Meghan Markle has access to & is getting advice from Prince Harry’s team

Theresa May announces a General Election on 8 June 2017

Oooh, I like this Us Weekly cover! “The Making of a Princess” is very catchy. I imagine when all is said and done, thinkpieces will be written with similar titles, like The Making of an American Princess, or The American Duchess, something like that. Anyway, Meghan is happening and the engagement announcement should be happening any day now. My money’s still on “sometime in June,” but who knows? It could be earlier. So Us Weekly’s cover story is all about how Meghan and Harry are on the marriage track, full-throttle.

For most commoners, getting through the private gates of Kensington Palace requires two forms of ID and a written invitation. Visitors to the sprawling London complex that houses dozens of royals, including Prince William, Duchess Kate and Prince Harry, undergo a thorough security check and “follow strict protocol,” says a frequent guest. But on any given day, one mere mortal simply breezes past the guards. Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle “is waved right through,” a source shares in the new issue of Us Weekly. “Harry has made it clear she’s to be treated like everyone else who lives there.”

Consider it step one in her royal transformation. With Harry’s pals expecting him to propose to the Toronto-based actress by fall, she’s begun readying herself for life in The Firm, the cheeky name the royals have coined for their family. The 35-year-old divorcée already has a direct line to Harry’s most trusted aides. The 32-year-old prince’s private secretary, Edward Lane Fox, and communications secretary, Jason Knauf, are on call to answer the L.A. native’s queries, says a Harry source. “There have been many times where Meghan’s been unsure of protocol,” says the source, “and having access to Harry’s aides has been a godsend.”

A close bond with his brother and sister-in-law has also proved invaluable. An insider says William, 34, and Kate, 35, have given the Suits actress tips on handling life in the royal spotlight. “She’s very much been accepted into the family,” says the insider. “They are so happy to see Harry happy.”

For Harry, “this is a love he’s never felt before,” says a source. “He’s met someone who understands him on a deeper level and they just connect.” Soon, predicts the source, they could be legally bonded. “Everything is still as exciting as the day they met,” says the insider. “They talk about the future all the time and they see themselves together.”

[From Us Weekly]

“They are so happy to see Harry happy.” That’s not really a ringing endorsement, and I find it funny that even with unnamed sources, no one in Camp Cambridge can really find something nice to say about Meghan. Camp Cambridge is always like “Harry’s happiness is what’s important.” As for Meghan having access to Harry’s team… I believe it. Something similar happened with Kate during The Waity Years – after their big breakup in 2007, Kate was brought into the royal fold for some princess lessons. Later, after she got the ring, they tried to make it sound like she was getting princess lessons for the first time, but Kate had access to William’s staff before then, and she was specifically given advice about security and media. That being said, I tend to believe that Meghan is probably getting for-real princess lessons right now, just because… she’s American, this relationship is moving so fast, and she’ll be a duchess within the next year.

Here are some photos of Harry this morning at the launch of the 2017 London Marathon Expo.

Prince Harry officially opens the 2017 London Marathon Expo

Prince Harry officially opens the 2017 London Marathon Expo

Cover courtesy of Us Weekly.


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  1. QQ says:

    I’m here to get my Sodium Content for the day *Giggles*

  2. NotSoSocialButterfy says:

    Woot, woot! Go Merry! Go, Hegan? Nah, sticking with Merry.

    ETA: also sticking with an announcement circa Mother’s Day (U.S.).

  3. scar says:

    I’m kinda over it. And I hope the Middleton vs Markle thing the media is seriously pushing doesn’t backfire. All that has been done is compare, compare and contrast these two simply because of the men they’re with . And its mostly done by other women too.
    Just for fun, wouldn’t it be something of those two become tight along the line? That ought to put some people out of business.

  4. Skins says:

    “Do not treat my girlfriend like the peasants, wave her in” Silly commoners

    • FrenchB says:

      LOL…I totally agree…All these stories made up to sell papers…

    • Whaaaaaaatttt? says:

      haha – rinse and repeat!

