Lady Gaga: “I’m changing what people think is sexy”


Whether you love or hate Lady Gaga – and people seem to fall into one camp or the other, without any in between – you’ve got to admit she doesn’t blend in with most of the other current female pop stars. There have been a lot of arguments over whether or not she’s just copying Christina Aguilera, and many people criticize her for behaving eccentrically just to get attention –not because she’s actually eccentric. Whatever you think about her, she’s undeniably going places – her music has been all over the airwaves this past year.

Lady Gaga is on the cover of this month’s “Rolling Stone,” and says she thinks she’s redefining sexy. She also says she’s bisexual, but is only attracted to women sexually (presumably meaning she’s not attracted to them emotionally). Gaga also admits that she’s had an intense lust for fame and has done some crazy things to get it.

“I don’t feel like I look like the other perfect little pop singers,” she tells RS‘ Brian Hiatt in our new feature, on newsstands today. “I think I’m changing what people think is sexy.” Gaga is also changing what it means to be a 21st century pop star, and she’s doing it through 24 hours a day of fierce work — she’s a walking Gaga art project known as much for her outrageous fashion sense as her Eighties-flavored dance hits. “The truth is, the psychotic woman that I truly am comes out when I’m not working,” she says (during Hiatt’s time with the star, she rocks a massive radio concert, takes advice from Cyndi Lauper at a photo shoot and suffers a brief breakdown at a taping). “When I’m not working, I go crazy.”

“When they called and told me about [my cover], I nearly cried,” she tells us on the set.

Lady Gaga’s devotion to being a star drove her to order bags of cocaine and spend hours perfecting her hair and makeup in a tiny Lower East Side apartment after she dropped out of NYU several years ago — well before she was actually famous. “It was quite sick,” she admits. “I suppose that’s where the vanity of the album came from.” Her debut, The Fame, was almost entirely inspired by her relationship with a heavy-metal drummer named Luke, and their breakup profoundly changed Gaga. She tells Hiatt she’s bisexual, but her attraction to women is purely physical. It’s an aspect of her sexuality that makes boyfriends “uncomfortable,” she says.

The savvy Gaga reveals her real musical goals are serious, though: “My true legacy will be the test of time, and whether I can sustain a space in pop culture and really make stuff that will have a genuine impact.”

[From Rolling Stone]

The thing is, while she talks a lot about fame, pop culture, and her legacy, it doesn’t seem like Lady Gaga talks a lot about music – at least in the part of the article on Rolling Stone’s website. She seems nice enough, but I don’t necessarily get the feeling that music is her passion so much as her Lady Gaga persona is. She really works on dressing eccentrically – remember her carrying around a teacup for a few weeks? A female teacup? – and to be fair, it works for her.

Her music is okay if you like that sort of pop, but I don’t think it would have set her apart if it weren’t or the character she plays. I find it interesting – and she’s definitely got a commendable drive for success – but it’ll be interesting to see how long she lasts. Eccentricity will get you far in show business, as long as you know how to work it right. Otherwise people just get tired and move on. And smash your teacup in the process.

Here are a few of Lady Gaga’s colorful ensembles over the last two months. Images thanks to and Pacific Coast News.

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  1. hotmilfchocolate says:

    her album is bitch-ass.

    i am a total visual-art head, who used to cry myself to sleep b/c we couldn’t afford cable to watch MTV. *sniffle*

    the bitch is a walking 80′s video…AND I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF HER!

    if you appreciate good 70′s/80′s pop lyrics & music, check her album.

    if cyndi, madonna, freddy, grace, & david had an full-out, non-stop mega-orgy and someone got pregnant…they would’ve given birth to…

    lady gaga.

  2. daisyfly says:

    Good lord, it looks like she’s queefing bubbles.

  3. DD says:

    Just because she’s singing catchy songs with slutty lyrics there’s nothing sexy about her. So far I’ve found that people think she’s gross.

  4. I Choose Me says:

    Note to Gaga, This is not new, or original. Madonna did this schtick back in the 80′s. You are redefining nothing. I do like her music though. Catchy stuff.

