Brad Pitt spent the day before Father’s Day with ‘several of the children’

Brad Pitt arrives for the "Okja" premiere in New York City

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been suspiciously quiet this month, so far. You know what I was wondering? Right now, Brad and Angelina have some kind of truce, for sure… but it’s literally just because they agreed to a temporary custody agreement. There is no permanent custody agreement in place, and as far as anybody knows, Angelina and Brad still have to work out everything regarding their divorce, from money, to property and real estate to a permanent custody agreement for the kids. I wonder if that will heat up in the months to come.

Anyway, as I said, they have a temporary custody situation in place. Angelina has primary custody and Brad still gets visits from the kids (the ones who want to see him). I believe Brad’s visits are still monitored? Maybe. So, he did get to spend a little time with a few of his kids ahead of Father’s Day, but not on the actual day.

Brad Pitt got an early Father’s Day present—some quality time with his kids. His ex Angelina Jolie filed for divorce in September after two years of marriage and a 12-year relationship. The two then got involved in a custody battle over their six children—Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 12, Shiloh, 11, and 8-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox—before reaching a temporary custody agreement. It states the kids will remain in Jolie’s custody while Pitt will have “therapeutic visitation” with them and also attend weekly individual therapy sessions.

Several of the children spent several hours at Pitt’s house in Los Angeles Saturday morning. They were seen being dropped off in a Suburban. They later returned to Jolie’s home and she and all six kids then made their way to LAX, en route to a weekend trip to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where the actress adopted Zahara in 2005, E! News has learned exclusively.

[From E! News]

I’m not trying to nitpick or anything, but I do find it interesting that – by appearances, anyway – it seems like there are a few Jolie-Pitt kids who still want next to nothing to do with Brad. I don’t know if those kids are Maddox and Pax or what. The therapist has allegedly advised Brad and Angelina to just go along with the kids’ desires, and if one or two of the kids doesn’t want to see Brad, they shouldn’t be forced. Well, at least “several of the children” got to spend a little bit of time with Brad on Saturday. I wonder what Angelina and the kids will be doing in Ethiopia? Probably checking in on the medical clinics Angelina set up in Zahara’s name?

Angelina Jolie celebrates Mother's Day with son Pax Jolie-Pitt at TAO

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  1. TheOtherMaria says:

    I’m glad they’re going based off the therapist’s suggestion still, it’s better for them…

  2. LadyT says:

    Doesn’t sound like a healthy family dynamic to me at all. Very little progress appears to have been made in the last 9 months.

  3. HeatherAnn says:

    Ugh. That’s terrible. Why would she take them out of the country on Father’s Day? Why does he see them so little? Seems wrong to me. But then again I don’t know the details.

    • Idky says:

      He’s no saint, but she’s a beyotch always trying to make a point.

    • bap says:

      Angelina is going to Ethiopia for World Refugee Day June 20, 2017.

      • Ramona says:

        Thats cool but like all healthy co-parents she needs to learn to prioritise her travel engagements to facilitate the kids relationship with their other parent. She can mark World Refugee Day from anywhere in the world. The ceremonies will go on just fine with or without her. And if she still feels compelled to give a speech, it can be done via Skype. The real work, negotiating more resources for displaced persons happens without her anyway. Its critical that nobody sees themselves as indispensible to a cause, its not just a disservice to the mission, its hurts your family. Fathers Day should have been spent with their dad (those who wanted to)

      • Kate says:

        Brad went to Le Mans last year for father’s day so obviously, it was never a top priority in the family.

      • SaraR. says:

        Ramona, she traveled abroad just twice this past nine months, to Cambodia and to London. She arranged this trip probably months and months ago. Brad traveled this past nine months to China, Japan, Korea, India, London and Madrid for work, been to New York several times, and on Caribean vacation for Thanksgiving. She never goes anywhere without her children. And you want her to stay in LA because the refugee day conflicts with father day?

      • Jaded says:

        I was wondering why they would go for just a weekend, seems far to travel for only a few days but that’s a great cause. Good for her

      • SaraR. says:


        I don’t think it’s just a weekend, E doesn’t now a thing.

    • Mildred Pierce says:

      Do you know where he spent father’s day last year?

      • bap says:

        @Mildred It might have been LE MANS in France.

      • LadyT says:

        Yes. This time last year Brad was heavily drinking and disengaged from of his family and spent Father’s Day at a car race apparently. That’s totally on him.
        No one is denying that, including him.
        I’m not understanding the CURRENT situation- restrictive access to children, lack of family healing etc. I expected more progress at this point.

      • Luca76 says:

        Well I’m not sure exactly what there is to not understand about this situation. Brad alienated his children in the past to the point that they would rather spend time with their mother doing charity work than with their Dad. He’s been restricted because by his own account he was drinking and by many accounts he behaved inappropriately in front of the kids. They actually sound like they did something healthy with their time-helping people less privileged. And who knows they may very well have called sent a present etc like many people who couldn’t spend time with their dads.

      • LadyT says:

        Luca76- At no point have I downplayed Pitt’s role in this. We just disagree as to what seems normal—nine months of sobriety and therapy later. Continued “alienation” is extreme to me under the circumstances. I’m not defending anyone nor am I blaming anyone. Just my opinion.

      • Keely says:

        @LadyT you say this kinda stuff on every Angelina or Brad post, how you’re not a fan or defending Brad or vilifying Angelina. Yet that’s exactly what you do on every single post.You even used the big bad alienation word in your comment. I don’t understand why you just don’t own your Pitt fan girls status, because for someone who “isn’t defending or blaming anyone” that’s all your comments seem to do.

        Just because you expect something doesn’t mean what YOU expect will happen. I don’t get why you’re so focused on the time, things will improve when they do and like both Pitt and Angelina have said the aim is to emerge from this as better people. If that means Pitt temporarily ceding some of his parental responsibilities and rights to achieve that goal and finally do what’s best for his kids, then why do you have an issue? Pitt has resources, if he had issues with the situation/ pace, best believe his very expensive lawyers would be very busy. Maybe the pace is because everyone involved thinks it’s for the best. Perhaps he’s aware he can’t handle 6 children on his own just yet & still requires the tools to learn & maybe that’s through therapy, time and learning while working on his own personal issues that caused some of this mess.

      • Lady D says:

        If there is continued alienation after 9 months there must be a good reason for it, or maybe he hasn’t been sober for the past 9 months. Those children have spent their whole life with an alcoholic parent, and I doubt it’s something you recover from quickly, especially if you are a child.

      • LadyT says:

        Keely- Read my posts again please. Luca said Brad alienated his kids. I wondered how long that would last considering he is now sober and they are in therapy.
        Where did I defend Pitt? Quite the opposite. I acknowledge his actions in every post. Where did I vilify Jolie? I haven’t even typed her name. Are you accusing me of saying Jolie is causing parental alienation? Show us all where I said that.
        Your first paragraph is hogwash and my posts are there in black and white to prove it.
        Your second paragraph is true. The timeline is not up to me. It seems outside the norm to me is all I expressed. That doesnt make me a “fan girl” to wonder.

      • Keely says:

        @LadyT , my apologies for misconstruing your response to Luca. I see that the alienation part was in your response to her comment. As for the rest of it, I stand by what I said about you being a Pitt fan girl. I lurked on this site for a while before I started commenting and your comments always stood out to me… Again you’re allowed to fan for whomever you choose to, but it seems to me that you’re a Pitt fan who is very vested in this story, yet always tries to appear not to be. Just my take.