    • Sarah says:

      Yeah, this reads like a fairy princess story, along with Wills and Kate welcoming Meghan with open arms, giving her tips, etc. According to timelines, have there been chances where they could have created such a deep and abiding bond? :)
      It’s funny to see people believe all this. Then we wonder how people believed all of the Republcan’s fake news. People will believe what they want. I am not saying any of this is false. I’m not saying it is true. I am saying that we have seen a very few pictures of them together and in the wedding set, he looked miserable. Maybe his undies were too tight that day, maybe he was mad at the paps, but no one being honest or rational could say that Harry looked happy or into Meghan that day.
      I’m enjoying watching this play out – it’s all very interesting lesson to me as a person who loves to study the behavior, singular and group, of other people.

    • Luca76 says:

      These are hilarious but there’s just too many changes in her schedule and career to think an engagement isn’t imminent.

      • LAK says:

        Those changes don’t have to mean anything. Chelsy moved from SA to the UK which was interpreted as a sign of a permanent relationship.

        Cressida started to be papped more frequently with Harry AND attended various weddings with him which was also interpreted as a sign of permanent things to come.

        It’s fun to speculate, but these so-called signs don’t always mean anything.

      • Bridget says:

        Everyone also forgot that Chelsey was educated in the UK prior to University, too – she may have just liked the UK. That relationship was portrayed very differently in the media.

      • notsugarhere says:

        Agree, LAK. Doesn’t have to mean anything.

        She has written and closed a blog before, nothing new. I think she closed this one to stop the tabloids and tumblr queens from continuing to mine-and-mock it. If these two break up, she may bring it back. The clothing line ended back in December, but is making the news now because apparently the store was still trading on her name. We learned in another thread that she didn’t ask for time off the week of Pippa’s wedding; the production was already scheduled to shut down that week for a mid-filming break.

  5. Starryfish says:

    The engagement probably won’t come until after the election but I can’t wait, the meltdowns from various factions that ramp up every time they are confirmed to have spent time together will be EPIC. I for one hope she gets the ring, and I hope it’s a real huge sparkler (and not a recycled Diana totem either).

  6. OSTONE says:

    If only we can get pap pictures of Meghan hanging out with the York princesses, I think Carole’s head would explode! I do have to say, that with the mess we’re in with Trump, Brexit and the French elections, the potential drama and gossip of Pippa’s wedding and Harry’s love shield is giving me life! #escapism

    • anna says:

      don’t forget the end of democracy in turkey. every day more reasons to fuck1ng fear the future.

    • FrenchB says:

      Totally agree with u…I’m French and I’m so afraid by the election of Marine that I find this love story refreshing even if I think that Harry is a womanizer and not a husband material….

    • Sarah says:

      Personally, with the horrors we are facing in the US, I certainly don’t welcome seeing more hatred and angst between people who are more privileged than 99.9% of the universe. I would rather see them all getting along and doing some good for the world.

      • FrenchB says:

        The horror we are facing all over the planet-Trump who want to go in war with Korea,Syria,(when the leader of US have no idea where he is doing and sayin ,it scares me a lot) Erdogan and his referendum,our election in France,All form of extremism(Muslim and far-right…) and we can go again….a love story does some good but like you said it why do we care for these two privileged people….mystery…maybe empathy…myself,to forget our election because I’m really scary and whenever I read newspaper,it’s always so brutal-I read something about Trudeau and I was shocked discovering how this guy is such a hypocrite…and others things…..
        Up,in another comment,u said that in the wedding photos,he wasn’t in to her and I agree with u…. I rather prefer him more loving but he seems not to be,that’s not what I expected after all these reports saying that he was “head over heels…” or maybe he knows how to hide his feelings….but at the same time,why did he went see her after his Caribbean tour(and he knew that it will be controversial….) or why did he bother visiting her for Easter….and I read he was dating back in 2015,a girl named Juliette Labelle who lived in LA but it didn’t last because it was said that they lived in two different continents….and he and Meghan…so why is he doing it for her and not for that girl in LA?….
        I think that Harry liked her but going to propose,I don’t think so….and I don’t think he is ready to settle,he seems like a womanizer not a husband material…This idea of a statement is so terrible because it put her in the spotlight….If they break up,this story is gonna ruin her carreer…I think…..but maybe I’m totally wrong and l’m putting so many brain in this and like my husband said it to me: she is a grown up and she can deal with it……yes,I know but I feel sorry for her…I hope she won’t end heartbroken and with bad publicity….

