidey says:

      Sorry noodle, she isn’t Princess Katherine, and I don’t think she will be until PW become the P of W if you see what I mean. :)

      • notasugarhere says:

        One of her titles currently is Princess William, but she is not a princess in her own right. If he becomes Prince of Wales, she’d be “HRH FirstName, The Princess of Wales” but never Princess FirstName. (I think I got that right.)

        Diana was never “Princess Diana” either, and was said to cringe every time someone addressed her incorrectly by that.

      • noodle says:

        sorry ladies, I should have used italics or other font to indicate how seriously I take the princess Katherine title :)
        I know Willy is trying to push her to be princess of something or another and I just find these two stunted ‘adults’ entertainingly boring.

  28. OhDear says:

    I thought she looked nice in all the outfits, though the black dress was a weird length (should have been full length or shorter). That’s a lot of outfits for such a short trip, though.

    Also, wouldn’t William’s speech be written in French, so all he would have to do is read it?

  29. Disco Dancer says:

    I like the black dress the best- it’s Kate’s version of her “revenge dress”? To show Will that she can still be the daring, sexy, party girl bedmate to Wills that she was in university? The ice blue dress was too tacky and maybe suitable to a mother of the bride. I like the green coat but it looks like her other green coat dresses.

    • Maria says:

      I love the black dress on her. It did look like a Lady Mary dress but it really suited her. But why wear that watch with it ?Not appropriate for that type of dress. Her hair looked nice too. Of course the entire visit was useless. What was the point again?

  30. Megan says:

    What happened to the kiss and tell on William? Tanna was trolling.

  31. The Original Mia says:

    I hate the green coat dress. The buttons are too much.

    I like the black dress, but it seems almost too much compared to the ambassador’s wife. The pearl necklace looks cheap. Like it came from an Avon’s catalog.

    I’m a mixed bag on the ice blue gown. The beading is exquisite, but it seemed rather boxy looking on Kate from the side. The shoes were all wrong, but I’ve given up on Kate’s shoe game.

  32. Bliss 51 says:

    Most of the time Middleton dresses like a British royal, conservative, proper and boring. Except for the times she wears flyaway skirts. Mistakes have been made, wearing black to meet children in NYC and wearing pink at the 9-11 Memorial and eye-rolling on that trip. Sigh. She likes dresses with floral patterns and as an old lady I can assure you such dresses look like the old woman dresses I saw in my childhood.

    Lady Anne Llewellyn exudes joie de vivre and carries herself with assurance.

  33. Tough Cookie says:

    the DM says in an article about the dinner:
    “the future King…sat at a table of 10 between film stars Kristin Scott Thomas and Audrey Tautou..Kate sat opposite between film star Jean Reno and yachtsman Alex Thomson.”

    I don’t know why I find this so funny. Of course Kate would be in PARIS and seated at dinner next to a British yachtsman, for God’s sake. I would have loved to have heard the conversation, it probably involved a lot about Sir Ben.

  34. Catherine says:


    IN FRONT OF THE PRESS. 😂😂😂😂#FranceForTheWin #FrenchShade

  35. cindyp says:

    Kate can never get it quite right. Totally overdressed for a late afternoon reception. She can’t even walk in the JP gown, just ridiculous. Plus that hair. She really could learn something from the ambassador’s wife who looks gorgeous

  36. Bobafelty says:

    The blue dress is pretty but matronly. My 96 year old grandma wore almost an exact copy of that to my cousin’s wedding.

  37. carolind says:

    Been checking on the French ambassador’s wife and as she does not seem to be a ‘Lady’ in her own right i.e. an earl’s daughter, she is not Lady Anne Llewellyn but only Lady Llewellyn. Husband was David Cameron’s chief of staff and got a peerage in the autumn. Wife is apparently French. Rightly, correct me if I am wrong.

    Regarding Kate’s titles, she is not ( correctly) Princess Kate or Catherine. If you must Princess her she is Princess William.

    Diana was only called Princess Diana through affection. That was never a correct title as she was not a Princess of the royal blood.

  38. Starlight says:

    Fussy- watch – necklace – two rings – strappy sandles and flyaway hair equals desperately trying to take attention off Wills going astray

  39. hoopjumper says:

    I actually think the real crime here is Will’s tux. Tres outdated, non?

  40. sequinedheart says:

    The green coat is gorgeous and so is the black dress but I agree, the styling is blahhhhh.
    My issue is with the tacky Packham dress. For the love of all things expensive, dump the blingy gowns. So outdated. The ambassadors wife has much more style and it’s clean, simple and classic. Kate has a models’ figure, so one would think she could wear anything but she always misses the mark….
    in waity world, she must think “the more sparkle and more like a crown I look, the sooner I will have THE crown.” no girl, just no.