        Perhaps you work in the field of children/ custody/divorce and have just taken a vested interest because of that- I don’t know. With such posts it tends to be the same vested commentators, and your name like mine keeps popping up. In the past, I’ve seen you make comments about Angelina being angry and punishing Pitt etc. All your comments just seem on every post to be one sided in favour of Pitt, yet you’ll always say you’re not a fan. While I agree you tend to acknowledge Pitt’s actions, it’s almost always couched with but but Angelina…

      • LadyT says:

        Thanks for acknowledging the miscommunication. I think some on here go too far with the Pitt hate and the Jolie worship. So maybe I stand out like a Pitt fan in comparison.
        I have in the past made a comment about Jolie feeling angry and punitive toward Pitt due to the chaos he caused back in September. Seems reasonable to me. For that comment I was accused by some of calling her a “vindictive maniac.” So yes I am very careful with my words.
        As for today, I can see that I am alone in wondering about the restrictive custody arrangement continuance. And that’s ok.
        If you feel the need to call out someone for being too invested in this–a few other names come to mind well before mine.

      • Keely says:

        LadyT- I actually don’t really mind your comments you seem vested as am I .The same way I an Angelina fan come here and make my points ,Pitt also has fans…or just neutrals. I enjoy most of the back and forth and yours are reasonable & just seem to me biased towards Pitt which you deny. My only issue with some posters are the ones who get their info from the likes of ff or the shady tabloids knowing quite well it’s bs and repeat that stuff here like it’s fact or just say inane nonsensical crap… see @friend of in every post.

        I don’t worship Angelina, (I also kinda find that argument disingenuous) if you get that sense from some…I think that’s probably a response to the irrational hate she gets & an attempt to balance, like you claim to be trying to do here…I actually belong to an Angelina fan site where we call her out & side eye her when it warrants. I just don’t think this custody/ divorce issue is something to side eye her for & I honestly believe she’s trying to make the best of a terrible situation. Nor do I believe Pitt is a victim of Angelina’s, private judges, Wasser , the UN, Chloe Dalton & Arminka Helic , 7 therapists, Bill Pitt etc etc.

        Okay I’m leaving now, because I already look crazy with the time I’ve spent here today.

      • Janetdr says:

        It’s not like father’s day is legal holiday or something -it’s a buy a card day. Everyday is father’s day if you’re doing it right. Seems to me that given Jolie’s humanitarian work, the refugee day was the most important thing, plus they spent time with him beforehand. I don’t see why spending time together on that particular day is in any way vital.

    • B n A fn says:

      Did not Brad went away last year on Father’s Day for some weekend racing extravaganza? He was not with his family. I’m just leaving Brad and Angelina alone and let them sought out their family dianamatic. I see Brad still has the “A” for Angelina on his wrist. Guess things are not as bad as some wants to believe. Btw, good to see the kids looking happy.

    • SaraR. says:

      Oh, please, last year on Father’s Day, the kids were in US and he was in Europe for some car race, and he didn’t take one of them with him.
      Angelina said in her interview with Marie Claire France that she is going to Africa for Refugee Day, so this trip is scheduled months ago and everyone was aware of it.

    • milla says:

      Cos its a stupid non holiday and father should be a father every day.

      If he came out and said that he had issues instead of trashing Angie it would be a sign of someone who wants to be a father.

      I have nothing but support for the kids. Divorce is a smart decision if a parent is drinking or being abusive. Well its the only choice.

      • Erinn says:

        I’m someone who doesn’t really gaf about holidays. It’s just another day in the year – it’s nice to do something a little special on those days- but it’s not necessary to go out with over the top celebrations. I’m 27 – I have people on facebook that I went to school with who NEED to be lavished with attention and ridiculous gifts on their birthday. They’ll update their status every day with a countdown until their birthday. I personally find it embarrassing- I don’t need some sort of parade for turning a year older. I feel pretty much the same when it comes to mothers day / fathers day / valentines day. It’s nice to put a little bit of effort in and do something nice for someone you love, but beyond that – meh. You should be thankful for the people you have all the time – and not use a holiday to show off.

      • Esmom says:

        Thank you, Erinn! I thought I was the only one who felt like this about my birthday and “hallmark holidays.” Most of my friends thought I was crazy not to want to celebrate my 50th this year. I just don’t need any fanfare. A nice dinner with my two closest friends and another one with my family was more than enough.

      • Snowflake says:

        I don’t really see the big deal about fathers day or any other day. Its all marketing imo. Just another way to make you spend money. My mom has always worked the holidays, so to me, not celebrating a holiday is no big deal.

      • Lady D says:

        I’m with you there, Erinn. When my son was little he gave me school-made gifts, which was okay. Like Snowflake’s mom, I usually work on Mother’s Day, it’s not that big a deal. I make a bigger deal about Christmas but still no major celebration.

    • GoOnGirl says:

      I guess you don’t remember last year when HE decided to spend father’s day at the races? Guess that mean ole Angie forced him to do that too.

    • Sansa says:

      I agree, the couldn’t leave on Monday? They just moved to a new home and it’s maybe 6 weeks . She must be bored.

    • friend of says:

      Father’s day falls on a date certain. When she made plans, father’s day was on the calendar. The best I can think of is that Angelina disregarded the date and didn’t think Brad having the kids for that day was important. By now he should have had them the whole weekend. At least. Things are not going well for an amicable co-parent arrangement. Soon another holiday approaches. Things could be just the same. Will be glad to see the kids playing in the yard of the demille. Then I will know they’ve moved in and are closer to Brad.

      • Keely says:

        I’m sure you missed the part where world refugee day is on the 20th of June and Filippo Grande was in the Sudan this weekend and has events planned starting tomorrow. Or the part where Angelina is the Special Envoy for UNHCR so this falls under her duties. Duties that’s she had to curtail the last 10 months because of her situation as stated in her interview with Mariane Pearl. Or that it’s 20 hours from LA to Addis Ababa… or the part where Pitt had to consent to her leaving LA with the kids…it’s amazing what you manage to miss while you manage to see other things.

      • Olive says:

        How can you say he “should have had the kids the entire weekend by now” when you and I know NOTHING about what is going on with him? I’d rather trust the therapist’s decisions than assume the alcoholic is all better now.

        As someone who had a traumatic event happen with her father that led to her parents’ divorce when I was around Maddox’s age, we still do not have much of a relationship. And it’s been 15 years. If Maddox doesn’t want to see his father, you can’t force it, and you shouldn’t, either. He is allowed to get over whatever happened on his own timeline, if he ever even decides to forgive his father. It’s NOT our place to say he should have forgiven his father and be spending time with him. I HATED people telling me that as a teenager, and still do as an adult. It’s Maddox’s decision and his alone.

    • Carmen says:

      He took himself out of the country last Father’s Day. Evidently he thought hanging with his buddies was more important than being with his family. Shows you what his priorities are (or were).

  4. Kate says:

    I hope he has stopped drinking so much.

  5. bap says:

    @lowercase deb that was another year. That was motorcycle race.

  6. Sera says:

    Sad that they are not all together but Hopefully time will heal everyone. It is sad that Brad is in this situation but at least he is acknowledging the reason why. I can’t imagine how difficult this has also been on Angelina. For such a private person to take such a public action must have been at the end of her role. I give her credit for dealing as long as she did and she does look healthier and happier lately. She is smiling more. Seems Brad is getting used to being single. He has been out and about a lot lately.

    • friend of says:

      Time miraculously heals all wounds. Our ability to forget is amazing. My hope is that whatever needs to happen for Brad and Angelina to coparent amicably happens. That may take some while. I will be shocked if I ever see Brad and Angie in the same way I see Angelina with her other exs. But even though she left them in the dust, she didn’t really drag them through the mud till they were almost dead like Brad. And there weren’t children that are not yet shared. So, I would be shocked. Not shocked to ever see them in a display of goodwill in the same picture, but shocked to get any indication that they are on good terms, loving. Like I often hear about her and her other two. I wish them both health and love and hope to see them move on very, very soon. If angelina moves on with any other partner, it will free up Brad and I would like to see that. As for the kids. All that remains to be worked out. But, kids grow up and find their way.