  7. HappyMom says:

    I’m sure she runs things by him so she doesn’t step in it. But I give side-eye to the idea that she’s now tight with Kate and William.

  8. Joannie says:

    I have a feeling this relationship is more media than reality. Harry was in Toronto for the Invictus trials and it was reported he was there to spend Easter with his new girlfriend. I do believe they are seeing one another but I dont think the pressure they are put under to be engaged is fair. They need time to get to know one another. Becoming a member of the RF is a big deal. And a huge change for someone who needs the media to further her career. Although this exposure could certainly work in her favour as well.

    • Dee says:

      You do believe they are seeing eachother? Lol look I don’t know how serious they are but it wasn’t the media who released a statement to protect this relationship. Obviously they are together, the tabloid engagement stories is just normal for anyone he dates.

    • FrenchB says:

      I don’t think she can benefit from this relationship after they break up(if they do…),she always be seen as the mixed race 35 years old who dated Prince Harry….I don’t see how…but maybe I’m naive…she takes more risks dating him rather not because if she is famous,it is for wrong reasons….Chelsy and Cressida are always seen like ex of Harry and Cressida said that she hadn’t roles because she was known as girlfriend of Harry….

    • HappyMom says:

      If this wasn’t serious he wouldn’t have thrown down the royal love shield back in the fall. Despite being on different continents they’ve seen each other regularly. If either one of them just wanted a fling, there would be many other, geographically available, people to date. I think her media training will be a huge benefit for being a Royal Duchess. But I agree, they both need to give it a lot of consideration. She’s not just marrying the man she loves, she’s completely changing the trajectory of her life.

      • FrenchB says:

        I do totally agree with you,it seems to be serious because otherwise why did he release this statement and like I said it in another comment,in summer 2015,he dated a girl named Juliette Labelle when he was in vacation in LA but it is said it didn’t work out because they weren’t in same continents and with Meghan,it’s same situation so why did he make an effort for Meghan and not for that girl….and he did go see her after his Caribbean tour and I think he knew that he will face some backlashes:nobody was talking about his successful tour in Caribbean island only the fact that he visited her so she must be important….but Harry is a nice,loveable guy and very good at what he is doing since 4 years (before that,for me,he was a total jerk….a douche guy with so many privileges)…..
        But is Harry a husband material?I don’t think so….he keeps saying in all his interviews that he want kids and he want to find a wife but I don’t think he really mean it…..but I wish I’m totally wrong….I think they can be a power couple like the Obamas,or George and Amal…and do some good to the planet…

  9. stinky says:

    am I the only one who isn’t buying her schtick??
    she’s fame-hungry.
    she’s an ACTRESS for cryin out loud.
    none of this is criminal or reason to dislike her…
    all im sayin is – I aint buyin what she’s sellin’.

    • Luca76 says:

      I think she’s obviously fame hungry but so what? She seems to want to do the job (and being married to an English prince is a job). She already was doing the philatrophy on her own. I don’t kid myself that this is some idealistic fairytale and I think she’s going to bask in the spotlight and do her best to be on every major magazine cover. But in my mind that’s what a royal is supposed to do (I’m not english) Be charitable, be attractive but not over the top stunning, have some sort of aura of glamor and fashion, and be gossip friendly (but hopefully not all out scandolous for her sake). So I’m all in.

      • suze says:

        I am a Cynical Girl. I think Meghan is plenty happy with the spotlight, and I think more power to her. It is not a bad quality to have in a Royal Duchess. Not at all.