  5. nimble minx says:


    I appreciate 70s/80s pop music and lyrics, and I’ve checked out her album.

    what did I say before?…oh, yeah.


  6. Kait says:

    She’s not very attractive but I love her anyway

  7. mE says:

    I completely agree with Choose Me except for the last 2 sentances. Maybe her music is played too frequently on the radio where I live but Poker Face is as annoying as shit.

    Dressing like an asshole isn’t made sexy by having a vacant expression on your face.

  8. Jaclyn says:

    Her CD is AMAZING, but I’m not too big of a fan of her style.

    Oh well, as long as she keeps singing, she’ll be famous.

  9. hotmilfchocolate says:

    re: nimble minx


    u say tomato…


  10. HEB says:

    I really like her but lately I can’t tell when she’s being sarcastic… And I usually like the wacky hair and outfits but this hair is a MISS

  11. CandyKay says:

    Does anyone but me remember Dale Bozzio from Missing Persons? A big 80s act – had a couple of hits in with “Destination Unknown” and “What are words for” in the early days of MTV. Anyway, Lady Gaga looks just like her.

  12. Rocky says:

    Umm, you mean Christina Aguilera is copying her. She obviously tried her look out at last year’s MTV Video Music Awards and since GaGa was virtually unknown, she thought she could get away with it. Not true. The plan backfired and it actually jump started her career.

    Get your shit together, whoever wrote this.

  13. Annicka says:

    Trying to be eccentric doesn’t work. You have to truly be eccentric to get away with it. She’s just a flash in the pan, her star will burn out before long.

  14. yeah yea says:

    Rocky: Christina was dressing like that before that performance. Get YOUR sh*t together. Ever since her last tour Christina was talking about her next album which is to be a dance album which she refferd to as “pop art” Before Gaga was a thought it anyones mind. Christina released some photos very early on last year or at the end of 2007 of her concept and yes it did look like what gaga does but that was before gaga was “Gaga”. You know, before she decided that she would do anything to become famous including ripping off real new york artists and Christina. Just because Christina lays low while making her music DOES NOT mean that Gaga did it first. Christina has been working on this album since 2005. Gaga is full of sh*t about everything she does.

  15. Wench. says:

    hotmilfchoco – come and have a party in my house! I could not agree more. I was born in ’88 and missed being able to wear shoulder pads with pride but adore The Gaga for indulging me in a bit of pop perfection.

    I, for one, find her incredibly sexy – not in interviews though.. I mean, did anyone see her on Johnathon Ross!? She’s definitely got something about her.

  16. vale says:

    My question is more towards the journalist, meaning, why did he have to point out “bags of cocaine”? It had nothing to do with the sentece, it seemed he just wanted to add a seedy underground vibe. I hate these kinds of journalists.

  17. yeah yea says:

    Sh*t I don’t even like Christina Aguilera but it looks like I’m her #1 groupie……..I’m on Pop Culture Overload

  18. Larissa says:

    oh dear, GaGa is anything BUT sexy! nice legs tho, I´ll give her that.
    Am a huuuge 80´s fan and I think her music is crap . “puke” face (she certainly has one) is just annoying as hell!!!!!

  19. morgs says:

    Love cleaning my house to her CD.

  20. Wow says:

    I’ve loved a lot of the songs she’s come out with. She needs to give her stylist a raise b/c no one can pull off that look except for GaGa herself. It works for her. Much continued success to her and her team.

  21. nony says:

    I’m fairly certain she just looks like Christina circa Lady Marmalade with that huge ass blond fro.

    I agree yeah yea, she is redefining nothing. She’s just a simple poser who hasn’t done enough homework to avoid looking like she ripped off actual artists.

    “…drove her to order bags of cocaine and spend hours perfecting her hair and makeup in a tiny Lower East Side apartment after she dropped out of NYU several years ago.”

    sounds like a winner to me, and by the looks of it, those bags of coke probably lasted about a minute.