    • Moe says:

      with respect I don’t think you can call Angelina (or brad) a ‘private person’! remember the hello magazine spread about their wedding? part of the reason there was so much interest about their divorce and implosion was because they had been selling themselves as this wonderful family unit for so many years.

      I’m not judging them for this – or maybe i am a little. but i think its a decision they took as part of their job profile. when it was going well it worked for them (and us the public) but when it went off the rails it happened IN BOLD AND OUT LOUD. hence all the endless speculation and debate about who’s right and who’s wrong. Angie the saint or the beyotch. brad the ass wipe alcoholic or the unfairly judged alienated dad.
      I think both of them slung mud in public and share the blame if it impacts their kids. jmo

  7. bap says:

    Angelina and her children are probably in Ethiopia now for World Refugee Day! Angelina is UN Special Envoy.

  8. lower-case deb says:

    there is also a possibility that Brad could travel incognito to Ethiopia. didn’t he do the same when they were in Cambodia for the FTKMF premiere? i seem to remember reports of it.

    in any case, since there’s no restraining order put against Brad, he has the means to join her and their children in Ethiopia, and be with the children at the hotel, while Angelina works.

  9. Kate says:

    I don’t really see why Angelina should change her entire schedule for the man who is responsible for that situation in the first place, especially with some of the children don’t even want to see him. He should pay the price for his mistakes, like any other human being. And Brad certainly did not accomodate his schedule to have all his kids with him last year.

    • bap says:

      @Kate You make excellent points!

    • SaraR. says:

      She changed a lot of her schedules. She didn’t take a solo UNHCR trip since last August.

    • LadyT says:

      Nine months later and some of the kids still don’t want to see him? I think I’d want a refund from those therapists. How long does it take to express hurt and anger? How long does it take to learn how to forgive and move forward for your own health? How long to judge a sincere apology with actions to match from an empty promise?
      He should pay for his mistakes–but for how long? Is he currently really the total problem?

      • lunchcoma says:

        How long? Sometimes, forever. Children are people and have minds of their own, and a decent therapist isn’t going to try to force them to pretend to forgive someone if they don’t truly feel that way. Perhaps the older boys will want to reconcile with Brad as adults. Perhaps they won’t and will spend most of their lives thinking of themselves as having ones parent. It’s up to them.

      • Ophelia says:

        Lunchcoma, I am also thinking whether teenage angst also complicate things. Not speaking for all teenagers past and present, just me, but for all intents and purposes my parents were great but I still loathed them when I was a teenager. Everything they did was a perceived slight to me, and it didn’t help my slighted feelings being one of ten children. I grew out of my teenage years and learned how amazing they were!

        Imagine, if I had such a time resenting my parents in a normal household and being a normal insufferable teenager, how would it be for the teens in the Jolie-Pitt family, having to contend with teen angst AND sometimes the angst of being an adopted child (we have heard how difficult it can be).

      • SaraR. says:

        He said in his GQ interview that they are “both doing the best they can”. You want to put some blame on Angelina, but we really don’t know what is going on there, because no one said that some kids still refuse to see him. Maybe he is doing separate visits with older and younger children? We are all just assuming things.

      • lucy2 says:

        Each kid is different and should be allowed to go at their own pace. As long as they’re working towards building a healthier relationship, that’s good.

        This was likely a problem that was building in their family for a long time, and is going to take time to heal.

      • Kate says:

        He WRECKED his own family with his out of control, alcohol induced behavior. Why are his children expected to just move on and forget? You see, that’s one of the reason why I will always side eye this man child. By refusing to apologize at the very beginning, he allowed his fans to shift the blame towards his son. Despicable and cowardly.

      • Merritt says:

        I think to frame healing and forgiveness in such simplistic terms is not helpful. There are several people involved. Not all of them will be able to move forward on the same schedule, nor should anyone expect that of them.

      • Jilly says:

        On Reconciliation With an Alcoholic Parent
        Four adult children weigh in on what mended their relationship with their alcoholic parents—or why it was past repair.
        Getting sober is only half the battle.

        Arnold and Kolb give the following advice to parents who have attained sobriety and wish to reconnect with their children: “The recovering addict may have to take a real hard look at whether or not that family member is safer on their own. The best a person can do is get themselves healthy and say, ‘Come back when you’re ready. I’ll be here for you and I’m ready to listen.’”

      • Shelly says:

        How long?
        lol seriously? You think 9 months is a long time?
        There was a incident in my family when I was 14.
        I had 15 years of therapy to come to terms with things. And I’m fine with it now.
        But that does NOT mean I have anything to do with that person. AT ALL
        I’m 47, so no 9 months is most likely not enough time.
        The older kids are probably done with him.

      • LadyT says:

        Yes. I do think it’s a long time for a *drunk dad in an argument with his wife that included a blow out with his son. Even when dad has been drinking and emotionally closed to his family for a while.* Absolutely everything I see and hear leads me to believe that it takes something far, far worse to have your kids removed and supervised visits. What we know he did is terrible but not that crazed, evil sh*t. I guess it’s possible he did do something far more serious that somehow never got out?
        I’m sorry you had such trauma in your life. Forever isn’t long enough sometimes.

    • cat1 says:

      It takes two to tango… it is never one person.

      • friend of says:

        Brad talked about his side of the street. But streets have two sides. Him leaving constantly this past year was unusual. Seems to me the relationship was down hill this year. There were the two aides in their life. Lots of unknowns that made Brad bolt. He said he had something to help him escape. He never said he was drunk the whole time. He did say he was drinking too much and it got to be too bad. But that doesn’t make him an alcoholic. He was able to pass all the infernal drug and alcohol tests required of him. But, he sure looks better now. Whatever was going on to make him go crazy has stopped. He will get through this and will be fine. With or without children in his life. If his partner in this doesn’t want him to see them, he won’t. Still trusting her with his life.

      • Lady D says:

        He said in a post split interview that he had been drinking every day since college. That means he drank for over 20 years before he even met her, and maintained a steady level of alcohol in his system for their entire marriage and the children’s whole life. He probably doesn’t even remember half their childhoods because he was always under the influence.

    • Cara says:

      Guess he couldn’t accommodate any of the kids to go with him last year to the race cause he’s busy knocking it down with drinks lol. Yup, he need to keep paying for misconduct until they are satisfied or he could always go and make another family seeing he’s one of the most eligible bachelors nowadays.

      • Jilly says:

        for friend

        In the interview he does not say anything about problems between him and Angelina, or that he was not being a good husband. We even saw several affectionate photos between Brad and Angelina in Cambodia, they spent Valentine’s Day together, when she went to London, one of Allied’s actors, she said that Brad and Angelina went to watch his play, and then they had dinner together, that they were Animated, and seemed to be well together. What happened weird was that we stopped seeing Brad alone with his kids, and Brad did not spend Father’s day with his kids last year. they all stayed with Angelina in Cambodia, while Brad did 2 movies in a row. At GQ, he talks about how he was being a terrible father, that he was turning everything he hated most, that he was emotionally never present to his children, that he ran away from problems and emotions, and the end of their marriage involved a Denounces Brad and the way he acted with his children on a plane. He spent almost a month with no contact with his children, as DCFS did not think he was in any shape. He had to undergo weekly drug and drink tests and do several therapies. Problems in marriage everyone has, but what was really affecting was Brad’s relationship with his children, and so far it does not look like he’s had much evolution. Maybe getting away from the kids was what Brad really was.

        It seems that what Brad was fleeing was the responsibility of being a father present and connected with the 6 children

  10. bap says:

    @SaraR. Keep Speaking the Truth!

