Kim Kardashian: The flu is ‘an amazing diet’ just in time for the Met Gala

'The Promise' - Premiere - Arrivals

I remember my worst illnesses like they were yesterday. There was the time I had the Norovirus and I thought I was going to die. There was the time, in college, when I left a bad cold untreated and ended up with a respiratory infection. There was the time, just over this past Christmas, when I had that respiratory flu that was going around and it took me a good month to get rid of it. I’ve never been grateful for getting sick. Getting sick is the worst. But to Kim Kardashian, a flu isn’t anything more than an inexpensive diet ahead of the Met Gala.

Well, now we know that Kim is definitely attending the Met Gala. As you can imagine, the comments on this tweet were… rough. People were like “some people die from the flu!” and much, much worse. I think Kim was trying to be clever and say like, maybe something witty like Emily Blunt’s character in The Devil Wears Prada. But it came across as clueless and superficial because, derp, we’re talking about Kim Kardashian. There are probably thousands of impressionable kids who are currently licking sick people just so they too can get the flu and lose weight.

Also: except for the Norovirus moment – when I literally couldn’t keep anything down or “in” for several days – I rarely lose weight when I’m sick. I mean, I don’t weigh myself anyway, but I always feel so bloated and gross when I’m sick. You know why? Because I stay hydrated, which is what you’re supposed to do, and because I don’t go to the gym when I’m sick. So I feel like I gain weight. Ugh. Then again, maybe Kim’s “flu” is nothing more than “recovering from some lipo.”

'The Promise' - Premiere - Arrivals

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  1. Angel says:

    I want to like her, then she says nitwit stuff like this..

  2. me says:

    I doubt any kids look up to her or follow her on twitter. They are so over her. Also, please Kim we know how you lose weight. You created that figure of yours with the help of a doctor…it’s more than obvious. Your waste is smaller after two kids than it was when you were 14. Tell me how that’s possible when you clearly are not a gym rat. You never seem to lose weight in your breasts or ass. Any one who actually diets (as you claim you do) to lose weight, will lose it EVERYWHERE.

  3. slowsnow says:

    Is the flu code for another procedure now?
    ‘When I have the flu I look just like my sister hi hi’.

  4. anna says:

    anybody want to talk about the kylie/ kim collaboration video from instagram? they are finally embracing the fact that kylie morphed into kim. it’s uncanny.

    • Chetta B. says:

      Very succinct! lol Anyone else notice the changes in her face? She’s had another rhinoplasty in that she’s had some of the bridge of her nose shaved down, more fillers in the face … and in the lips too. I find it very unnatural looking. Her facial features don’t look like they belong somehow. I swear on my life she’s had more facial surgery than Michael Jackson, seriously. But you know what? She’s the same old liar.

  5. Froggy says:

    She probably had lipo and wanted to get ahead of it. I have no patience for that whole family.

  6. Gene123 says:

    I swear to god this is a line from Devil Wears Prada

    Edit: whoops, didnt read the whole article, I see now that it was pointed out

  7. jugil1 says:

    Her face looks like Kourtney here to me. She’s definitely had recent work & using the “laying low” excuse for it to heal. She’s fooling no one……

  8. librakitty says:

    My friends and I joke about this all the time-ease up people 🙄

    • jeni says:

      What blasphemy is this?! Famous people (that We don’t approve of) aren’t allowed to joke around! Haven’t you read the Bitterbitch rules of conduct for rich and pretty celebrities? The rules of justice and perverted equality state that an edgy sense of humor is a luxury available only to peasants (and Chrissy Teigen because We like her). Stop with your tolerance and lack of judgment, this isn’t the right forum. Lol

  9. Snowflake says:

    She posted that for a reason. She went to the premiere of that movie about Armenian genocide, took pictures and left without watching the movie. Because she was “sick.” She’s covering her tracks, as if she was so sick

  10. Chelly says:

    ALL this family cares about is $, a big ass, & a new way to lose weight no matter how preposterous it is. God, they’re so gross!

  11. trollontheloose says:

    the flu of plastic surgery: trim the waist and the butt.

  12. Patricia says:

    I mean come on now you know it’s the truth. Right before my 30th birthday I had a horrible stomach flu and was hospitalized for a couple nights. I lost 12 pounds in three days, this illness cleared my body OUT. It was scary, then I was fine, and then I looked totally fabulous in all my pictures from my birthday weekend hahaha.
    She has more of a sense of humor than she’s given credit for, I think. I’m sure she isn’t trying to set a good example for kids, she’s just being real .

  13. Happy21 says:

    You know, I have a friend who just had the flu last week. She has been bragging for a few days now how she ‘lost’ 10 lbs. She had the flipping flu! She could stand to lose a few pounds but she’s looking to do it anyway but the right way. She lost 10lbs by sitting on the toilet and having her head in the toilet, she didn’t diet, she didn’t exercise.
    I think it’s superficial and not particularly funny.

  14. HoneyB says:

    Her face!! Tweeked to hell and back. She’s looking like an old woman desperately trying to hold on. Now I’m becoming an old woman, thinking about how to stop gravity. I look at her, hellz no!

  15. Specialp says:

    She went and got lipo which yo money… in the words of Kanye. She is such an insecure human being. And it shows causer her face.

  16. Aysla says:

    It’s not that I don’t get she was cracking a joke… I just have no respect for this entire vapid, superficial family.

    You have no depth, Kim.

  17. MaybeTomorrow says:

    Her face is sad. Seeing pics of her as a teenager and you realize what is beautiful about her. This is such a travesty….I literally see her face morphing into that insane NY cat face woman within the next procedure, For the love of god, Kim — STOP

  18. Egla says:

    4 years ago I got some kind of flu. Toilet was my friend all day. I mean at a certain point I was EMPTY. I lost almost 5 kg in 2 weeks and I was so pale (July you guys-summer time here). I gained all back in less then a week as it was mostly liquids I lost but for some days I felt light even though I was frail.

    For her here IF it’s not a joke than girlfriend has had some lipo here and there and that’s her justification

  19. Paris says:

    Dear Kim, then you should try tapeworm diet!
    Even Maria Callas ate the parasites to try to lose weight.

  20. Just me says:

    Is anyone else seeing some kind of Angelica Houston look going on in those pictures? She doesn’t really seem to look like herself at all.

  21. jeni says:

    I still think she’s prettier than the average bear, but I don’t like what she stands for, that’s for sure…..which makes me feel OK saying that she’s had so many tweaks to her face that even though individually her features look OK, their proportions are really awkward and unnatural-looking, taken together. Her nose has been so shortened that her philtrum (between nose tip and upper lip) looks really long, which is aging to her whole look. And she looks puffy in the face from being inflated too much at different times without a very good assessment of the whole look.

  22. Dot says:

    She looks like Catherine Zeta Jones dressed up as Queen Nefertiti.

  23. Anna says:

    Seriously, what the h* has she done to her face? It’s worse than ever. No movement at all and completely frozen. That’s so unfortunate because she has always been such a natural beauty since childhood.