  22. hotmilfchocolate says:

    re: Wench

    ahhh…bless your heart, aren’t u a sweetie pie.

    i was sneaking into tunnel in ’88 with my fashion high comrades in nyc.

    *edith bunker sings*

    “those were the daaaays!”

    you could be my kid…lol!

    gaga is ageless!



  23. Gistine says:

    Lady Gag Gag.

    She ugly.

  24. Rocky says:

    Christina wasn’t doing shit in 2005 but trying to be Mariyln Monroe. Try again. GaGa’s “Just Dance” was out in March of 2008 and she was performing the song everywhere, trying to establish her “aesthetic” when Christina tried to bite. It’s really all she does. She’s biting someone new each album. SHE DOES NOT KNOW WHO SHE SIS. Which is why she climbed back into her hole and went back to the fucking drawing board. Look done! And done better! lol

  25. janey says:

    Lady Gaga is pop music Marmite – you either love her or hate her. And last time I checked, Marmite was a very successful brand…

    The Lady knows what she’s doing.

  26. Ling says:

    I’m not a great fan of her music. I love her look. I hate her teacup. I hate her personality – well, what I see of it in interviews. I think she’s fascinating, her performance art background and everything, and that’s what I see her career as, performance art rather than “all about the music”. I think talent manifests itself in a billion different ways and hers is clearly in spectacle. She designs her shows, eh?

    I think her schtick has hints of Madonna but is by no means a copy.

    I respect her a ton more than starlets who are just a pawn in the works.

    What is interesting to me is that typical hetero men (at least, of the genre I know) will not think what she’s doing is sexy in the least, but some women (myself included) will, and that’s a little… empowering.

  27. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    That’s a MAN baby.

    Hideous person, awful music.

    Emperor’s New Clothes innit – suckers falling for it left, right and centre lest they miss something ‘of the moment’.


    We’ll be reading ‘what happened to…’ about s/he before long.

  28. Iris says:

    no artist is truly original, everybody copies off of everybody.

  29. Indifferent says:

    I actually do fall into the “indifference” part of the spectrum. I definitely don’t love her. Lady Gaga is not attractive, nor is she “sexy”. Her style is not innovative–it’s all been done before! The first time I heard her I thought it was another irritating Christina Aguilera song. The songs are catchy enough…But so was “Who let the dogs out” and “The Macarena”… Despite all this, I do not hate her.

  30. Trillion says:

    Candy Kay: Oh yeah, Dale Bozio all the way. Lady Gaga’s music is pedestrian. I was hoping for more from her, since she’s trying to sell herself as an eccentric. But she’s not. All I see is effort here. It’s just not enough to impress me, personally. If only her music was original and/or awesome. Then I could maybe forgive her ripped-off aesthetic.

  31. Dani says:

    I feel like I’m also in the in-between/indifferent category. She seems to be a sort of mainstream eccentric. If she’s too eccentric, she won’t be a mega pop star. And as an avid electronic music fan, I can’t get into her music at all. It just sounds bland and… poppy, I guess. I don’t feel the big 80s influence that much either, but really I’ve only heard the singles that she’s released so far.

    I do appreciate the fact she plays the piano and sings live. I love the costumes, makeup and hair, too. But like many other people say, she’s extremely pretentious about her music and whole shtick, when it’s really not original or worthy of the praise she gives it.

  32. Gistine says:

    She looks like a cross between David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust and Bette Midler to me.

    Dale Bozio kicks her ass, forever. Nice Missing Persons reference.

  33. Lina says:

    She should just stick to the music which is what she does best instead of trying to shock/get people’s attention with her clothing and/or teacup.

  34. voodoobetty says:

    I can see how she is trying to copy Dale Bozzio from the early 80′s but she fails miserably. Dale Bozzio was sex on legs. She oozed quirky sexuality. She sold us the space age sex vixen look with a style and sound all her own. This is just an ugly girl with a big clothing budget who is trying too hard on her image and piss poor attempts at eccentricity to compensate for her weak music which is forgettable at best.

