Prince William can be ‘petulant, capricious, even hostile’ behind closed doors

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend the RBS Six Nations match between France and Wales

For a second, I thought Prince William might get away with it. We spent so much of last week discussing Work-Shy Will and his terrible decisions. Work-Shy Will thought it would be brilliant to take a four-day vacation with his dude-bros in Verbier, Switzerland. If he and his bros had just been skiing, I think people still would have complained but he would have survived. But the fact that he was dad-dancing, day-drinking with underwear models and generally acting like a bachelor? Yeah. It looked bad. But considering Kate put on a happy face in Paris, and there were no major incidents, I thought William was going to get away with it. Most British papers even ran glowing fluff pieces about Kate’s fashion and how we need to “give William a break.” That’s what Camilla Tominey at the Express said, although there’s some shade littered in her column, like “the Cambridges are apparently nicknamed “Will-not” and “Ca-not” behind palace gates.” But then I read this column in the Daily Mail by Robert Jobson, a “royal commentator.” The column is called “Disco or duty? The Petulant Prince must now choose.” Jobson GOES IN on William. Good.

You might think there is something endearing about unguarded ‘dad dancing’. Royal arms akimbo, pumping hard but out of time, here was a man on the brink of middle age, determined to let what remains of his hair down. But plenty have taken a sterner view of Prince William. And if the pictures and videos are disappointingly fuzzy, the overall impact could hardly have been more clear. There, say his critics, is a prince of the realm wavering between the competing needs of ‘disco’ and ‘duty’, an heir to the Throne caught out on a lads’ weekend with a blonde model or two when he should have been safely at home observing Commonwealth Day in Westminster Abbey. Dull, perhaps, but a key date in the Royal diary.

Even his admirers would concede that last week’s images have made quite a dent in a carefully crafted public persona: the caring family man, part of the almost perfect ‘William and Kate’ double act. They gave the impression he didn’t care. Not for the first time in recent months, William finds himself described as workshy and irresponsible. How, then, did the Prince or his team of advisers get it so wrong? One answer is that the sugar-coated image he enjoyed for so long was almost too good to be true. For scratch the surface of William and what you find is a complex character. There is an ‘over-confidence’ which some say is bordering on arrogance, and which senior Palace aides now fear is clouding the 34-year-old’s judgment.

He can be ‘petulant, capricious, even hostile’, I am told – words you might not readily associate with the second in line to the throne. Even his father, the Prince of Wales, has given up on passing on advice to his headstrong eldest son, and he is not alone. Most of those close to William say they prefer to act as a ‘sounding board’ rather than run the risk of confrontation. It is safer that way. Even the Queen has concluded it is best to let William find his own path, to make his own mistakes.

…His destiny is mapped out for the next 50 years in a way none of us can truly appreciate. A sense of entitlement might be inevitable – but there, perhaps, lies the problem. Sources in the Royal Household say that in contrast with his father and grandmother, William is not the best listener. As one explained: ‘The Duke of Cambridge has some very good, innovative ideas. But the Duke can be a little unforgiving. When he gets it right everyone is patting him on the back, but who is there to criticise him and warn against getting it wrong?’

In choosing to do his own thing, William has cast a light on a Royal Family in transition. As the Queen approaches 91, the Prince of Wales is increasingly influential at court. But the cautious retreat of the Queen is leaving a power vacuum. And while under her rule we have seen one Royal Family, or ‘Firm’, we are now seeing a series of mini firms. Increasingly, these different households have their own agendas. They often don’t consider what the other is doing and seem happy to steal the headlines from each other.

As Charles approaches 70 he accepts that his elder son and his photogenic daughter-in-law now have the star quality that bolsters numbers who flock to see them on foreign visits. Courtiers say that William knows it too – and has become a little swayed by the attention. In this multi-media age, monarchy and celebrity can be blurred. For many years Prince William has been cut a lot of slack. Now, however, he is at a crossroads. It is time for him to embrace his full-time role supporting his father and grandmother and put duty above all else.

[From The Daily Mail]

Well, that’s certainly interesting. I’m fascinated by the fact that all of my suspicions about the royal family keep coming true over time, or at least the royal-beat commentators and reporters seem to confirm my suspicions. William is an overgrown toddler, a brat who throws tantrums when someone questions him or when he doesn’t get his way. His father has washed his hands of William. The Queen has washed her hands of him too. And this is confirmation that William is pursuing his own court too – a court that is Middleton-based and a court filled with sycophants who never tell him “no.” My God, this is going to be such a mess in the coming years.

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Paris

Prince William & Kate Middleton In Paris

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. MunichGirl says:

    It’s no secret that Wills is a lazy, work-shy, arrogant, spoiled and pampered man-child.

    • lavbb says:

      It seems the press and the Palace is tired of covering up William’s less than pleasing aspects.

      Jobson is usually a cheerleader for William and Kate, for him to turn on William is amazing. He wrote syrupy books about William and Kate.

      This part of Robert Jobson article struck me the most ….
      ” Even his father, the Prince of Wales, has given up on passing on advice to his headstrong eldest son, and he is not alone. Most of those close to William say they prefer to act as a ‘sounding board’ rather than run the risk of confrontation. It is safer that way. Even the Queen has concluded it is best to let William find his own path, to make his own mistakes.”-DMail

      I think the Queen and Prince Charles are tired of dealing with William’s tantrums and are going to let him be seen for what he is. The Palace is not going to protect him on this one, they are going to let the press wolves have at him.

