Is 50-year-old Halle Berry trying to show us a ‘baby bump’? (update: denial!)

16th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball - Arrivals

Here are some photos of Halle Berry at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball over the weekend. I swear, I looked through these photos on Sunday and I thought, “she looks nice in that color, maybe if it’s slow, I’ll write about her outfit.” I swear I really did look through the pics and I really didn’t notice anything other than the dress. But look at how Halle is positioning herself in several of these photos. Look at the way she’s “cradling” her midsection. Look at the small but visible “bump.” Halle seems to want us to see that bump. Halle Berry is 50 years old. And now some people are like, “Damn, is she preggo???”

To be fair, few of us really expected Halle to announce her pregnancy the last time, when she was pregnant with son Maceo. She was 46-47 during that pregnancy, which happens sometimes – some ladies will have a fertility spike pre-menopause, in their 40s. I always believed that was what happened with Maceo too – I didn’t think Halle had fertility treatments, and I don’t even believe that she and Olivier Martinez were trying to have a baby. So did that happen again?

It seems strange to be bump-watching a 50-year-old woman – although, let’s face it, people are still doing that sh-t to Jennifer Aniston – but to be clear, people are talking about it because of the way Halle was posing. If she hadn’t been like “look at my little bump,” I think most people would have just gone with the “Halle wore a silver dress to a charity event, looked great” angle.

As for who allegedly put a baby in there, your guess is as good as mine. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Update: Halle’s rep tells Extra that Halle is not knocked up. So why the pose? No one knows.

16th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball - Arrivals

16th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball - Arrivals

16th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball - Arrivals

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. I Dont Know Her says:

    wow. it deff looks like a real baby or maybe a burrito baby. either way congrats! I’m sure both were/will be loved.

  2. Gene123 says:

    I have been refreshing waiting for this post. I have been jaw dropped shocked since I saw the photos last night. Its almost undeniable

  3. HeidiM says:

    Yeah and its Common’s baby. Or at least that’s the rumour.

  4. Luca76 says:

    I mean maybe she’s maturing and realizing she really just wanted another baby and not the crazy dysfunctional relationship so she’s going for it on her own? I’d kind of love it if she openly talked about making a decision like that.

    Then again maybe she’s just really happy with the bagel and lox she had for breakfast.

  5. Imqrious2 says:

    There is definitely something there. Halle is way too body conscious to pose that way if she’s not “announcing. If she didn’t want to, that coat would be closed.

  6. tracking says:

    Wow, she really does look pregnant. Congrats to her!

  7. jwoolman says:

    Maybe it’s a menopausal pooch and she’s proud of it?

  8. Elisa the I. says:

    she looks absolutely amazing, baby or not!

  9. trollontheloose says:

    they are many other pics and she def looks preggo. why not? she has the means. My mom had my little bro at 47. My aunt unexpectedly had her daughter at 52 and she was overjoyed but right away went back to birth control! lol

  10. TQB says:

    I mean, it’s Halle Berry; she looks fantastic. If it was just a bump I’d say overreaction, but who does that hand gesture if they AREN’T trying to emphasize a baby bump? It’s a terribly unnatural way to stand.

  11. Miss V says:

    I usually don’t like the bump watching. I look pregnant right now and I am definitely not. Just having a hard time losing the baby pooch after baby #3. So, I hate the speculation. But, ummmm… she definitely looks pregnant. And she looks like she wants people to know by the way she is posing.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I agree, I usually HATE bump watches. I think it is just a product of being overly critical and invasive when it comes to the female body.

      But this isn’t really “bump watch”, it was a “bump show”. WHO cradles their belly with their hand at the pubic line when they aren’t pregnant? Knowing now that she isn’t pregnant, I find it to be really desperate behavior on her part.

  12. velourazure says:

    Definitely preggo. No woman does that pose unintentionally.

  13. CynicalAnn says:

    I’m not anti-older mom by any stretch-I had my last kid at 42. But I’m also 50 and my thought is: GIRL ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?