  35. BlueSkies says:

    Check her out before plastic surgery. She had good doctors.

  36. Hieronymus Grexx says:

    So nice for Gaga’s overpaid PR team to visit this humble page to tell us how great she is. :roll:

  37. Ling says:

    Taking potshots at her physical beauty is missing the point a bit, don’t you think?

    With love,

    Gaga’s overpaid PR team

  38. tinylady says:

    I don’t think she is attractive at all. I’ve only heard one song ( I don’t listen to the radio) and it was OK. I’ve seen her in interviews tho and she annoys me. Reminds me of art school and the people that were trying way to hard to be different but really they were not.

  39. Dexter Sinister says:

    What the shit is this bitch talking about? Attention Gaga, all of your male fans are teh ghey.

  40. vicsmith says:

    She gets the attention though. Compare posts on this article to the others. Anyway, I like her.

  41. khalib says:

    If she’s sexy, I wanna be a priest. yuk

  42. gimmeABreak says:

    @CandyKay: I think you and I are the only ones who remember Dale Bozzio from Missing Persons. I LOVE them! And yes, she does look just like Dale B. But Dale was much prettier.

    Did you know that Dale Bozzio turned into a crazy cat lady and got arrested for something like animal abuse having like a billion cats in her house? YEP!

  43. Ms. Bee says:

    Oh Please! People sit there and call her a poser and unoriginal, but at least she made it the old fashioned way, not by being a fabricated Disney star, or by winning some reality competion. She doesn’t have some machine behind her telling her how to dress and what to say, and people can’t stand it! I say more power to her, and maybe some other young hopefuls will come along and follow suit. We need to break free of the cookie-cutter pop-stars, and bring back the imagination and outlandishness of the ’80′s! Thank you Lady Gaga for having the balls to be different!

  44. Trashaddict says:

    Donatella Versace and Christina Aguilera had a cocaine-infused orgy one night, and through some freak of nature was born “Lady Gaga”. When she gave birth to it, Christina gasped in horror, “kill it” but the little fetus had enough cocaine coursing through it’s green bloodstream that it was able to skitter away. Now with her Fashion Superpowers she is feared by all.

  45. Christina X says:

    Seems pretty conventional and down your throat if you ask me.

    I’m sick of her.

    Just when you think young girls have run out of being challenged with trying to fulfill ludicrous measures to feel sexy and confident, Lady Gaga pops out of the woodwork dressing and acting like a skank. Consequentially, dudes love her, and girls are influenced to strive to meet their standards.

    Just when you think young women stopped being influenced by Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga has re-opened a wound on society on the verge of healing, and I hate her for it.

    By the way, nice Dale Bozzio impression.

  46. Christina X says:

    Erch! I forgot to add a few things!

    Lady Gaga is really infuriating because she tries convincing herself how different she is. Give me a break. I’m so tired of the commercial pop stars fooling themselves about how “avant garde” they are. She’s not.

    Gaga has crossed the same line that Madonna, Katy Perry, and Christina Aguilera have crossed which includes acting like a pretentious twit, biting their competition, and sporting “edgy” costumes while still compromising their image as a sex icon by selling sex in the most commercial and blatant way possible.

    In Lady Gaga’s case, I’m really curious as to how she’s “redefining sexy” or whatever she’s now claiming, when she’s posing nude on the front cover of Rolling Stone (*cough* obvious way to attract attention *cough*), bleaching her hair, seductively mumbling innuendos in her song lyrics, and getting plastic surgery…TO APPEAL TO MAINSTREAM AESTHETIC.

    Yeah, you’re really “changing what people think is sexy”. Uh-huh. Keep telling yourself that, while you’re still only one plastic surgery away from looking just like everyone else.

    Lady Gaga, you are a walking definition of the “machine”.

    Although, I have to defend her on one thing. I just don’t get why Christina Aguilera hates her so much when she pulled the same schtick in 2003, or around when “Stripped” was released. I kind of agree with Rocky about Aguilera. Sorry.

