Liev Schreiber goes off on paparazzi, but they get plenty of good shots

On Sunday Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber, their son Alexander Pete Schreiber, who will be four weeks old on Wednesday, and their nanny went out for lunch at Malibu restaurant Taverna Tony’s. They looked kind of annoyed going into the restaurant, but then at some point before they left Liev came out by himself and went off on the paparazzi, chasing one guy to his car and hitting it. Naomi then came out and tried to calm Liev down. It seems like word got around that Liev and Naomi were there with their newborn son and the photographers started gathering outside while they were eating, annoying Liev, who is probably sleep deprived and at the end of his rope. It’s hard enough to go out with a new baby without having to deal with hoards of paparazzi.

The cops were called to try and stave off the photographers, but because it was a public street there was nothing they could do. As they left Naomi and Liev looked super annoyed and Naomi even flipped off photographers. Here are the descriptions of the photo sets from Splash News:

Naomi Watts and boyfriend Liev Schreiber arrive at Taverna Tony’s Restaurant in Malibu with new baby Alexander Pete in tow. Liev seems to be finished with giving the paparazzi shots of the baby as he went ballistic, chasing and assaulting the photographers. Naomi had to come out of the restaurant to retrieve Liev and stop him from his rampage.

Liev Schreiber, fiance of Naomi Watts, loses his cool as photographers take pictures of him and his family on a busy Malibu street. The actor raced into the middle of the road, hit a photographer’s car and chased one snapper away. The new Dad had arrived at popular restaurant Taverna Tony’s with his new son and Naomi before chasing the media away. The police were later called but could not help Schreiber as the snappers were on a public street.

We went out for sushi with my son when he was four weeks old. Newborns sleep a lot and we had a window of maybe an hour when we could enjoy our meal. Then my son woke up and we had to get out of there and make sure he was fed and happy. It was stressful in that we kept worrying that he would wake up and we would have to leave. We didn’t have anyone with us to help out, though.

This was probably the first time Liev and Naomi have been out with their son for dinner and you can see how Liev would get annoyed. Maybe they feel like prisoners in their beautiful home considering how much photographers must stalk them. You can tell they weren’t expecting it either, because they’re not dressed up or anything.

Still, Liev should work on his temper and on coming up with ways to foil photographers, like using decoy cars or driving farther out of town. If you’re a celebrity and you want to live near Hollywood, and go out to eat or shop there you can forget about having any kind of privacy, especially when you have a beautiful new baby.

Naomi was also seen out earlier on Sunday strolling along the beach with friends in Malibu, where she attended a small get together at Jon Favreau’s beach house. It’s unknown if Liev or little Alexander were there with her as there are no pictures of them.

Thanks to WENN and to Splash News for these pictures.

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