      The press said William was grimacing at the royal events after he returned from Verbier and Kate was smiling for TWO. LOL

      IMO They both came off as so fake, trying to pretend all is well. I can imagine William behind the scenes is seething.

      I don’t feel sorry for Kate one bit either.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        Well, if Chaz and Liz can’t effect change to Workshy within court circles, then perhaps they felt their only option was to let him receive the Correcting Brick of F-cking Reality from the outside world.

        Of course, having the press (FINALLY) have a go at him is cathartic for us, but will it in the end, really change anything? Workshy HATES the press. He’s not going to listen to them, either. I mean, think about it: if he won’t even listen to his QUEEN and grandmother, what hope is there of making him listen to *anyone*?

        I think the press takedown, instead of humbling him, will just inflame things further. Workshy will double down on his jerkwalter behaviour. He will take his anger out on Kate, his children, the courtiers, his father. Looking ahead we will either have an utter monster on the throne in 20yrs or less, OR, Parliament will take the issue up and Workshy will be compelled to renounce his place in the succession.

        I still believe they need to do that before Liz kicks off, if the monarchy wants to avoid a Rexit crisis. My only hope is that this press turnaround on Wills is being sustained, with a view of Harry becoming Charles’ heir/POW in time.

        Wills doesn’t inherit the POW title immediately on the ascension of Charles to the throne. He has to be appointed. And if daddy has washed his hands of Workshy, he may well place the Welsh Crown Jewels in Harry’s hands.

    • OhDear says:

      It isn’t, but many, if not most, people don’t follow the royals much and think he and Kate are the bees knees. This is an American perspective, though.

    • ravensdaughter says:

      I can’t believe Charles is almost 70! That means two elderly monarchs (of course Elizabeth was young once!) in a row. Meanwhile, William is a festering pustule deprived of power. One could say he was unfit, but his subjects have no choice but to accept him.
      In America it seems we have no choice with our festering pustule, but 4 years isn’t a lifetime (although it seems like it)

    • Anna says:

      But the message isnt getting through. I think even this commentator is still cutting him way too much slack. “He is now at the cross-roads…” Hasn’t he been at the cross-roads for at least 3 years? About the same time that he and Kate have been “keen” on doing more, without doing more?

      • addie says:

        Agree! The writer isn’t going in hard enough, is still apologising for William and flattering the couple. How many people came out to see them in Paris? Didn’t look like many. A few kids rounded up but the pics were cropped quite close to avoid th lack of people. Maybe the Cambridge’s fly in America, but Americans don’t pay their bills. Once the Queen dies, the status quo of her rule may loosen the apathy Britons feel about monarchy and question why this silly institution exists at all. Especially if a thick sh*t like William is the best they can come up with as Head of State.

      • stephka says:

        Yes, I think Will is probably conflicted himself about the monarchy. I think once the Queen goes, it’s time to let the whole thing go. Stop spending oodles of money on these meaningless figureheads, especially if they don’t really seem interested in doing the work of being a figurehead. It’s probably deadly boring but it can’t be that difficult.

      • Susannah says:

        I think William has realized that no matter what he does there aren’t any consequences. He can’t lose his job, as the monarchy’s not going to be replaced anytime soon, I doubt if he’d care if the monarchy was abolished anyway. He doesn’t seem to care if the citizens of the UK like him or not and just sulks at the bad press but probably blames them rather than his own behavior for the issues. So really, what can happen to him if he continues on this path, he’ll just be a useless King that’s probably not respected but that’s about it.

  2. Guest says:

    I wonder if Kate sometimes regrets marrying him? It’s quite obvious that she would be happier with a Sir Ben Ainslie.

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      No – she has the lifestyle that she and her family want. That is all that matters to them.

    • QueenB says:

      Why? She knew what would come. She could have married a “regular” rich dude if she was only after money but she wanted this particular life.

      • Sushi says:

        But who are the rich regular guys that she could marry?. She is not a catch like a lot of people seem to think. Her family’s wealth is exaggerated by the press.

      • OhDear says:

        I thought the aristocratic families (the rich regular guys) all thought of her and Pippa as the Wisteria Sisters and essentially shunned them.

      • sunsetsnow81 says:

        Yes, the aristocratic guys, and girls for that matter, had no real interest in Kate. They like Pippa, only slightly more. Carole was too obvious in her social climbing game so her girls paid the price.

      • Eleonor says:

        Pippa landed a Terribly Rich guy soo….

      • Aurelia says:

        Pippa is marrying her own class – nouveau. Not an aristocrat. The Loudin cricketer guys mother chased Pippa off at the gates remember. Much like Diana would have done to the Middleton klan If she was still here.

      • Where'sMyTiara says:

        Did she want it, or did her parvenu stage mother want it?

        I keep going back to those reports of him breaking up with her various times, and her papped looking sad. If it was an act, she’s stone cold. If she was talked into/talked herself into the romance of it, then her story is a tragedy on parallel with Diana’s. The fact that she was papped? I’m thinking that was more the work of Carole. Everything I’ve ever read about the way they relate just smacks of “enmeshed mother-daughter relationship”. It’s dysfunctional and abusive… and pretty much grooms her for being emotionally abused by others – ie, William.

        I always wondered what she thought about being presented with Diana’s ring for the engagement, instead of having one crafted for her, with her in mind. You do not give a cursed ring from a doomed relationship as a promise of love & fidelity. Will’s optics have always been spectacularly bad. Even then, he was throwing the Diana card down with a certain amount of defiance.