  47. someone says:

    IMO shes not even close to being sexy..weird maybe…

  48. Sunnyjyl says:

    I saw her perform for the first time recently. I was surprised by how young she looked, and how tiny she is. Pictures of her do not do her justice. She looks like walking art to me. Kinda cool. Not really into her music though. Don’t hate it. But, where DID she come from?

  49. Ling says:

    @Sunnyjyl: She got her start in the performance art scene in NYC. Makes perfect sense, eh?

  50. waldemar says:

    She is just a Madonna wannabe 25 years too late. It is all been done.

  51. Boat says:

    I like her music! It makes me want to dance, and it puts me in a good mood. Also, I like the Great Danes in the Poker Face video.

  52. tasteT says:

    I always thought she was a man…
    not trying to be funny, I guess just silly…

    she seems so out there and trying so hard to be different..

    no thanks

  53. Levi says:

    Oh lord I hope not. Not to denounce the poor misguided child, but she is not sexy. Daring, but no, not, and never sexy. At my advanced age I still can remember sexy.

  54. kristin says:

    I’m not a fan of hers but I definitely don’t hate her.

  55. paranel says:

    She must be one of the most unattractive people I’ve ever seen. What’s the hype? She is the poorman’s Bett Midler.

  56. gg says:

    She doesn’t look to me like she’s had any plastic surgery. That RS cover shot is really awful.

    Most of the clothes are repeats of 3 or 4 basic designs, done over and over, two of which are “wear bathing suits” and “show crotch”.

    Tired of seeing the CROTCH, honey. Go swimming or put on pants.

  57. Lee says:

    Watch her Paparazzi video, it came out yesterday I think. It’s pretty amazing and if you watch True Blood, you’ll recognize the guy in it.

    You’ll recognize a lot of the recent get ups she’s been wearing in her video (the painted black lips, the geometric outfits). I’m wondering if everything she does is to promote her music.

  58. gg says:

    You’re wondering? What is she supposed to promote, exactly? Did I miss her tap dancing career?

  59. scotchy says:

    just a little note..
    she doesn’t actually make the music she sings
    about 10 other people write and create the lyrics, sound, and melodies. She is just the face and voice. Its a corporate scheme and it sounds to me like a whole lot of people are dumb enough to fall for it. Not trying to be over the top but if folks actually believe that this is good music, it can’t be any surprise that our world is going down the drain. gross. this is all just gross and poor taste.

  60. gg says:

    I thought she wrote her own music – is that not true?

  61. barneslr says:

    Just another cookie-cutter singer who thinks that dressing funny and wearing goofy makeup/hair makes her different. Unimpressive and soon to be forgotten.

    And I am a straight female, so perhaps I am not one to judge…but sexy? Really? I can’t imagine anyone considering her to be sexy. She’s ordinary at best-just with lots and lots of make up.

  62. barneslr says:

    “I think you and I are the only ones who remember Dale Bozzio from Missing Persons. I LOVE them! And yes, she does look just like Dale B”

    That’s an insult to Dale Bozzio. At least she had a little originality and was actually pretty.

  63. barneslr says:

    “I’m wondering if everything she does is to promote her music.”

    You wonder? Really? It’s not obvious to you?

  64. Christina X says:

    This is why I avoid Top 40 crap.

    Music videos are responsible for the demise of music. If it wasn’t for this chick promoting her “look” and her body, her sound would be undistinguishable. She should be grateful for all the assistance she gets accredited to sleazy music videos and promo shots.

    I guess anyone can make a Top 40 hit if they can visually whore their way to the top.

  65. gg says:

    To Scotchy — wrong. You might wanna check out her live in several radio station studios, playing piano, it’s all over YouTube.