        And I don’t think it’s a fairytale at all – they are human. They are both VERY human. And it’s a hard job, no doubt about it.

        But it could all work, and work well. And be fun for us in the process.

    • TheOtherSam says:

      They are together, it’s serious, but this belief in an ‘imminent engagement’ is pushing it. They haven’t dated a year yet. He’s the son of the future UK monarch; they don’t do quickie engagements and weddings not since the Charles/Di debacle.

      She’ll move to London after her show wraps, settle in and build a charity profile from there. She and Harry will continue to go to private events together (weddings etc) and she’ll likely be a strong fixture at the Invictus Games this fall. If all goes well and to plan I predict an announcement around the holidays (didn’t William and Kate announce in Dec?) or very early next year, for a summer/fall wedding 2018.

      • Connell says:

        I agree with everything you are saying, but Meghan will be turning 37 in the summer of 2018. I think anyone that joins the RF should carefully date for at least two years. It’s hard to divorce, once you are in. I think Meghan is probably pushing for a wedding this year. It might work, but Harry himself doesn’t need to hurry. Harry wants to marry, but then again he doesn’t necessarily want to be pushed. 50-50 chance this year.

      • notsugarhere says:

        If she moves to London, moves into KP, and doesn’t have a real job? No end of criticism. She’d have to already have something really big lined up, like working for an existing charity as a paid employee, or she’d be called the new Waity. And her visas had better be in perfect shape.

    • Greet says:

      Yeah I felt that way for a while, and part of me still does. But… you know, I cant help but like her. The girl’s got hustle for sure, she’s been working her way up the social ladder for years, yes, but that doesnt make her feelings for Harry or her philanthropic endeavors any less genuine, does it? I think she tried to make that point with her ‘I am both’ thing on the Tig. Its ok to be self contratulatory sometimes and it doesn’t negate the good done. I think she’ll be great at the job. At least she knows how to work, unlike the other marry in.

  10. K says:

    I hope they do marry. I admire the stand she’s taken on feminist charitable issues, she’s old enough to have an idea of what the media mess is like (plus as a TV actress already some exposure to it) and I think having a mixed race senior member of the royal family would be really good representation. Lots of young black girls in this country who would benefit from someone who looks like them at the top of the social pyramid, and if we wait for Parliamentary success it could be an awful lot longer (this is only our second ever woman Prime Minister).

    I also hope, on a human level, that they’re really happy. I don’t agree with the royal system – selecting a head of state via genetic lottery is just weird, really – but that isn’t the fault of the people in it. I’d not want to be that famous for anything that came with it, so I hope there’s personal happiness in that mix.

  11. Kayla says:


    You know People and Us Weekly are considered tabloid magazines with People seemingly being the go to for revealing which actor is dating who, while US Weekly is a little out there sometimes with their gossip, and yet they’ve been getting scoops.

    At the same time, if you read an article of theirs, it’s mostly just rehashed statements with some new info added to it and this one is no different, hell, some of the quotes sound similar to a DM article I had read, and it’s like, you wasted a page in a magazine to repeat the same thing with some new bits thrown in for what… (rhetorical)

    Anyway, being that people can speculate all day on who’s giving these quotes and from which camp they’re coming from, I’m happy that Meghan and Harry are able to keep their romance under the radar, that the media can’t turn their relationship into a menege a trois so to speak by coming in between them, and that as a result the tablods have to use anonymous quotes as a result.

  12. Andrea says:

    Someone upthread said Harry was inCanada for the invictis trial over Easter and not to visit Meghan, did I miss that news somehow it was Easter after all… I’m confused. Also why does people put so much stock in those pictures at the table, those pictures could have been taken over an 1/2 hr period. I’ve been happily married for 20 yrs u should see pictures of me and my husband. Sucking face in public/ touchy feels means nothing

  13. artistsnow says:

    Occurs to me, Meghan may be good for The Firm.

  14. artistsnow says:

    I’m a hopeless romantic. Good for Harry!!
    He found his Princess Charming and Meghan found her frog. lol