      • Olenna says:

        @Where’sMyTiara, I wouldn’t want that cursed cocktail ring either, but I think Carole wanted it, and probably Katie to a slightly lesser extent (after 10 years, she probably would have taken any decent ring he gave her). That sapphire is the One Ring, Carole’s precious, her physical link to her idol, Diana, and the solid proof that Clan Middleton had finally made it to the big league.

    • Llamas says:

      I us really looked up pictures of her and SBA and she looks so frickin happy. It’s atrocious because it is such a huge contrast to how’s she acts around actual charities. These two (doolittles or “Buchanans” as i like to call them) are disgusting.

    • me says:

      Regret? I doubt it. She’s living the life. She doesn’t have to work or worry about a thing. I do believe if these two were “normal folk” and not royals, they’d be divorced by now. I don’t see her divorcing him for anything. She has it too good.

  3. LAK says:

    Jobson’s column is polite compared with Damian Thompson’s column.

    This one brings up upteen reasons to dislike William and spells out clearly that even professional people, nevermind Palace staff, find him a trial. It also calls him stupid outright, surrounded by people who can only agree rather than challenge his ideas.

    Camilla Tominey has really changed her tune since she was granted private meet the kids get-togethers. She used to call out his nonsense all the time, but i guess access is better than truth is her new motto.

  4. Kitty says:

    “Will-not” and “Ca-not”?
    Looks like somebody at the palace is reading Royal Dish!

  5. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    The Middleton’s have also always been pushing for a court where they are at the centre – they realise that they will not be able to push themselves into TQ’s or Chuck’s court as that door has been slammed in their grasping faces.

    It will end in tears when Charles takes the throne, he will throw the lot of them under the bus to protect the Monarchy. I already think that there are plans in progress for a transition with Harry who I think is already being groomed for Kingship. Its very telling that both his father and grandmother have washed their hands of him – it showed last week when no attempt was made by them to cover up his latest indiscretion. This has made the press more bold – they are not holding back.

    • Erica says:

      Recently seeing how the palace didn’t protect William party antics and blocked some of Harry’s vacation pictures with meghan seems to me that The queen&Charles are putting their bets on Harry. William seems to have changed for the worse since meeting Kate &the Middleton’s.

    • Megan says:

      I don’t see HM or Charles risking a succession crisis. I think they are letting William suffer the consequences of his actions in the hope he learns a lesson (which he won’t). I think Harry is burnishing his image in advance of a break from royal duties to focus on Invictus and in advance of an engagement that some may find controversial since Meghan isn’t the typical royal bride.

      • graymatters says:

        I’m with you. William hasn’t come close to triggering the end of the monarchy, not with the country’s future so undecided because of Brexit. Letting people learn from the consequences of their actions is a painful (speaking from experience, here, on both sides of the equation) way of encouraging children to grow the f up.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      I think at the very least they, or rather Charles, are realizing that they need a plan B. I don’t think they are planning for anyone other than William to become King but they might be realizing that they better be prepared at least. But I also don’t think Harry wants any part of it. He’s building a nice life for himself.

      • shelley* says:

        You don’t get to duck out of being King because you don’t fancy the job, or even because you are not suitable.

        Its not like being groomed to take over the family company, it is a position you are born to be in, and depending on your point of view, its your good or bad luck to be born heir to the throne. It seems a pretty cushy job to me, but maybe I’d feel different if I had no choice in the matter.

        Anyway the crown wouldn’t pass to Harry in the event of William not becoming King due to a terrible disaster, it would go to Prince George as he is next in line after William, and if he was still too young, a Regent would be in place until he was old enough to take over.

        Its a shame Charlotte wasn’t born first, as the best English Monarchs (imo) have always been female. Elizabeth the First, Queen Vic and our current Queenie. Although if I had my way I’d scrap the monarchy as soon as the Queen passes on.

      • LAK says:

        Shelley: Firstly, going by history, the line of succession seems more suggestion than fact. So many Kings and Queens were not heirs, but spares or cousins.

        Secondly, Charlotte or Beatrice have as much chance as every single female Monarch we’ve had barring our current Queen because they were all born several rungs below spare, nevermind heir. Victoria was 6th in line, Elizabeth 1 was 3rd in line (4th if you add *Lady Jane Grey), Mary 1 was a spare(3rd if you add *Lady Jane Grey), Mary 2 was 4th and Anne was 5th in line.

        * if the line had been allowed to follow the Greys, Mary 1 and Elizabeth would have come behind the 3 Grey sisters and that’s on assumption that the Greys didn’t have any male heirs.

      • shelley* says:

        LAK that is correct but those were more violent times, and life expectancy was certainly lower.

        I’m not sure Beatrice would be in with a chance, as she would be behind Charles, William, George, Charlotte, any other sprogs Kate and William might have, and any offspring of Harry’s…

        So it would be a pretty lengthy line…Charlotte could be in with a chance in the event of a right royal disaster.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        Shelley, I’m not going to repeat what LAK said but history has proven over and over that anything is possible. Edward VIII wasn’t beheaded or anything, after all. These things happen more quickly and unexpectedly than you think. Having said that, I didn’t mean that Harry was actually being groomed to take over. That’s preposterous. But I wouldn’t be surprised at all if especially Charles has considered every option looking at his eldest. Who wouldn’t?

        I don’t think Wiliam is actually prepared NOT to be king. He’s prepared to wait and laze about for another few decades with the excuse of what heavy duty job is coming. If he won’t become king, what in the world would he do with his life?

      • Sixer says:

        The British establishment will ensure any constitutional fudge that is what the British establishment wants. Benefits of the constitution being unwritten, dontchaknow.