    As much as I dislike the overexposure, cheap-looking, sophomoric, overdone clothing (the crotch – even Dita doesn’t shove her crotch at the public, I mean come on, spare us), the harsh eye makeup and waaaay too many accessories to the point of trying to find the “art” somewhere in there (what looks like HPV growing out of her sleeve), the child can belt her ass off and play the piano, and has obviously been practicing this stuff for a long, long time. She’s a good entertainer. Now, if she would go back to dark hair and lose the bangs I think she would be pretty. The heavy bangs don’t look good on anybody.

    Not to mention she doesn’t rag on other singers, unlike some other people I can think of.

  66. Hieronymus Grexx says:

    If 80′s Madonna and Christina Aguilera were able to have a child together…..

  67. Christina X says:

    GG, I think she had a brief feud-like blowout with Aguilera, if I’m not mistaken…but again, I’m with Gaga on that side of the debate frankly because Gaga made a statement along the lines of “Christina Aguilera imitates my look” or something like that, and being the drama queen she is, Christina Aguilera just felt the need to blow the comment out of proportion.

    And if Christina Aguilera had as thick a skin as she pretends to, she wouldn’t have responded to Lady Gaga’s comment so defensively, as such a comment wasn’t really that big of an insult.

    But, I’ve realized Christina Aguilera loves bitching about the other female pop stars because her “superior” voice grants her a sense of entitlement to pick fights with anyone or everyone at any given opportunity. Christina Aguilera’s ridiculous.

    I’m clearly not a major fan of Lady Gaga, but Christina Aguilera’s pissing contest with her was, per usual, petty and unnecessary.

  68. gg says:

    Chris X – totally agree. Xtina makes herself look nasty with the evil comments. Every time she does that, it splatters poop on her image, which she really can’t afford. Rise above nasty and you look gracious and serious and mature. Succumb, and you look like a petulant bitchy little child. Which is okay for anonymous posters, but not if you’re trying to stay famous.

    I have to make a comment about Dale Bozio – I have a close friend related to one of the Missing Persons. From all I’ve seen, Dale was just a bleached blonde semi-pretty girl with a squeak and a bubble bra. The rest of the band, on the other hand, were and are incredible musicians from Frank Zappa’s bands.

    :: bows low in deference to The Zappa ::

    Either way, Gaga is kind of fascinating in her videos. People are interested in her, and that’s the name o the game, is it not?

    That said, I bet every stylist in America would love to get their hands on her. There’s a thing where it’s not so great wearing all your video clothes out on the street BEFORE the video is even finished, such a thing called “make them wait for it”. Don’t reveal your entire hand when the dealer is still dealing the cards – slow down. And maybe don’t wear the shoes you got in ladies’ shoes at Macy’s that afternoon onstage with the Prince-inspired half costumes. oy.

    Anyway, I think she’s waaaay better than Madonna and Grace Jones put together.

  69. Howie says:

    Gross. The outfit AND the desperation to be famous.

  70. Lex says:

    Am I the only one that found her ‘bi-sexual’ comment to smell distinctly like she stole it from a Megan Fox interview?? And if that’s not trying too hard, I don’t know what is!!

  71. EricAD says:

    Every negative thing I’ve read here is the EXACT. SAME. THING. People said about Madonna in 1984. Trust me, I’m old enough to remember. GaGa has the drive to be the next Madonna in a way that none of those other girls have. Brit, Christina were just record company puppets, and the American Idol chicks are just boring as hell. ALL of them. As for the only male fans she has being “teh ghey” well…sure didn’t hurt Madonna’s career, did it?

  72. Genesis says:

    Lady Gaga is effin amazing. I’ve seen her live before, and she is one heck of a great performer! She sounds better than she does on her album! And whether people like it or not, she WILL become a legend. It’s only been a year and shes topped the charts, and has been crowned as princess of pop.

  73. Angelica says:

    I agree with EricAD!
    I was about to say the exact same thing.
    Madonna was disliked a long time ago, now look at her, a walking legend. Best believe Lady Gaga will be one too

  74. Joselyn says:

    Actually, Lady Gaga IS sexy. This photo just…doesnt show it.
    And shes not trying to get attention. It’s called being different. Maybe its not original, but at least someones trying to bring it back. She can sing live, she makes one heck of a music video, her style is pretty wild, she writer her own music. I mean cmon people, recognize talent when you see it!