  11. Ophelia says:

    There are refugee children who can’t celebrate Father’s Day with their fathers as well. There are refugee fathers who don’t have the ability to world-travel like Brad to get to where their children are.

    Rather than putting the onus on AJ to skip WRD (which is one of the more important dates in her job as a special envoy of a REFUGEE agency; and if she is like any proper diplomat I know, she goes wherever the agency tells her to go, celebrity or not celebrity).

    The better scenario is for BP to inconvenience himself by putting himself on a plane to Ethiopia and go be with his children.

    He had no problems chasing AJ to Africa when he was courting her all them years ago. If he wants to, he can do it.

    He put the family in this situation, is it not fair to say that he should work on it a bit. This whole, the woman is all the one at fault and should make all the sacrifices for a failing marriage, rubs me the wrong way frankly. Not just AJ.

    You all here know I have been very critical about AJ, but in this case, while I am perhaps not defending her or taking her side, I am more inclined to say that BP needs do “more” if he truly wants to spend Father’s Day with the children, and if the children wants to spend it with him. I think this is the best compromise considering the situation.

    • YepIsaidit says:

      It’s time his fans realize that he couldn’t care less about his children. All he cares about is his image and party time.

      Sad that he only has 25% custody because he’s a trash bag father. And his fans act like he hung the moon.

      • Moe says:

        sorry I think calling him a trash bag father is bang out of order. You don’t know him. or her. nor do I. we read celebrity sites and tabloids for fun and entertainment. we dont know these people really or their relationship. we do know he was drunk and behaved apallingly on a plane and lost his family.

        But really. I work every day with REAL trash bag fathers in the family courts. they don’t see their kids. they beat them. and their wives. they drink and don’t apologize or sure he cares about his image. but Angie told us public FOR YEARS he was a good father.

        she does not deserve to be called an evil c…t. he shouldn’t be called a trash bag father. people and their marriages can be complex.

      • Cara says:

        Then you wonder if he’d call up his own father to wish him a Father’s Day at all. The one he kept shitting on due the restrictive upbringing he had. Like his first ex wife said he’s probably the one who will take 2% of the blame for why he’s in this situation. Btw, remember he admitted that he’s an asshole for not forgiving people if they made any perceived slights against him. He has not mentioned his ex fiancé Paltrow when she cheated on him and only mentioned Jolie name only once in the recent GQ interview since she betrayed him with this public humiliation. I have a feeling that since this divorce is still fresh in people’s mind, he gotta keeps up the pretense but give it time, most of these kids will be a memory to him. Sad.

    • Friend of says:

      I would think that traveling to where the kids are needs angelinas approval. If he doesn’t go its probably because he’s committed to getting along with her and she says no. He may need to go to court if they can’t work it out. Or just move on and see them when and how it suits Angie.

  12. YepIsaidit says:

    Yeah, sure he did. All it takes is Google to see how important Father’s Day is to him.

    I knew from the beginning that the kids would be with Angelina full time no matter what Pitt and his team tries to say. Dude is a deadbeat daddy!!!

    Also, he said acting doesn’t mean much to him but he’s already signed on to another movie. Doesn’t care about his kids that he cried about wanting all those years ago.

    Who would’ve thought Aniston would be vindicated all these years later? She was right not to have kids with him.

    The kids are lucky to have Angelina.

    • B n A fn says:

      He got to work to support his family. Although he does not live in the same home with his children and ex wife they are still his and Angelina’s responsibility. Kids needs food and shoes, lots of shoes👟

      • yepIsaidit says:

        You honestly think he’s contributing to the kids financially? LololololololoL

        Hello!!! The kids were forced to live in rented homes while daddy dearest has multiple homes in the La area…. That should tell you how much he’s contributing.

      • B n A fn says:

        yes, I honestly believe he contributes to the care of his children. I believe Angelina is a smart woman and would not carry the financial load my herself. We have to remember we do not know these people. We have to stop projecting what we see through a few photos, we don’t know anything about them unless they say something through an interview and even then they will try to project the best like we all do with our family, jmo.

      • TheOtherSam says:

        @Yep for heavens sake they were living in rented mega-mansion in Point Dume in MALIBU, worth millions of dollars. They weren’t staying in a tenement walk up.

        And they weren’t ‘forced’ to do anything. Angelina wanted them there (or in Hidden Hills where they were briefly) so as to get them out of LA proper and grant them the privacy they needed after the split. It was in hindsight a smart move.

        And he’s certainly helping pay child maintenance – that would be part of the temp agreement he and Angelina set up.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        You’re forgetting Angelina is also a very independent woman and actions speak louder than words. She did not stay at one of his homes for a reason. Hello!!!!!

        I remember back in the day when he was out of the country AJ and her kids would reportedly stay at hotels. So she must’ve never felt at home at his home… Mmkay?

        Also, no i will never believe what he says. He’s a proven liar. I believe Angelina and her interviews because she always seems to walk her talk.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        Theothersam, Brad Pitt has several homes in the La area. Why did he not make one available for his family? Why did Angelina have to spend several hundred thousands of dollars a month to keep her kids comfortable? It’s not right. He’s trash.

      • TheOtherSam says:

        @Yep you know for fact that he didn’t offer a house to her? How do you know this. Are these alleged properties all unoccupied – or possibly rented out to others. Beyond the Los Feliz compound what other properties does Pitt own that he stays in – ?

        If offered, they’re splitting so why would she take him up on it? She has millions of her own to pay for rent. She also wanted to get outside of LA for the time being to a private place of her choosing. And I highly doubt once they got a temp legal agreement in place it didn’t include financial support for the kids.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        TheOthersam, it’s like putting 2 & 2 together. What do you think?

        You’re right she has her own money and I’m pretty sure she used it to rent those homes. She ain’t depending on dead beat daddy. That’s for damn sure. Now if she comes out in an interview and says he helped her financially I will take this back. until then… Nope.

      • abby says:

        I also feel that Brad provides financial support but I disagree as to that being his reason for working so much.

        Despite my fury at Brad I have no reason to think he is not financially supporting the children. I will have to hear otherwise from Angelina.
        Yes Angie has her own money but she would be silly to refuse child support. The twins will be 9 soon. That’s a long time before college. And then the maintenance and taxes for the new house? Yeah let Brad pay his share.

        As to why Angie didn’t move into one of Brad’s homes if I understand correctly I don’t think that was an option. Remember at first there was the DFCS investigation. That lasted 1 month to 6 weeks I think. I think Jolie had to remove the kids from the home and reassure DFCS that Brad would not have contact during the investigative period. Moving to one of his other homes, meaning a home that Brad had access to, may not have satisfied the agency.

        And of course she immediately filed for divorce so there’s that. She was done.

      • TheOtherSam says:

        @Yep and @abby: why would you need confirmation of financial support from Angelina? She’s unlikely to discuss this publicly. Do you not know California law, specifically Family Codes that cover this area? Then you would know it’s standard practice to have child support determined at the time of a divorce action. It can even be retroactively backdated if needed. Can’t be avoided, even if Brad wanted to – it’s a legal responsibility.

        Or maybe you think Laura Wasser is incompetent and wouldn’t know how to handle this. Which is not sensible.

      • abby says:

        @ TheOtherSam
        I am not sure what you read but I said that I agreed that Brad was providing financial support. My point was that only a direct quote from Jolie (or Brad) -as opposed to anonymous tabloid sources – would convince me otherwise because I didn’t see Jolie settling for less despite her financial status.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        TheOtherSam, I really don’t think or care much about how much he contributes financially. B n a , brought it up as a defense for why he is making so many back to back flops and I thought about it in that moment and gave my opinion. That’s my opinion. He ain’t doing sh-t financially as far as we see. So I would need her to say he is for me to believe he is. That’s it.