        If William were to step aside/be shunted aside, George would become King if that’s what the establishment thought best for continuation of the monarchy. If they thought Harry represented the best route, William and heirs would be shunted and Harry would become King.

      • shelley* says:

        I know but the point I am making is that both George, Charlotte and any other progeny of Kate and Wills would have the first crack at it…Beatrice would be way down the pecking order as failing that Harry and his offspring would be next in line…

        Thankfully the chances of one of Air miles Andy’s daughters getting a shot at the top job, while not impossible, would be most improbable…As the thought of Queen Beatrice would be too much to stomach.

      • LAK says:

        Shelley: i understand that there *is* a line of succession, however you miss the historical evidence that it’s been treated as a suggestion rather than set in stone. Plus the skips in the line that allowed people very low in the line to be monarch. From Victoria who sat in the same position as Beatrice yet became Queen (there was a grown up beloved heir and everything), to the entire Hanovarian line that sat at 51 in the line. Not to mention our current Queen who might have been a distant cousin if her uncle hadn’t abdicated.

        Further to the Queen, there was a very serious discussion to skip her father and go with a different son of George V which might have given us the current Duke of Kent as our monarch.

        All the skips in the line of succession after the 17th century were managed at the behest of Parliament and they have no compunction about skipping the line if thst is their desire.

      • notasugarhere says:

        (cross posted with LAK).

        It would be difficult for William to step aside and leave the kids in line. Refuses to do the job himself because he hates the whole thing, but will force his kid to do it? Incredibly bad optics.

        The BRF couldn’t expect to move William aside and expect non-working W&K to raise a royal heir with any sense of duty. Don’t think the general public would be thrilled with either 1) children being removed from their parents to be raised by the monarch with a sense of duty or 2) Carole Middleton raising the next king.

        During the Uncle David crisis, many politicians wanted to set aside Duke of York (and his already born daughters), and move on to Henry (Duke of Gloucester). His reputation of affairs with married women axed that idea, but they honestly considered jumping over 3 other heirs to the throne. If they wanted a smooth transition with William and his line out, they’d find a way to do it. Easier to do if the kids are under 18 at the time.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        But shelley, that’s how it is on paper. It’s not set in stone, not by a long shot. Reasons could be found/invented to circumvent all that. Like Sixer said, the royals only have as much power as the establishment or whatever you want to call it lets them have.

      • Cee says:

        Shelley, considering the example and possible dysfunctionality these two are setting their children I would very much stomach Queen Beatrice rather than Kings William and George, and Queen Charlotte.

        Besides – David wanted to be King. Parliament did not want him as King as long as his Queen were to be Wallis Simpson. He had to abdicate. Quite different from wanting to.

      • Llamas says:

        Why didn’t they want to skip over George VI?

      • LAK says:

        Llamas: Establishment thought George 6 was a hopeless public figure.

        The preferred brother was both charismatic AND had a son (current duke of Kent) vs George 6 had daughters.

    • lavbb says:

      I have always believed for years that William is going to shock the World and step aside one day. Nothing about William’s behavior has ever portrayed to me that he truly wants his future role. I think he just does not have the nerve yet to step aside. I don’t think anything Carole or Kate say, could stop him if he wanted to give up his spot in the hierarchy as future King.

      IMO,This is going to end in tears and I wonder if their marriage is even going well?

    • carolind says:

      Not a hope in hell of Harry becoming king unless William, George and Charlotte die or abdicate. Its not up to the individuals to choose.

      I dislike William but don’t take Harry seriously. One as bad as the other in different ways.

      I like Charles who tries and means well. I didn’t think Diana a genuine person although she had many good qualities.

      E11 has only been regarded as a paragon in UK since she got so old. Before she was often slated for being cold and unsmiling.

      Duke of Gloucester was never considered as a future king at time of abdication. He was boring and at that point had no children It was the then Duke of Kent, the youngest, presumably because he already had a son. Dont actually see how he could have been considered though. If Edward VIII died it would have gone automatically to next brother i.e. George VI.

    • carolind says:

      Not a hope in hell of Harry becoming king unless William, George and Charlotte die or abdicate. Its not up to the individuals who choose.

      I dislike William but don’t take Harry seriously. One as bad as the other in different ways.

      I like Charles who tries and means well. I didn’t think Diana a genuine person although she had many good qualities.

      E11 has only been regarded as a paragon in UK since she got so old. Before she was often slated for being cold and unsmiling.

  6. Indira says:

    Maybe Anna Whitelock was right when she said that the monarchy could be on its last legs around 2030.

  7. Goats on the Roof says:

    Tell us something we don’t know.

  8. ElleBee says:

    We knew this though didn’t we?

  9. Prince says:

    I’ve noticed that some royalists on the Daily Fail etc. behave more aggressively since more and more people criticize William and so on.

  10. COSquared says:

    I don’t really believe the ‘”Willnot” and “Ca-not” behind palace walls’. Those are RD nicknames, but Kannot instead of Ca-not. Even “Waity” is a forum moniker(don’t know which). Everything in that DM piece is obvious- this is what some of us were saying while many drank the Cambridge Kool-Aid.

  11. Sixer says:

    “determined to let what remains of his hair down”


  12. Veronica says:

    A wealthy, highly prestigious white man exhibiting entitlement??? Tell me it ain’t so!

  13. amy says:

    PW is an unhappy privileged rich kid and he’ll be a horrible king.