  75. Angelica says:

    And people hate her because…?
    I mean theres no reason too, you can hate her MUSIC, though i cant see why you would, but you cant hate her as a person. You don’t know her at all.

  76. Ike says:

    You guys already beat me to the punch with the Dale Bozzio comments (Dale if you’re listening, SUE THE B!#CH)

    Plenty of Aguilera comments on here too

    but no one has mentioned the bits she’s stolen from Gwen Steffani like, oh, just her album cover for one thing. That wig and those sunglasses look awfully familiar (check out Gwen’s look on her Sweet Escape cover)
    And Gwen wore the weird triangular space outfits with the big shoulder pads a year before Lady Blah Blah magically appeared (check out Gwen’s performance of Wind Me Up on SNL from 2007, around the same time that GaGa had wavy dark hair and ordinary Pussycat Dolls striper/pop whore attire.)

    Lady Blah Blah’s voice is also unoriginal. When she sings, or tries to sing she sounds like Aguilera, and when she talks/raps in her songs she mimics Gwen’s babydoll voice.

    Face it, this bimbo brings nothing new to the table but an over-inflated ego and delusions of grandeur.

    I mean come on, she’s even said herself that her whole goal in life was to become super famous and that if her fame ever goes away it would kill her and “she would no longer be a person”. Is THAT really someone you guys admire?! Someone who bases the value of a human being on whether or not they’re famous?! No true “artist” is that SHALLOW.

    Her “sound” is not even hers. She can thank her producer Red One for that. Listen to ANY other song by ANY other artist produced by Red One before GaGa came out and it sounds exactly the same as what you hear on her album. Even Heid freaking Montag had a Red One song out before GaGa called “Fashion” that was the same 80′s fuzed electro dance pop.

    People will tire of her quickly and move on. Maybe she’ll try like many others to “re-invent” herself and keep hiring the big producers of the moment to keep her current and on the charts. But this whole contrived avant-garde persona she’s trying so hard to sell is only good at stirring up temporary shock value.

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  78. tanz says:

    Whenever I look at Gaga I just think… been there, done that – and not just by Madonna. Think Kylie, Britney, Xtina and the slew of other female pop femme fetales who depend on dominatrix gear to try & grab attention to their act, no matter how well conceptualized or not it may be.

    I just think Gaga is firing in the wrong direction artistically, when she could be so much more. Really – what she needs is a subtext that works and is relevant; at least Madonna had that when she was her age, or even younger. Gaga needs to START MAKING SENSE to people, out of all the nonsense she throws at us.. and quit pretending it’s some sort of relevant art. If what she does really matters, the ‘art’ ought to be speaking volumes for itself. But sadly, it misfires at this early stage in her career.

  79. Freddie Mercury says:

    She may demonstrate some degree of technical prowess at singing, the piano and in the pure theatrical aspect of her performances, all edgy and provocative for the sake of being provocative (with nothing ‘really’ significant or meaningful to provoke mind you)… but if you were to strip away all the layers, the aesthetic value really amounts to nought. You don’t walk away from a performance of hers feeling genuinely touched, in spite of all the extravagance and drama. When compared to Madonna in her upcoming years, you realise there’s actually precious little in Gaga’s performances – whereas Madonna made an impact and delivered messages that made you think, beneath all the elaborate costumery and stage effects. Gaga’s messages though, cannot be generalised to a very wide population, e.g. does she model herself as a gay activist, a made-for-theatre type who happened to get lucky, or is she just another young woman who wants a piece of the fame pie and the chance to bask in a spotlight as self-crowned princess for a while? Any way you look at it, Lady Gaga’s product – in the words of Lady Madonna herself – is one that requires a process of refinement, filtering maybe. Please don’t give us art for art’s sake, but instead art that is personally meaningful to us each.

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    How does Lady Gaga go swiming with all those wig configurations? Just askin’

  82. CaCa says:

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