        Brangelina fans / Pitt fans want to see so many signs or wait for them to say what’s what but in reality it’s right in front of your eyes. Their actions speak volumes.

      • Erinn says:

        “You honestly think he’s contributing to the kids financially? LololololololoL”

        Yes, because legally he would have to. Child support is calculated based on multiple factors. He wouldn’t just magically be exempt from paying.

        Maybe he DID offer the home, and she felt more comfortable paying to rent a place.

        I think this kind of argument is so beyond outrageous – it’s not just a case of he said she said – it’s what the courts would expect of them. These people have MONEY. It’s not like dads working an 50k a year job and mom gave up her career to raise the kids. Both of them are giant money earners – worth well over 100m each. Brad is worth more, and thus will be expected to pony up for child support. He is LEGALLY responsible to pay for his children – this sort of thing is related to a childs rights and has nothing to do with whether or not the parents like each other or not or his rights, or her rights.

      • Cara says:

        I surely hope he pays for all their financial expenses seeing he’s the one who put these poor kids in this traumatic situation. Jolie should wipe him out or at least let him pay 50% of the kids cost until they are at least 18. She put up a lot with him by turning down a lot of movies for the past 12 years just so he could do them 2-3 movies per year. And yeah he’s a dead beat dad alright with how he ran out on them last year. They are scarred emotionally for sure.

    • bap says:

      YepIsaidit I believe he is contributing financially care for his children.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        Well, then you believe he’s a better man than what i believe he is.

      • friend of says:

        To say that brad is a dead beat dad is ridiculous. I’ll bet he his paying most of the cost of this time, court costs, housing. Most all of it. Why wouldn’t he? If he wants to co-parent, he will have to pony up. And he still may never get shared custody. The longer he waits, the less it seems likely. He needs to be in there everyday just like their mother is. He may be hesitant to fight, but she won’t. She wiped him through the mud and she hasn’t changed. In my opinion. Of course, I know nothing just like none of us do. I am just going on what I can see. And from what I’ve seen in the past. Brad continually leaving the family. Escaping from difficult circumstances, for sure.

    • Friend of says:

      I knew the kids would be with angie too. I knew that she would fight to the death for what she wants, no matter the consequences. That is how she played out every crossroads in her life. Look at her surgery decisions and her flawed relationship with her own father. I’m sure brad knows exactly what she is like. No wonder he was so down when kicked out. He knew it would be co parenting hell. And he is right, in my opinion.

    • Cara says:

      I don’t think Aniston was vindicated at all! She has nothing to do with this.

  13. Keely says:

    E knows nothing, as usual they got their info from Twitter and seemed to know no details- several children? Hmm did your sources not know which ones etc? As for travelling to Ethiopia, if they knew anything about anything, they would know Angelina’s there for World refugee day , to fulfil her Special envoy duties which she has had to curtail massively due to this situation…and because she’s a multi tasker perhaps check on the progress of the Zahara clinic being built.

    Angelina also mentioned Namibia. Some of you are being very dramatic. These kids have spent their entire lives travelling, now suddenly it’s an issue to some because precious Brad can’t come along. The guy spent Father’s day waving random flags at a race in France last year , did some of you complain then? Plus he needed to consent to the travels anyway so he’s probably okay with it on some level. His kids deserve a summer vacation too and once he can be trusted to help raise his kids again he can take them places too or go with. Angelina and the kids have practically been imprisoned in LA for 10 months because of him & this situation- that’s the unhealthy part.

    • SaraR. says:

      “His kids deserve a summer vacation too and once he can be trusted to help raise his kids again he can take them places too or go with.”

      Thank you, I completely agree with you.

    • abby says:

      People are acting like Brad is being railroaded. This man has a full legal team protecting his interests.
      Please. Despite the “woe is me” shtick Brad is a master manipulator and very PR savvy. He knows the tabloid press and the public sees him as a victim. Victim of Paltrow’s infidelity, victim of Aniston’s ambition and Jolie’s seduction. And now he’s a victim of his alcoholism. Brad is never responsible for anything.
      Yet he gets the glory for Plan B. And I am not knocking his achievements just pointing out that Brad is never responsible for the crap in his life. The public may be eager to forgive him but those kids probably know him (and Jole) better than anyone and they know the real deal.

      My point is that given what we know (which is limited) it tells me that there was probably far more disclosed privately than we’ll ever know and Jolie obviously had the receipts. IMO That could explain Brad’s less combative tone lately.
      And while they do have a temporary agreement the other players such as the judge and the therapist don’t seem to be rushing to accommodate Brad. I feel that’s what’s lost here.
      People want to blame Jole for Brad’s limited access. But it’s not Jolie alone making these decisions. There are other players. And if for any reason Brad ( his legal team) or the therapist or the judge felt parental alienation was at play they would rectify it. These courts are all about protecting parental rights and family reunification but more importantly, what’s in the best interest of the children.
      The real question is, if it’s true that Brad is still being monitored and having restricted access then why? And I admit we don’t know for a fact but I’ll assume he is. So then, what is going on with him even now that he can’t just pick up the kids for his scheduled weekend? Can he not handle all 6 at once? Are the older boys still distrustful of him? Are we talking teen rebellion in addition to the fractured bond?
      This situation wasn’t isolated and didn’t develop overnight no matter how Brad’s people have tried to downplay it. Those expecting it to be resolved within some preconceived timeline and at Brad’s convenience will be sorely disappointed.

      All I can say is best of health and healing to all. May they find peace.

  14. oneup says:

    Brad has had the opportunity to see his children all week long up until Saturday to celebrate or whatever you do on father’s day which never seemed important to him in the past. I’m quite sure he had his time before they left. People want to label Angie as this evil, vile beyotch who snatched up her kids and left a poor innocent man who couldn’t control himself. Really?! Hell Brad is 53 years old and needed to grow up. Man you had 6 kids and 3 of them boys who probably are heavily influenced by him. Seeing him high and drunk most of the time gives them what kind of role model or fact that it’s ok to be like that. Angie probably thought I don’t want them to think it is o.k. which it is NOT nor to be like that on a private jet fighting in front of them.

    People let their dislike of her alter the truth in this mess. I don’t care who she may have dated or slept with she didn’t hold a gun to their heads and that doesn’t negate the fact that he was a drunk and substance abuser and hit one of his kids in the face. Real talk. If the tables were turned people would be calling for her to be banished on an island. lol.

    She is in Ethiopia doing her job like he has been doing for the last 3 months promoting yet another flop and OKJA plus vacating and going out partying. So you want to talk about her going to do humanitarian work for a couple of days. You all can kiss her backside and I say it for her.

    • GoOnGirl says:

      oneup please take a bow!

    • friend of says:

      Brad has said he wants to see his children every chance he gets. If he is not seeing them, its because he is not permitted to see them. For whatever reason. If he goes to court, he will have definite times and that will be better for him. The teen boys can opt out all together and they are old enough for that. But the younger kids he can have a chance with. If he doesn’t choose to go to court, he is leaving it all up to Angelina. And that is what we have right now.

      • Lady D says:

        Just write off the older two boys, right? He tried, he failed, time to move on to the next kid. Do you plan on blaming all 6 children when he fails with the younger ones? As for a chance with the younger ones, he had that chance with all of them for years, and chose booze instead, over and over again. He must have been a blast when drunk while dealing with newborn twins. Just imagine the fun she must have had with 4 children, 2 babies and a drunk. He was never there for those children and you’ve decided he deserves better than those boys. What did they ever do to deserve abandonment from the only father they have? You are determined to blame everybody except Brad for Brad’s actions.

      • Friend of says:

        Not writing them off. They are old enough to choose. He can maintain a relation ship with them if they are willing. But the others are still young. He can go to court to get custody of the willing ones. If none are willing now then he can just suck it up and wait for them to come as they choose when they are older. He will have waited too long. He will have learned not to trust anyone with his life.