  14. Cee says:

    “determined to let what remains of his hair down” THE SHADE CONTAINED IN THIS SENTENCE CAN BLOCK THE SUN AND CURE OUR OZONE LAYER.

    “Even the Queen has concluded it is best to let William find his own path, to make his own mistakes.” The Queen can’t handle William. William doesn’t adhere to his Sovereign’s opinions, advice and sense of duty. William is out of control?

  15. Jeesie says:

    At this point I honestly don’t know why he doesn’t just announce he plans to abdicate when it’s his turn, then they can go live like the carefree socialite’s they so obviously want to be.

    They have enough of their own money, and there’s no shortage of rich idiots who’d let them use their yachts and planes and summer houses. They could still have almost all the perks of being royalty, with none of the expectations.

    • alfaQ says:

      Kate and Carole want Kate to be Queen Consort, so that’s probably not going to happen.

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      They, her in particular, want to be celebrities. I think he’d walk away in a heart beat if he was guaranteed a nice fat pension. Her am not too sure about – if i’m honest I think she’d be happy out of the limelight with an unlimited credit card. It’s her mother that would never allow his to walk away. William as King is the only way she’s going to get a title for herself and her son. Maybe they promised her brother a title in exchange for his money.

      • lavbb says:

        I really don’t think he will care what Kate or Carole say if he wants out. If he cared what Carole thought he would not have been publicly looking like a fool on holiday, hanging out with ladies, regardless of it being just a hand on a ladies waist, the trip gives off the optics that, he does not care what anyone thinks. Maybe life with the Middleton’s and Kate is not be enough for him as they would like us to believe.

    • graymatters says:

      The rich idiots would discover previous engagements should Will abdicate.

  16. Citresse says:

    Didn’t they have staff who left within months or weeks? And William insists the staff bow and curtsey to Kate all the time? That must get old pretty quick. I remember the TV coverage of when K&W arrived in Canada and the comments were, as they were greeted, something along the lines of: remember when you curtsey you’re acknowledging the institution, not the person. It describes the general apathy against K&W because I can’t imagine anyone made those remarks about the Queen. Though, it’s different times now.

    • notasugarhere says:

      They’ve lost plenty of staff. First nanny, whom William dragged out of retirement and they lied about having. Head of their security went to run security for Broadmoor Psychiatric. Press guy who kept William under control now runs a secretive security company that employs soon-to-be-ex princess Tessy of Lux. The housekeeper and groundsman hired for Anmer fled back to the Queen after 4-5 months. Now her PA Rebecca Deacon is quitting, because most everyday people quit their job to get married, esp when their fiance is in a low-paid position for a non-profit?

      • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

        Do you think something has gone down with Waity and Rebecca? Deacon has been touted as her girl Friday since the beginning and someone she trusts. But Deacon used to work for TQ so it could be she is being pushed out by the paranoid Willy.

      • Olenna says:

        I think this quote from Thompson’s article hints at how W & K treat their staff. They sound like two imperious twits.
        “Both of them, Catherine as well as William, have become awfully grand,” says a source in the royal household.

      • Erica says:

        I’m surprised none of their former staff have did a tell all by now if they are that bad to work for.I don’t know why anyone would put up wiith low wages ,haughtiness ,constant curtsying and bowing when you could probably find a better job elsewhere with more money and less drama.

    • birdy says:

      I’ve had little time for them since they made the nanny wear that horrid traditional ‘uniform’ to the christening but in every pap shot we get since when she is with the kids, she is in normal clothing. Delusions of grandeur and importance.

  17. Meow says:

    He’s a prize ass.

    In allowing him to do what he wants, Kate shows no respect for herself. Any shit that comes her way is deserved.

  18. Starlight says:

    James Whittaker (poor James no longer with us) said in an interview in the you tube video Unfit Princess that Kate will put up with any thing to be Princess of Wales then Queen. I think what shocked people reading the newspapers was how many more flirtatious incidents will happen in the future. The press have been waiting for this “blip” to happen the journalist Camilla Long wrote a teacher like piece telling off a. naughty student in the Telegraph entitled “Look. William you’re a royal, and the deal will s you act like one”. Her piece seem to insinuate that Wills had gone chav, dressng like an estate agent and there was no “I feel sorry for Kate” from Ca mills when pointed out Kate turned up in the same coat in a Paris hours after the same coat on the st Patrick’s parade, like she couldn’t be bothered.

  19. Kimberlogic says:

    People seem to forget that Charles was frequently described as petulant and arrogant when he was younger. It was clear he chafed against what he “had” to do for the family, particularly his marriage. Some said Charles had quite a temper too. William learned some of this attitude from Charles. While it is time for William to take responsibility for his own behavior, no one should act as though any negative behavior spawned out of nowhere.

    • Hejhej says:

      There are two major differences between Charles and William though: Charles actually works and he works a lot and, as the article in The Sun points out, his people are smarter than William’s people. It’s been ages since the press only praised Charles. I think it has shaped him for the better. William has been praised and protected by the press forever and clearly thinks he can do no wrong. I doubt Charles feels that way anymore.

    • notasugarhere says:

      ‘petulant, capricious, even hostile’ describes Diana’s temperament more than Charles’s. As said before, William got the worst of both parents. Uncle David Mark 2.

      • Minxx says:

        I loved Diana but she showed symptoms of borderline personality (caused by her parents’ bad marriage and her mom running off with another guy, leaving the kids behind) and I’m afraid William inherited a lot of the same problems, being brought up in a very unstable household and serving as his mom’s shoulder to cry on. Kate is a doormat, she does what her mom tells her, she’s immature and can’t make a decision without Carol’s input. They’re both immature and spoiled individuals and their household is no doubt held together by Carol and the staff. I have a bad feeling that William will not live a long and happy life.

