Eminem’s hotel room robbed of tens of thousands worth of stuff

While Eminem was having Sacha Baron Cohen’s crotch land in his face in a planned stunt on the MTV Movie Awards, someone was back at his hotel room stealing his stuff. It’s hard to tell if Eminem was truly offended at the stunt, which an MTV writer confirmed was rehearsed with him as it was shown, if he left the show as a publicity stunt or a little of both. Whatever happened, he was sure to have been sincerely upset when he returned to his room to find that it was ransacked and tens of thousands worth of his stuff, including a $60k necklace, was gone:

The Michigan-born rapper had thousands of dollars worth of items stolen from his L.A. hotel room on Sunday night, including a $60K diamond necklace and his personal laptop.

Thankfully, Em’s new album, “Relapse,” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart – selling a whopping 608,000 copies in its first week – so he’ll have the funds to recover what he lost.

But he couldn’t have been happy about the live concert launch of “DJ Hero” on Monday night in L.A., either. There, the hip-hopper met with tepid reactions following a performance with Jay-Z.

“When Eminem rapped with Jay, the crowd loved it,” said one eyewitness. “But when he continued on his own and did songs off his new album, the energy just died. People were pumped to see him, but he wasn’t interacting with his fans. His performance was mechanical, without a lot of personality, and people were pretty disappointed.”

[From NY Daily News]

I have very little sympathy for Eminem. I saw him in an interview on German television and he made a thinly veiled homophobic comment and came across as a jerk. If someone stole his stuff that really sucks for him, but my heart doesn’t bleed for the guy. It’s surprising to hear that he’s not getting much of a response from the crowd when he’s performing, though. The Daily News goes on to report that Eminem went off stage on Monday waiting for people to call for an encore. When the crowd thinned out instead he just left. I like his music and he’s definitely talented, but his big ego always seems to get in the way. He’s obviously not the only music artist with that problem. Maybe Kanye will be ranting in all caps about how his stuff got stolen next.

Eminem is shown out shopping on 6/1/09. Credit: Fame Pictures


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  1. lway says:

    I love you EM – but DANG! those are ugly shoes ….. he has so much of money, buy something that at least looks nice?

  2. gooniegirl says:

    I’m a huge Eminem fan also, but since his comeback he doesn’t seem to have much of a sense of humor anymore. I’ve seen a couple of interviews and he doesn’t smile, he doesn’t offer much for conversation, and he comes off like he’s bored with everyone around him. Such a bummer :(

  3. liks says:

    is it just me or does eminem officially look like a woman?

  4. HUNH! says:

    It was rumored some time ago that Eminem suffered from an “Anxiety Disorder” that surfaced after having become famous. Which would make sense being that stress is one of the leading causes.

    People who suffer from Anxiety Disorders often seem distant, aloof (staring off into space or in his case into an audience when being interviewed, lol.), at times even rude. Anxiety at times manifest itself through aggression/anger(imagine constantly feeling uncomfortable or as if your going to jump out of your skin) or exhibit other symptomatic behaviors (biting the lip, the appearance of chewing, pulling or readjusting clothing, etc…)in an effort to “quiet themselves” or focus on something unrelated to what’s causing the anxiety.

    Granted I’ve only seen Eminem in a few interviews since resurfacing. A couple one on one with an interviewer, the others in front of an audience. Accessing his behavior in the interviews where there was no audience he was very attentive, calm and somewhat charming as opposed to the interviews where he was in front of an audience.

    So, I’m inclined to believe the rumor.

  5. Ashley says:

    I’ll take Eminem over Kanye anyday. He may be a bit of an ass but nothing compares to Kanye, douche supreme.

  6. Toe says:

    Ugly shoes? those are 7 air nikees….. i see nothing wrong with them

  7. Ally says:

    I feel bad that people are that stupid to steal from him, whatever. I love his music, he is a very talented rapper and says what he thinks. More people should be like him, then the world wouldn’t be full of stupid people. As far as his performance I thought it was good, so all you haters out there, stop hating.