    • third ginger says:

      Yes. I had my only child at 40 [after struggles and losses]. It is not easy. However, it always depends on the woman’s health.

    • LeedaBird says:

      I thought that too but she is in better shape than many people in their 20′s so hopefully it works out fine for her. She doesn’t seem like she’s slowing down anytime soon!

      • Norman Bates' Mother says:

        She looks very fit but she struggles with serious health issues – she has type 1 diabetes. My father is diabetic and I know how difficult dealing with this illness is, so taking care of 3 young children, including an infant and a toddler while being a single working mother and remembering about the medications, diet and regular doctor check-ups seems like a big struggle, even for someone in their 20′s. She can afford all the help and at least one father of her children is known to be hands-on (Aubry – when she allows him to be), though, so she’s still in a better position than many much younger mothers.

  14. JEM says:

    I honestly hope she had a delicious giant burrito that she wanted to cradle in public. I don’t think having a third kid is good for anybody. Her older kids may have been present during physical and verbal altercations between their parents, and were definitely dragged into family law and children’s court drama by Halle and the baby dads.

    • Wellsie says:

      I made some enchiladas the other day that we’re flipping amazing. They def made me look pregnant after (…for a couple days) and even though I loved them I didn’t cradle my ‘chilada baby quite like that.

      Drugs. Dammit! I was trying to stay positive.

  15. Jess says:

    Yeah I’d say she’s pregnant, why the hell else would you cradle your bloated belly like that? Attention? I guess congrats? She’s a strange one.

  16. Lucy says:

    I can’t believe she’s 50! God damn she just looks absolutely amazing

  17. ok says:

    lipstick alley thinks that the dad is Naomi Watts’s brother. There are pics of him and Halle recently.

  18. courtney says:

    it’s irresponsible to have a child at her age the child is more likely to have physical/learning disabilities

  19. Anna says:

    That’s a pregnant lady. More importantly, anyone involved in supporting Chrysalis is great in my books. They provide more for people trying to get back in the workforce in LA than ANY OTHER AGENCY. They provide all resources and also transitional jobs to all walks of life who are at least 30 days clean and sober and in compliance with probation/parole. Computer classes, job wardrobe, transportation, phones/phone numbers, computers for job search and referrals to other important city resources like housing agencies. Working to end poverty through jobs #ChangeLives

  20. JenB says:

    Wow. Dang Halle! Go ahead with your fertile self! And undoubtedly she will have a baby at 50 and then get her amazing figure right back.

  21. Molly says:

    I’d bet the farm that she had fertility treatments then and (if pregnant) had fertility treatments now. The chances of getting pregnant naturally at that age AND getting pregnant while on birth control are near zero.

    (Because if she’s NOT using some form of birth control , she’s a reckless fool.)

  22. Nancy says:

    Halle is good for two things all the time; looking pretty and being or causing drama way back to the David Justice years. As a Clevelander, we know Halle’s woes go back to the day. Poor thing was named after a department store in the city at the time of her arrival. But on the baby front, I had one at 37, so I don’t feel so out there if she is having a kid at 50..allegedly, lol! Thanks Halle

  23. NtSoSclBtrfly says:

    That’s no “little bump”- that’s end of second trimester or beginning of third for sure. Probably wanted a little playmate for toddler. Her daughter must be school age now.

  24. Ruyana says:

    Halle is an exceptionally beautiful woman, but she also seems to be mentally unbalanced.

  25. Pantalones en fuego says:

    I know someone who got pregnant via IVF at 50 so it’s def possible especially with Halle’s means.

  26. maggiegrace says:

    She is more likely to be hit by lightening than to get pregnant at 50. It was artificial insemination. In fact, it was probably a donor egg. She doesn’t have the hormones at her age to have viable eggs.

  27. I had my last child at 41 and my body was like, “Guurrrl, I’m done! No more!”

    I cannot imagine having a baby at 50, but she looks great, has the financial means and ability to hire help. She looks happy, so here’s to a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby!