  41. Indiana Joanna says:

    @Nota, I agree. That black dress and ankle strap shoes outfit seems like KM looked to Downton’s Lady Mary for style inspiration.

  42. Sirius says:

    Kate doesn’t have an effortless sense of style. Her body is unbelievably slim – like corset type body slimness — but her arms and face are healthy looking. I think if she cut her hair shoulder length it might give her a new lease on life. I like the other woman’s styling — she looks so much more relaxed and comfortable with herself than Kate. But Kate kind of matches William — stiff and uncomfortable.

    • Satori says:

      I’ve been waiting for someone else to notice this!! Honestly I don’t mean to body-shame at all, but she is now so slim that her toned and healthy-looking arms now appear sort of …brawny.
      I do rather like the McBurton (I think it’s tweed and not lace, but if I’m wrong I rescind my like, lol) but the JP is, like the majority of Jenny Packham, as someone else said, GHASTLY! Is JP the Brit equivalent of Marchesa?

      • Sirius says:

        Yea, it’s almost cartoonish how thin her waist and hips are opposite the girth of her arms: it creates an odd proportion. She actually looks like someone who has used a corset to train her waist. I think she would look good in some modern styles — like Calvin Klein would be nice on her. She’s what you’d probably call a ‘handsome’ or attractive woman, but not really a ‘sexy’ or feminine woman, so these JP designs are just kind of yuck on her. The McQueen is pretty, but she just seems to be trying too hard. With her great features, I think she could do much better.

      • vava says:

        LOL……………Marchesa……is completely GHASTLY. Thank god Kate has not been wearing that designer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. bluerunning says:

    This may be a stupid question, but… if they get rid of the BRF, does the aristocracy go with it? So, all the dukes, and lord and ladies, etc?

    • LAK says:

      It’s complicated, but my guess is probably not.

      I base my answer on what happened the last time we experimented with republicanism and got rid of the King. Longstanding hereditary aristocracy was kept, BUT the house of Lords, the second house in Parliament, was abolished.

      I think it’s a complicated question that has not found a viable alternative because it’s not as simple as abolishing monarchy or aristocracy and viola the system automatically becomes republican. From top to bottom, through various governmental, judicial, public structures, the system is set up to support a system of hierarchy. How would an alternative look?

    • spidey says:

      Now that is a very interesting question. Answers on a post card folks.

  44. Amelie says:

    I think both of these looks are fine and appropriate. I think the black dress would have been nice if it were a little shorter but small thing. And she could have left her watch off but if she wants to know the time that’s her prerogative.

    My issue with the McQueen dress is that it’s one of those restrictive kinds of material that forces you to shorten your stride when you walk and do double the amount of steps than you normally do. I think it would be frustrating to wear. Otherwise it looks fine. Some of you have some really weird suggestions though about these dresses.

  45. sage says:

    I love the black dress and heels. She looks great in that outfit.

  46. Cerys says:

    I’m not mad about either dress. They both made her seem overdressed. Lady Llewelyn’s outfits were more simple and chic. However she has the elegance and poise to carry them off, something that Kate lacks.
    The real fashion culprit, to me, was Whiny in his tux. He could do with taking some style tips from his father and grandfather. One of the newspapers published a picture of Charles and Diana at an evening reception in the same place. Diana, as always, looked lovely but Charles looked very dapper in his tuxedo. Tuxedos look much better when the jacket is buttoned.

    • nem says:

      charles had quite the sexy lean aristocratic figure in his prime.badly none of his sons has inherited it .
      an aunt jokingly sent me a gif mocking him with his lovely wedding announcement photo with diana when they young which transform in his old current self with the less handsome camilla to illustrate that time is playing nastily with us..windsor genes are hard.
      it looks like diana has taken class from them forever

  47. Chetta B. says:

    I think she looks gorgeous, always.

  48. LoryD says:

    Wait, is it just me or should Wills have the ability to give a speech in French? With the resources and education available to him, knowing that life is going to consist of speeches and meeting with heads of state and foreign dignitaries, I should think fluency in a second language (if not third) should be expected.
    p.s. The dresses are yawn.

  49. Tourmaline says:

    don’t like the gobstopper (fake) pearl earrings, necklace, ring. would be cute on someone who does not have access to a massive vault of genuine jewelry, but seems a little tacky in this setting especially when paired with a $$$$ McQueen dress.