      • LadyT says:

        Lady D >>>He must have been a blast when drunk while dealing with newborn twins. Just imagine the fun she must have had with 4 children, 2 babies and a drunk. He was never there for those children…
        I personally think the out-of-control, drunken, distant Brad flared later, after the marriage. Jolie’s judgement seems entirely too good to have said marriage vows to HIM.
        Yes, I’m aware that in GQ he said he drank ever since college. Plenty of people do without consequence. Others take a nasty dark spiral eventually.

  15. bap says:

    Question why did he wait 8 months to say he was the problem? While his wife and son got blamed by the public.

    Question what type of man would allow that is he a Coward?

    • yepIsaidit says:

      I really wish Angelina would address that in her interview but I doubt she will. I think that’s a big cloud over them as even her lawyer pointed it out.

    • friend of says:

      If I remember correctly, Angelina never wanted to hide behind anyone as a shield. I’m sure Brad is aware of that. If she wanted the Los Feliz house, I can’t imagine brad would not have moved completely out so she and the kids could stay there. Angelina runs her own life. Entirely. Brad took responsibility for the split, all his fault, he said. That was as far as he will or can go. If Angelina wants us to know anything about her ways, she will tell us. But, I’m not looking for anything like that from Angie.

  16. Sofie says:

    The woman just payed 24mil for a house 5 mins away so the kids can have a healthy consistent relationship with their dad. She is not alienating them or taking them away from him on certain days. Truth is nobody knows what is going on in their Situation. It’s all speculation from press and public. They need their space to get through it instead of tabloid press using it for click bait. Wish them as a family all the best.

    • yepIsaidit says:

      I think her buying that home shows she is truly over his sorry behind. A woman who has issues with the ex would not move 5 minutes away just so the kids can be close to daddy dearest. The Brangelina fans are hoping and praying that she takes him back but nah… This seems like a woman over whatever it was they had together. I believe she truly wants him to have a healthy loving relationship with their kids and she will help him have that.

      It seems to me that she’s done everything right and now it’s up to him to be that decent father she thinks he could be.

      Unfortunately, from the outside looking in he doesn’t seem to be trying that hard. Seems like he’s still living the way he lived when he had the family — traveling, promoting his flops, making flops, signing on to flops, partying, concerts, friends, himself first and kids are last on the list.

    • friend of says:

      When they move in we will see something more of her intentions for co-parenting. So far there is not much movement in that home. They will certainly be close enough to visit Brad. But if he wants shared custody, I believe he is going to have to go to court to get it. Waiting on Angelina to grant his wishes, he might as well wait for the kids to grow up and decide. By then, they may be fully alienated. But, things happen for a reason and for everyone’s good in the end. Its clear that Brad has grown a lot from this experience. It will probably even play into his acting. When in years to come he looks back on these times he may see them as the best ones of his life in terms of his growth. As for the kids, they are just now coming into their time for making their own decision. In the years to come we will see how they turn out.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        She already moved in. Daily mail had pix of thebig 100ft slide that was added to the pool weeks ago.

      • friend of says:

        Slide in yes. Vans with stuff moving in yes. Pictures of anyone living in the house. No. And unlike the Los Feliz house, the Demille is completely accessible overhead. No kids in the yard. No kids or anyone, not a worker anywhere. All reports of disgruntled neighbors are neighbors anticipating kids running through the garden. No news that says anyone is living there. Yet. When that happens, anything resembling the first beginnings of co-parenting can start. Until then, not.

      • YepIsaidIt says:

        You expect pictures of Angelina + 6 living in the house. 👀👀👀👀👀👀 that ain’t gonna happen. I doubt we’ll get any pix of her house (inside) ever again unless she does a photo-shoot inside it.

      • friend of says:

        No, no pictures inside. But we clearly see a covered slide. I would expect kids to hit the pool. At least the slide would be out of the cover. I know the paps are waiting for any sign of them inside. And for now all we have is a clear picture of the outside of the house especially the pool. When we see kids in the pool we know they are moved in. Until then. Not.

      • Lady D says:

        Or maybe the kids are waiting for the gd reporters to leave so they can enjoy their yard.

    • Friend of says:

      G D reporters going no where. We will see when they hit the pool. Until then they haven’t moved in. Brad likely bought the house and it’s part of the marital property. He is the one who wants them to visit. She wants sole custody with brad getting supervised visits. That likely won’t change. Sometimes it’s time for legal protection of your parental rights.

      • kay says:

        yes, yes. time for legal protection of parental rights.
        oh wait. do you mean the legal protection of parental rights they are both currently subject to by the legal system that is handling their divorce?
        psssst…i think you might have just missed the fact that they ARE already in court, any and all custody issues are being handled by the COURT. the legal court. not angelina’s succubus court.

      • Zut alors says:

        I fear logic is lost on that one. There’s no reasoning with someone who insists on dealing with alternative facts.

    • friend of says:

      They aren’t dealing the custody in court. Read Brad’s interview. He said that nobody wins when you go to court. You just spend a year saying bad things about each other. He said he will let Angelina decide when and if. And that is what he is doing. And this is her response. I don’t know about the succubus court. Hadn’t heard about that one. Just the judge. I’m sure they are working things through the lawyers. Maybe they speak occasionally on the phone. But there is no indication that I see that the two of them are able to co-parent yet. And that must mean that brad gets occasional visits from the kids. I can’t see angie allowing them, of her own free will, without a court order, to go anywhere with brad for any extended time. Time will tell.

      • Paige says:

        I read the interview and he just said they were working together and doing what’s best for their kids. He didn’t say anything about letting her decide things. It seems like you are blaming all of Brad’s actions on his family. His actions before their family was broken and after. Everything is Angelina and the kids fault. Nothing is his fault. BTW “Brad needs a real woman, wife from hell, and saying he should leave his kids and start a new one is gross and sexiest.

  17. Anitas says:

    Going on speculation of course, but I can imagine it’s their teen boys not wanting to spend time with Brad. My husband had a difficult relationship with his father, who was a flawed individual by all accounts, and it escalated in his teens when he refused to have anything to do with him. The father-son dynamics is very complicated in its own way. And growing up and having to understand the adult world can be so overwhelming. I just hope both of their parents have enough patience and understanding to support them.

  18. Icantremembermyusername says:

    Sometimes kids can be given too much power.

  19. Sara says:

    Please stop calling this actress a diplomat or a dame. Those are both honorary appointments handed out to public figures who bring attention to a cause or celebrate some aspect of British culture. Business leaders who make substantial fortunes are rewarded with various accolades, and the UNHCR and UNICEF have a whole stable of famous people to draw attention to important issues. This girl is a high-school dropout and is not a trained diplomat. She is just a convenient PR device. Stop with the fawning over ceremonial credentials; it is a real disservice to those who have actual credentials.

    • SaraR. says:

      She is not a high school drop out. Actually, she graduated high school at 16. She is the only UNHCR special envoy, so they certanly don’t have a whole stable of people like her. Also, you are calling a 42 year old woman “this girl”. It is sad to read that from another woman. :(

    • YepIsaidit says:

      She’s a special envoy for UNHCR and yes she is a dame. The queen gave her that honor. Deal with it. I actually think Pitt thinks like you do and was VERY jealous of her that’s why he acted out and became an a-hole. Kind of like Ryan Witherspoon (I can’t remember his last name and don’t feel like googling) felt after Reese won her Oscar. Pitt is an egomaniac and cannot be in a relationship with someone as accomplished as Angelina. He needs to be the big star in the relationship… When they first got together he probably had the impression that AJ was lower on the scale than he was (even tho the appeal was that they were equal) and when she continued to grow as a person he just couldn’t take it.