  28. Jb says:

    I’m going with the whole peri-menopause story as complete BS and her having a fabulous relationship with her IVF doctor. And egg donor. The odds of getting and staying preg at 45 are 1% to 2%.

  29. khaveman says:

    No woman positions her hands that way unless it’s pregnancy-related, in my opinion. Good for her and wish her a healthy pregnancy if it’s true.

  30. minx says:

    So her rep is saying she’s not pregnant..but why pose like that?

  31. Mrs Fonzieface says:

    Is she trolling us? I think she’s pregnant, I really do.

  32. Patty says:

    Honestly. I think she is legit crazy. Nothing surprises me with her. She’s holding it like a baby bump but she is probably just bloated and trolling.

  33. M.A.F. says:

    Update: Halle’s rep tells Extra that Halle is not knocked up. So why the pose? No one knows.

    Because she was seeking attention.

  34. Angel says:

    On another note, I love her with short hair – she wears it so well! 💇🏽

  35. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    Maybe one of the photogs said “Halle, are you with child?” and she said, nope, it’s just a (burrito, pasta, bread, whatever) baby. Or maybe she caught her reflection & was saying, damn, I should have worn Spanx.

    Her face looks softer, fuller, younger though. That I can’t explain.

  36. Egla says:

    I hope is food baby because at 50 wow it takes a lot of strength to carry one. And if she is pregnant fertile or not, trust me a doctor was involved. Yes she may still have menstruation but probably not good eggs or no more eggs at all.
    I’m 36, almost 37 in a month (I am sad now) and I have told friends that IF I don’t get married and have a baby by 40 I won’t play with fire for sure later on. That’s my age limit. Women in my family have been fertile till 52 but still it takes a lot of energy and money to take care properly of children. I have no money and I feel I don’t have the energy to take care of toddlers after a certain age. Anyway, who knows, I might change my mind if the right guy comes. I would like to adopt though but men here don’t really like that.

  37. Aurelia says:

    She is clearly about 6 months gone to her new boyf.

  38. Paris says:

    If she is pregnant, who is THE FATHER?
    I need Wendy Investigator Williams ASAP!

  39. jugil1 says:

    Halle wanted people talking about her & she got her wish. She’s so thirsty!

  40. Magnoliarose says:

    She said it is a steak and fries baby. Maybe she thought it was funny? I have no idea but I am sure she knew what she was doing. Private joke?
    I don’t understand why she always gets called crazy when plenty of other male stars have multiple marriages and drama. Her first two husbands were problematic all on their own and she admitted she had unrealistic expectations and issues from her past. Martinez didn’t even want to divorce but seems they get along. The Aubry thing is ridiculous. Both of them acted like War of The Roses just like many couples who can’t get a grip.
    Then I guess Brad Pitt is crazy and unstable. Very public drama with JA and Angelina. Children involved. Social Services involved. Admitted addiction. He can’t keep a woman and he’s SO good looking. What is wrong him? Oh that’s right. It is all Angelina the evildoer’s fault. Good thing he escaped.
    She was even blamed for Olivier and Gabriel’s fight.
    The label seems unfair. Hollywood and messy love lives are a cliche for a reason. She’s no worse and rather tame compared to some others.

  41. Leah says:

    Color me and my husband of almost 30 yrs totally surprised when I naturally got pregnant at almost 50. I ended up having a miscarriage at around 7-8 weeks.

    According to my OB-GYN, she has been delivering 4-5 babies each year naturally conceived to moms ages 45-52. She theorizes that more women may get pregnant at that late age, but because the miscarriage rate is so high, they just don’t know that they were pregnant.

    FYI – now I’m 51, and every time I see that doc, she makes me take a pregnancy test. LOL

  42. Littlestar says:

    I mean, honestly she looks pregnant with that pose; I don’t know why one would pose like that otherwise. But either way she looks fantastic, definitely aging goals for 50.

  43. Cerys says:

    At 50, I would assume it is menopause bloat. However why stand like that? Unless she is trying to show that real women have puffy bits. Whether it is pregnancy or bloat, she still looks good.