  50. Patty says:

    She looks nice but there’s always something missing. In all the pictures my eyes were drawn to Lady Anne, not Kate.

  51. Rose says:

    She has no taste. Watch is wrong. I can see pearls though the hair. Anything else would disappear. Belt is horrid. Meg is going to eat her for breakfast. That woman has style.

  52. msthang says:

    Rose, I think that relationship is KAPUT!!!

      • msthang says:

        lady D, I could be wrong but it wasn’t just his aloofness at that wedding in Jamaica but Ms Markle recently said she was going to give up acting to pursue other interest. Me thinks gingerboy said well you know you have your career and I have my thing and so we have conflicting lifestyles and we are on separate continents and well you know, and her response well I’ll give it up. In other words she had her hooks in and he wasn’t having it. Personally I think she was smothering him. Now I think she is desperate to hang on to him so she says she is going to give up acting. Just my own personal take and then again they could be announcing and engagement in August. Me thinks in her dreams!!!!!!

  53. LA Elle says:

    I really don’t get Kate’s refusal to have a stylist. Her style isn’t bad, it just needs a bit of guidance.

    • HappyMom says:

      She has an amazing figure, is tall and so pretty. She could look fantastic with some guidance. And it’s not as though she’s a spendthrift-she could have fewer things but look great.

    • Kaz says:

      A proper stylist would make sure outfits were constructed properly so hems didnt fly up, so she could walk easily (unlike the Packham evening dress) and make sure the outfits were appropriate for the event. A proper stylist would accessorize and ensure great jewellery, shoes and bags.

      A good hairdresser would banish the hair bumps on the back of the head and ensure that Kate shone and could be seen, rather than that great mop wearing her.

      Time to ask the professionals.

  54. Mildred Fierce says:

    All three of these looks would be improved exponentially if she would just cut/pull back her hair.

  55. Pandy says:

    I really like the evening dress! The black one too, but it’s just black, so not very exciting to me. I think she’s hamstrung by protocol in not being able to be really adventurous with her accessories, etc.

  56. what's inside says:

    Is that the same dress in two different colors – blue and silver?

  57. Becks says:

    I think the black lace dress is gorgeous and fits her beautifully.

    But the belt ruins it, as does all the jewelry. She should have taken off the watch and taken off one other piece of jewelry – either the earrings, necklace or cocktail ring. It’s just too much.

    I was confused when I first saw all these pics over the weekend, because I thought this WAS her dress for the black tie dinner (and it seemed a bit too much like a cocktail dress for that), then I realized this was her dress for the afternoon reception. It definitely seems really out of place for the event, which is weird to me. Kate usually dresses “inappropriately” in terms of wearing skirts to events that require lots of bending (with kids), or wearing stilettos to walk on rough gravel, etc, but she usually is within the ballpark when it comes to the general tone or dress code for the occasion. This dress seems really off from that perspective, which is surprising. Isn’t that something her team is supposed to take care of – making sure she’s not significantly overdressed or underdressed?

  58. bitchyarchitect says:

    I think kate looks frumpy and dowdy (what’s the word i’m looking for here?) and yet inappropriate, as usual. i think that sequined number is HIDEOUS and I’m a fan of sequins. It doesn’t help that the other woman in the photos is incredible gorgeous and stylish. Kate looks even more porrly dressed next to her. She should ask her who her stylist is.Her choices look like a 13 year old girl’s idea of how a princess should dress. Blech.
    i do feel really sorry for her though. Married to such a jerk.

    • Minxx says:

      She always dresses like a little girl or someone stuck in the 90s. I think it’s her mother’s influence. Carol always dominated Kate and probably never let her fully mature so that she’d keep the influence over her household. No wonder Kate still sees herself as a girl and her sartorial choices reflect it. Also, she’s very insecure about her looks (that Barbie doll hair!) and is afraid to develop her style. Both dresses are wrong for different reasons (the belt over the black dress drives me insane) and the blue dress is a classic ‘Disney princess” color and sparkle, very safe and old-fashioned. Carol will recycle it, no doubt. If she had any guts at all, she’d hire a real stylist and stopped listening to Carol’s advice but it’s never going to happen. The military-style coat is something that Diana could have worn mid-90s, the brass buttons are so outdated. The giant hair is another story, I’m so tired of it.

      • nem says:

        please 90′s did have some absolutely gorgeous clothes,she is just a bad lazy dresser.
        her taste for clothes peaked during the waiting years.
        as her preparations weren’t going after getting the ring,she is lost.
        if carol help her it must be trolling shady kind of counselling…ma middleton is always stylish and appropriate.the best dressed among the three middleton women.