Steve Harvey’s ex wife sues him for $60 million, 12 years after their divorce

I wanted to cover this because people who don’t know the background may assume that this is a gold-digging, petty move by Steve Harvey’s second ex wife, Mary. As someone who has heard Mary’s side of the story through YouTube videos she posted (and since deleted, but here are links to copies) about six years ago, I think it was a long time coming and I hope she gets a decent settlement. I can’t overstate how measured, well-spoken and matter-of-fact Mary came across when she described how Steve set out to deceive her in their divorce and leave her penniless. When Mary tried to divorce Steve after he cheated on her with a string of women (including his current wife, Marjorie) he convinced her to hire a lawyer who was working for him, gave her less than $1,000 a month in alimony despite the fact that he was a millionaire, and he made sure he had sole custody of their son together, turning the boy against his mom and leaving Mary homeless. Mary was with Steve when he was driving to standup gigs and living out of his car, and she was instrumental in helping him make it big. In stories about his past he’s erased her and made it sound like he did it all on his own. Also, Steve sued Mary after she told her side of the story on YouTube.

Anyway, Mary has filed a lawsuit against Steve for $60 million, but it sounds like she did it with the help of a friend, not a lawyer, because it’s rambling (according to TMZ). Given the details we’re hearing about it, and the amount of power and influence Steve has, I don’t think she’ll be successful in even getting a settlement. Here’s the news from TMZ:

Steve Harvey has caused his second ex-wife much more than mental anguish … according to a new lawsuit she’s filed he damaged her “soul” and now owes her $60 MILLION.

Mary Harvey and Steve’s infamously bitter divorce was finalized back in 2005, but according to docs filed Wednesday … Mary’s still feeling a slew of ill-effects from their battle. She says she’s been suicidal and self-medicates to cope with their nasty breakup.

The suit is rambling at times, but Mary’s main point is she’s emotionally and physically destroyed after losing her son, her businesses, and the joy of Mother’s Days. As she puts it, “All was loss Mary L. Harvey was dead.”

She’s suing Steve for child endangerment, torture, conspiracy against rights, kidnapping, murder, breach of contract and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Worth noting … the document was not filed by a lawyer, but rather a woman who tells us she is Mary’s “civil rights activist.”

We’ve reached out to Steve’s camp. No word back.

Update: Steve’s attorney Brandon Williams tells TMZ, “Mr. Harvey vehemently denies any allegations set forth in the lawsuit. The Complaint is meritless, frivolous and the allegations are completely false. We will vigorously defend/counterclaim against the Complaint.”

[From TMZ]

Again, a lot of people will read this and think it’s a money grab, which is understandable. It’s been six years since I saw Mary’s videos and I still remember how impressed I was by the amount of composure she showed when she explained how thoroughly Steve set out to destroy her. (Here’s another link to her videos: parts one, two and three.) What’s more is that he was the one cheating on her with multiple women, including Marjorie, his current wife, who would regularly call Steve at home. I don’t have a lot of hope that Mary will be successful but at the very least she’s bringing awareness to what a manipulative POS Steve Harvey is.

Harvey and his current wife, Marjorie, with whom he was cheating on Mary:

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  1. rahrahrooey says:

    I hope she gets it! I detest Steve Harvey!

  2. astrid says:

    My first thought was “gold digger” and it’s been a long time. Thanks for explaining the situation. Go Mary

  3. I Choose Me says:

    I wish her well but she needs a good damn lawyer or she won’t have a prayer.

  4. jess1632 says:

    Steve and his current wife like look mr and mrs. potato head

  5. Grant says:

    In Texas, if you’re in the midst of a divorce and your spouse is wealthy, you can have them pay your attorneys’ fees, as rich husband’s income is technically community property.

  6. HK9 says:

    I was amused to find out that he cheated on his first wife with Marjorie. (He loves to portray her as an oh so virtuous figure) I hope she realizes men like Steve Harvey don’t change. Karma is real.

  7. Shannon says:

    I wish her the best of luck. I saw similar happen to my best friend’s mom, and it nearly destroyed her. I’m dealing with the psychologically abusive father of my younger son. People who behave like this need to be called out.

  8. Onemoretime says:

    Steve Harvey been trash to me when he tried to stab Bernie Mack in the back by contacting the producers of the Charlie’s Angels movie. Trying to take Bernies part, telling them he would be a better fit. I’m glad the producers let Bernie know and that ended their friendship, thankfully. Once trash always trash!

  9. Jeanette says:

    I get that people think she deserves a settlement..Hell I wish my ex was worth a damn to get a settlement from! BUT..Its been 12 years, she needs to let this go and move on or it will destroy her. His money is not worth your piece of mind honey. Let. It. Go. As far as the kid, he is 19 and he will eventually make up his own mind about his Mom without any influence from Steve. Hell, the only memory I have of my father was him beating my Mom’s face bloody, but I still had to go meet him and make my own mind up that he was trash.

  10. holly hobby says:

    Ugh she should really hire a good attorney. That rambling complaint won’t get anywhere I’ll tell you that.

    Marjorie looks like she got work done. The before and after pictures are very obvious.

  11. Lyla says:

    Ugh. I can’t stand him. Good for her.

  12. Laura says:

    Another reason not to like him. What a jerk.

  13. Natalia says:

    Last year I was watching Steve Harvey and I saw a look that he gave his current wife Marjorie and boy looks could kill. She snapped to very quickly, a la Melania Trump at the (most unfortunate) inauguration. Used to like him. Nasty poser.

  14. City Girl says:

    Steve Harvey is a vile, disgusting hypocritical jackass. I wish he would lose all his money, fame, options…..after Mary gets paid anyway.