      • Maria says:

        Borderline personality disorder, in the advanced stages of paranoia, and mentally unstable is how she was often described in the nineties. My feeling is that William has inherited some of that. Add to that a traumatic childhood with parents fighting and all that entails, and finally the death of his mother at a young age. I am sure that plays into his petulance, and moody behaviour. But even though Diana supposedly suffered from mental illness, which we don’t really know, she worked hard, attached herself to worthy causes. I can’t name a single cause that William has attached himself to. And Kate, who is supposedly grounded, well-balanced, with no real trauma in her life, is not doing anything worthwhile either.
        On the other hand, Harry who had the same mother and suffered her loss when he was even younger, is taking on Sentebele, Invictus games, very worthy causes.
        So William and Kate are just plain lazy, and have no one to blame but themselves.

      • Llamas says:

        I have BPD and I love doing charity work. I’m a hard worker and I’m not insane. I think William is just an ass.

    • Jeesie says:

      Charles had his issues, but William is something else entirely.

      I remember when Charles used to be called lazy, and at the time he was doing 300+ engagements a year, whilst Prince Philip thought twice that would be more suitable.

      It took Charles a while to figure out what he wanted to focus on, and he cycled through a lot of options, but it was never in doubt that he would sort himself out and commit fully.

  20. Maria says:

    Well, we’d already heard that before. But coming from Jobson who is pretty knowledgeable about royal stuff, it sort of confirms it. That on the heels of Robert Lacey’s comment, and Katie Nicholl, surprising actually. But honestly, I am sure tons of people who are educated at Eton and St Andrews are hard workers. Think of all of those who go on to be diplomats, lawyers, and hedge fund people. Those two are just a couple of entitled and lazy twits.

    • Citresse says:

      Lacey’s comment was unusual. He said William at Verbier was “surprising” did he not? Where has Lacey been? Has he not heard or read confrontations about William’s laziness? Did he not listen to William’s response as “it’s part of the job?”

  21. Cerys says:

    I don’t think anyone would be surprised to read that William is difficult. He has been allowed to behave like this since childhood and I can’t see it changing now. He is obviously resentful and unhappy at being expected to do his share of royal duties. The best thing he could do is step down but he would probably miss all the perks of being royal. Plus, Carole would never allow it.

  22. Louise says:

    But they don’t have “star quality”. They are completely drab. The pair of them.

  23. Kitty says:

    I still think that Charles and The Queen are probably making a back up plan with Harry being King. It’s pretty obvious.

    • shelley* says:

      @Kitty, Harry can’t be King he is fifth in line after Charles, William, George and Charlotte.

      There would have to be a major disaster for Harry to get the gig..Like in King Ralph.

      • LAK says:

        Death isn’t the only way that the line of succession has gone sideways or skipped an heir.

        It could be a simple firing as they did with James 2 and Edward 7. Those two lived out rest of their very long lives in exile.

        Further, the only reason we have the Windsors aka Saxe-Coburg-Gothas is due to parliament skipping 50 people in the line of succession in favour of a royal house more amenable.

      • shelley* says:

        Edward the 7th ruled Britain from 1901 until his death in 1910. He was never exiled he took over from his Mother Queen Victoria and his son George 5th took over from him.

        Edward the 8th gave up the throne for Wallis Simpson and created a constitutional crisis. But I suspect even if William abdicated, George or Charlotte would take over when old enough.

      • Kitty says:

        They don’t have to die Shelly. Also anything is possible especially with God!

      • Mel says:

        “It could be a simple firing ”

        You cannot “fire” a monarch, and of course they didn’t. Edward VIII’s abdication wasn’t even inevitable or necessary, strictly speaking – certainly Prime Minister Baldwin wasn’t expecting it.
        The British monarchs are “anointed by God”. Only death can rightfully relieve them of their duty. That’s why skipping a generation – or abdication, for that matter – isn’t really an option: from the point of view of the idea they derive their “legitimacy” from, it’s up to God to decide – not to men. And let’s not forget one of the essential role of the British monarch: s/he is also “Defender of (the) Faith”, so they are bound by duty to show belief in the idea mentioned above.

      • LAK says:

        Shelley: Typo. Meant Edward 8 Not 7. Point stands.

        Mel: i was being facetious by using the word ‘firing’.

        I thought the meaning of the word was self evident in summing up the situation that these 2 monarchs became untenable to the establishment who found a way to get rid of them without execution. They were encouraged to abdicate in favour of monarchs more agreeable to the establishment. They were ‘fired’ by parliament and fancy words used to describe it.

        If William becomes untenable, he will be encouraged to abdicate / step out of the line in favour of next person in the line who is more tenable.

      • notasugarhere says:

        As shown above, when the politicians want an heir or monarch out, they get them out. If they could seriously consider jumping Duke of York and his two already-born heirs? They could jump William and his line. Any other optics wouldn’t work. William couldn’t remove himself from a hated job but force his kids to do it. Monarch couldn’t get away with removing the heirs from W&K and raising them, as they’d legally be allowed to do.

        If they want William out (or he wants out), a way would be found to remove that line including the already-born heirs.

      • JustBitchy says:

        Shelly you are getting some serious shade here! Rules of succession are tight. I totally agree with you. If there were any deviation from it, I would be very surprised.