      • bap says:

        I remember at the By the Sea Premiere Event in LA, the fans were chanting Angelina name loud they kept chanting and he was standing next to her and I saw a very nervous reaction and he started moving away from her.

      • friend of says:

        Brad always moved away from Angie go give her space to do her thing. I never saw anything but pride in his looking at her. He was proud of his wife. And his family.

      • Cara says:

        He’s resentful of all her accomplishments. Remember his response when some interviewers asked him about treating her differently since she’s honored a dame?

        “Angelina Jolie may be an honorary dame, but that doesn’t necessarily make her the boss at home.

        “Aaah, no,” Brad Pitt told Us Weekly Sunday at the London premiere of his new film, ” Fury.” “We have our own pecking order at home!”

    • bap says:

      Please know your facts: Angelina graduated from high school at 16 years old. Angelina was appointed by contract to serve as Special Envoy UNHCR:

      After years of dedicated service to UNHCR and the cause of refugees, Angelina Jolie was appointed Special Envoy in April 2012.
      In her expanded role, Jolie focuses on major crises that result in mass population displacements, undertaking advocacy and representing UNHCR and the High Commissioner at the diplomatic level. She also engages with decision-makers on global displacement issues. Through this work, she has helped contribute to the vital process of finding solutions for people forced to flee their homes.

      March 15, 2017 Angelina signed a new contract with UNHCR.

      Special Envoy Angelina Jolie renews UNHCR contract, says ‘I’m with you for life’

    • Keely says:

      You’re salty and unnecessary…as far as I’m aware Angelina graduated from highschool at 16 and later enrolled at NYU (part time I think) and later dropped out… while she doesn’t have the university education and background that diplomats have…her work for the UN the last 16 years speaks for itself and the UN clearly considers her an asset whether you like it or not that’s why they made her a Special Envoy. She’s also a member of the Council for Foreign Realtions. She’s actually contributing meaningfully to causes she believes in… I suggest you take several seats.

      • SaraR. says:

        What makes you a diplomat? How many diplomats are actually educated in diplomacy? Look at the qualifications of US diplomats serving around the world? There are many businessman and physicians in those positions, and I don’t see anyone complaining.

    • bap says:

      Please know your facts: Angelina not just a Dame CBE, Angelina is a Dame Commander of the Order of Saint Michaels. Queen Elizabeth met with Angelina personally to bestow the honor in 2014.

      It is at present awarded to men and women who hold high office or who render extraordinary or important non-military service in a foreign country, and can also be conferred for important or loyal service in relation to foreign and Commonwealth affairs.

    • Lola says:

      You might want to check your facts. In fact, Angelina took extra classes and graduated high school a YEAR EARLIER than her classmates. And most of diplomacy is on-the-job-training, which she has had in spades. Stop trying to diminish her work, her education, her training and her experience just because she happened to have been an actress as well.

  20. India Andrews says:

    Not my bee’s wax. Buzz, buzz.

  21. bluhare says:

    I love these posts. I get a cup of coffee and excellent snacks and enjoy every word.

  22. bap says:

    He did said in an interview that Angelina is tough as nails and I am glad she is. I do not believe any other woman could have with stood what she has been through with being blamed for his bad behavior.

  23. YepIsaidit says:

    Does anyone else think it was her bro that called the cops that day? He has some new movie about child abuse and is describe as a child abuse expert. Could be why the idiot blamed Angelina …

    • Magnoliarose says:

      I honestly think it was a bad scene for quite some time. In the beginning of their relationship she looked so happy and glowing. I think as she aged and came into her own he could not handle it and things got messy. He has always been known as a major weed head and drinker and that crap gets old. When you are down with it and having fun together it is one thing but when one partner starts down the road to addiction it is no longer a good time. If someone called the police on a megastar like him it was not done in haste which means it was WAAAY uglier than we know. Someone I know who has been on set with him said he is a major control freak and not as easy going as people think he is. I also suspect it was more than alcohol.
      I feel sorry for the children. I feel sorry for AJ mostly because the public want to make her a villain even though he is the one who authorities felt needed to be supervised. Britney Spears had similar restrictions during her meltdown.
      So boyfriend has some serious issues. I hope he gets well and works through it.

      • Lime says:

        I think he checked out several years ago. Take it with a grain of salt but anonymous posters on DM working in the hospitality industry were swearing they saw him enjoying hook-ups everywhere and these were 10-line, sane-sounding posts. I think they were open from the start (AJ confirmed this way back) and he took advantage of it. I’m not convinced by her big humanitarian act but he’s probably mostly to blame as he’s a boozer and stoner and couldn’t handle the chaos. She was unforgiving the way she crucified him in public though.

      • yepIsaidit says:

        Magno, that sounds about right. I think he controlled her more than people want to believe. they want to think she was controlling and no I don’t think they had an open relationship he’s way to controlling for that and i think she would be way too jealous to share unless he forced her.

  24. Pandy says:

    It’s a divorce and they are never not acrimonious imho. I hope Brad is getting his sh*t together. The kids could use two healthy parents. He appears to be making amends and working on himself and really, you can’t ask for more than that. Time will tell – and heal hopefully!

  25. Bap says:

    I will say it again pay attention to his Actions not His Words.

  26. Carol says:

    What is interesting is all those who wanted to crucify Jennifer Aniston for side-eying his wish for six kids and eventually not having children with him. The tone then was how horrible she was for not giving him his dream. Maybe she knew something we didn’t.

    • Kate says:

      She was only 36 when they divorced so she had plenty of time to have one. I just think she does not want kids and while I usually dislike her, I applaud her for not having children if she was not sure she wanted them.

    • Lady D says:

      Or maybe she just plain didn’t want children. It’s been a lot of years since Brad.

    • .. says:

      definitely …. she dodged a bullet

    • Artemis says:

      She knew two things, the same two things the public knew:
      - She had a crappy relationship with her mother that no doubt affected her views on topics like child-rearing and being a family (what it means to have a good marriage). People grow into themselves often times unconsciously and you either take on or avoid the patterns you grew up with. Maybe that’s a reason why she didn’t want to have children yet or at all with Pitt. Maybe.

      - Pitt and Aniston’s marriage was in the toilet pretty quickly once the honeymoon phase was over. Why bring a child into a marriage that for the most time needed therapy from the start and barely sustained anyway due to long periods of being away from each other? As soon as Pitt found somebody else to chase around like a puppy (as he always did!), he was done with Aniston despite she offering him to eat his cake an have it too? It was always said it was Aniston who was trying to save the marriage and I believe it was Jolie who was hanging on too. Pitt is always the one who screws up but this time the woman is defended because she’s ‘deeper’ and more beautiful than the ex no doubt. Aniston was massacred by Brangelina stans for no reason other than being a woman trying to hold on to a cheating loser and refusing to birth his vanity babies he wouldn’t take care off anyway (that we know NOW). The policing over her womb was and still is disgusting but that woman is living her live happily child free while Brangelina stans are disillusioned.

      • Lola says:

        Artemis, you delusional Anistonloons don’t help when you try to whitewash history and promote a LIE! Brad didn’t cheat, lets juststop with that LIE. Right here, right now. It was in FACT Aniston who cheated on him with Matt LeBlanc, and the homewrecking slore loser stole Justin from Heidi Bivens. Angelina was MASSACRED by unhinged Anistonloons for no other reason that they were so blinded by stardom they refused to see that Brad was lied to by Aniston, so they made up a rumor of an affair to DISTRACT from Aniston’s lie and contribution to her marriage breaking up.

        The double standards of the hypocritical delusional Aniston stans is breathtaking. Aniston has a history of cheating and homewrecking, yet they attempt to spin the FALSE narrative that she was cheated on. What a joke, considering Aniston’s history and how she got together with Justin. But keep being a hypocrite Artemis, and keep drinking that delusional fanbot koolaid. Heidi says hi, btw.

