Rihanna wore a Fenty/Puma mullet-poncho in LA: cute or tragic?

Rihanna Arrives At Her Pop-Up Store In LA

It’s been said by many that Rihanna has a unique ability to “pull off” some really strange and unflattering looks. Like, a burlap sack would look like a burlap sack on nearly every woman, but Rihanna would elevate a burlap sack and make it look like significant couture. With that in mind, check out Rihanna modeling one of her own Fenty + Puma designs. Rih was in LA to check out a pop-up store for her Fenty/Puma collection, and she wore one of the designs to the pop-up store opening.

Try and describe this. This is what I came up with: “A mullet poncho with zippers.” The DM called it a “a green high/low hem satin and nylon parka” and an “asymmetrical hooded parka with a side zipper pulled open to her thigh.” We’re calling this a parka? It’s a poncho, right? But, it’s a mullet poncho/dress. Hm. But as always, Rihanna elevates. I would look like a chunky and moldy green grape in this. Most women would. But Rih is sort of pulling it off.

Also: people are going crazy for Rihanna’s furry cell phone cover. She must have been Facetiming or Snapchatting while she was walking, because that’s her phone in her hand. It looks like she’s holding a squeaky toy for a dog.

Rihanna Arrives At Her Pop-Up Store In LA

Rihanna Arrives At Her Pop-Up Store In LA

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.


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  1. Kimble says:

    It’s fugly, whatever it’s called

  2. astrid says:

    Thanks for pointing out that she’s holding a phone with a fury cover. I was wondering if she was holding a bird?

  3. Ayra. says:

    She’s so beautiful, but no at that low high green thing. Maybe it would have been better if it was short, one length.

  4. ChubCucumber says:

    As I understand it ponchos do not have sleeves, they drape over the shoulder. So it’s more of a parka than a poncho.

  5. me says:

    Everything looks good on her. No one else could pull that off.

  6. QQ says:

    That outfit is a doozy but again Is the girl, I can’t stop staring at her and with longer staring time she could convince me on this being a good idea somehow ( It Isn’t)

  7. MissMerry says:

    pretty face, other than that she always looks like a trashy mess to me. The way she dresses almost always makes her looks like such an a**hole.

    but i guess with a pretty face and money, you can get away with more

  8. Miss Grace Jones says:

    This looks like the kinda stuff I wear when I don’t want to put on a bra or pants but still be dressed to go somewhere. Which is often.

  9. BP says:

    No. No she DOES NOT pull it off. Nobody could. She is fabulous…mullet poncho is not.

  10. M4lificent says:

    Why is she talking to a squirrel?

  11. Joannie says:

    I dont mind it so much. If its raining. She looks like she’s gained weight.

  12. Eleonor says:

    I thought that was a squirrell.
    And not she does not pull that monstruosity off. But at least she is wearing it, and not that thing is wearing her. I don’t know how she does.

  13. minx says:

    Even Rihanna looks bad in that thing.

  14. Marion says:

    The “jacket”/”dress”/poncho/mullet thing is not what’s most shocking…

    Can we talk about those Louis XIV hideous shoes???? :-o

  15. manta says:

    I’ve never seen this “can elevate anything she wears” magical ability. Same with Blanchett, who is the other one also labelled like this. Beautiful women, but most of the times, something ugly remains ugly even on them.
    They can add sparkle to something average, but make look couture the most ridiculous outfits? No.

    • Jeesie says:

      Well that’s kind of the point. ‘Ugly’ clothes aren’t bad attempts at making something pretty, they’re meant to look odd. It’s not about making unconventional clothing look like conventional clothing, it’s about wearing the unconventional clothing boldly and confidently.

      Rihanna and Blanchett and Swinton revel in the ‘weird’ designs, while others who try end up looking awkward and uncomfortable.

      • manta says:

        No that’s not the point, apparently, if you’re to believe the author of this post.
        I quote “Rihanna would elevate a burlap sack and make it look like significant couture”
        I was directly answering this part. They can be bold, confident, comfortable or revel in their designs, that doesn’t make the all look couture (not that it’s an important thing but again that was what was noted here). They just look more fierce in ridiculous outfits.

  16. kay says:

    oh, i fall firmly in the “she is the queen of high(ly) head scratching fashion”, and i reckon she could literally rock a plastic shopping bag.
    not because she is beautiful, though she is.
    not because she walks in her own light, though she does.
    because she wears what pleases her. and what pleases her to wear, to me, always manages to work (no pun lol).
    no pompoms for this outfit, but rocket pompoms for her and her “zero fahks for what y’all think” way of being and dressing.

  17. Blaire Carter says:

    I love everything about it!

  18. kay says:

    hell yes! lainey has pics of her manning the cash register.
    honestly, i reckon i could consider missing a mortgage payment just to have had her check me out.
    (joking, darling. joking. kinda…in case my husband ever stumbled on here and saw me wishing away a mortgage payment lololol)

  19. Luci Lu says:

    She’s pretty. She’s gaining weight.