      • shelley* says:

        Well I’m no expert and could well be wrong, but my understanding is that Edward 8th was given a choice monarchy or love, and he chose love. His refusal to give up a divorcee meant he was no longer suitable. Of course that law has now been changed.

        James the 2nd was believed to have converted to Catholicism and produced a Catholic heir, so the powers that be put William of Orange and his Wife (Daughter of James 2nd) in place. Crucially Mary was still very much of the same line as James 2nd and ruled alongside her Husband not as consort.

        Of course nothing is set in stone, but the main reason for shifting a legitimate heir has more to do with politics and religion, than a bit of dodgy dad dancing in a ski resort nightclub. The heir and the spare rule still applies these days, and I think something really drastic would have to happen before they bypassed the Cambridge posse.

        I seem to remember at one point Charles was getting plenty of sh*t and people were suggesting they should bypass him and let William take over (this was when Wills was still young and photogenic)

        A constitutional expert pointed out that it wasn’t a popularity contest and laws of succession don’t work like that.

        It could all be moot if we ever get a republic.

      • Kitty says:

        MEL, God can choose anyone to be King or Queen. Like it’s been said the succession is not written in Stone. Throughout history there have been Kings and Queens who weren’t meant to be monarchs but they were. God works in mysterious ways.

      • Tina says:

        @Shelley, Wallis was just the excuse for the abdication. Baldwin (the PM) and Cosmo Lang, the Archbishop of Canterbury, wanted Edward VIII out because they thought he was unstable (and Lang, in particular, feared losing influence). If the Establishment wants to keep William, they’ll keep him. If he’s perceived as too much of a liability, they’ll orchestrate either a Harry regency until George is of age, or Harry becoming King directly. But we’re not there yet. No one in power is thinking about this right now. Yet.

      • LAK says:

        Shelley: several things;

        1. of course dad dancing is not the point of any of this outrage. It’s the timing of it when he should have been at a service celebrating the commonwealth. These articles didn’t come out of the blue. As the daily beast wrote, the British media have shown Olympic levels of restraint in not reporting his shenanigans over the past decade.

        There has been a buildup of resentment behind the scenes. This is a chance to pile on. It’s always something small, relatively insignificant that breaks the mountain.

        2. Love vs duty is the PR the establishment used to sell the abdication. In reality Edward couldn’t work with the establishment, was thought to be a danger to the British because he had a few Nazi high command connections in his circle, and was lazy in his govt work which he hated doing. Wallis was an addition to a long list of bad habits and decisions. A very convenient way to push him out AND explain it to the public. He was too stupid to see the machinations.

        3. James 2 never hid his catholicism or his catholic wife. Unfortunately once he became monarch, he made decisions that favoured catholics over protestants. His baby son was the final straw and Parliament acted.

        4. No one is disputing the importance of heirs and spares nor are we saying that replacements are taken outside the linear bloodline. Replacements are always taken from the linear bloodline even where people are skipped.

      • Sixer says:

        As my own self above and Tina here, nobody should underestimate either the British establishment’s ability to get its own way, or the monarchy’s ability to adjust to the facts on the ground. This why we still have a monarchy in the twenty-first century! It adapts to continue!

        When the time comes, if William is not the best bet for the continuation of the monarchy, he will not become King. Who does take the reins will, as Tina says, be the one the establishment considers the most tenable.

        All constitutional matters will be fudged around that.

      • xo says:

        I’m inclined to think William believes he is entitled to some years of privacy in his young adulthood/youth in exchange for what is destined to be a very public life. We’ll see how he performs as Prince of Wales. My guess is he will have accepted the responsibility and duty of his role by then.

      • notasugarhere says:

        He has fought against and hated his role for the first 35 years of his life. There will be no flipping a switch in 5-10 years and he’ll automatically be willing to do the work.

        He had 15 years (from his mother’s death until marriage) where he was out of the public eye and left to do whatever he wanted. The first 5 years of this marriage he’s also gotten to hide out, do what he wants, and do little work.

        Age 35? Long past time for him to get on with the business of working for the family business without whining constantly.

    • Kitty says:

      Nota, this is why you and majority of people need to realize that parliament can literally do anything with the monarchy. I see King Harry.

  24. Kitty says:

    Funny. But I read somewhere that Diana was the only royal who could draw in hundreds and even thousands to her royal engagement and royal tours and that she was a great ambassador for the U.K. Is that true?

    • graymatters says:

      In her younger days, HM was quite a draw, pulling in crowds that Trump would lie about.

    • Minxx says:

      On their first tour of Wales, Charles apologized to people who were on “his” side of the street and had to shake his hand instead of Diana’s. Everyone wanted to meet her, she was always the star in their marriage and drew in huge crowds. Charles was quite resentful of it, being the center of attention until Diana came on the scene. She had a very appealing quality, I think it was a mixture of beauty, vulnerability and empathy that nobody else in the RF had up to this point.

      • Kitty says:

        Minxx, well so every engagement Diana had she would pull in hundreds?

      • LAK says:

        Kitty, for the most part yes.

      • Kitty says:

        Well LAK, why can’t the modern royals do that?

      • graymatters says:

        They probably could have, had they managed their 20′s very differently. Will had tremendous good will from the public when he left Eton. He had all his hair, he looked good, he was reputed to be intelligent and kind. Had he worked with the British people during his gap year and occasionally during university, had he acted in a manner designed to butress the popular opinion that he was charming and dutiful, then he would have kept drawing crowds.