        The little heat Aniston got, was WELL DESERVED. She is an adulteress and homewrecker who deceived Brad into marriage, LIED to him about a family, and *then* tried to blame Angelina for it. Because, Anistonloonies could not stand that their idol was exposed as a liar.

        Magazines (which you clearly believe the tabloids) had a cover article just a week ago about Justin and Aniston divorcing. So I wonder if Aniston truly IS happy. I suppose it will catch up to her eventually. A relationship based on cheating on your partner of 14 years is not bound to last long.

        And in the end, Aniston will have nothing. No children, no family – heck she doesn’t have anything to do with ANY of her family, (hence why I believe the issue was her, not her mother) nothing meaningful to show, just a romcom career. In one upmanship, Angelina at the end of the day will have children and grandchildren, she will have her diplomatic accolades and awards. Her book, her Op Eds. Her history of being a pioneer in both medical and humanitarian fields.

        And all Aniston will have, is her fried hair and her dogs. No wonder you Aniston stans are so frustrated and disillusioned.

      • Lady D says:

        ” (hence why I believe the issue was her, not her mother) ”
        Low blow, Lola. You have no idea how traumatic her relationship with her mother was and to judge just Jennifer is not cool.

    • Lola says:

      No it was not because she didn’t want children, she was crucified because she LIED about it, she lead Brad on, and then her stans invented Brad and Angelina having an ‘affair’ to distract from her lying about children.

  27. bap says:

    Brad left for Nice, France on the 18th June.

  28. bap says:

    Some of public are probably mad at Angelina because she would not let him trample over her and the children with his PR machine. She did Not fall apart she has remained strong.

  29. Jilly says:

    Kkkk and you all there are worried about Brad, and he is in France, with Dede producer of it …. focusing on what he likes, wine and work …. kkk

    They still ask why we do not see him with his children ….
    Look at his priority, work and stay as far away as possible from his children ….

    • bap says:

      Jilly Pay Attention to His Actions Not His Words.

    • YepIsaidIt says:

      The thing is he knows Angelina leaving with the kids will be public. So of course he acts on that and shows his ass. No one cares about his Netflix movie. The one he’s EXECUTIVE producing might have a bigger impact .

      I only capitalize EXECUTIVE because Angelina is also executive producing a movie and if she over promotes it his fans will judge her and pretend like she’s horrible for promoting something that’s she’s not a part of.

  30. Jilly says:

    He probably embarked before the children, but as he is coward and manipulative, he now avoids normal travel and prefers private. He is so predictable

  31. Louise177 says:

    I don’t know why Brad’s fans refuse to understand that Angelina doesn’t make the visitation decisions. They have a therapist who is deciding what is best for the kids. It’s a huge deal that the therapist still believes that it’s best for the kids for only supervised visits. For all of the claims of evil, b!tch Angelina, she has full custody. Also if Brad so desperately wanted to see them on Father’s Day he probably could have requested it and got it. Again Angelina has no say. As mentioned before he’s been away on Father’s Day and other holidays before. It’s laughable that people are claiming these days are important now but weren’t for several years.

  32. Jilly says:

    Or once again, he had work to do, he could not stay with his children, and Angelina had to take them all to Ethiopia, because his father had to go to France to work on more films, which he does not like so much, Children are the priority and that they are the focus of everything …. just that it is not enough to have several movies, tv shows in production, a movie that he will already start to act, he must have plenty of time for his children .. .. besides making new friendships, maintaining good relationships, with producers, actors, directors, Netflix, HBO, studios …….
    And what remains for the family, what lately was left a person without any desire to assume the responsibility of being a father. And that had been going on for quite a while since 2015. And now everyone has to be sorry for him, nor when his friends died he apprehended sad or worried, worked all cheerful ….. feelings are things we are seeing that Brad has to learn and a lot still.

    The only people I care about are the children and the overload that Angelina has endured well before the divorce.

    • bap says:

      @Jilly Question why could he not show emotions for his on children yet he shows emotions for his so called celebrities friends?

      • Jilly says:

        Brad interview for GQ, for me was an alert. What a narcissistic, selfish person.
        He always talks about how important his children and family was to him, that he should spend more time with them, that he needs to demonstrate how important they are, that they have to be the main in his life.
        But he simply abandoned them, and Brad talks about being a person, who cares only about him, his things, flees from problems and emotions, and uses the drink as the escape . I know that alcohol can alter the personality of the person, and it is a disease that when least expected it takes care of his life and destroys it.
        But Brad told in a way that he only demonstrates how irresponsible he is, and the worst who paid the high price for his problems were underage children and his wife.
        He could have ruined his career, been an irresponsible at work, fight with his adult friends …. but he seems to have protected everything else except the family.
        And now he talks about sculpture, music, he stays for 8 days traveling to make those pathetic photos, exploring the problem of the family transforming into “art”. Speaking that the house was a chaos, noisy and now silent, but that both are creative moments …… he thinks he is an artist in conflict and that everything becomes art, well out of reality …..
        I think the biggest problem fot his kids will be figuring out who their father is, even if he does not even know it.

  33. Oliviajoy says:

    Seems like a pretty calculated move on Angelina’s part to schedule a trip to leave the country with the kids on Father’s Day.

    • bap says:

      He flew out to Nice France on Sunday. Pay attention to ones Actions Not Words.

    • Jilly says:

      Brad was seen on the same day June 17 arriving in France with his production partner Dede, who is married and has children, so that she is not with her family on father’s day, means that Brad had an important commitment that he could not delay, He was not even going to spend father’s day with his children. Angelina is not afraid to be seen because she and her children know the truth, since Brad has to hide, even though they got photos of him in France he and Dede seem scared, as if they did not want to be seen …. kkkkkk he managed to make several trips without being seen, last year he did not have that worry, he traveled alone all year. Missed fathers day, some anniversaries ….Lol

  34. Sera says:

    Interesting that the media (tabloid) did not mention that last Father’s Day Brad was at a car race away from his kids but this year it is poor Brad . They also neglect to report Angelina is doing her humanitarian work for World Refugee Day. It just makes me sad that she will always be portrayed by the tabloids in a negative light when the opposite is true. I am proud to b e an Angelina fan and wish her strength, health and happiness.

  35. tee says:

    I think a Angie is in Nairobi today.

  36. oneup says:

    My work and my travels are limited right now for personal reasons. But I look forward to our next trip around World Refugee Day on June 20th. We are going to Africa. And the children love this continent. I think it’s important to show them the world in this particular period. In life, one is often led to concentrate only on oneself, and I believe that a broader view of things is fundamental. On June 20th, we’re going to be in the company of refugees and members of the U.N. I will also go to the field to document the role of the military in the prevention and suppression of sexual violence as a weapon of war. And I will also continue to teach at the London School of Economics

  37. Friend of says:

    As his marriage unravelled we saw less and less of them together. Going forward I expect to see brad with the kids infrequently. Angelina will probably have sole physical custody going foward and will parcel out visits as the kids want and brads schedule allows. Brad probably won’t fight her for shared custody. She will get his permission as needed to travel. He won’t keep the kids from going wherever they want to go. His days of putting down rules are done. He will go on yo have a full movie star life. Angelina will be full time mom. Both will be happier. Too bad they werent better suited. But life goes on. Happiness is a personal choice. They just werent able to compromose. Happens.

    • YepIsaidit says:

      As i said from the beginning. Pitt never wanted custody of those kids but wants the public to think he’s fighting for them. a court of law is restricting his rights at the moment because he did something extreme. I’m willing to bet along with therapy he’s also had to take parenting classes and anger management classes.

      Other people have mentioned how much it takes for parents to actually lose their kids so what do you think he did to them?