        Basically, Diana had a lot of personal charisma and she shared it with the public (she worked) and kept many of her more difficult personality traits hidden from the general population. W&H could have done much the same. W could have married someone better suited to the role, but I think even Kate would be better at this had Will encouraged her to grow and develop as a person throughout her 20′s. They could have bigger crowds now than they did when they married, and those were huge.

        The Queen is also known for being provided, and accepting, quality advice and help. So was Charles. Diana less so, but she did benefit a lot from Charles’s example and his staff. W&K hire inexperienced people and ignore advice. Had W accepted his father’s advice and staff assistance from the get-go, he’d have been better at the royal thing from the beginning. He’d even look better because people would focus on his height and physical fitness rather than his teeth and bald spot.

      • LAK says:

        Kitty: Diana had rockstar charisma. The palace didn’t have to announce her engagements. Crowds would gather wherever she showed up. People *wanted* to meet her and would travel to do so. Like people wanting to meet their favourite rockstar.

        No modern royal is that charismatic, and to be fair very few people in the world are that charismatic + global spotlight to amplify their visibility.

  25. Radley says:

    They both look like they’re in their mid-forties. So much for the glamour of royal life. William has been getting raked over the coals in the press. I know Charles was trashed in his younger days too. Is this a tradition or something? Just dump them if they suck so hard. Royalty is an antiquated and offensive concept anyway. All humans are equal. These two prove they aren’t special everyday.

  26. K2 says:

    Honestly, as a republican in conviction, who’s been ambivalently of the opinion that we couldn’t do better than the Queen, and could do a lot worse than Charles, I kind of like this. I’d like the monarchy to end when Charles dies, because a genetic lottery is an insane way to choose a head of state. William seems likely to ensure its demise.

    Having said that, at least William’s better than Trump. So there’s that.

  27. NOLA says:

    This isn’t the right place for this comment but I wasn’t sure if people are still commenting on the posts from the Paris trip.

    Question from an American – how much, if anything, should we read into W&K’s body language? They aren’t very tactile with one another. The Eiffel Tower picture for example: they are standing so far apart from each other. I feel like if any official trip would allow some small affectionate gestures / warmth toward each other, it would be Paris or the Eiffel Tower. (And I know Paris was right after the ski trip so that could account for it but they always seem very cold/ distant).

    Does he ever put his arm at the small of her back as they’re walking? (I’ve only seen pictures; not video). Is this a British thing to not be super affectionate in public ? Is it protocol because they’re on an official engagement? I’m not looking for her to hang all over him.

    Whereas I swear I’ve seen pictures of Carl Philip and Sofia — at engagements — where they’re standing much closer together, holding hands, etc. Granted, that’s a different royal family. Different strokes for different folks, and all that jazz.

  28. homeslice says:

    I totally believe Will married a commoner to stick it to his family. When they gave their blessing and tried to make Kate and the commoners happy and feel welcome, it must have really galled him lol. He is a brat and a baby and I think his mother would be very disappointed in him. I’ve read tons on Diana, as I am kind of a fan, and she always, always was adamant about him being King and being a great one. He is no where near and if (that is a big if) he ascends the throne one day, he will be awful if his attitude now is any indication.

  29. JaneDoesWork says:

    It’s literally like reading about the behavior of King Henry VIII and thinking “God what an **shole, thank God things have changed…” except they haven’t! If someone doesn’t get a handle on him the monarchy will either die with him or he’ll end up abdicating.

  30. Tough Cookie says:

    “his photogenic daughter-in-law”

    I needed this laugh today

  31. Starlight says:

    Chas and Camilla have all of a sudden become very popular overnight and sort of a steady hand to take over the reigns

  32. Aurelia says:

    Chuck and Cam are way more glamorous, better dressed and more youthful than chutney and baldie. Lolz, Willie dressing like a chav made good real estate agent. Loved that description. Priceless. Right I’m off to Royal Dish now. Those chicks don’t miss a beat.

  33. Kitty says:

    We all knew this was coming. Anyways, anything is possible. The Queen wasn’t born to be Queen so…

  34. Ellis says:

    I think it is absolutely heinous and unforgivable, that in this day and age with all the available resources, Will Will-not do something about going bald. Some men look great bald, he will not be on that list. Call Bosley Clinic immediately, get some plugs while it will still not be too obvious, and even if it is, who cares, people always deny it anyway. His pate is pointy. If he were really a narcissist he would take care of this. It isn’t work, someone else does it, just get your secretary to make a call.

    • Tina says:

      Unforgivable? Good lord. I am far from being William’s biggest fan, but why should he do this to please you? There is nothing wrong with being bald. This attitude that one must look beautiful and young at all times is appalling, Some people are bald. Some people are fat. Some people look older than their age. It is not a moral failing to be any of those things. People should be judged on the contents of their character, not on how they look.

  35. Jerkface says:

    Well he certainly looks like a willie…

  36. Kaz says:

    I’d love to see what they are REALLY interested in. Gardening, conservation, art, music, women’s rights, vintage cars, trainspotting? It would be nice to Bill and Katie really fired up about something.

    • Starlight says:

      i thought Wills was going to push for a massive save the rhino appeal after he got married wasn’t he off to South Africa for best part of that year but I never materialised and I thought Charles was looking for one of the lads to take over the Princes Trust. Nothing happening n that front at all in the news.

  37. R Rice says:

    I say this is mostly Prince Charles and Camilla’s PR team doing this because they don’t want the people calling for William to be King. I think it won’t be long until the Queen will retire or pass away and they are setting everything up for Charles.

  38. Matty 49 says:

    Loved reading all the comments.